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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

My First Massage

fetish phardy_30 2018-03-20

She has a half sheet folded on the table that she said I should to use to cover myself, but I lie on up of it instead, positioning my cock so that the head is exposed between my ass cheeks. She places a cloth over one leg and my cock and begins massaging my chest. She is still at my head when she again begins to massage my shoulders and arms, pulling them forward so they are hanging over the top edge. Taking my hand from my cock, she begins to rub my penis on her still dripping cunt lips.

A Visit to the Pet Shop

fetish Ponderer 2018-03-20

When he reached the couple, the man asked"Do you have any large dog bowls?" Then added, with an indulgent smile to his blonde companion, "I should think we'd need two, don't you, my dear?" With a glance up at the woman, who was just standing there, her skirt up around her waist, in the middle of a shop, as if it were the most natural think in the world, he slowly slipped the fingers of one hand between the blonde's thighs, about three or four inches blow her crotch. "Yes, Sir," she said, then, turning to face the man, added "Please would you feel my breasts, Sir?"

When Worlds Collide

fetish craigool 2018-03-20

Let him know it is just playtime, and start talking to him whenever his cock is out about how he would feel if his best friend was secretly fucking you, or how attracted you are to a black man at work. Then ask him how he could still love you, knowing that inside, even if you don't act on it, you are just a complete and total slut." I finish Lisa's self indictment, as she get red faced. Remove the coat, remove the bra, stand here, bend over and grab the arm of the couch firmly with both hands." I object harshly, then turn to stern instructions which she instantly obeys.

The Toy and The Actress Ch. 01

fetish ARoissy 2018-03-20

"This isn't good at all", I slap her crotch hard, "Sorry Sir, I don't have any cotton ones and I thought you'd like these, they're my husband's favourite", "You need to fucking learn to do as you are told" I whisper in to her ear as I pull the crotch of her knickers up hard between her lips, so hard she moves on to the balls of her feet to take the strain. I go round to see how toy is dressed and of course she is properly attired, the white cotton only spoiled by the wonderful stain in between her legs, "Good, you may put your hands back by your sides now too', she drops her navy skirt and put her hands down, I know she feels really pleased with herself.

She Pees

fetish SpankerSam 2018-03-20

Shirley took a final sip of her drink then placed the glass very carefully on the bar. I called Fred over and told him that when she came in just tell her that I said, "Yes". When Shirley opened the door, I wasn't sure she was the same woman I had met in the bar. I want to know how it feels." I had slid my hand up her skirt and Shirley opened her legs slightly. Would you love to watch me open my mouth as your stream splashes into it?" Shirley nodded her head as she tilted her head back. Shirley looked at me and I smiled at her as I slipped my wet finger in my mouth.

A New Mexico Sun

fetish DickLover59 2018-03-20

"Stupid, dumb-ass white guys," Jake said out loud again as the sun just peeked over the jagged line of the mountains to the east, and then he smiled again, and added: "But hey! Later in the day, Jake was out behind the old trailer house feeding his few chickens when he heard the sound of a car tires crunching on the gravel in front of the trailer, and as he set the sack of chicken feed down on a rusty barrel, he knew that yet another young-and-dumb-and-full-of-cum white boy had just arrived in order for Jake to give his testicles a damn good draining!

Out and about.

fetish 2018-03-20

I wandered along the lane a little till i could see a coupla fellas stood talkin, so i turned right onto a little pathway along to the picnic area where it`s all grass an table benches, so i headed aling the perimeter an around to the entrance side of the layby, over to the lane itself an onto the roadway ,id stashed, my long coat so i was wearing just my strappless bra dress panties hold ups heels wig makeup jewelery`s nails long blonde hair oooooww my god !!

What dreams are made of

fetish tryguy 2018-03-20

I could sense she was behind me, her breath on my neck as she bit my ear telling me that it'll all be ok. I was on all fours naked as the day I was born, it was then I felt the warmth trickle down my arse the wetness, then a fingers lid in me, I let out a moan as I could feel her breath again and a whisper in my ear saying "You want me to fuck you don't you, you want me to take you from behind" I nodded as at the thought, and another finger entered me streching my ass and making me groan with pleasure.

A New Neighborhood

fetish Kary_M 2018-03-20

Alice's nipples felt like stones dragging across my skin as she slowly moved down towards my chest, sucking and placing tender little bites on her path. My body started to quiver and had it not been for Alice's hold on me I would have fallen as my knees turned to rubber and I came into her hand. Alice started to repeat "oh yeah, suck my clit bitch" over and over getting louder every time until she finally screamed out loud and pushed me away. I opened my mouth and sucked in his tongue leaning into his body while my hand slid along his hairy naked thigh.

