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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.


fetish kinnetix 2018-03-19

so when he went out of the bathroom and got to his bunk, i already cleared my clothes hanging on the railings so he could see me. Indeed he saw me "hardening my dick" when he went back to his bed after bathing. i went to a free bed opposite side and answered his queries with me jacking off all the time.... then when he got to his bunk, i engaged him in a conversation asking about his trip... (he was opposite another japanese in my other story below/years ago who takes a bath with the curtains open) so while he was cleaning his shoes, there i was in the bath stall (only two and they face each other), NAKED in conversation with him.

Brienne Pt. 01

fetish LetoAtreides 2018-03-19

While we peeled the clothes off each other's bodies, I grabbed her hair, pulled her head back and bit her neck rather hard. I moved up her body to her breasts and started suckling them, biting them, catching her nipples between my teeth and pulling hard. However as I did so, my very hard cock came to rest on her wet warm pussy pressed up against her clit. I started pounding away with thrusts that came slowly almost all the way out, before hammering home. "Do you want me to cum in you?" I punctuated the question with a hard deep thrust. I wasn't sure she was hearing my, until I felt her hand sneak in between our bodies, working her clit.

Chav Humiliation Ch. 01

fetish mrtinymeat 2018-03-19

They started to laugh as I approached, then the ginger one said: "hey, you little mosher freak, me mate will wank you off for a tenner!" My little dick got instantly hard. Get your cock out and lets get this over with." I pulled down my pants and stood before the two chav girls, my dick throbbing and pointing up at 45 degrees, undeniably hard. Chelsea laughed so hard she could hardly breathe, gasping lungfuls of air in between insults like "tiny!", "unbelievably tiny" and "micro cock". Pathetic micro dicks like him never can keep their hands off their creepy little cocks!" She whipped the washcloth off, exposing my hard little nub and burst out laughing at the sight if my exposed bell-end:

Gender bent – The ultimatum

fetish youngprboi 2018-03-19

“Come in come in” He lead me to his living room where we started talking “Ok Nikki, You want the video down right?” he said. “You think you can come in here tell me what to do and just like that you get your way?” He said in a comical tone. After I agreed he then said ok now that that’s settled let’s get you primed and ready for tonight’s party. These are fun parties ok?” Smiling and coming over to me putting his hands on my shoulders “Everything will be fine, Kandi will be there too, now let’s go. I got to make my drink girl look extra pretty.” Moving his hands towards my butt.

Education Reform Pt. 01

fetish princip_one 2018-03-19

Odd because all of the year one girls in line had more than one roommate, I quickly learned that room assignments were based on the beauty score given to us on acceptance to the school. She quickly introduced herself as Charlotte, "I wanted to make sure you were settling in and meet the year one girl who got a suite all to herself!" Charlotte told me " all females need to know their score and number of social media followers at all times, it's all we have as females!" I quickly pulled up my Instagram, 1 million followers. In this new charter school world, all of the "elite" schools have girls that looked like me, but I guess I was the best combination of Kardashian to make it this far.


Blackmailed Into Homo-Humiliation Ch. 02

fetish bi_hengst 2018-03-19

In the month or so since Roger had turned me into the cock sucking wimp I am now proud to be he had stretched my arsehole on a number of occasions with his lengthy prick, but it wasn't as thick as all that, this dildo however, looked, and as I soon discovered, was extremely wide and as Kaye lifted her short skirt and pulled the straps around her legs and waist I gripped the edge of the table trying to prepare myself for her. I didn't have much option other than to take it and I tried to stay loose down there but with it scr****g the side of my hole with every move it felt like I should burst though watering eyes I looked up at the others, my wife had Roger's again excited dick in her mouth while Lynn was naked on the sofa frigging herself off watching Kaye anally dominate me.

Coffee with a Scoop of Embarrassment

fetish Ebolaone 2018-03-19

For her part, Rachel would pull the crotch aside, so I could feel her panties rub my cock as I slid in and out of her waxed pussy. My cock started getting hard as I slid the panties up my legs and over it. I barely got the car stopped and turned of when Rachel bolted out the door and headed for the house. "I want you inside of me," she moaned as my hand rubbed her pussy through her thong. I placed a hand on each hip while she reached back between her legs and guided my cock back inside of her pussy. With one last shove, I drove my cock deep inside her pussy and started cumming.

Punished at St Sade's

fetish Julie20 2018-03-19

All of us girls came from the sort of home where our school hols were spent under the watchful eye of our parents and there was definitely no opportunity to meet boys during term time so I am fairly certain we were all virgins. I stood in front of the ornately carved oak door trying to control my panting and making sure that my hair was not straggling over my face then I knocked and heard her commanding voice bid me enter. I cannot describe how it felt to be sitting there with my naked nipples pointing at Sister Patience at the front of the class but the thought was beginning to fill my mind that the next lesson was Maths with Mr Turner.

