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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Back at the Farm

fetish Piggie 2018-03-20

"Why do you go wallow for a few minutes while I get some equipment out." Sarah started rolling around and around in the mud covering herself completely while her husband rolled into the sty a fucking machine. I want you to really get in there, if you don't, I wonder what your coworkers would think of seeing some of your videos when they check their email Monday morning." Carrie bent over and Sarah stuck of pig nosed face deep between Carrie's two big ass cheeks. I want you to eat out my pussy and while you are doing that I'm going to control the fuck machine remotely." Sarah starting eating out Carrie's pussy as the machine started up.

Meghan's Awakening Ch. 02

fetish forentcu 2018-03-20

"I think that might be like the thing they were using in the porno this bad boy was watching when I caught him," Meghan told her friend, taking the device and turning it in her hands. He turned his head to watch Carla rub the slippery lubricant over her full, heavy breasts, rolling the nipples between her thumbs and forefingers as she let a little moan escape her lips and dropped her head back on her neck, closing her eyes. Carla twisted the finger back and forth, rotating her wrist quickly and expertly while Craig grunted and moaned, the initial pain giving way to a sensation he hadn't felt before, an exciting, burning charge that shot right through to his erect cock, making it twitch and sending a drop of pre-cum dripping onto the sheet below him.

Little Clean-Up Man

fetish smallercuck 2018-03-20

Samantha's wide hips and generous ass made me so aroused that I often worried about becoming visibly erect in the office. "Get my lipstick," she said "the dark red shade on the dresser." Samantha had me hold a small hand mirror for her as she painted her lips. "I like the way you think," Samantha said. Once I had finished in the bedroom, I worked feverishly in Samantha's kitchen and living room until I was sure that my tattooed goddess would be pleased with me. Soon I was fucking Samantha and for the first time in my life a woman responded to my technique with ecstatic moans of pleasure. I continued to hump Samantha's gorgeous round ass but my penis was now too short to reach her pussy.

Caught by my s****r inlaw

fetish mytomg4u 2018-03-20

I always got a look at her panties or a thong which me hard fast. Now my sex life was going away because I or my wife went to bed mad all the time. went into the bath room and knew Casey was in there last. I hung up the towel and her gown then picked up the thong , I could smell her She smelled so sweet and the crouch was wet like she had cum A panty sucking bitch, dose it taste good bitch?" I spit out the thong and tried to talk to her but she turned and walked She was in a good mood and told me Casey was going to be gone all-night at a friends house so if I wanted

Scent and Scentsibility Ch. 04

fetish smellathon 2018-03-20

Divora opened a bottle of wine , took a slug and passed it around - she was seated on the other berth, almost cuddled up to Klaus. I pulled away abruptly, mindful of Club rules, Observing her hurt look, Divora disengaged her mouth from the Klaus monster, leaned across us and whispered into Maria's ear. As the boy began his slow and easy strokes in and out of her, Maria invited Divora to stand in front of her and open up her thighs. As her fingers left me and latched onto her small erect nipples, Eva jumped up, stood behind Divora and inserting two plump fingers under her sumptuous bum flesh, pumped them rapidly in and out of her vagina.

Visiting Joanna's Feet Ch. 02

fetish Vincey 2018-03-20

At the touch of my cold hands against her skin, Joanna let out a low moan of pleasure as I gently brought back her feet in front of my face. I grabbed her ankle, formed my other hand into a claw and dug my fingers into the ball of her foot, just below her toes. With small but firm circular motions, I kneaded her sole along the outer edges of her foot, starting at her heel and slowly moving upward until I reached the base of her toes. At this moment, I went all out and with a swift motion, grabbed her right foot and shoved all five toes deeply into my mouth.

The Woman Takes Pleasure In It

fetish the_sultry_vixen 2018-03-20

She leaned over, kissed him gently on the forehead and told him "Oh, I am sure I will find the perfect man to satisfy my needs, and you will watch every minute. She turned to her guest and asked him, "Now do you think you will have a hard time performing for me?, You realize that I want many things?" They stood and her husband instructed the young man to follow us out. Knowing how the last encounter had turned out so wrong she looked at the young man and asked, "Are you absolutely sure that you can perform all the things that I have expressed to you?" Tigger looked at Sam and told him "Go on and kiss her man, I know you want to."

Put In Her Place

fetish wimpywelshwilly 2018-03-20

Gemma was one of those girls who when you met, you instantly wanted to fuck- slightly on the large side but she carried it well, with a voluptuous body and massive tits which always caught your eye even on the odd occasions she wore loose shirts. Gemma didn't answer and I cracked the cane on her fat arse once again. I'd only been going a few minutes when she began moaning loudly, and in the reflection of her face on my TV I saw her bite her lip and then drop her head with a loud moan. Yes, when released they sagged like all fat girls' tits but still damn fine. I raised the cane and brought it swishing down, cracking across her big juicy tits.

