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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.


fetish davidramsey 2018-03-24

It took a while, but I finally got the robe off her and was doing the fore play stuff sucking her nice tits and kissing her. However, I kept telling her I was not upset and love the feeling of sloppy seconds. WOW I couldn’t believe it, my wife that said she could always wait for me to fuck her, had fucked someone, and at least 2 or 3 times or maybe 3 guys, I finally slid out from under her after she had cum hard a couple times, and I stuck my cock back in her and fucked her as hard as I could. I told her I would love to do this again, and asked if she would call me after he fucked her so I could enjoy the sloppy seconds.

Visiting Joanna's Feet Ch. 03

fetish Vincey 2018-03-24

The morning had started out so perfectly: a nice sunny day with Joanna and I along with Bryan and Steph, the four of us all alone at our favourite surfing spot, sitting on our boards within the deep blue Indian Ocean, leisurely watching the nice swells and catching the cleanly breaking waves as they rolled towards the sandy shore. Once again, she instinctively lifted her hand to push her hair back and again, she froze in pain and let out a scream, this time an edge of frustration in her voice. By the time both feet had been thoroughly explored, Joanna had stopped eating and discarded the bowl, her head now tilted up against the pillow with the eyes half closed.

The Pack Ch. 08

fetish Quin 2018-03-24

After a finger found it's way to his anus the mistress instructed him to turn around then making him bend slightly forward the girl licked his brown hole and literally kissed his arse while placing a hand between his legs to wank his shaft. Many in that room played with their genitals as they watched the show, the middle-aged man forcing his cock into the young girls arse as the mistress lubricated both he and the tight orifice; but only I and 'The Pack' knew this was a father sodomising his daughter.

A Secret I couldn't keep

fetish 2018-03-24

Her room became a familiar place and her girlish crooked smile and lush body became things I looked forward to every time I checked my mail. She didn’t want to answer questions or play little games. She turned to the left and the right because the pressure was going to make something big happen and she wasn’t sure she wanted it to. She was going to be with him and do all sorts of things for hours, but here she was bent over my couch and saying nothing as I slipped the condom on. Just getting fucked like this, bent over a couch, plus the dirtiness of knowing someone else would be doing the very same thing in a few hours.

Cuckold: Two For One

fetish BaronS 2018-03-24

She took time and due care to pat herself dry, delivering the same loving attention equally to all of the flat and round parts of her lean body. For all men and any of them who made the mistake to 'wonder' at her rear too long, to set his eyes upon that sanctimonious area of the female anatomy where virtue ends and prurience begins, Michelle would offer up to them her tight cheeks as a showcase of the credentials of her authority. It had been two years since Michelle had discovered her husband's otherwise unknown sexual desires and an equal amount of time since their new relationship had evolved to where it was now.

Wendy Owns My Fantasy

fetish bleedndkn 2018-03-24

Wendy's tits were bouncing from the impact and her legs were spread around both my cock and a magic wand vibrating her clit – the only way she could climax now unless I went down on her. Once she was satisfied, Wendy said I had also earned some extra time with the cage, before letting me do her dishes while my penis dripped pre-cum down my leg. Two weeks later, I thought I was going out of my mind with sexual frustration as Wendy had showed no signs of providing my aching balls any relief, only a sore ass and plenty of practice eating out her wonderful pussy.

TV Cassidy

fetish topleather 2018-03-24

I sucked her cock as wildly as she did mine and all the while her mutterings and demands until she finally pushed me off her and lay back with her legs spread wide, red boots gleaming , and demanded I fuck her. I collapsed onto her a sweating hulk and she flopped her arms across my back as my cock softened inside her ass and she stroked my head and kissed my cheek and said, "There, there, Lovey" and "Shush, shuch, breathe......that was fucking great......" Eventually we rolled apart and she lit us both a cigarette and then, when we'd smoked a bit, she disappeared and returned with a two liter bottle of Bass.

Can I have some pussy?

fetish 2018-03-24

Ralph's cock was rock hard at the sight of his mom "Feels good," said Tammy while Ralph's hand went up and Ralph had his cock deep into his mom's pussy and his "Yes, yes, yes," Tammy moaned out while Ralph's cock Ralph moaned while Tammy ran her tongue up his balls and Tammy opened her mouth and started sucking on Ralph's "That's it, suck my cock, mom," Ralph said. Tammy pulled Ralph's head away from her pussy. "That was fucking great," said Tammy while Ralph got off "You're a great fuck, mom," said Ralph then he started "I'm fucking my mom's ass!" yelled out Ralph. Ralph pressed the tip of his cock into her pussy hole.

