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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Ultimate Humiliation Ch. 03

fetish DAVES4000 2018-03-23

and as she says that, Cara leans back and opens her legs wide and lifts up her skirt so that the assistant can see her white panties now looking very wet between the legs. God this is so erotic, and Cara takes both of her hands and places them behind the assistants head and pulls her face deeper into her pussy. Cara moves over to a chair next to three other girls all sitting there in their lovely short skirts and white blouses. The girl quickly pulls her hand from under her skirt and stands up, walks around her desk and over to the front of the head masters desk. He gets turned on with the look of a nice sexy school girl in short skirt and white blouse.

Submissive Secrets Ch. 05

fetish robyne_morgan 2018-03-23

I shifted my body a little and began to wonder how much air I had as I rode captive down the interstate in darkness—naked and cuffed, defiled and humiliated—and tried to turn my mind away from Lindsey. I suddenly felt Stephen's warm lips press against mine in a soft, sensual kiss. Stephen filled them with a warm embrace.We kissed passionately and I could feel my face begin to flush as my hands wandered excitedly across his back. I turned away and ran my fingers through Stephen's hair as he kissed my stomach, his body moving slowly downward. Stephen put his arms under my legs, and with his hands under my butt, began lifting me up and down.

Oh God

fetish ohmaster 2018-03-23

I gasped at how good it felt- you moved your fingers in circles, making me want to play with my nipples as you did it, but I couldn't- my hands were tied. You leant forwards and took my nipple in your mouth, sucking gently and then harder- scraping my nipples with your teeth- suddenly I felt your finger enter me as you flicked my nipple with your tounge. After a little while I could tell you was going to cum, but you pulled out of my mouth and said "I want to enjoy you more before I cum in you." I felt you move the head of your dick along my pussy lips and pushed backwards a little, encouraging it to enter me- I WANTED YOU SO BAD!

Mom Sent Back to School Ch. 10

fetish StoryTeller07 2018-03-23

Rose hadn't wanted to, but Janice talked her into pretending to be the daughter when school security called. Her mother was pleading like a little girl, asking for the latest doll seen on television. 'How long were you kissing those boys, girl?' Janice asked her mother. 'Please mom, like, I really, really need to buy a dress for a party, yea, on Saturday, please!' Rose pleaded. You look just like a sweet little girl, so no one will bother with your panties,' Janice teased her mother. 'If she misbehaves, let me know, we can deal with naughty girls,' he heavily said, and gave Janice a seductive wink. Janice kept glancing at her mother, to see the woman acting like an embarrassed schoolgirl.

working the night shift

fetish Loipyu 2018-03-23

Let me describe myself, I am a 55 year old Hispanic female who over the past 2 years has really come into my own sexually - I love trying new things (groups, flashing, bondage, pain, humiliation, and anything that me and my husband can think up) and being used and just having a wild time. I gave him his medication and was getting ready to leave the room when he asked me to help him pee. Laying there was a good sized cock – half hard, this would not have been a big deal, but that I had been working so hard the past couple of weeks, and had not been able to have my regular sex.

Neighbour Fantasies......Part 14

fetish Croozer 2018-03-23

Seeing her in that position made me get hard, and after a few more minutes, she looked up and said," Are you looking up my dress young man?" I told her it was difficult not to, and she said, " wouldn't want the old kitty under a good boy, pour me another drink, and snap out the light." I knew it was the cognac doing the talking as we sat there and she finished the drink. I went to her room and took out a black nylon bra, black full panty, a plain black half slip, black high heels, and a lightweight grey sweater dress which zipped up the front, and had a wide black belt.

Uh Oh!!

fetish CurlySue522 2018-03-23

And as I'm nearing the foot of the bed I can see your shit smeared cock starting to get hard. You break the kiss, pulling away with a moan and you tell me to get in bed. all the way up to the mess in the middle of the bed, straddling it a little so you can get a view of my puckered butt hole right above the mess of soft shit mixed with cum from the previous nights fuck session. I look you in the eyes and say "come fuck my nasty shit hole daddy... Feeling you finger packing the soft shit back inside of me turns me on so much, that just the sensation of your erect cock rubbing across my distended clit makes me cum.

Handsome Ch. 12

fetish Paris Waterman 2018-03-23

And so, holding my dick in my right hand, I stepped into shower with her and began to piss on her breasts as Heather rubbing the yellow liquid over her chest. I was looking into the toilet bowl, moving the remnants of a marijuana cigarette around and thinking how nice it would be to spend some time nursing on Alexis' lovely tits, when someone knocked at the bathroom door. I passed a bedroom on my way back to the pool and saw Heather's ass swaying from side to side as she went down on a guy I thought might be Sosnowski, but I wasn't sure. I responded by putting my hands over the cheeks of her ass and squeezing them at the same time I sucked her tongue into my mouth.

