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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Set Up Pt. 02

fetish undermythumb10 2018-03-21

All thee Mistress's have gone out for the night, before leaving Diane had inserted the butt plug and tied me to a chair but as Beth my stepdaughter was the last to leave she thought it would be a good idea to leave me with something to think about, going back into her bedroom to her laundry basket she reappeared a few moments later with a pair of red lace panties she had been wearing that day, she placing the panties over my head with the crutch over my noise, smiling she told me to enjoy, she knew this would produce hours of torment, she then turned and walked out of the house leaving me to inhale her scent for the rest of the night.


fetish roswalien 2018-03-21

If you want to try giving this a shot, we have tomorrow to spend together before I head back out to work." I leaned forward and gave her a light kiss on the lips, soft and gentle, but with promise behind it. I know you have a perception of what you think you look like, but trust me, seeing you naked is going to be the highlight of my year." I slid my hands under her dress and felt her bare flesh, and with a little exploration, realized she truly was not wearing panties. I kissed her again, only this time I let my hand fall lower until I could reach between her legs and feel her pussy.

Lovin Mouthful Ch. 05

fetish Benny_Blank 2018-03-21

As Laura wrapped her lips around the head of my cock, my fingers were probing her pussy. Laura's hips began to undulate in time to my rhythmic probing and her mouth and hand were both in sync as they attended to my cock. As Laura pulled herself away from me, I again looked over at Jessica who was licking and smacking her lips, savoring the taste of my load. All this time, Lurecia had kept licking away on Jessica's pussy and clitoris and now, I could tell, Jessica was beginning to have an orgasm of her own. "Well, you see it's not difficult at all dealing with my husband." Laura gave Jessica and Lurecia a knowing wink.

Restaurant Futa Fuck (Part 1)

fetish BiancaBigTits 2018-03-21

I had the body of a woman, down to every detail and anatomical feature, but in addition to the womanhood between my legs, I had a long, throbbing cock right above my pussy. I was dripping wet from both the head of my cock and the lips of my love hole, and I hoped that Sara wouldn't notice. "I'm always so embarrassed by it," Sara said, looking down at her cock. Hot, sticky girl cum sprayed into my mouth and down my throat as I continued to slurp and suck on her Futa cock. I never felt that way before!" Sara looked absolutely stunning with her cock flopped against her belly and her face flushed from her intense orgasm.

Sex Wrestling League: Titan

fetish Hunter15205 2018-03-21

Having a favorite male wrestler may have helped us pair you with a trainer but it's not an issue." He stood from the desk, "Please wait here for a moment Ms. Wallace will call you into the next room for the second part of the interview." Submission moves are a perfectly legitimate way to score a pin fall but if you seriously injure someone in a match you'll have hell to pay." He briefly looked down at his leg, "The reason I had to leave the league is because I was too stubborn to tap out. Since we didn't live together she probably wouldn't have a reason to be suspicious about my remaining training sessions and I was sure I could just tell her that I was hanging out with people from work on the night of my match.

Walking Dead Sex

fetish drew1207 2018-03-21

Maggie, Beth and the girls come outside and Maggie runs over to Glen and gives him a big hug and your pretty sure she grabbed his cock. You look over at the two of them walking away and Glen smacks Maggie in the ass and takes off running. You and Beth look around the bail and you see Maggie sitting on Glen's lap. Glen is fully hard and Maggie takes his cock in her mouth. Glen reaches down and starts to rub Maggie's tits over her shirt. You hear Beth breathing faster from her covered mouth and then you feel her pussy tighten around your thrusting cock. But she kisses Glen and when they start to gather their cloths Maggie looks over again at you two.

The Wrestling Proposal

fetish puppdogg83 2018-03-21

"Will you please pause that or turn it off so I can propose all this to you?" I could tell Brittany was getting a little mad at me from all the laughing and somewhat ignoring her, so I paused the game again. "So you are trying to tell me that the winner gets the loser to basically be there slave for the rest of the entire weekend, no questions asked?" I asked her as I started to think of the possibilities and getting a little turned on with the situation. " All you have to do is tap out you little cocksucker, and the pain will stop" I started to say something back to her, but she squeezed my balls so hard I thought they were going to explode, which made me tap out as soon as possible.

First time to go This far

fetish perverts 2018-03-21

She d**g her hands slowly over my dick and my precum had my boxers a little wet. I pressed my hips into her hands, "Rub it harder" I said as I looked into her eyes. I used my other hand and covered her mouth, conscious of our parents the next room over. She was so fun to tease, she covered her mouth to stay quiet while I pushed my penis inside of her wet hole. I bent over her, ran my hands up to her chest pinched her nipples, and breathed into her ear, "Does it feel good s*s?" Her eyes were closed her hands bracing her on the bed, "Ye-yesss!" she hissed between thrusts.