Eating At The Park Bench

fetish wellrestedunfullfilled 2018-03-19

but having her touch me was worth it, it is a rarity, and usually not as gentle as this.I think I nearly exploded from her grip and the soft squishy disaster in my shorts..I must have closed my eyes to long enjoying the stimulation because Suddenly her grip grew tight and yanked at me as she withdrew her hand... " I brought something for you" calmly said her husband, like he was talking to an old friend, not someone whose face was fresh from being buried in his wife's ass. Then he pulls a butt plug from a fast food sack sitting on the bench and holds it near my mouth, I suck it in, not knowing where it has been.

The niece part 1

fetish Spip 2018-03-19

You can spend for ever on any possible site trying to find that little slut, or rather that little slut to be, as let's face it a good girl is only a slut in waiting and the interest is in finding that unspoilt little gem and mould it into the slut you want. - … (more silence but this time the porridge has got boring and she is looking at me with an open mouth wondering what I am on about)” The stool being relatively high her legs are still straight while her torso is now flat on my lap, her bum in a perfect position to be spanked with my right hand while my left maintain her in place by still holding her arm.

Drunken Nylon Passion

fetish TightsManUK 2018-03-19

James had a big grin on his face as he confessed that he loved doing that with Sue as well, then he told me that he would love to have her suck him through a pair of tights and suddenly went very quiet and looked very uncomfortable as he realised that he had confessed a little bit more than intended. As my orgasm passed I looked up to see if Sue had enjoyed the show, clearly she had as she had her head back, skirt pulled up over her waist and a hand stuffed into her tights and knickers fingering herself off as James and I watched.

A Lamb in the Lions' Den

fetish silky-bi-girl 2018-03-19

Slipping on a new pair of leather oxford shoes, I hook my left heel on the edge of my bed and kiss my pantihosed knee, running my left hand down my shin to the buckle of my shoe while drawing my other hand up my thigh and under my skirt, cupping my warm mound in my hand. “What can I do for you today?” said Mario, running his fingers through my shoulder-length bob, dragging my silky locks over my face and back again, his hand coming to rest on the nape of my neck. With one hand on my bottom, Mario turned me slightly, pulled the shaft from my pussy and grazed it across my anus, smearing my juices over my ass cheeks and the backs of my thighs.

Revealed in Dance Class Ch. 06

fetish luvsatn 2018-03-19

Then as I placed my nipples on hers and resuming our deep kiss, Eliza reached around to my glutes and ran her hands underneath the panties, grazing the tips of her fingers along my crack. I couldn't believe how good this all felt from head to toe -- riding her tits with my chest, my torso caressed by the teddy, my dick rubbing against her moistened pussy, her hands alternately playing with the waistband and exploring my crack, our legs intertwined. After taking pleasure in feeling total connection from the head of my cock through to my pelvis, I lifted myself from her chest, and once again began teasing her breasts and nipples with my lips.

Crazy Cheating Jennifer Pt. 02

fetish Surprise1997 2018-03-19

After the Hooters parking lot incident, I fell for Jennifer. The next day, at volunteer headquarters, she asked me more questions about my plans to run for office. I told her that it was my 2nd wedding anniversary and that I was taking my wife Katie out for a romantic dinner. As the day wound to a close, she asked me if I could drive her home. Jennifer pulled one hand away and I felt her place what felt like a damp cloth in my right hand. "Feel Ryan's cum on my panties? Why had she wanted me to drive her home on my anniversary of all nights? I roughly rubbed my cock with Jennifer's cum stained panties.

Fusion - Sexual Experience Design

fetish x_rosa_x 2018-03-19

1.) Start by sucking his lips in very random directions preferably outwards ever so swiftly then rubbing his bum in outward directions petter and pattering so fast with your hands every few seconds or less on his left and right bum cheeks and press your boobs against his chest moving them in outward directions all at once. 3.) Within seconds thrust your labia minora and majora over his glans penis and let the glans penetrate the vagina very quickly as the glans penetrates your vagina wall start shaking your hole body and moving your head back and keeping your eyes closed for added effect grasping onto his bum cheeks with tremendous f***e.

Lesley part 33

fetish 2018-03-19

He knew she wasn't working night shift tomorrow night and was meeting some man for sex, but, why wouldn't she tell him. She picked her tray up and entered her bedroom, pleased she had been able to stop dad from finding her sex toys, which were still on the bed after having a session before getting in the bath. You were born and I had know idea she was still playing about" he lied "so....yes, probably Ernie is the person who got her pregnant. He didn't give a fuck that Lesley was his daughter, but if it got out what he'd done, he'd be classed as....well he didn't know what they'd call him, but he knew it wouldn't be good.

