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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Sincy swallows loads while he watches....

fetish Lateshay 2018-03-21

Well, as they say, time tells, over the months I’ve come to realization without your videos he wouldn’t climax, I do need you. All the rest still holds true, except he now uses my mouth to masturbate to the video LATESHAY LONG SAGGY WIGGLY TITS TEASE. He likes your big tits made to follow directions, so, I’m requesting you make another similar one where you’re told to hold your arms back letting your tits hang loose and then arms up and back over your head, please? And lecherousness man that he is found this web site measuring me for accurate comparison. My band size is 38, bust size 39 an half, FYI I’m a 38B, in this new video have your tits measured.

Between the Giantess' Fleshy Hips

fetish bbwlove_it 2018-03-21

At the same time I wrapped my right arm around her giant body, squeezing and holding a roll of flesh in my hand. I felt like I wanted to go inside of her, not just to copulate, rather I wanted to feel her soft body wrapping my entire being. It was incredibly erotic to turn my head and find an enormous mountain of fat waiting for me, right there, so soft that if you opened your mouth you could feel a whole gallon of creamy flesh ready to invade you and ease your hunger. Since her hips were so large, she did that with ease, leaving my body squeezed inside two huge, super-fluffy flesh-pillows.

A Trip to the Nurse's Office

fetish littleerection 2018-03-21

I dropped my pants for her once, and she just laughed at me, mocked me, took a picture of me naked and showed it to all her friends, and then broke up with me. She then held it up next to my stub, and used her other hand to take a picture of my small penis hitting slightly below the 2 ½ inch line. Rachael then took a chart out of her bag, and it was a penis size chart! "Now, this chart will tell you where you stand as a male" said Nurse Rachael, "Now, there's no category for you, since your below three inches in length, which is as small as the chart goes.

Penny's Comeuppance

fetish jlorthia 2018-03-21

As the secretary walked away Megan's heart began to race, her breath became rapid and deep she had to change her negative thoughts into positive ones or she was going to have a panic attack. "When does Mrs. Smith finds out Penny is fucking her husband?" Megan said inquisitively. "Hey, Penny, how do you like your new bitch...I mean secretary." Mr. Smith said with a smirk. Penny stared up into Mr. Smith's eyes longingly from her knees, and then positioned herself under the desk, Mr. Smith pushed his wheeled office chair forward, if anyone walked into Mr. Smith's office it would look to the naked eye like he was hard at work.

The Collegiate Milkmaid Ch. 05

fetish ZotDragon 2018-03-21

Simon noted her panties had stuck ever so slightly to Helen's naked labia; she was wet already and the vibrator slipped easily between her shining lips. "Take it," Helen encouraged Kelly who opened her lips and took as much of Simon's length into her mouth and started sucking away. Kelly liked to give head, but she didn't necessarily like to watch girls masturbate so she kept her eyes closed as she set to work on Simon's cock, sucking and stroking it the way he liked. Simon experimented a minute, exploring Helen's depths and the angle of her pussy, all the while Kelly looked on at her boyfriend about to pleasure another woman.

Creampie Chrissy Ch. 01

fetish rick_oh 2018-03-21

"I want you to do my pussy with your mouth, after you pump me full of your cum. He also admitted that the idea of sucking Chrissy's pussy clean after ejaculating in it had an erotic appeal of its own. Weighing his options, and believing that Chrissy meant what she said about not seeing him again if he backed out, he slowly and gingerly approached her creamy pussy. Chrissy stroked his ego, making him believe that her tumultous orgasm was all his doing - reasoning that he would probably want to keep on doing what it was that gave her such a great time. When she figured that she had him where she wanted him, she stated, "From now on, whenever you cum in my pussy, you've got to suck me clean afterwards.

My Secret Foot Fantasy

fetish fix8ion 2018-03-21

I was with a few male friends having a good time when my eye caught this girl walking across the bar area heading towards the dance floor. The silky feeling of her soles on my cock was too much for me to handle and I started to leak precum all over her feet and toes. The sight of this must have turned her on because she started to moan and took her pink lace boy short panties off her one leg careful not wipe the precum from her other foot. I looked down when I opened my eyes and saw my thick white cum oozing out onto the toes of her one foot.

Beating the Heat in DC

fetish dior11 2018-03-21

On first dates, it was pretty common for guys to start stroking my thighs seeking my garter straps and stocking tops, feeling my nylon-covered legs, and inching their hands up to my sheer panties--but heavy petting was as far as I allowed because I was going to "save" myself for my husband. As usual, I had gone to work wearing a dark business suit--but underneath i had on a royal blue garter belt, sheer baby blue panties, and vary blue RHTs. All day, I could feel my nylon-covered legs brushing against each other. My backside was facing out now, so I wondered what others looking at the waterfall could see now--a semi-naked woman with soaked slip dress, garter belt, sheer panties, and dark tan stockings?