Sexy Housewife Affair with Young Boy

fetish Amulya1 2018-03-24

I wanted to feel him cum in my pussy but the excitement I felt knowing he was about to gift me his ball juice had my mouth sucking harder than ever and I squeezed his cock with my lips as I quickened the pace of my sucking, driving his cock tip against the back of my throat with each dip. I fucked him like that for an hour or longer and he just lay there until suddenly he began hunching up hard, his paws clawing the air and I felt him explode up into me f***efully, his dick throbbing and growing each time it spewed another f***eful stream of hot cum into my hunching, cumming pussy.

Roommate Beyond Fantasy Ch. 03

fetish EisAlntheia 2018-03-24

The girls that arrived with Brandi were also models and they all got the really awesome 'gig' as they put it and were all excited about it starting soon, but they talk more about that later. To give a little background, I'm asking because I was once talked into doing a show for a wealthy guy one time that promised to help me get some exposure if he liked what he saw. A moment later she placed her hand on the back of my head and whispered in my ear to open my eyes and I was greeted with a gorgeous set of laced covered tits just inches from my eyes.

Let's Play a Game Pt. 05

fetish Vassal0 2018-03-24

Pulling up his tunic just in time Jack let loose a spurt of pee over the floor of the shrine before he could grab his cock and direct his warm stream towards the statue of the waiting goddess. Ready to obliged his family's goddess he stepped closer to the statue, dropping his penis right into the mouth of the amphora, peeing deep inside, it didn't take long for it to overflow passed his dick, spilling onto the floor in a large puddle, causing the real goddess to gasp with glee. In response to Jack using her statue as a toilet Urinaelia returned her hands to her hips and forcefully shot a stream of pee right onto the floor of the peristylum sighing loudly.

No Do-Overs

fetish Eosphorus 2018-03-24

I was a daily visitor to BBW porn sites, whacking off every day when I got home from work and then again after Rita went to bed. Danielle leaned towards me and her hand kept brushing my arm as we talked. Phil texted me the next morning, reporting that Danielle told Lisa she thought things went well. The kiss went on for a long time before she pulled back and looked up at me. It was the first time I had a chance to get a good look at Danielle's living room. Danielle cast the bra away and I finally got a good look at the top half of her naked.

After Work

fetish Valeryque 2018-03-24

You bad bad bad boy," and Steve spanked Gary, "here put this on when you’re done emptying your bladder." Gary figured he needed a severe beating so he changed into the suit that was thrown at him, pulled out his cock and started beating off in Steve’s direction. Steve blindfolded him and then grabbed Gary by the cock and pulled it so hard, it felt as though it were going to be ripped off. "Cum on me, Master!" Steve pulled out his prick and the guy sucking Gary’s cock joined him. Steve pulled his dick out of Gary’s mouth and started pissing on his face, then his chest, and on the two guys kissing and fucking Gary’s asshole.

Marilyn, A Special Female

fetish BrettLynn 2018-03-24

Marilyn finally decided to suck on Mandy's nipple through her bra, pulling at the nipple with her mouth and flicking and licking at it with her tongue. With her mouth firmly attached to Mandy's nipple, sucking as if a baby, Marilyn used her nail to trace her way around Mandy's body. As Marilyn finally kissed her way down her stomach to her belly button, her middle finger caught inside of Mandy's wet pussy, and she started to pump Mandy's pussy slowly but gently. While she thought the time was right, Marilyn slightly moved her mouth over Mandy's clit, closed her lips over it, sucked on it gently and flicked her tongue over its tip.

Evolution of Satin Lovng Man

fetish biggles3309 2018-03-24

I didn't want to be a woman, I had no transsexual thoughts and it wasn't that I felt sexy wearing them, in fact when I had caught site of myself in the mirror I thought I looked stupid, but the sensation of the material when it was on and especially the tight nature of the attire was what excited me. I love the way a high waisted pantie would cover all of my penis and trap it in place for the underside of the head to get the necessary attention, but I also liked big French knickers, which was fortunate as they were the fashion at the time.

My Teen Boyfriend Impregnated my Mother.

fetish Fridagirl 2018-03-24

When Granddad started moving in and out, I could feel the waves of pleasure emanating from my cunny, and soon his semen was oozing between my fingers, as he filled my hands, with his cum. I loved having sex, the physical interaction, and one of my weird afflictions was to pull the cock up hard between my thighs to make the guy cum in my hand, but alas, only poor old granddad, could do that for me, and it was locked away in my memory banks, only to be unlocked in my quieter moments, with my sex toys.