Finding A Dream

fetish PeggyBuxton 2018-03-23

Weeks later, at the mall, I lean on a railing and watch a woman with one leg walking with crutches. If I could ask Lori just one question, that would be it, though it would only generate a million more questions if she turned out to be like Rose. "We were betting if you just found her missing leg nice to look at or something you wanted for yourself." I smile. "Isn't he fine?" Bonnie whispers to Rose then taking a turn, letting her lips sink lower until all is inside, then tightly sliding back to the head. I open my eyes enough to see Rose move her face between Bonnie's thighs, her head moving slowly as she kisses and sucks here and there.

When Life Gives You Lemons

fetish MrNiceguy777 2018-03-23

Han was looking for a chance at reconciliation, but I only went along because I knew that the friend she claimed to have fooled around with would be there and I wanted ask her in person about the story. Han slid over to me just like so many other times, taking my cock in her mouth. My cock went from soft to hard almost instantly in Han's mouth and it's actually not that easy to piss or to control your stream with a hard on. I handed Han the warm glass and we sat quietly on the bed together, while she slowly finished the rest of my piss.

Ms. Marca Ch. 52

fetish Ms. Marca 2018-03-23

"Bubba I know you guys you will tell every man in that place and they will all be trying to get me in bed!" (As of this date only 8 of them had tried but I had Bubba at the head of the list) "No way Marca I don't want any of them hitting on you. "You want to have some more candy?" ( When he took his shower little did he know I put more of my black cheery gel on my middle finger and smeared this on the inside of my pussy lips.) "But my nipples needed to be kissed and suck first..can you help he with that?

Strict and Loving Aunt Hazel

fetish spankingjenny 2018-03-23

She stepped forward and reaching in between my legs stroked 2 fingers thru my pussy lips coating them in a thick creamy fluid, as she pulled them out and I shuddered a little she exclaimed Miss Jennifer you surprise me, you are a very naughty girl after all, I will have to punish you in a way that is more suitable, follow me. The air was cool as we entered the 3rd floor, I stood there mouth open in shock as I looked at all the benches and tables placed around the large room, all designed for one purpose and that was to securely hold a young lady in a position that would present her body for chastisement or what ever else my Aunt had in mind.

Away for business

fetish 2018-03-23

My slut bitch Miem was going to get her ass and pussy fucked for 4 days. Miem the huge cunt that she is dropped to her knees. I smached her cock sucker lips with it, Miem is so well trained as a cunt whore her lips opened at once. Her eyes soft blue beautiful waited for pleasure."Turn around you fucking worthless cunt! "How many cocks cunt?" Miem felt the dildo pressing on her bitch asshole. My dildo was covered in Mutt Miem's ass juice, shit, and used cum from the past 100 guys! "Knees you fucking slut whore..." When Miem kneeled tears filled her eyes. Her eyes were huge as ass juice, shit, and used cum dripped into her mouth.

Payback Can Be A Bitch (short story)

fetish masterkevin 2018-03-23

There was this hot little bitch named Missy that I used to go to high school with that thought she was such hot shit. Of course I was completely turned off by this little gold digger, but decided that the time had come for me to get a little bit of payback for all of those bruising and stinging comments she had made that shattered my and my friends' self-esteem as horny teenagers. She started to look a little distressed at that point but I could see the wheels turning in her head. She looked like she was figuring that if this is what it took for her to "land" me as a husband, my money would be worth putting up with some deranged little fantasies now and then.

Megan's Muscle Tussle

fetish KatieTay 2018-03-23

The woman's pink nipples could be seen right at the crook of her bent arms, and they sat on the modest mounds of her breasts, which rested in turn on pectorals that looked more like granite the longer Megan looked. At one point during the posedown they had turned to each other and flexed as hard as they could, arms trembling with the effort, and Megan had exulted silently as she had held the other woman's gaze and seen the defeat in her opponent's eyes. Megan turned her head to the side, resting her cheek against Olga's dishearteningly solid shoulder, and saw, to her shock and anger, that Nina was diddling herself where she sat.

Amy Begins Her Domination of Me.

fetish gunsgd 2018-03-23

Her hand began to grope my shaft and rub it through my pants, she continued her story "he pounded me so hard you wouldn't believe, his cock slamming in and out of my pussy could be heard echoing through the area, it felt so fucking good knowing we could be caught but I didn't care G, I just wanted him then more than anything, he kept ramming his cock deeper and deeper inside me I couldn't help but keep cumming hard over it over and over" "Until dinner next Friday then" Amy said as she left carrying her dress shoes away with her out the door, I heard a car pull away, Phil must have wondered what took her so long...Is it wrong I want her to tell him what just happened so he comes back to beat me again, get pumped and fuck my dream girl the way she loves?

