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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Secret of Jeremy and Jill Ch. 02

fetish LuciousBi-Writes4U 2018-03-19

Jill winked at the sexy stranger as if to let him know that it was okay for him to look at them. "I think there was something else you couldn't help but notice about my handsome husband here..." Jill replied. Within the next five minutes Jill was sitting on the toilet seat her skirt up around her waist, her fingers buried in her dripping pussy as she watched her husband be swallowed down over and over again by the handsome stranger. Now as the Latino stranger brought her husband to climax and swallowed down every drop of his salty jizz, Jill came multiple times at the sights and the sounds of the two men in front of her.

Tentacles penetrating yuki

fetish Sinderellla 2018-03-19

The feeling makes it’s way up my legs and in between my thighs. My body freezes as I watch a large purple creature with multiple tentacles slowly reveal itself. I try releasing it’s grip around my wrists but more tentacles shoot towards my ankles holding me back. I begin to feel the tentacle in my mouth expanding and pulsing. My body begins to feel warm. I’m terrified but this pleasurable feeling begins taking over as it continues to fuck me. It’s as if I don’t want this feeling to stop. I see a large cock bulge out of it’s body. I feel so stimulated that my pussy begins to throb with pleasure. It’s tongue shoots inside of my mouth and furiously twirls against my tongue.

Taboo spell

fetish drew1207 2018-03-19

Smiling to herself, she cupped her big breasts and tweaked her puffy nipples for a few seconds as she wondered how Norris would feel when he woke up this morning. "I just wanted to see what I look like," he smiled, reaching down and wrapping his hand around the big cock that dangled down between his, uh, her thighs. She loved the joy welling up from her new cock, but she wondered what it would feel like to be on the receiving end of the fucking she was giving her son. It felt like her whole body was being consumed by the evil fire that rampaged out of control inside her cock.

Home Movie Adventure

fetish bi1inNV 2018-03-19

She contacted me 2 weeks later, and told me she had a fantasy of fucking a guy in the ass with a big, strap-on dildo while the lucky guy sucked a load from her husband's hard cock. She said her name was Dana, and included a pic of a sweet, trim lady with firm little breasts licking a beautiful swollen cock with a huge head. As I licked the realistic cock-head and began to bob up and down at her crotch, I heard Tom groan and the unmistakable sound of his zipper freeing his throbbing penis. She gasped in delight as my tongue probed and penetrated her sweet little butt-hole, sliding in and out of the entrance as she began to whimper uncontrollably.

Kansas City

fetish KingWebster 2018-03-19

The feeling was intense as I looked down on this incredibly sexy woman, on her knees before, with the soft sensation of her warm and silky lips sliding over and around me. I finally pulled away, as she reached out her hands furiously toward my head in an attempt to keep me there, not wanting the pleasure to end even for an instant as our positions changed. To look down and see her, her face buried in the pillow, and her ass straining to meet me, as my cock slid in and out of her was more than I could take.

The Book of Division Ch. 01

fetish cauchemar80 2018-03-19

So as Fran shoved a leather tome in her face, Molly just pushed it away and grabbed the hair dryer. But as Molly looked up, she saw pair of olive skinned hands coming at her face from straight ahead. She still had control over both; she'd now lifted her head out of the sink and had turned it to look at her body. "Yes, I'd say." Molly clumsily turned her head around and pulled her hair out of her eyes. She closed her eyes when she felt her clit on her nose and, overcome, grabbed her head with two eager hands and shoved it between her legs. Fran didn't seem to hear her, she was busy lining up Molly's head while looking at the incantation.

Belinda Ch. 03

fetish Dirtydavedep 2018-03-19

She bent forward slightly pushing the cupped breast towards his face, his eyes almost popped out of his head as her nipple started to show; I took my chance & quickly looped the rope around his chest and the chair, pulling it tight and around him again, trapping his arms and chest . I looked him in the eye, he tried to avoid my gaze but was unable to with my knees either side of his head, slowly he started to work on my cock with his lips and tongue, cleaning her juices and my cum from it, his eyes welling with tears as he did.

Big White Cocks

fetish Tgood10 2018-03-19

Now when she buys DVD’s at the novelty shop they are always about big white cocks fucking hot black women. Instead of going to our black friend’s pool parties, she wants to go where she can catch a glimpse of white cocks in swim trunks. Clubs we attend are only exclusively white, so she can dance, flirt with and grind on white guys she thinks are hot. After a night at a pool party or club, she fucks and sucks me like a slut in heat. I loaded a picture on my page so you can see her fucking herself with her big white dildo cock.

The Belle of All Hallow's Eve

fetish topleather 2018-03-19

I spread my legs and leaned forward as he stroked my ass with one hand and my engorged cock with the other. Karl was muttering in Dutch and she laughed out loud, her velvety gloved hands on my ass as I nuzzled her neck and reached down to stroke her cock It was thicker than mine and about as long. She had a condom rolled on and Karl slid under me and held my ass cheeks apart for her, slipping my cock into his mouth and knocking off that damn yellow hard hat. He said you are the hottest boy at the Web." I sighed and nodded, unable to speak as she stroked my ass with her rod, rubbing my spread cheeks with those soft gloves.