Sensitivity Training Can Mean a Lot Ch. 04

fetish JimAner 2018-03-20

We have a swingers group in this week in the lifestyle village that want to show their younger women how to peg their husbands and boy friends, and they have looked over our hoes and decided that they want to use you, Kielbasa, Firebush, and of course Pegboy, along with four of their members to demonstrate how it is done. When one boy walked on almost bowlegged, Ms. Leister leaned over to him and whispered, "He must have an elephant's leg up there." Beercan laughed, "but he seems to be enjoying it," he said.

Further Adventures of School Slut

fetish realbigsid69 2018-03-20

Mrs Dawson made sure a trip to the bathroom took an extra long time (mainly spent riding his tongue) until eventually Ms Chapman's guests left and he was at her mercy for as long as she decided. It seemed so natural to watch her smile as she lay comfortably on the divan while he spent a couple of hours drawing her casually to a couple of long, drawn out orgasms on his tongue, before fucking her for the rest of the afternoon. She stretched out on the divan and he was soon back in between her thighs, her hand descending often to stop his tongue work from bringing her off to prematurely, seemingly content to let him take his time.

Under Her Cuntrol

fetish Ruby4u 2018-03-20

I sort of knew something was going on, then one afternoon I saw her running down the road (yea, really, running) to the front door of a buddy of mine, she'd hardly knocked on the door before he opened it, she went right in and by the time I'd got near to the house I saw her walking past the front bedroom window!!! Over time it became just 2 or 3 visits a month, usually arranged over the phone, oddly enough it didn't seem like a big deal after a while for Maurice to call and tell me, if I'd picked the phone up, that he would be coming around 7 ish, his wife thought we were going out for a drink, never knowing that I was his alibi / cover story, she never knew he was fucking my wife.

Learning about SEX from Mom and Dad

fetish funnsun2 2018-03-20

The first time they let me watch, when dad pulled his cock from mom, I noticed all the cum pouring from her and all over his cock and balls. Daddy then had mama pull her legs back over her haed and had me learn all about licking ass and fingering mom's butt hole! At first, I was a little scared but mama told me to hold it in my hand and to hold his huge balls in the other and to start licking around the head and his pee hole. I licked and sucked till that stuff quit comming out and thats when daddy told me to sit on mama's face while I sucked his cock and licked his balls.

Remembering Brit

fetish ShyShai 2018-03-20

Her fingers still inside her moving in fast circles, her hips having more freedom to move in little on the table, she started to feel her whole body twitch with the excitement. Bent over, she felt her shorts drop to the ground as he slid them off her, his cock up against her bare ass, he reached around the front of her and started playing with her clit bending a little so that she could feel his breathing on her neck next to her ear. Surprise spread across his face as she took his hard wet cock in her hand and placed her mouth over the tip.

Linda's Punishment Day 2

fetish drew1207 2018-03-20

She let her fingers slide under her panties, feeling her smooth shaven lips then looked away embarrassed as she slowly slid her hands up under her skirt and pulled her cotton pink panties down to her knees. “I have to get going or I’ll miss class,” Linda looked up at her mother and slowly reached out for her panties. Linda felt her body tense as her mother slid her finger between her now very moist lips. Linda felt her excitement awaken as her mother slowly pulled her back and looked down into her eyes. Linda slowly let her mother guided her back down into the tub, her hands splashing the warm water against her to rinse the soap away.

The Weekend Ch. 04

fetish jsg1966 2018-03-20

I would kick the safe door shut and then grab a towel from the bathroom to wrap around myself while I put the clothes bag outside the door, just in case the improbable happened and someone emerged from the room across the hall at that exact moment. The door to the room across the hall was open and the maid was standing in the doorway talking on her cel phone. She wasn't facing my direction, but any peripheral motion (like a naked man opening a hotel room door) would attract her attention. I stepped forward to place the bag next to the door just as the maid stood up, having been kneeling behind the cart getting some towels.

the cafeteria

fetish birehborn 2018-03-20

for the longest time ive had a crush on you and as word spread you soon realize the thoughts that went through my head everytime your beauty shined down my way. my face began to turn red with my dick ever so quickly feeling the rush of bl**d pumping through. unaware of what is happening I soon feet a soft warm feeling press up again my thick throbbing dick. I unzipped my pants and I began to caress your leg as your foot rubbed up against my dick. the feeling of your big toe rubbing up against the tip of my dick was sending shocks of pleasure through my body.

