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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Foot Scents

fetish fidopedar 2018-03-23

Sarah had the cutest round ass I’d ever seen, tight and smooth, and if she moved her legs apart when I was behind her, I could see just a little bit of her fur coming all the way around past the bottom of her pussy. I could almost come looking at them and imagining myself kissing them, but I didn’t want Sarah to know how much they turned me on, so I was careful not to stare too hard at her feet, and I took my pleasure in them in small, sideways glances. When we were cleaned up, Sarah gave me a sultry look and said “Michael, now I’d like you to do something for me.” With that, she took off her pants and lay back down on the couch, this time with her legs apart.

The Cunnilinguist

fetish theo_minor 2018-03-23

After we finally fucked that day, and she had two more orgasms on my cock, Kay said to me, "Mikey-boy, if you will cultivate the art of giving great head to a woman – if you will let her know that her pussy is the most wonderful place in the world, that she smells better than roses, and tastes sweeter than fine wine – you will never lack for women wanting to have sex with you, and once you find the one you want to hang onto, she'll never let you go." . ." – but once I commenced nibbling and nuzzling the soft flesh of her inner thighs, playfully tugging on her pubic hair with my lips, then probing my tongue inside her, and gently sucking on her clit before I began lapping at it with broad, ice-cream licks, she forgot all about how 'gross' it was.

Watch Your Drink

fetish Skada 2018-03-23

I need to sneeze but they won't come out!" Still scrubbing at her nose, she sniffed a bit more, almost exasperatedly, and looked at Cara, her eyes half-filled with allergic tears, her indigo irises shimmering. Here, I'll be right back." Knowing somewhere in the back of her mind that she was slightly taking advantage of the girl, Cara fought back pangs of guilt and instead replayed Chelsea's sneezes in her head. Dimly aware that she was growing wet, Cara pushed the thought from her mind and instead began to lightly massage the tip of Chelsea's nose, the tissue box nearby if things got messy. As Chelsea's body shook with another pair of spraying sneezes, Cara dipped her tongue into the girl's wetness, then shuddered with pleasurable surprise to find Chelsea returning the favour.

Dr. Valdez Humiliates a Patient

fetish cowgirlblues 2018-03-23

"I'm Dr Valdez, you must be Max?" You hold out your hand weakly, trying hard not to focus on her see-through chiffon blouse which reveals the outline of her exposed nipples underneath. I would offer you a modesty towel to cover yourself, but as you can see, my girls are getting a lot of pleasure from looking at your hard cock and so am I." She reaches down to put her ungloved hand up her tight, hip-hugging skirt. "So you have some idea of just how much pleasure." The girls laugh openly now and one of them, a voluptuous redhead, reaches out and starts playing with you, slowly rubbing her hand up and down your throbbing shaft.

He gets Fisted & Filmed by 2 Girls

fetish tantraGod1 2018-03-23

That unfairness and trying to understand femininity, made me interested in getting fisted, feminized, feeling what would it be like to be entered, penetrated, fucked hard, stretched, gaped. I wanted to experience what it felt like for the receiver as her ass closed on the fister's wrist after the wide part, the knuckles and the knuckle of the thumb passed through the sphincter. I was nervous, vulnerable, spread eagled in front of this skinny girl with a body like a sprinter with perky tits and this look on her face like she was going to fist fuck me hard, her way, her terms. I kept having her fuck me from behind with the big blue dildo, it felt amazing, I couldn't get myself to come and yet I still wanted to keep being fucked, filled, worked.

Taking Care of Her Bottom

fetish crueldaddy4baby 2018-03-23

Or a stinging spanking ("an important part of caring for a little girls behind!" Daddy would say) She found herself like this bent over the bed. During her ass fuckings her responsibility was to reach back and spread her own cheeks to help daddy past her plump bottom to her dirty little hole. With his permission granted she had jammed her hand in the wet diaper and began furiously rubbing, and he would occasionally begin to fuck her mouth, but she would try to stay concentrated on her first task. While she sat waiting, she felt a little warm wetness spread, pee soaking in and warming up the diaper, making it more pleasant.


fetish cuckytoher 2018-03-23

Every now and then when Kristi and I were out we would run into Mark and I was amazed at how much he hadn't changed since high school and here I was a balding, chubby husband wearing pantyhose and a bell beneath my clothes. I put the stuff down and Kristi looked at me, "Oh the things in the bags are Mark's dirty laundry since he isn't going to be home and he's not sure what he'll need I thought we'd bring it over here and you could wash it for him." He made his way to the edge of the bed, stood up and said, "I'm going to need a hand here." I shuddered to think what he meant, when he leaned on my shoulder and took his cock out and started urinating.

At Sophia's Feet

fetish 6inch02 2018-03-23

As I started to walk away, I realized she must've tracked dirt through the house with her boots, while she was walking over to the couch. I dutifully started licking the rest of her boots clean. I was still kneeling with my face right next to her feet, so I didn't have to move much as I slowly pulled each boot off. I got down on my knees once again and started licking her right after she pulled her shorts down. I started licking, since I realized that's what she meant by clean. Once I got home, I realized how much my life had changed in the past few hours, and was glad that I was given the chance to worship Sophia.