Asshole in College Ch. 02

fetish kmarkk 2018-03-24

"Come to kiss my feet again, honey?" A hint of a smirk returned on her face. He nervously walked up to the door, pushed his chest out and opened it. "Right, you can't seduce me into anything, babe!" Joe said out nervously, his crotch twitching within his shorts. "Oww!!" Joe cried out and bent forward, placing his hands onto hers to move it off him. Joe bent forward in pain and she caught his hair in her other hand, pushing his face into her breasts. He hadn't even finished when she got bored and shoved his face back down into the bed. She got off him a little to allow him to roll over under her and then sat on the edge of the bed.

Master milks his perfect slave

fetish 2018-03-24

“Good slut with your fat tits I feel that I am not making enough good use of them!” He said as he pulled and twisted my nipples. “You will be of good use to me soon whore,” Master remarked; “I know just what to do with a cow cum slut like you!” I began to get excited at the thought of being able to savor his cum in my mouth and have his cock so soon after I arrived. “Good evening I am Master X’s slut Asya”, I said with a semi firm voice. I feel the blindfold being put over my eyes, the tape being stuck over my mouth and my hands tied behind my back, he removes my skirt and losses the corset so my tremendous 46FF tits fall out .

the nasty ,sweaty,stinky,hot fuck

fetish leo11169 2018-03-24

Gently cradling the back of his head, she pulled him closer to her, kissing him harder, and then slowly slid the length of her warm tongue into his waiting mouth. I'm gonna cum all over your big fucking cock!" Her body started to spasm as her tight little pussy got even tighter around Eric's cock. This was all a little new to Katie, and a little weird, but she had come this far and really wanted Eric to cum as hard as she did so she decided to play along. "I want to watch you jerk off your big dick." Eric grabbed his cock once again and gripped it tight, slowly squeezing it hard as he stroked it.

Sex Studio Secrets #6: Wendy-2

fetish petdyke 2018-03-24

Wendy wants to foot-fuck my pretty Princess Petra in her hairy hot horny holy hole sexy snatch Wendy wants to dominate that tight tasty teen within her hot horny hairy submissive sweet sexy snatch Wendy wants precious Petra to lick her love lips and make her wet and hot enough to wet her feet Wendy wants to make my Pretty Petra her slave for the tasty tease sexy session in front of my camera Wendy wants to come and wet the fine face of my precious Princess Petra by squirting her love juices Wendy wriggles with her toes between pretty Petra's sexily swollen love lips to tease that teen twat Wendy smiles sexy satisfied with her hot conquer of my most precious pretty Petra and licks her lips


fetish 2018-03-24

What I didn't know is that my friend & I would be the only two males in the class,...with over a dozen of the finest looking babes in the school making up the majority in attendance. Well, I'd noticed that the women's dressing room had a sauna like the one in the men's...I had sneaked in there -after the girls all changed and gone out to the pool- to get an idea of what their dressing room was like. Years later my friend confessed that he had ejaculated onto the crotch gussets of the 'clean' pair of panties they'd put on after swimming, that he had watched several of the babes put on these cum-filled underwears without noticing the dollops of spooge on the crotch, some he said actually would dig it in after putting them on.

Dressed for Success

fetish JukeboxEMCSA 2018-03-24

You need someone to bring discipline to your day-to-day routine, Mister Keel." She tapped the riding crop gently against her thigh as she spoke, and despite his best efforts to drag his gaze up to her eyes, Harry was drawn down to the gleam of the office lights on the vinyl that encased her long, shapely legs. Harry started to open his mouth to tell her that he was looking for a personal assistant, not a personal controller, but he'd barely gotten the beginning of a sound out when Eryn snapped the crop down against her thigh rapidly, producing a sound that startled him into momentary silence.

First time...with my s****r

fetish 2018-03-24

I pounded her pussy good that night, and the most fucked up thing is it was and still is the best pussy ive gotton. i asked if i can putt it in her ass she said no, i then flipped her aroung and started fuck her brains in from the back my mouth was to the floor because i knew she had a nice ass but its another thing watching that booty jiggle with every thrust. Well i hoped you like my storie i didnt want to give to many details due to i know some of my buddies are members on here and they dont know i am so i need to be careful lol.

Eight Minutes More

fetish strictabdaddy 2018-03-24

Looking down at her student's beautiful face and absently stroking her wet behind, Amanda said: "Let's get you changed," then, added: "You'd like a nice dry diaper, wouldn't you?" Then, she thought, licking her lips lick a cat with a canary smile: She'd spank her, bad little baby girl wetting herself in class! "Let's get you diapered, baby girl!" Helping Mia up onto the desk, and then pushing her flat on her back, Amanda continued to undress her. "She's baby smooth; not even shaved; baby smooth!" Shuddering as she touched her, Amanda began to finger her little girl's slit. Bending the tiny girl in half a third time--only this time with her legs pretzeled under her arms and behind her head--Amanda began to spank Mia's pussy.