The Alley of No Return Ch. 17

fetish fursmoke11 2018-03-20

"Phoaw mum you look so hot in this coat...not warm...I" His stare lingered hungrily at the sheer crossed legs protruding between the blue fox as it continued its slide to reveal even more of his mother's long and shapely, perfect legs. they aren't perfect if you know what I mean..." continuing to caress his mother's ten denier thigh and watching , studying, as she took another elegant movement of cigarette in gloved hand to lips. They watched open mouthed as Martin Coombes nuzzled into the huge blue fox collar round his mother's neck and she placed her cigarette to his lips, despite the fact he already had a cigarette in the hand he held over the table.

Why I dislike most porn -1

fetish petdyke 2018-03-20

I will give reasons below why I think most porn directors are gay guys who hate women with all heart In Poland one saw only many repetitios of a few American movies or of French frivolic sexy stuff In America only 'bad' people have sex, good people only at gun-point after being blackmailed In America 'make-believe' is the largest industry: Hollywood movies, but California porn more In 'Hollywood'-style porn gays rule, they want 'Holy Wood' - big dicks to fill those ugly cunts In earlier 'woman-friendly' educative sex-movies guys learned to do foreplay and lick some pussy In all movies they do their best to act, but those faces getting those cumshots tell the real story!

getting caught once with chav lads

fetish Erocus 2018-03-20

anyway we stopped and they said could they have a go and wayne got hold of me and pulled me me towards him and went to snog me and i didnt resist he pushed me against the wall and we were going it at hard tongues in and out of each others mouths sucking on them as he felt me up. Wayne said u got a johnny I said yea, he put the condom on and turned me around to face the wall and did me hard and fast. wayne then had some weed and the lads said he could come back anytime but his mate was a dick and a pussy as he fucked off.


fetish indianmotherfucker 2018-03-20

"Oh, c'mon now Corri Ann, there's no need to be that way, after all I'm just looking for a light for my cigarette." You're gonna do it my way now, do you understand?" Unable to speak, Corri could only look at the man with wide open terrified eyes. In the living room the man leaned Corri against the wall. The man lowered the knife and quickly severed the rope which held Corrie's legs together. Corri desperately tried to push the man away but this seemed only to increase his wanton desire. Pulling out two pieces of white rope, he again demonstrated his proficiency by quickly tying both of Corri's hands to a heavy chair at the head of the table.


fetish Lily_Wretched 2018-03-20

"Don't fuck with me with little quiet spells, you piece of shit," I hiss, releasing my grip quickly and allowing your face to fall once more, again taking your breath away. I watch you with amused eyes and a crooked smile, cigarette pursed between midnight lips, smoke billowing out of my nostrils systematically. Your lips, too, are pursed shut, and I know that you will keep them as such for as long as you can, purposely depriving yourself of air until the temptation of an open-mouthed gasp will finally be too strong. Balling up the plastic wrap with my free hand; watching and waiting, knowing it will only be a moment more.

Wetting Ch. 05

fetish Rosebramble 2018-03-20

She was dressed in bright green overalls with her mid-length hair bobbing over the straps, loose and shiny golden in the sunlight, darker in the shade which frequently obscured us both but didn't deter me from carefully eying Rosie's green bottom, looking for any darkening there, and down her verdant pantlegs for a change in color bleeding through. I didn't speed up, letting her have her fun, but when I rounded the corner I was still in time to catch her standing stock still, gazing up at the windows of the buildings above her and shamelessly wetting her pants, darkening the green of her overalls and sending it gleaming down both legs of her wide-spread stance.

a listick birthday

fetish darkwinglance 2018-03-20

other then the boxing shorts that were still covering my crotch "With that one of the girls said Now Lance time for the best one." She is whereing this killer little black dress. Reachs between ber brests brings out a lipstick and gloss I still rember there names Adrenaline 210 (its a nice deep red) and L'oreal glam shine 720 Sizzle (a darker red with sparkles) she slowly puts it on and asks "Do you like?" all I can do is node my head she just smiles then pulls down my boxers and kissed then reapplys then kiss then reaply then kiss she did this for 20min or more i think my dick was starting to look that color.

The Fetish Shoe Shop: Nita

fetish fantasyboy 2018-03-20

I replied, 'I'm sure Mrs. Wyles would be happy to join us, she loves sucking toes and pussies, so between us we could both give you what you want.' Nita replied, Yes please, I just need to cum.' Nita and I knelt down in front of Mrs. Wyles and sucked individually on her 8 inch high heels as we watched her abuse her cunt and arse with the shoes she so much adored. Nita was so turned on with watching this that she insisted she was allowed to do the same and as she fucked her own cunt and arse she loved watching Mrs. Wyles and I sucking her heels and licking the soles of her shoes.

