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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Belinda Ch. 02

fetish Dirtydavedep 2018-03-23

By the second floor landing I had to stop her and guided my hand up her skirt and stroked the soft skin of her cheeks underneath and slid my fingers between her legs; running them over her lacy briefs, before pulling her in close to me for a deep sensual kiss. She kissed over my chest and down my stomach as she got into a kneeling position and started to feel up my arse, grabbing it between her soft hands and squeezing my cheeks before moving around to my belt buckle which she undid and quickly pulled the waistband apart exposing my naked hips and as she slid my trousers down.

The Icelandic Hand

fetish Smother 2018-03-23

"I'm not sure what sort of furs you are familiar with but it's like a cross between fox and angora rabbit – a little bit of the stiffness of fox with all the softness of the angora except it's about three times as long." Armin had referred to them as parasites but laying there on the bed, my fingers surrounded, enveloped by the incredibly soft, deliciously fluffy fur that would have happily made any man lose his mind to the delights it sent through the skin, flooding every sense with the plushness that covered every inch and more of the sinewy form that flooded over my stomach and chest, the creature's nature seemed more symbiotic than anything else because I was surely getting as much as, if not more, than it was taking from me.

Going Up

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2018-03-23

It wasn't hard (well it was after a bit of work) and I toyed with him in as many ways I could think with, my tongue flapping up and down on his head or swirling around it, my lips chewing on the base of his shaft, my hands smooshing his nutsack up against my chin and cheeks as I drooled all over them, my tits grinding against his thighs. This time I let my tongue do all the work, lavishly cleaning every drop of his spunk from his semi-soft dick and big balls, the latter still a bit tight in their sack from the orgasm.


Mrs. O'Malley's Golden Juices Ch. 13

fetish milfleglover 2018-03-23

Susan bought a hot chocolate at the concession stand near the gate and walked to the far end of the high school bleachers, away from most of the crowd, wearing a mid-thigh tweed skirt, heavy sweater and tight tan leggings on this chilly fall day. Kim nodded, kneeling before the silver-haired woman, licking her lips as Susan shucked her soaking leggings and thong beneath, spreading her thighs as she leaned back on the counter. The thighs closed around the moaning face and the second Susan's piss started to flow into the gulping mouth, Kim's phone chimed. Kim obeyed, handing it to her as she groaned, lapping Susan's insistent cunt, swallowing piss and sucking that greasy clit into her mouth.


fetish kandor 2018-03-23

“Yes, it’s been awhile, that’s for sure,” said Susan, a bit tipsy by now, as I looked on in astonishment, and also checking out her incredible legs in her little white skirt, all supple, tanned and muscular beneath the usual sags and wrinkles of a woman her age. “He LOVES the aroma!” Beth laughed, sitting down next to Susan and watching with wide-eyed astonishment as her best friend’s thighs chewed at my face and she ground her sweaty pussy into it. I smiled and dove in again, this time parting her furry lips in my fingers as she sat with legs wide apart, and dribbled that little, gorgeous, wet clit with my tongue, giving her my best oral, the same style that gets Beth off every time.

Jimmy's Clean Sweep Vol. 03

fetish goldengob 2018-03-23

As I breathed and swallowed Stephanie's juices, thinking about Kate's stained white panties, I realised too late that I had been rubbing my cock up and down the edge of the sofa. When I had finished, giving it a little shake out of habit, splashing the last few drops over Kate's face, Stephanie ordered me to get a bowl of warm water from the kitchen and a clean cloth. While I diligently cleaned the come from my pubic hair and the shit from my arse Stephanie told Kate to stand up. I waited, my cock still throbbing as Kate bent almost double, her feet planted wide apart, knees slightly bent, her shit smeared arse in the air and her face buried in Stephanie's pussy while the mistress fondled her breasts.

A Very Dirty Girl

fetish LeandraNyx 2018-03-23

"Anna, honey, how long have you been out there?" Susey asked, pursing her lips and scooting closer, far, far too close for Annabella's liking. "I'd said, many times, that I only wanted the room!" Annabella hissed, turning toward Susey with fury in her eyes, but the woman ignored her and shut the door behind them. "Girls, listen up, the poor thing's disoriented and hurt," Susey told the room and suddenly, Annabella could feel the hairs on the back of her neck standing up. "Tina, dear, get the knife by the towel rack, won't you?" Susey ordered, and a mousy little thing with blonde hair and blue eyes nodded, then returned with a small blade in her hands.

Life's Changes Ch. 01

fetish Scribler 2018-03-23

As I read these stories I started to feel really horny the next thing I knew I was fingering my pussy thinking how it would feel having Bill eats me after cumming inside me. I stood up and slipped off my panties since they were over my garters and went in to the kitchen and pressed up behind Bill pushing my boobs into his back and reaching around him I pulled my wet panties over his head so that the crotch was over his noise and said as I started rubbing his hard cock thru his pants

Midnight Accident

fetish FreakFanatasy 2018-03-23

Shooting pain suddenly attacked my foot as it found a heavy textbook I had left on the floor the night prior; in my shock, I felt a drop of my pee slide through and out of my urethra, wetting my labia and making a very small damp spot on my grey panties. I felt warmth spreading across my crotch that would not normally be there when I was pissing into a toilet; the pee inside of me was now forcefully flooding out of my urethra, plashing and spraying through my now-soaked panties, all over my legs, and noisily dripping into the toilet bowl below me.

