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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

my fun

fetish 2018-03-22

Suzy im rubbin my clit n rockin back n forth on two fingers in my pussy...rather fill my cunt stuffed n think of ur pretty cock than eat...wish u cud check ur email at work!!!! Want u working having to think bout me fuckin myself n maybe cummin in my panties for u. Wud love to make u cum in my mouth then drool it onto ur clit n panties n have u wear them all day. Please hurry n fuck my horny pussy...fill it w ur cum n slide my panties back up...i b able to feel it all day easing out of me...maybe take my fingers n clean it up for a snack.... Im so fucking horny!!!!

Sharing My Wife's Feet in a Movie Theater - T

fetish cali19 2018-03-22

My hot wife then unbuttoned my jeans and pulled out my already throbbing cock and began sucking my hard cock while Alex fucked her soles. I then massaged my hot loads of cum into her soft perfect soles while she sucked Alex and jerked off his throbbing cock. Alex again massaged this big load of cum into her hot feet and then spent a few more minutes slowly tickling her soles and toes as she giggled some more between soft moans. I came several more times inside of her that night while licking her sexy soles and tickling them as my big hard cock fucked her cum soaked pussy again and again.

My Neighbour Sally's Panties Ch. 02

fetish Harrowborg 2018-03-22

"So, the great Mrs. Gifford had a little accident" Sally remarked, smelling the small streak of shit my mum must have left shortly before using the toilet. She reached up and unzipped my jeans, pushing her hand inside and cupping my stiffening cock and balls held inside her panties. So here, I, Will Gifford sat in my mum's friend's house tongue kissing a man, and having my balls sucked through a women's panties. I saw it, before I felt it, a small wet patch forming in her crotch as she released her pee, dripping down between my thighs and soaking into her panties. I could smell the urine drifting from her crotch and see her soaked panties dripping yellow drops onto her feet or my exposed legs.

Red Nails

fetish gentlelady 2018-03-22

He watches her hand as she makes it into a claw and gently rakes it across his nipples and down his chest, making him hiss at the sensations that rocket through him. Pulling on them, she cages them inside her fingers and lets them run through the bright red bars of her nails until they escape to freedom. He watches mesmerized as she slides her red tipped finger in and out of her mouth to make it wet. Applying more pressure she scrapes her nails down his chest leaving trails of red marks. Her hands with the long red tapered nails lift him up and roll his hardness between them. Together they watch as white creamy pearls of his cum run across her red nails.

Mr. McGregor Learns a Lesson

fetish Porky_Pig 2018-03-22

"You got to be kidding me," said Benjamin, and made it a point to visit the Intax sales and technical center in his chauffeured limo to give this bitch Cindy a piece of his fucking mind. After ensuring that the Boss was seated comfortably in one of the lobby couches, Henry walked up to the perky little receptionist and let her know that Mr. McGregor wished to see Cindy, the sales director. "Aaawwww, Benny wants to play hide and seek with Cindy," she said as she moved behind the old man and pushed him so that his arms and chest fell heavily on the backrest of the couch and his flabby ass lewdly stuck out in the air facing her.

Growing Accustomed to One-Another Ch. 01

fetish Fitnerd7 2018-03-22

You would expect that as a shape shifter I wouldn't have just one appearance but I kind of like myself the way I look without any changes: I'm 5'11" with blue eyes and black short hair. After a while we started talking about ourselves, what we like and dislike, our families (I didn't mention the powers bit) etc. The only thing I kind of like is my bum, though I'd like if some of the fat got distributed more evenly to my tits." She looked at me a bit worried and ashamed. "Yes, I wanted to address that." She looked at me a bit ashamed of her thoughts, "Can you give me huge tits?

Scenes In A Marriage

fetish ldrequiv 2018-03-22

Helen looked her full in the eyes, then went without a word to the shop door, locked it, and flipped the sign to Closed. Anita obeyed, raising her arms to let Helen slide the corset down over her torso. Anita basked in her reflection and the curiously pleasant sense of constraint from the corset while Helen selected more items from the closet. Finally, Helen drew long leather gloves onto her hands and arms. Presently, she sat over her tea, writhing gently in her new corset and loving the feel of it against her skin, dreamily composing a fantasy of how it would be that night with Paul. Helen went to Anita and put her hands to the younger woman's face.

Queen Katie Ch. 02

fetish MikeyGee 2018-03-22

Katie pulled Mark close and gave him a big kiss rubbing her pussy on his cock cage as she whispered, "Crazy – maybe, but definitely hot. Torture for some is pleasure to others, like the spanking Katie was receiving – the slap of Phillip's hand bringing her thoughts back to the present and the burning pain/pleasure in her ass cheeks which radiated forward to her pussy and clit. The feeling was beyond amazing and before Phillip was all the way in, she felt her pussy clench down and another intense orgasm shot up her spine and she was bucking frantically on the bed.