with my aunty 1

fetish bangrakee22 2018-03-20

So after my inter I was also helping my father till the college start and then my uncle came to pick me and my father apologized for his miss behavior and on the same day he ask me to come, as soon I reached there I greeted my uncles wife and she looked very upset then the same evening I could hear my uncle and jayanthi aunty were having heated arguments’ about my visit, according to her my father did drama there so that he knew that my uncle would take the responsibilities, by hearing that conversation I was really upset and could not sl**p for very long time, the next morning I got up again I said good morning to my uncle and aunt and she did not respond to my wish very well, my uncle took me to my college and done all the admission process, paid all the fee, and also as he was about to leave he told me that I will not be here for 2 week and please do not get pissed off with your aunty, and he gave me 500 rupee and left,

Sarah's Feet (A Fond Memory)

fetish Cockinerbutt69 2018-03-20

I know this sounds like something an avid foot lover would fabricate, because yeah it's straight out of a scenario from one of the pics on this site, but I k** you not, that smell, vaguely of vinegar and honey and sweat and the rubber soles of her shoes (you know, that perfectly sweet stink that could ONLY come from a teenage girl going barefoot in converse and completing strenuous physical activity in the summer heat). At one point she laughed, shoved her foot right in my face and said "Smell!" Now I knew she was k**ding, or trying to gross me out, so in order to do the same to her (but I think subconsciously to fulfill my own horny teenage desires), I grabbed her foot and did just that, pressing my nose against her toes and taking a nice big sniff.

Housewife Shalini

fetish altaff143 2018-03-20

I didn’t do fingering today and I was excepting to stop rain so as soon as kiran leaves I will close the main door and go to bedroom and start doing it. He put his thumb finger in my pussy and stroking in & out slowly he removed his finger and tasted it and said madam it is yummy do you want to taste it I said no but he brought that finger & f***ed into my mouth it was mix of kiran saliva, cum. Me: I was confused should I say yes or no, because I don’t want to lose his fingers in my pussy and tightly holding my breast with right arm, but I said no.

Secret Creampie

fetish rick_oh 2018-03-20

Was she, a married woman who had come over to my bedroom after intense intercourse with her husband, going to let me lick her pussy full of sperm? "Gmmmph!" I energetically licked her sperm-filled pussy, and after a few moments, kissed and sucked on it. She took me inside her again that morning, and filled the room with her exclamations of orgasm as I kissed and licked all the sperm from her sweet married pussy. She came over about twice a week, her pussy full of her husband's profuse sperm, and after I performed my cleanup task, we had sweet intercourse. Her loud gasps of orgasm always spurred me on to kiss her pussy until she told me to stop.

I love secretaries in high heels

fetish amateur_julie 2018-03-20

I'd press you against the wall, urgently undo your blouse and bury my nose in your cleavage, running a silvery train with my tongue from nipple to erect nipple. Then, without even touching my swollen purple head with my hands,i'd gently ease it between your lips, meeting resistance at first, but once it's oiled with your juice, sliding in gracefully, all the way...up until the base, until you can feel my swollen tip pressing against the furthest wall of your pussy, my thick veins throbbing urgently. You almost faint with the pleasure as finally, you feel my shaft swell to its maximum girth, its veins squeeze against the inside of your pussy which violently contracts with orgasm.

Nasty Emails from EX GF - Eileen

fetish rearwolf 2018-03-20

outdoors is fine, but I prefer that I pee while sucking your cock and then you get to pee that hot golden liquid right on my clit. There's just something about that hard stream and warmth that feels good right on my clit. There is nothing quite like a warm stream of pee directed straight at my clit. I also know the only thing that would have made it better is if it were hairy and my fingers were in it. Yes, I do enjoy seeing panic on their faces during anal sex. I'll let you know if I come to that neck of the woods, maybe we can meet and "relieve" your frustration.

b*****r And s****rs Bond

fetish loki3663 2018-03-20

I didn't know if Chris was out of the shower yet and I couldn't let him hear me. I couldn't help wonder, as my orgasm left my body, if Chris heard me gasping and moaning but I didn't hear anything in the hall as I changed my panties and threw my shorts back on. "So Karey," Chris said as he put the cups back in the cabinet, "does Mom know you lick your fingers after you masturbate." Chris vanished but I couldn't help wondering what he was doing as I cleaned up the broken plate from the sink and washed our dinner dishes. I lowered it all the way into his mouth and let out a low moan as his tongue flicked at my rock hard nipple.

Intersexed Man Fucks Girlfriend Ch. 01

fetish freewritter 2018-03-20

She looked puzzled for a second and I pulled my skin aside, where a woman would have vaginal lips, my testicle sack were in that position hiding my dick. The tube from my nut lead directly to a point on the side of this opening, what appeared like a female opening, and she took her tongue and licked it up, drawing more and more of it to cum out of me, as she began to deep throat my small and firm shaft into her mouth. When she was done fingering around my hole and exploring, my dick was getting hard again, and I mounted her again, taking her pussy with my stabbing prick.