Dahska's Trial Ch. 05

fetish the giant peach 2018-03-22

"Oh Goddess let me please you," A blue female daemon spread out before her, Her sex a glow, Fisting her cunt and ass with two of her hands while the other two pulled her nipples. "You made a pact with lord Samiuskie Urogotu of the ninja clan tribe, Yes." The daemoness stood offering Dahska her hands to clean also. After she cleaned the daemoness hands the woman told Dahska to eat her cunt and she would tell her the tale of why she was sent here. The humans sealed the devils away in a different realm." The daemoness came on Dahska's tongue, "Um. Yes," "Dahska what do you think happened next." The daemoness whispered to her as more daemons fucked her cunt hard.

A Stronger Love Ch. 01

fetish KatieTay 2018-03-22

"Darn tootin' right you will." It wasn't outright possessiveness – I trusted Ashley implicitly to find an opportunity to show Donna the photo as innocuously as possible. "Tell Donna," I panted, in between hot kisses, with the water running down both our bodies, "that if she wants to try and outmuscle me, she is welcome to come and get her ass kicked." Ashley moaned and nodded, and we carried on. I think it is a good idea at this point." Ashley sent the message, waited, and then said, "She says ok." "Ashley," I said softly, but I knew Donna could hear us all the same.

KinkyBBW38JJ's first BDSM experience

fetish 2018-03-22

His hands reached my breasts and he pulled them out of my top and slowly started to suck one of my nipples. I started stroking it and squeezing his balls as we kissed then looked down and noticed there was bl**d on my hand. He came up behind me and pushed his cock in my pussy and fucked me hard for a while. A cup was then attached to my pussy but I don’t think it was on right as I couldn’t really feel anything. We pulled the cups off my nipple and pussy and went through to the bedroom, hastily removing all the toys and equipment from the bed. I think next time I will know more what to expect and will feel more comfortable.

Ex-Wife 'Lets Loose' Ch. 2

fetish herbman53 2018-03-22

Freda climbed off of me and told Maryann to suck the rest of my load out of my throbbing cock, as she shoved her tongue deep into my musky asshole. We all sat around the kitchen table nude, downing our drinks, having a good ol' time, when Freda asked me, "Well Herb, what do you think of the NEW me?" "Quite honestly, Herb, our sex life has been going downhill for quite sometime now, as I'm sure your aware of, so, I went to my sister Maryann here, and asked her if she knew of someway to reignite the flames." "Needless to say, she turned me on to the watersports, AND she also got me interested in some other things that I have not had the courage to explore...

Oh Fiona Ch. 04

fetish TheRainmaker 2018-03-22

She gives me a knowing smile, "Looks like you're not sorry about that at all.", she makes an exaggerating 'tutting' sound of disapproval, "looks like you LIKE having a tiny babydick which squirts too quick." she smirks. "Admit that you like me making fun of your cute little baby's penis." "Admit that your tiny dicklet is more like a clit, and that you're just a sweet little girl." Now, do you want to tell me how big, sorry, I mean how SMALL it is, or am I going to find out myself?" she says with a naughty twinkle in her eye as she waves the ruler in front of me. Now go on little man, tell the whole world just how pathetically tiny your excuse for penis is.

Playing games Part 2

fetish star_gazer01 2018-03-22

Crystal dropped on the couch, her body still tingling, nipples hard and erect, the wetness between her thighs still growing. So when she opened the door, the plumber’s eyes almost bulged when he saw her in the black lycra dress, clinging to her body like a second skin. Crystal had felt her nipples grow erect under the gaze of the man. She had felt his eyes on her body like fingers, sliding from her breasts to her legs, to her backside. When he finally said goodbye and the door closed, Crystal slumped against the door, rammed a finger in her dripping pussy and came in seconds. Alex laughed and Crystal felt goose bumps all over her skin, her finger moved faster.

CFnm Adventure - 3rd Visit

fetish lovelicker99 2018-03-22

The fact that I would willingly consent to tongue the asshole of a complete stranger, a very heavy lesbian at that, a woman who had no use for men whatsoever, and then beg to be degraded further by drinking down her hot and tangy golden nectar was proof that I couldn't possibly be a real man. Lady M was very aroused and, although I usually spent over an hour worshipping her hairy pussy through multiple climaxes, today she pulled her hot wet vaginal lips away after one small climax. Lady M wanted to actually see the piss flowing into my mouth, so she asked Master to keep the head of his cock an inch or two from my lips.