Just a Little Pee

fetish XXNoraJeanXX 2018-03-19

Turns out I need not waste my efforts since you take my hand more firmly and begin to lead me off toward the trees. I shoot you a cross look, but comply, actually rather hastily since I am almost certain I am about to pee my pants. Finally, after what feels like forever the pee stops and my bladder contracts several times after being emptied. Sure enough, a hot stream of your pee shoots from your cock and directly between my legs. I feel your hot pee running down over my pussy and down the rock I am sitting on. Then, much to my shock you release just a very little bit of pee into my mouth.

Chastity Resort Pt. 02

fetish handyrandy9 2018-03-19

But my victory was short-lived as Aimee continued, "We always have a lot left in the office, because we don't need to use them very often." My face dropped in defeat and it was Anna's turn to smirk. She wasn't wearing bottoms like Anna, so as she walked away I caught sight of her small, tight athletic ass. "Just us," Lisa said, taking a seat sideways on the chair next to Anna with her legs crossed, facing her. Because of the way he sat on the edge of the chair with his feet spread on the sand, I couldn't help but notice the bright red plastic tube dangling between his legs.

Susan, the Cabin Screw

fetish black saphire 2018-03-19

Captain Seles grinned at her, noticing how her pussy spasmed on his cock when he placed the panties on her face. Susan opened it and Captain Seles stuffed the panties into her mouth, making sure that the soiled gusset fell right on her tongue. Susan sipped her wine as she remembered her first flight and the screwing by Captain Seles. Susan smiled at the Captain who led her forward toward the Flight Deck and then opened the door to the crew bunks just behind the Flight Deck. Captain Seles put his arms around her and kissed Susan, his tongue snaking into her mouth. " I want to taste you first." Captain Seles said as he knelt down and pulled her panties down to her knees.

Trouble Starts Here Pt. 01

fetish untergr8 2018-03-19

I got a gift like that, I hear, a knack for saying what needs to be said at the right time. One Wednesday, I shared my experience at a meeting so crowded that only about half the people there got a chance to talk. I got to talking with a couple old guys I know when I notice a woman standing near, listening to our gab. Her arms felt like a machine, hard as stone as she lifted me clear off the ground, squeezed the air out of me. Her biceps when unflexed looked like flattened footballs with a pencil-thick vein running down the center, but when she bent her arms the muscle bunched and tightened, a web of smaller veins popping out.

Vanessa's Revenge

fetish bentmagpie 2018-03-19

She grabbed the back of the panties and rolled her hips forward and back as she slid the fabric between her wet lips, the friction against her clit causing her to leak even more. The thought of the whore smelling her as she lay down to sleep that night made Vanessa cum in a gushing rush, and she ground her cunt down onto the fabric, creating a large wet smear. Philip had a habit of resting the tv remote against his lips while deciding what to watch, and, if the whore was anything like Vanessa, she'd be only a matter of hours from laying her head on the cum stained sofa arms.

Suprise Visit

fetish lata54us 2018-03-19

As I reach the juncture of your two legs, I quickly pull my hands out from below your skirt, bend you forward hard and focibly. "Lets get something straight here, you will adress me as 'Master' or 'Sir', and when I enter the room you will be expected to be in posithion 1:Legs spread wide, hands behind your head, chest out, eyes down. ř, 6, 7" by now I am beginning not to feel the pain so much which you see and so step it up a little, Ŝ,9, are you ready slut?" U caress my ass and reach your fingers down between my leg and feel my wetness.

My Sarah Ann Ch. 05

fetish Volock 2018-03-19

I start slowly pumping my cock in her dripping box, my breathing quickens and I give small grunts of excitement as I thrust inside her body. I enjoy our mutual climax, pumping hard against her ass while my cocks pulsing subsides inside her pussy. My fingers slide into her cum sopping pussy and massage her clit, my tongue is wiggling against her hole between her cheeks. I move my hand to cover hers, helping her to stimulate her clit, slipping her fingers inside her so she can feel my cock sliding inside of her ass. Her cheeks clench on my shaft and she jerks her hips in quick thrusts, pulling the last few drops of cum out of my cock and into her waiting ass.

Cum dosed Morning instructions

fetish faggitkiki 2018-03-19

Morning Wood Relief & Cum Drinking This assignment is to be done when you wake up in the morning with a hard-on. I am going to allow you the right to jerk off and cum... 1. When you wake up quickly make some coffee, or get a glass of juice, or water, or milk and take it to your bedroom or bathroom or where ever your going to jerk off. (if you tend to lose your morning hard-on quickly, then have your drink sitting next to your bed ready for you when you wake up) 3. When you're ready to cum grab your drink and cum INTO the drink. You do as your told and drink ALL of that drink with your cum in it!