A Whore Wife's Story Ch. 06

fetish Anal Slave 2018-03-21

I said to my husband "That I love watching Dave fuck your mouth, I want to see him fuck your mouth hard, I love it, god it makes me so hot, I want to see him shoot, yes, baby, make him shoot his cum in your mouth, I want to see cum on your lips, I want to lick his cum from your mouth." I then got up on the bed and inserted my strap-on cock into his ass. It made my pussy cum knowing my husband was sucking the cock that had just been fucking his asshole. Just before my husband started to cum I made Dave pull it out of his mouth and insert it in my pussy.

Cole's Dark Obsession

fetish NightmarePrincess 2018-03-21

He continued until he had thoroughly wet down her body, washing away most of the dried blood, before setting the bottle aside and lifting the crop. He brought two fingers to her wet opening and forced them deep inside as he brought the crop down against her cheeks with all his might. His fingers entangled in her hair as he pulled her head forward toward his hardened shaft, allowing the tip to rub over her cold pink lips. He pressed the glossy wet tip of his cock against her puckered entrance and began to push just enough to lodge the head inside her. He grabbed her hips, letting his fingers dig into her flesh as he pulled her listless body into each thrust.

The Fourth Ring

fetish tx_latin_couple 2018-03-21

returned to Rick slamming his dick into Anne's cunt. wanted the vindication of Anne spurning Rick's base Anne left Rick and walked over to me. I saw Rick and Anne engaged in a never ending, French With a sly smile, Rick placed his hand on Anne's fashion as the night before when Anne and Rick were on fantasies of Rick fucking Anne in all different of Anne sucking on Rick's dick staggered me. In a worshipping manner, Anne's tongue dabbed up Rick's Then Anne lifted Rick's cock to the photo Rick's cock-head disappeared and Anne Anne's vagina to accommodate both Rick's semen and his fifteen minutes of ministrations, Rick rolled Anne over Rick spent the next 90 minutes fucking Anne in every

The Passion of Pastor Ferris

fetish Desmond Ravenstone 2018-03-21

Earnest Ferris, pastor of the Evangelical Free Church of Harper Village, was known for quite literally holding his head high. But it was something else about Jessie that would stir the church, and especially its pastor, who stood at his pulpit and stare uncharacteristically downward, unable to speak for a full minute before he cleared his throat and delivered his sermon, and in a manner atypically imperfect. Jessie became a member of the church fairly quickly, and the pastor took a personal interest in her. And then Earnest Ferris, pastor of the Evangelical Free Church of Harper Village, sank to his knees, caressed her brown leather boots with the tips of his fingers, and through his sobs recited the verse:

Bound in Blue Jeans

fetish FeverishFantasies 2018-03-21

Even mid motion I felt someone's hands on my shoulder pinning me down, and my ankles grabbed and pulled taught to keep my legs straight. Finally someone dragged a finger over one of my socked feet, and I think I just about took him out with my other leg, I kicked that violently. Finally my ankles were being sat on, and both my socked feet having fingers run up and down my arches at a furious pace. Finally the one with his hand on my chest, which felt like a concrete block holding me down, leaned his face down to my midriff, stuck his tongue out and slipped it into my belly button.

Cab ride back home ....

fetish PurplePrism 2018-03-21

I regained my senses soon I was in a state of semi undress the wind had worked hard and lifted my shirt to the maximum extend possible till above my ribs. I immediately pulled down my shirt to cover my navel but the damage was done for sure and how long has this guy seen me like this? I tried to pull down my skirt hard but in that haste my hand hit the chai glass kept in front of me and the entire chai fell all over my shirt and skirt. The cabbie in the confusion and tension automatically brought forward his hand and tried to wipe away the chai from my skirt pulling it further down bringing my vagina in his full view.

The Friday Setup Ch. 02

fetish soaf 2018-03-21

"Well, I figured that the best way for me to help Michelle relax about it was to let her know that I wasn't asking her to do something that I would not, in turn, accept from her. "If I was going to avoid my cum like it was anthrax, how long would it be before Michelle might come to think about it the same way? I was hot about the idea of eating Michelle's pussy, and the fact that it happened to be filled with my cum at the moment wasn't even on my mind. Turning to Michelle, Tracy asked, "So how did you turn him into an ass slut?" The juicy Amazon really wanted to dig deep.