Hijab slut Anam

fetish uguff90 2018-03-20

Showing her skimpy green thong under her Asian clothes, telling him how one day he'd see that thong on his bedroom floor, that as she is a 'Paki' in this country and that swallowing white cum, aswell as tasting great, gave her better skin and grew her tits 2 cup sizes in a few months, that it's only fair her round, soft Muslim boobs were preserved for Christian men. Once Keith was fully naked he lay back on the bed and Anam climbed on top of him, first removing her headscarf to release her dark, shiny, silky hair which ran down to her waist.she then took off her top to reveal a delightful pair of 32d breasts, Keith wasted no time in taking a firm grip on them, lightly pinching the nipple before rapping his hands around then as Anam smiled and purred as her Muslim treasure chest fell into infidel hands.

School for Sluts

fetish LovelyLaura 2018-03-20

The Dean slid his hands down from the girl's tits, down her torso, enjoying the feel of her ribs and smooth skin on his palms. The Dean slid another finger inside the girl and was now fingering her with his right hand and pulling her nipples with his left. The Dean pulled his fingers out of Laura's depths and with the same hand he had been fingering her with, abruptly slapped her on her ass, hard. His left hand held Laura's gorgeous hair in a bunch and he slapped her tanned ass again. The Dean began to stroke his cock with his right hand and held the beautiful girl in place by her hair with his left hand.

The After-Party

fetish IrishPapa 2018-03-20

Anna came to stand next to me as Connor, Nick, and Samantha stripped and stepped into the tub. I glanced over; Nick had one of my wife's titties in his mouth while Connor was leaning back, watching Anna while Samantha's hand worked beneath the bubbling water. The four of us - Connor, Nick, Samantha, and myself - sat in the steamy water, sipping our drinks and taking turns stroking my wife's pussy. I dropped to my knees and she stepped forward, putting her cunt right on my mouth I stuck out my tongue and began to lick her pussy, focusing on her clit and slipping my tongue up and down the length of her lips.

My Big Day

fetish shaveverything 2018-03-20

"I like how he's shaved," Carla said to Kim. "Yes," Kim replied, "Always shaved and hairless, like a little boy. While I was going to town on Carla's shaved box, Kim went to work on my ass. "What are we going to do with that thing, it looks like its gonna set off," Kim said. "Here's your big chance to cum," Kim said and I heard her shaking up two dice. "Yes," Kim said, "He can't really get hard, or cum for that matter in his little tube," Kim got two fingers going in and out of my ass. "Yep," said Kim, "He must like his ass getting fingered in front of an audience," There were giggles and snickers from the girls.

Letting an Old man savour my Youth

fetish Fridagirl 2018-03-19

I sat down at the entrance where the door was, he looked at me and smiled, and I could see his eyes traverse the length of my body, especially my legs, suddenly wearing netted stockings with a short mini skirt, made me look hooker like, which must have confused him, my pretty face and flawless skin, haute coiffured hair, which was long and stylish, conflicted with my dress sense, but above that most of all, there was an attractive innocence, that some men detect, something that both tells them and frightens them, here sits a forbidden pleasure that only few men dare sample.

Adult Bookstore Bisexual

fetish bioralpleaser 2018-03-19

He started swatting my ass with his hand and then I pulled off the other guys cock long enough to ask him to please use a condom. I started to turn away but the big guy slapped my ass and I opened my mouth for her as the camera was going off again. She then pulled the dildo out of my ass and they said "Thank you Bitch" as the smaller guy took a couple of more pics of my cum covered face before the left. I know now that I definitely want to be dominated by a group, fucked in the ass by a dominant woman with a strap-on and taste cock in my mouth.



fetish TheBriarRose 2018-03-19

He touched my shoulders lightly, leaning the chair back ever so slightly, all the time stroking my hair, a look of eagerness taking over his handsome features. He pressed it against the base of my skull and pulled it up along my head, a loving look of concentration settled in his eyes as he peered down at the exposed scalp. He brushed his hands over my scalp to clear away the excess hair and began to carefully shave around my ears, gently pressing them out of the way of the razor. He leaned down to press his lips against it, caressing the back of my neck, chasing away stray bits of hair that inched their way down my back.