Fun with Stephanie & Mark Ch. 01

fetish Raze18 2018-03-21

After several minutes of fucking Stephanie deeply, the cock behind her began to spasm and deposited a huge load of come in her pussy. As Stephanie was enjoying a particularly large load that was being fucked deep into her, she felt the cock that had just come slowly pull out and watched another man step up. My ass feels so much better when a dick is fucking me deeply and it's even better when I've got a stiff cock deep in my pussy too!" After fucking Stephanie's buttery asshole for a good while, Mark tensed up and sunk his cock as deep as it would go and shot a huge load of come in Stephanie's willing ass.

Clinical Studies & Faking Results & Sexual

fetish joshuasferrazza 2018-03-21

We met at a study, she is a little overweight but after smoking my jizz enhancer i couldnt help myself and started flirting with the latino girl who barely understand any english at all! After the clinical study we met up, i romanced her and told her everything that she wanted to hear and started fucking her in the car. I met her daughter who grew up to be a smoking hot piece of ass, with tits so huge and a hot body i can't help but think about her daughter when i fuck my girlfriend now. If you are like me and have OCD, ADHD, ADD, turrets and use narcotics than you will need someone to supply you with urine that is clean.


fetish wastedaway 2018-03-21

I could not believe the words that came out of my mouth at that moment but have never regretted telling my Master that "He should stop being so nice and tie his little slave up and treat her like the slut she was!" Master promptly pulled out of my pussy and turned me over to put me on all fours. My Master then took my skirt and put it in the passenger side of the car leaving my bare ass exposed to anyone walking in the parking lot. On the other hand I could still pleasure my Master with my ass and he was really enjoying slowly stretching my pussy bigger.


fetish wiseprof 2018-03-21

When his mouth reached her clit, four of his fingers were massaging the inside of her vagina, which was secreting more fluid then she had ever produced before. Then his tongue probed inside her anus as his fingers stoked her clit and probed her vagina. "Oh, it feels so good, she cried, but I'm afraid it is going to make me need the bathroom" He removed his fingers and again began to suck and probe her anus with his tongue. And then he moaned, "I want to taste all of you....." And she knew and slowly she released the most private of human functions into his warm moist mouth.


fetish Theranna 2018-03-21

“Far be it from me to say that watching a woman masturbate…” he paused then, letting that word hang in the air between them, “… isn’t very sexy… however, the mere thought of a woman touching herself, of those delicately slim fingers probing that rose in just the perfect way, of the look on her face when she surprises herself at the pleasure she can give her own self… and the knowledge that she’s doing it for no one but herself… now that redefines sexy…”

Hairy Tattooed Slut Milf

fetish azharleydude 2018-03-21

The music was good on the way to the beach that day. By the time I reached the beach, I was feeling good. I have a thing for hairy pussy and I had to know. The last time she caught me she got up and came toward me. She pulled her bikini aside and asked if I liked what I saw. First I had two fingers in her, but I felt her pussy open up and beg for more. I love big meaty pussy I told her. How hot, in the ocean, just off the beach and everyone just walking by like nothing was happening. I came three times in the ocean that day.

Becoming Jack's Milk Cow Pt. 09

fetish Suzanne James 2018-03-20

Steve was built much like Jack--I had always particularly admired his great smile and his nice ass. "I think we're going to try one more time and then look for some help..maybe a surrogate. Jack chimed in, "When you told me last week about maybe looking for a surrogate, I told Suzanne what was going on. So, if you don't mind, I'd like to plan on a wedding after I get pregnant." I looked up at Jack, who has been attentively stroking my tits and belly as I told my story. One one hand,I actually hoped that Diane would be able to become pregnant: I liked her so much, and knew that this was a deep desire.

My Wife's Friend's Panties

fetish Upskirt_fan 2018-03-20

While still holding the leopard print g-string to my nose, my eyes scanned the pile of dirty clothes for another pair of Michelle's panties. Sensing that my wife was not near and that it would not take me long, I quickly pulled my dick out of my shorts and began to stroke myself with the red silk panties while continuing to breathe deeply of Michelle's leopard-print g-string. I shoved my cock into her pussy, all the while my eyes glued to the site of Michelle's panties – the red silk ones now dark from the wetness of my cum, the leopard print g-string that smelled wonderfully.