Late for Work

fetish DavidLovesHeels 2018-03-22

You're not sure what you're saying, this is not like you at all, but you find yourself eagerly bending over the chair and taking the directors cock in your mouth while your boss is pressed up against you and starts to finger you inside your knickers. It's not long before you feel your boss sliding his cock up your thigh, between your legs and then roughly pull your knickers down as he pushes inside your pussy. You soon realise the extra pressure inside your newly sensitive pussy is going to make you cum again soon, and determined not to be the only one, you start to tense your pussy as best you can, gripping the directors cock and forcing yourself back onto him, and wanking your boss's cock as well as sucking his tip.

Pegged In The Bar

fetish 2018-03-22

Watching her walk away I couldn't stop thinking about what her ass looked like in those panties. Taking my head in her hands she looks down at me thru half closed eyes and see's my mouth on her cock. With one hand on my hip and the other stroking my cock she said ok baby relax, here it comes I'll go slowly at first to let you get used to but then I'm going to give you all of it. As she picked up speed her grunting told me she was getting close and when her orgasm hit she was pounding her cock into my ass so fast and hard she was bouncing me off the table.

Must Go To Gym More

fetish Falkenhayn 2018-03-22

"Want me to prove how long I've been watching you?" she whispers in my ear, and she steps back from me, my eyes flowing over her body, taking in her tight grey gym top and matching tight gym shorts, as she runs her hands down her chest and her thighs. We began to ride faster, each time me stretching the material inside her, harder and faster than before, and she began to push back against me, matching my thrusts and slipping her hand down to her crotch to frig her clit while I fucked her from behind. She slid them down her thighs until they were on the floor, and then she picked them up, and looking right into my eyes ran her tongue over them, licking up my cum and her juice from the wet soaking material.

b*****r In-Laws Whore pt.2

fetish SafeSexting 2018-03-22

Please?" When she felt the woman's tongue slid down her ass crack, Christie stiffened and tried to squeeze her cheeks tight. Senor Tom lets me taste many of the women he fucks." Christie struggled, even as she felt Nora's finger pushing between her cheeks. How can you push it so deep in my cunt?" Just as Christie felt herself ready to cum again, Nora stopped. Nora, no stranger to what Tom wanted, worked her tongue up Christie's body until her lips touched Christie's. Christie felt Tom's dick as he slid it pass her lips and into Nora's cunt. Tom fucked Nora with such f***e; Christie winced each time he plowed into the woman.

The Lindy Series Ep. 02: Lindy's New Neighbor

fetish PTWaters1 2018-03-22

After diddling her clit while watching several porn movies, Lindy came, and like Helen, would release a copious amount of pee. Just over two years ago, Lindy and Helen had started occasionally sharing mutual masturbation sessions in the large walk-in shower and came to enjoy each other's pee streams. Lindy watched the scene in awe as her own orgasm took her; the spurts of pee from her pussy becoming a solid stream that quickly grew in pressure and hit the window with enough volume to drench the windowsill, floor, and Lindy's legs. Lindy sat forward and reached for Clara's erection and Clara quickly leaned back, "I need to stop, Lindy, or there will be a wet mess on your bed," Clara said with a frown.

Wetting Myself

fetish roadkill69 2018-03-22

The dark spot in my crotch got bigger and started to gleam as the piss wet my hand. The warm piss felt good in my tight jeans as the wet denim rubbed against my pussy. I imagined my white thigh highs turning to a transparent yellow as I mashed my hand against my pussy through my soaked jeans. Dark trickles of piss were running down my calves as I started to rub my breasts with my dry hand. I could see little bubbles of piss squishing out of my shoes as I squatted up and dowm and watched the soaked thighs and knees of my jeans gleaming. My pussy was so wet, that my jeans would have looked like I had pissed in them a little, if they were still dry.

The First Time I Tasted My Cum

fetish CumHocPropterHoc 2018-03-22

It's funny how sometimes things happen that don't hold great significance at the time, but which in retrospect mark a turning point, or a beginning of something important. With me in her, she'd grab my ass with both arms and pull me hard down onto her so that I was fully inside her and grinding against her clit. So I shifted my whole body forward, and in one slow stroke, licked from her clit along a line of cum, collecting it with my tongue. After only a few minutes I exploded inside her, this time putting all my weight on top of her body, one arm under her ass and the other over her shoulder, holding her in place so that I could piston in and out like I needed to.

BBW's Confessions and Escapades

fetish NYCbbwSUB 2018-03-22

I enjoy chatting with a man that likes to degrade a fat whore like me while he uses me rough and nasty. He was also calling me such dirty names like crosskicking whore, filthy fat slut, fuck holes, pig meat, and I was in heaven. I don't know what it is, but just the thought of a somewhat overweight, old perverted man using me makes my cunt dripping wet. I want to feel their old fingers deep inside my wet hole, and I want to take turns sucking their old cocks, while they treat me like a whore. He is into some things I enjoy, like spankings, having my face and tits smacked, pulling my hair, and he eats my cunt better than anyone I have ever met.