The Science Experiment Ch. 06

fetish Katiekatsman 2018-03-21

Vira pushed his head hard into the ground with the sole of her heel and in the tradition of the thousands of other females that had stood where she stood now, confidently responded, "I do." A groan of pain came from the kneeling male and when it did smiles graced the faces of all attending. Twenty years previous Michelle had decided that contractual bindings of a male to his superior female would be just that -- a no-hassle signing with minimal effort in the presence of one who was qualified to keep and update such records. Having never been to a signing, Vira's mother explained the process on the way, telling her all she needed to do was repeat the words of the presiding female, step on the neck of her male and sign the registry.


fetish OpheliaOpiumOblivion 2018-03-21

"Daddy wants pictures," he would often text her at work, knowing she was alone. Sometimes Daddy would just send her a picture of his hard dick, demanding wordlessly that she bring him off without asking if she wanted to. Ophelia moaned loudly, the idea of Daddy forcing her to be his toy making her nearly cum on the spot. He saved it and wrote back, "Good little slut, cumming for Daddy." "Send me something sweet to cheer Daddy up," he wrote one day, around the usual time. Daddy wrote back: "mmm yes. "You like being forced to be my slave, don't you?" Without waiting for an answer, he wrote again: "I know you do. Trembling some more, she wrote back: "yes Daddy."

Giving Gloria the Details

fetish Croozer 2018-03-21

I pulled my shorts down, and as my erection popped into the air, she said, "Mmmm...that looks like it's ready for more tampering." She put her hand under her robe and began rubbing herself, and said, "Tell me how fucking hot I looked in my slips." I went into detail about how the black slip fit her snugly and how the fabric felt against her skin. "Ahh, yes, and you want me wearing one of my slips under them, too, don't you." The pace of her stroking kept me at the edge of cumming, and I told her I often masturbated thinking of fucking her in one of her dresses.

Hotel: Another Woman

fetish PeggyBuxton 2018-03-21

I've dressed in my sluttish clothes - short skirt with my ass almost visible, a shier blouse with my nipples plainly visible, overly high-heel shoes. He grins, and we walk to the elevator, his hand firmly on my ass pulling my skirt a little higher for the clerk. I watch, still greatly aroused from the hug, as she takes him in her arms and begins to kiss his mouth deeply. I watch his hand hold her skirt up and stroke her ass cheeks, but my attention is mostly on the short piece of thigh hanging below her left hip. I feel her blow gently though my wetness between nibbles on my thigh inches from where her fingers drill.


Marabogo: Cuckold Island Ch. 02

fetish eeric 2018-03-21

Megan smiled a little to herself when she saw Joshua looking at the woman's breasts, knowing that he couldn't get hard. "Once the ceremony begin, the women all sit naked in a circle as the forty or so men in the tribe walked around them, stroking their lengthy black cocks." Elisabeth let out a soft moan whilst reaching up with her right hand and gently squeezed her hard nipple. He wanted to look away as his penis ached from pushing hard against its cage, but at the same time, he wanted to see how the beautiful woman was going to take the black man's huge cock.

Sweet Pie Ch. 02

fetish Totzman 2018-03-21

Adam took a seat at the kitchen table, and Becky took the pancakes off the grill and laid them onto a plate. Becky proceeded to walk all the way to the end of the driveway, making no modest attempt to cover herself, and saucily bending over to pick up the newspaper. "Awfully long time for a naughty girl like me to go without a spanking, don't you think?" Becky asked. "Becky Williams, for taking sexiness to a dangerously new level, I hereby sentence you to thirty strokes with the spatula," Adam said. Adam continued to spank her, making his strokes faster and harder, and Becky held her ground throughout the entire ordeal.

My Slut

fetish damonX 2018-03-21

I held her head in place as I gave a couple quick strokes, fucking her face before pulling my wet dick from her lips. Mya took my cock back into her lips, sucking my down to the base as she gazed up at me with wide open eyes. "Hmmm, maybe you should ask nicely," I said, clutching her hair in my grasping hand and pulling her head back as I looked down into her sparkling eyes. I heard her gasp the word 'yes' just before her voice became muffled as her lips immediately found my hole and her little pink tongue shot out to stab at my ass. Mya jabbed her nimble wet tongue back into my ass as she held the camera at arm's length and took the picture.

Finding Out: The Hard & Fun Way

fetish naughty_bi_interest 2018-03-21

"MMM, yeah that is right, my girl loves cock, doesn't she?" She moaned around my cock, vibrating it a little, her tongue worked my cock and she squeezed my balls. She let go and looked up at me, "Yeah, my little faggot here wants a cock to play with, doesn't he?" I hesitated, and she teased my cockhead with the tip of her tongue. After a few belated seconds without her sucking me, "Yes babe, I want a cock to play with." She sucked me with fury now, building me up and up and just when I thought that I would cum she stopped and we went into the shower, making out and talking nasty to each other.

Pooh Ch. 01

fetish VirtualScott 2018-03-21

Alec looked around, found a likely spot, and quickly pushed down his camp shorts and underwear. Carly said nobody went there; Alec felt himself growing hard as he thought about how she knew that. The orgasmic feeling of shit forcing its way out of his anus triggered his cock to shoot more scum into his shorts, but Alec ignored it and reached down to cradle his offering as it dropped free of his body and out the leg of his shorts. As Faith's hands worked their way down her torso, Carly tried to let herself relax; she felt keyed up, on edge. Carly reached down and pulled Faith up until her friend was straddling her, then hugged her close and kissed her passionately.