Wife Meets Local Dom

fetish newstylewife 2018-03-23

Before I could ask for more data my wife appeared and came to the door she greeted Jim and said she had the papers he needed. I was sat watching TV in living room when my wife popped her head round the door and said more tea. I sank down and started to lick her clean as she told me she had kissed Jim then let him suck her tits before she wanked, sucked and fucked him. Jim continued to call at our house every week, I left them in the back lounge after serving tea and closing the curtains. Jim walked in, saw me and laughed his head off, he took hold of my wife, kissed her and mimed fucking her.

Casanova Redux Ch. 02

fetish velvetpie 2018-03-23

"Good morning, Laurie." He strode over to the side of the bed and pressed a kiss to her forehead, then laid a soft finger against the baby's cheek. "And good morning, my little buttercup." His eyes were drawn to Cassia's rosebud mouth, hungrily sucking on one of Laurie Marie's dark pink nipples. Laurie Marie laid the nightgown on the end of her bed, smoothing it with thoughtful hands. With a deep moan, Arthur took one of her nipples into his mouth, sucking hard and whimpering when warm, tangy milk spurted into his mouth. Laurie Marie bent and kissed him, humming at the taste of her own milk and quickly moving them into position over his waiting mouth.

Cleanup Boy

fetish rockymtn 2018-03-23

Michelle, my sexy 40 year old wife, was in our room with Ty, her lover, and he'd told me to leave as soon as he'd arrived. I chased the shot with the beer and tried to watch the game on the bar TVs, but I couldn't get the sound of Michelle laughing as Ty had so easily thrown me out of our room. I slowly crisscrossed her chest, licking her lover's cum off her gorgeous breasts. I then took my time licking down Michelle's sexy cum-soaked belly. I licked my wife's cum filled cunt deeply. I groaned as I dutifully went to work licking my wife's ass clean. "Please..." I begged as I licked the last of Ty's sticky cum off Michelle's ass.


fetish cowboy109 2018-03-23

Marla stuck her head out of the bathroom with a furious face: "Wild Waters was my lead. The boss John confirmed that Wild Waters had indeed been on Marla's lead sheet. Friday's Marla would strut around the office in a bikini with a wrap over her hips telling everybody how she was on the way to her business meeting to discuss the sales. All the while, Marla was going to the water park once or twice a week, way too often. And I made sure that Marla got the best lead," added Steve enthusiastically with a fervor that made his nose red. A little five year old girl called out, "I want to ride the piggy!" Barbara's face melted.

Classroom wedgie

fetish Hotcockx123 2018-03-23

There she was, getting her thong buried inside her pussy, rubbing her clit and anus, with her legs spread out and ass sticking out, getting constantly spanked by Sarah it looked like Jayne was not holding off anymore and she was actually having an orgasm and not just any orgasm, Jayne was cumming loudly and soon enough her pussy started making squishy sounds of wetness as Jack kept pulling up and down. Sarah came over, holding the big black dildo in her hand and pulled down Jayne's yoga pants, exposing her big beautiful pale white naked ass. "Come on Jayne, show Sarah how much you love her" said Jack, as Jayne immediately started licking and munching on Sarah's tight little pussy while never stopping to fuck her own pussy with that big black dildo.

Jane's Exquisite Tattoo Skills Ch. 04

fetish stacey_lynne 2018-03-23

Draguette raised her head, started into Jane's eyes and for the first time in her life shuddered at what she saw. Jane looked at her and turned to her tattoo artists, "Draguette's body doesn't need any further embellishments. Jane called over a few tattoo artists and told them what she wanted them to do with Draguette. Draguette protested that she was stark naked, that all she was wearing was the extremely thin coat of latex, that it was covered with sexually explicit scenes depicting natural and unnatural acts. This time, Jane ordered that when Draguette was taken out of the latex bath and it had dried off, the artists were to recreate her pubic patch of red hair exactly the way it was before shaving.

I'm A Cuckold. This Is My Story Pt. 06

fetish TyrannosaurusRacks 2018-03-23

He looks over at her and stares at her pendulous breasts resting against his arm and says, "Oh yeah, he swallows it all." He then pushes down on my head a little, letting me know it is time to take him all the way in. "I've got to feel this big cock before it fucks me" she says as she licks it and wraps her lips around the head. Doug lets me hold his cock there as he adjusts himself and gets ready to start fucking the hell out of Alison. I finish cleaning Doug and he pushes my head into Allison's cum-drenched pussy and they demand that I clean her out for her next black cock fucking.