Why I got addicted to BBW''S

fetish tongueman53 2018-03-20

Later she said she would like for me to masturbate for her and cum on her big panties, but for now a ass fucking is what she needed. Later she said she would like for me to masturbate for her and cum on her big panties, but for now a ass fucking is what she needed. I thought maybe I would but for now I wanted to fuck Ginger's big hairy pussy and dump a load of cum in her fuckhole. I thought maybe I would but for now I wanted to fuck Ginger's big hairy pussy and dump a load of cum in her fuckhole.

Cumming on the bus! (POV)

fetish Celebjerker123 2018-03-20

As horny as she was she couldn’t help but notice that Harry was really quite good looking, he had a really sexy look whenever he was listening to Britney. “Aww, thanks Harry” she said, maintaining the impression and giving her best sexy look, “Looks like you really enjoyed it” she said, looking meaningfully at the raging boner straining against his pants. “Oh, uh, sorry!” he said a little sheepishly, “It’s just Britney is so hot and your impression is so good…” Yeah!” Harry tried to play it cool as he freed his cock from his pants. “I have an idea,” she whispered, “How about I kick off my shoes and you fuck my feet with that big dick?”

Panty: Spring Break!

fetish pantyrehab 2018-03-20

Jenny's eyes rolled back and shut tight as she rubbed her hot wet panty covered pussy and pinched her tits under the sheets. Stroking his hard cock, Hank caressed her leg and she let out a loud sigh and turned to bury her head into her pillow to prevent from getting too loud. Hank put his head into her panty covered hot crotch and licked her wet pussy juice covered fingers and her soaked purple satin panty. Hank's hands moved up to Jenny's hips trying to pull down her panty to gain total uncovered access to her hot pussy. With his teeth and tongue, he was able to shift the crotch of her panty aside and get a taste of her hot sweet pussy juices and to feel that her pubic hair was trimmed.

I Know What You Need

fetish Pepper476 2018-03-20

He enjoyed watching men fuck me, he brought women home and went into orgasmic utopia when I sucked their pussies. I used him that night, used his mouth to wipe out all the abuse I had received from men over the years, I used his mouth to suck away all those memories, I used his mouth the way a man uses a woman's mouth, I fucked it, I came in it. He would come over, we would drink a little, watch a porn movie that he rented and then he would suck my pussy for the rest of the evening. "He said as soon as he did a cock was shoved into his mouth and he sucked on it for a few minutes."

Best Seat on the Plane Ch. 02

fetish fbblvr37 2018-03-20

I can't remember them looking any bigger." John said as he reached up and grabbed onto one of her arms with both hands and hung from her peak like it was a bar in the playground. Laura hardened her muscles puffing out her chest and flexing her lats causing the tape to expand maxing out her measurements. "I still didn't really feel anything, you can pound on me more later, right now I want to see how big my quads got." She said as she stuck out her huge leg and started flexing it. Not finished she turned back around to face John bringing her arms up for a double bicep pose and flexed her chest and back causing her entire chest to rise pulling on the buttons.


Adventures with Steph Ch. 03

fetish regalsub 2018-03-20

The thought drifted into my head that this was the bed I shared with my husband. I was completely open, no way of hiding, in the middle of my bedroom, with my husband due home at God-knows-when. "I don't understand what would have made you hide something like this from your husband, that man you swore to share everything with. "Is this the way a wife should behave?" Even as I tried to emphatically shake my head, the gag bound to the chair made it impossible. She continued to beat my thighs and breasts, ending her commentary to focus solely on letting the whip fall on what felt like every inch of sensitive skin.

Rules To Be A Perfect Husband

fetish Anal Slave 2018-03-20

Rule 2: Let your wife fuck and suck anybody she wants to, as long as she brings her cum filled ass and cunt home to you so you can lick and suck it out of her pussy and asshole. The real winner here is you, look at it this way your wife is getting a lot of different pointers on how each man wants his cock sucked and fucked. If you fuck the cock real good I bet your wife will lick the cum out of your asshole and share it with you. Rule 8: Bring your friends home so your wife can fuck and suck them in front of you.


fetish denise44f 2018-03-20

I pushed the next cubicle door open where he had been and we were shocked to see the stool he had been standing on and worse still semen high up on the white wall where he had obviously ejaculated looking at my wife nude ! Denise told me she wouldn't have looked up and seen him if he hadn't spoken and said 'look' I realised he had probably been ejaculating at that exact moment and wanted to see Denise's shocked face as she tried to cover her nude body from him! What made me more angry was the thought that whilst another man was relieving himself over my wife's naked body, I was just next door totally unaware and ignorant of what was happening !!