Payback's a Bitch Ch. 01

fetish CheriSM 2018-03-22

Kate walked over to Nicole, planting her mouth on the young woman's, giving her a deep sensual kiss. Nick watched as Kate and Nicole stroked each other's skin. Kate gently pushed Nicole onto the bed, giving Nick full view of both of their bodies. Nick watched in amazement as Kate devoured Nicole's pussy. He watched as Nicole's fingers dropped to Kate's pussy, rubbing her clit. He watched as Nicole plunged her fingers deep into Kate's wet pussy. When Nick was able to tear his eyes away from Kate, he saw Nicole stepping into a strap-on cock. Nick sat with his eyes glued to Kate's pussy as Nicole's strap-on slid in. Nicole pulled out of Kate's pussy, positioning herself in front of Nick.

Catgirls Do It Better

fetish Sean Renaud 2018-03-22

Katrina purred contently as she stretched out on her plush sofa waiting for her fiancé Bret to come home. Katrina certainly wasn't interested in closing the door as much as she was interested in opening his pants but she was enjoying the tease for the moment. Katrina had spent enough time on the websites and in anime in general to know that Neko was cat, or close enough that she knew he meant for her to open her mouth. Just as Katrina's cunt contracted and her orgasm overwhelmed her senses Bret yanked her tail out raising what was already a mind blowing orgasm into something that could only be described as epic.

The Gift

fetish stateofdenial 2018-03-22

I could still feel you looking at me as I spied the phallic shaped metal cage, adorned with a small lock and key. and pleasure me very good if you want to even get hard again." You bite your lip and toy with the key as you continue. I want to see my caged tiger." You pull away and slide out of the car, looking over your shoulder you saunter towards the front door. Thinking of nothing but how little separates you from my naked body and how much separates my wet pussy from your aching, horny shaft." You accent your explicit words know how much it gets me going to hear you talk dirty.

Lovin Mouthful Ch. 02

fetish Benny_Blank 2018-03-22

"No," I said, "I mean what does my cock feel like in your mouth? "O.K." She went on, "I get a thrill feeling the head of your cock move from the roof of my mouth back onto my palate plus my tongue tingles when I use it to carress the underside of your shaft. Your cock swells up and begins to pulsate and then I feel your cum shoot into my mouth, back against my tongue and throat. I felt like I was going to gag but relaxed and allowed her to force the shaft all the way to the back of my mouth to where I could feel it start to go down my throat.

Alicia Ch. 02

fetish avenmagi 2018-03-22

"Well you should have thought of that before coming into my room and using my dirty laundry for your sexual pleasure," Alicia retorted as she looked down at her sock still wrapped around my limp cock. One day after getting home from school, Alicia met me at the front door and said, "Laundry time. "While you wait for your clothes to finish washing and then drying finish cleaning my sneakers," Miss Alicia said as she walked up the stairs. The next few weeks were uneventful, until one day I got a text message from Miss Alicia that read, "I just got home, when you get home remember My rules, I have a special surprise for you." I had an hour left in class and I couldn't focus on the lecture the rest of the way.

My Hot Sister-In-Law, Leslie 1.0

fetish FantasyKing 2018-03-22

Now, I must preface this by saying that I've dreamed of bedding Leslie, finding a way to lay next to her and touch her. Leslie had spilled the beans to my wife -- she thinks Mark's had an affair. I know if I penetrate her she'll wake up and I'll have a shit-storm on my hands, so instead I gently release my stone-hard cock from my shorts and slowly start to stroke myself. I stroke my rock hard cock a few times and blow probably a quarter cup of cum into my hand. I then take the cum, gently transfer it into my other hand, and slowly smear Leslie's hairy cunt with it.

Agent Long Captured Again

fetish barefeet99 2018-03-22

Squatting down again & holding him gently in her hands, she gave his cock head a little peck, looked up at him & declared, "I'd say you rather like being all tied up & having your great big beautiful cock fondled & played with by a beautiful woman." She continued kneading & rolling his now throbbing shaft slowly & gingerly in her soft, warm hands adding, "Hmm, you're so long & thick. Wicked Wanda left the room after placing the baby oil on a table near Agent 96s' feet & again the agents looked at each other in disbelief. Agent 96 positioned her bare feet under & around Agent Longs' cock, so that she could press her toes against either side of his shaft, in an effort to grasp the ring.

michelle mclaren beats you down

fetish lilguy41 2018-03-22

He saw a naked Michelle getting her pussy slammed by some big dick monster. “Don’t pull up your were in my house getting off on my tits….These BIG tits” She Said squeezing them “Its only fair I see your pathetic little dick” His lips were wrapped around him clit, as she slammed his mouth like she had a cock. NOW then suck…when I squeezed your balls you suck..when I tap your head twice you go faster, 1 time slower” She Said Squirm all you want you weak ass aint getting away” She Said “Your cock doesn’t seem to want me to stop…it about to squirt for me again your little slut, cum for me slut” She Said

Creampie Training

fetish creamypussylover 2018-03-22

Once he got going he started doing a really good job, he cleaned up her messy pubic hair, and sucked and licked out every drop of cum until Joanne’s cunt was glistening clean. “Good job you nasty cum sucker,” exclaimed Amy. “I didn’t know you were going to do such an enthusiastic job, if I did I would have had Steve cum in me instead so I could see what it feels like to have a dirty man slut eat out my used fuck hole. She told Mike to get underneath her in a 69 position so his head was underneath her pussy as I fucked, and both Amy and I moaned as he licked her clit and my shaft and balls as I plunged in and out of her wetness.