Submission Pt3

fetish subseeker 2018-03-23

Within moments, my slut mother was driving her tongue between the toes of my good friend, as he commented on just how great her tongue felt on his feet and that he couldn't wait to feel it working on his cock. As my good buddy gently pulled the zipper down the front of her dress, he commented, "Jesus there's practically nothing to this thing, but I love the way you can see her naked pussy through the material." His voice was quivering with excitement and, as I looked at mom, I realized that she too was hot as all hell, with those huge knockers rising and falling rapidly.

Coed Ch. 02

fetish zetony5 2018-03-23

I don't think you could have slept well though, hmm." Pam said as she turned toward Rick and putting her arms around his neck cuddled up to him. "You fell asleep with a finger still fondling your love lips, and your nectar was dribbling down your thighs, like I said sweet thing a really sensual image." Rick said brushing the back of his hand over Pam's breasts. "Oh man that was a great and sexy lunch Rick." Pam whispered as she put a hand on his leg under the table. You are a lovely and very sexy girl." Richard said as he put a hand on Pam's on his thigh.

Bbw night

fetish bonerGr90 2018-03-23

One night as i was out with a friend i saw a girl like the ones i look for, she had a face soo beautiful i just could not let her get away. I fingered her a little before i leave her horny lying on the bed while i fetch her toys from the bottom drawer.i started playing with her asshole licking and tickling her sphincter thats when i saw her biting her lips. She looked at my cock and gave an expression of joy right before she took it in her hands and tried to gauge the girth and length of my dick. It was the first time for me that a girl like this was making love to my penis with her mouth displaying awsome licking and sucking and stroking techniques.

Gloryhole friend

fetish GinaD10 2018-03-23

So I said see if you go in and get into the room way before me and when I come in when someone looks in thur the hole they will see me and I can lick my lips or somethink and when they stick thier cock thur the hole you can suck it off and they will think it's me doing it. we talked a few minutes and I walked back to the room as he watched, As I was opening the door I looked back at him and winked. I did the same as he looked in I licked my lips, his cock came thur and Darren licked it and sucked on it good for the guy.

Confessions of a Cuckold Ch. 03

fetish ep703 2018-03-23

Laura wrapped a leg over me and pulled her body against mine, "I think it'll make you cry because I won't be able to feel you inside me anymore," she said teasingly, "you'd be begging me all the time for hand jobs." Laura put her hands on the back of my head and pushed my face into her sopping wet pussy, "eat it baby and think about all those men with their big cocks who fucked this pussy and how they stretched it out so I can't feel you anymore. Laura laughed for a moment, "I don't know, let my ask my pussy," she spread her legs wide open and looked down to her crotch, "pussy do you think you can handle that?" she looked at me and grinned, "pussy said hell yes she could do it."

She left the room... Her flats didn't.

fetish ohhyeah12x35 2018-03-23

Tiffany told us the other day Dan was making fun of people with feet fetishes. My eyes completely mesmerized by her barefeet in front of me as I resist the urges to drop to my knees and pounce on them and do every delicious act of foot fetishism that she brought up. I put my nose to the insole of her black slip on ballerina flat and inhale deeply the sweet pleasant greeting of her warm flowery chamomile like foot musk enhanced by the leather it was preserved in. So it comes time for Tiffany to leave and I'm not wanting to say goodbye, hoping to get one more sniff.

Cuckhold in Milwaukee & Craigslist

fetish toothmedic 2018-03-23

The female started moving a little faster and said, 'don't stop licking please, it feels so good." She started moaning and started yelling, "don't stop, don't stop, oh gawd, please keep going." About 20 seconds later I heard a little squish and she was squirting and boy did she cum. Judy said, "oh he's a good cocksucker and he will swallow!" Judy moved me to my knees and the other woman said, "well go ahead and make him cum." I felt a cock in front of me and opened my mouth, to start licking the shaft. I heard the woman ask the other guy, "can you go again?" He said, "sure, what do you want?" I want to have him lick me while you fill his ass." I felt her lay down and grab my head and pull it down to her soaking wet pussy.

Honey Ch. 4

fetish Heironymous 2018-03-23

"Certainly, ma'am," was Honey's reply and she pulled the coffee table away from the couch, came around it, got down on her knees, and began to untie Collin's shoes. "Honey, may I kiss Cynthia's right breast now?" Collin asked as he licked and slurped my left one, which was beginning to get a little sore from so much attention. "Like I said, Honey's kind of my personal assistant." I lay my head back against the armrest and put my feet in Collin's lap, rubbing his big bulge with my foot. "Honey, may I lick Cynthia's pussy?" Collin asked as he looked hungrily at the hem of my dress, which was riding high up my thighs.

The Ride Of Her Life Male Multiple Orgasms

fetish 425olds 2018-03-23

He kissed me hard as he slid his hands up my thighs and began to stroke my dripping wet pussy. As they rested hearts still pounding Josh was still on top of her, he begins to pull out very slowly but pushes back in balls deep into her pussy enjoy the feeling and does it again she could feel her wet pussy was still full of his massive cock it's not going soft. Carly knows he's close to cumming she slowly jerks her hips in sync feeling him push deep into her as Josh orgasms it triggers her own and they both climax together.