My Dirty Ex-Girlfriend

fetish 2018-03-23

He moved his weight onto one hand, and lightly touched her neck with his other hand, and lightly trailed his fingertips down her body, across her E-cup tits, down her stomach resting at the top of her knickers, he hooked one finger under the elastic and pulled it back, letting go suddenly, the elastic snapping back against the sensitive skin of her stomach; Zoe jumped as much as she could at the sudden sting it caused, yelping behind the gag. "Just so you don't forget what it feels like to have a cock in your mouth as I fuck your tight cunt." He moved around to her pussy, and stroked his thick cock, she tried to bring her head up to see what he was doing, but the rope around her neck stopped her when she couldn't breathe.

Matchmaking Trap Ch. 03

fetish SEVERUSMAX 2018-03-23

Donny was leaning more in the sub direction; he was perhaps a little too sensitive, and despite the fact that he was fucking another man's fiancee, he never considered any other way of life than monogamous marriage to a single babe, as long as she was beautiful and sexy. You wouldn't have to worry about your erection, and if you ever wanted to penetrate me, you could use a strap-on dildo, which is likely to have more impact than a little dick." Deanna told him. Donna was looking rather worried, but Deanna assured her that one day she would get her turn, although that wouldn't happen while she still had a dick. Deanna kept butt-fucking Donna for what seemed liked a whole day to the poor transvestite, but soon, the prostate was showing its reaction.

Milk from My Neighbor Ch. 02

fetish FernieLyn 2018-03-23

Taking the bowl, he said, "Sure, hon," then walked towards the baby girl seated on the high chair. Kaye paused for a moment to observe Sam play with Micki. As Micki was eating solid food as well, Kaye was now producing more milk than the baby could consume, and he was happy to suck the additional supply. His right hand caressed the drained tit, adding to the pleasurable sensations building up in Kaye's lower body. "I want your fingers inside my pussy!" she said as her hips undulated to increase the contact with his teasing digits. that feels so good," she moaned, as her hands gripped his head to pull him tighter against her and her hips moved restlessly on the bed.

A Submissive Male Competes for Live-In Houseboy Po

fetish bornbeta 2018-03-23

As you watched a large mass of his cum begin to emerge from her puffy and gaping pussy, Master further informed you that just like his other four cuckolds; you will also be required to marry your Goddess if you manage to make the final cut, with the marriage occurring exactly thirty weeks from now. Master has just instructed you to get your face in there, and clean Layla's pussy and ass before any of his cum reaches the bed. You set down the video camera as instructed, and gaze into Master's piercing, unsympathetic eyes; as your Goddess continues cleaning his cock with her adoring lips and tongue.

Greenhouse Emissions

fetish HotScribe2 2018-03-23

Forty-seven year old Roger glanced up from his floral display to see how his assistant, Alyson, handled hers. Here and there, bags of potting soil leaned against a rail while, in some areas, fine sprays of water lightly moistened leaves and petals of mature flowers as well as the newly planted seeds and bulbs of others. "Lift me on to the shelf," Alyson explained as her hands caught his belt, unclasped it, and then pushed his pants so they dropped in a heap to the floor. "I don't want you to come in me." She reached beside her and scooped mounds of potting soil onto her breasts and belly. As his final spasm subsided, Roger reached up and kneaded Alyson's breasts through the warm, moist, dark, life-giving soil.

Cuckold Ch. 01

fetish snugglepuss 2018-03-23

Whilst the bath fills he returns to the bathroom and pours her a glass of ready chilled champagne, as he hands her the glass he says, 'Heres to the best night of our lives, my sweet beautiful lady' and he means every word, she can see in his eyes how much he worships her. she picks up her bag, her legs shaking as she walks to the door...he is following her and before leaving she turns to kiss him on the cheek, smiling and looking in his eyes, she runs her fingers down his naked body and over his erect cock finally letting them rest as she gently cups his balls ...

Coming Home

fetish rrspence2002 2018-03-23

When Don climbed into the driver's seat and leaned over to kiss his new bride and lay his hand on what was left of her left leg, he nearly lost his "cool." He instantly felt an urge toward hardness in his groin, a desire to take this gorgeous woman, his new wife, home to love her, to caress her and to stimulate every inch of her abbreviated body. With that she tossed her hair back, looked over her shoulder and asked Don to get her to their bed as fast as possible so that he could kiss her, and love her and make love to her one fine leg and its new partner, a round, robust, soft, breast like stump of a left thigh.

The Human Toilet

fetish MsBlueVelvet 2018-03-23

The ridiculous sounds he produces only serve to increase the brutality of each thrust of my heel, violently working in and out, fucking his disgusting little shit-valve with the tapered arse-end of my boot. My hands grab onto the armrests and lift my arse and cunt off of The Hole's face just enough to relax and discard a liquid pillar of piss into my human fucking toilet. The shit lengthens like an anonymous, filthy fucking cock poking through a glory hole. The Hole catches the shit between his teeth, stretches his head further back, pulling the shit out of my arse until it flops down onto his mouth and face.