Librarian Finds Long Overdue Love Ch. 02

fetish RVon 2018-03-22

"I think I'm becoming addicted to you," said Angelina, gently combing what little chest hair Tom had with her long thin fingers with the fire engine red nail polish. Gripping the top of the steering wheel with her black leather gloved hands, Angelina smiled coyly through the front windshield at Tom. The hot librarian then proceeded to pump the gas pedal with her booted foot, revving the engine slowly then progressively quicker and repeating the pattern three times as if imitating how her partner had been making love to her. "I think you were tailgating me," said Angelina impishly, crossing her booted legs, the leather footwear squeaking from the friction, as the pair sat down a short time later at an outdoor table at the café.

Her Name Was Alice Pt. 04

fetish Myths 2018-03-22

Little did he know that Alice hoped and prayed he would phone and each time her mobile rang her heart leapt only to come crashing down when it wasn't him calling. Knowing that she would see her Bob once again, feel his tongue probing her depths, laving her sex, lapping her sweet juices, giving her such mind blowing orgasms. For a second, time stood still for Bob. He looked at Alice and in her hazel eyes he saw the need, the want in her. Bob slid his hand down under the waistband of Alice's knickers and down, over her hairy mound and up inside her engorged slippery pussy lips.

Biker Lover

fetish HelenHall 2018-03-22

He twists his head and his tongue licking the tops of the boots, his hands teasing and pressing in the rubber, exciting, pleasing, and thrilling me. My moans are loud and guttural, expressing the ecstasy my entire body is feeling inside the leather cycle suit and the high rubber boots. His tongue explores the inside of my mouth as his cock continues to explore my pussy, the thrusts starting to get a little harder. He moves into top gear and my breasts bounce and jiggle as his hot cock pounds my pussy and his leathered hips and long rubber boots pound and rasp against my buttocks making an extraordinary sound.

Husband's Anal Adventure Ch. 01

fetish Anal Slave 2018-03-22

I started playing with my ass whenever I was alone masturbating I never let her know that I was starting to fuck myself with cucumbers, Hair brushes and thick candles. I figured what the hell she will never know if I cum or not so I went to the store and bought the biggest cucumber I could find I went back home and rushed into the house went into the bedroom taking all my clothes off in a hurry I was so horny I got up and put a XXX movie in the VCR got out the Vaseline and started packing my ass with it. Linda reached over and took my cock in her hand and started jacking on it she told her husband to take off his clothes.

Possessing Bella Ch. 05

fetish xelliebabex 2018-03-22

"My sweet girl," Dorothea said happily, "I want to be here for the fun ride you are about to go on, I had planned to stay this first month to make sure your new assistant could do everything you needed." She eyed Andrew critically, "and let's face it, he needs all the help he can get," she said in a loud whisper making Bella laugh. Natalie walked towards Bella and bent to hug her, "Well, we have done all we can for now, whew what a rush job, you would have thought we were on one of those horrible renovating shows the way we hustled through this and got everything here so quickly." Again she laughed, "I will call you when the artist has completed the models," she straightened herself and waved leaving them to their work day.

Backdoor Play

fetish Sonnea_Ore 2018-03-22

I smile with affection noticing that even though we have shared many sexy moments and have a deep intimate knowledge of each other’s bodies, you feel the need to keep this boundary personal. We are both grunting and I hear and feel my thighs slapping the bottom of your posterior every time I plunge as deep as I can in your anus. The shoes are off and I push you back towards the bed and you bend over once again, this time, with feet on the floor, knees bent, ass out. With your feet on either side of my thighs, you become a human piston, coming down hard on my slicked silicone cock.

Massage Therapy Ch. 01

fetish jeb22 2018-03-22

"Shhh baby this is just part of the massage," she said as he felt the towel being pulled off of him," I promise my clothes are staying on," he felt lotion falling onto his hard cock and then her hand started massaging it slowly into his shaft. Jason went to his knees feeling almost too exhausted to stand," now why don't you grab that cock and start rubbing it for me." He complied without thought and started masturbating on his knees right in the middle of his living room," now you can watch me while I get my things together baby but if you want to spurt again with me here just ask." She turned and started wiping off the table and Jason's hand moved up and down as he tried to picture her ass through her scrubs.