Back to (B)Asics

fetish 77naughtycouple77 2018-03-19

I'm working quickly and wish I had time to savor this experience, but remember I am all about cumming right now and, to that end, I slip my cock into her still-slightly-damp sock and the slight cool dampness causes me to start to throb, and as I imagine a drop of precum wicking into the fabric that was recently jammed around her captive foot, my cock slips into her shoe, my eyes close, and I squeeze the musty fabric of one Asics sneaker around my sock-covered cock as I inhale the sweat from her other shoe. I grabbed a pillow and put it under her foot, slipping the steamy shoe back over her toes to encapsulate my thrusting cock while I went to work on her other foot, this time using my tongue to remove her shoe and sock, slowly, continuing to edge myself to the point where my balls hurt and I had to stop fucking her shoe.

The best part of sharing my wife..

fetish evergreenstatewife 2018-03-19

But I have to say the most sexual and erotic moment of sharing my wife, for me, is when she takes his powerful cock in her hands. I stand watching, rubbing myself some ten feet away as my wife of fifteen years buries her head at the base of his shaft, while holding the tip gently with her hand. The smile she gives him, watching his expression(s) as she licks and worships the cock that satisfies her most. This time in particular, as I stood there rubbing myself like a bookstore troll, she sucked on his cock for ten minutes. His cock – hard, his head red with the pressure she built from her hands and mouth.

The Werewolf

fetish catherine-belmont 2018-03-19

She tried one more time to push him away, but she cried out in shame as she felt a thick, long, wet tongue lap up her pussy lips. It felt so long, sure that it could go a couple of inches before it stopped, but it pushed into her rectum and then began to slither back and forth like a snake and rub against her muscles that tried to f***e it out. She felt her insides pulled out as he withdrew, her pussy opened up and gripped the head tight, but just before it slipped out, his fingernails dug into her skin once again, and the powerful thrust of his hips sent six inches of pounding cock into her pussy, ripping her up until the rock-hard head battered her cervix that shook her body.

Agent Long Captured

fetish barefeet99 2018-03-19

Oh, but if you do not tell me EVERYTHING...this wonderful feeling you are experiencing right now will begin to feel like torture as I keep bringing you to the point of climax again and again, but stop short of allowing you the sensation you so desperately seek. After a couple of hours of this, she let him cool down & said, "I have a surprise for you, Mr. Long." A large drape whooshed open and there stood Agent 96...gagged & stripped down to her panties with her hands tied high over her head. Agent 96 seeing her partner tied completely naked to Wicked Wanda's bed, as she no doubt had been playing with him.

Pantyhose with Pat

fetish tonyhose 2018-03-19

She pulled my cock through the hole in my pantyhose and as I began licking her lovely dark hairy pussy she took my cock deep into her mouth. Pulling my cock out of Pats mouth I got out from under her and as she lay face down on the bed I climbed on top of her and slipping my cock into her wet pussy from behind, I slowly began to fuck her. "Thats it, fuck my hot cunt" she was crying " harder, push your hard cock into my cunt." Felicity hardly ever spoke dirty and hearing Pat talk to me like this was too much and soon my cum was spurting into her pussy, spurt after spurt until my cock was drained.

Make love, not war

fetish dazza127 2018-03-19

She had a pretty big ass well formed as which Josh couldn't help but squeeze as she came into the room. He start thrusting harder and harder and she began to gag a little as his massive cock went down her throught. he soon got it in and started pounding her tight little hairless pussy. he then put her into the doggy position and was now going full tempo, her tits where swaying and she was screaming with pleasure as she orgasamed several times adding even more juices to her already soaked pussy. He could feel himslef about cum so he grab ass and thrust as deep as he could and came his massive load inside of her.

A Surprise

fetish alaskannights 2018-03-19

AS you grind your pussy on my cock, you know I will not last do not want to feel me explode inside know it will be strong and move back and forth slow and easy....grind your clit against my are so hot, you tell me you are close to cumming keep riding my cock, back and you start to feel your orgasm building, you tell me to can feel me tense up....and then my cock can feel each thrust pulse inside enjoy watching my head tip back as I moan in pleasure.....then you reach your climax as my cock finishes its release you continue to ride my cock as you cum moaning while you climax....your look so fucking sexy with your head leaning back and your mouth collapse on my chest burying your head in my arms wrap around you as we hold each other tight...

Bitter Sweet 03

fetish Beatnic_jazzman 2018-03-19

They turned to the cupboard, Angla selecting a whip and flail, while Dafne picked up a coil of rope and a crop and started placing them on the trolley. They left me hanging there while they cleaned and put all the stuff away, then Dafne walked back with the cock cage in her hand as Angla walked out the door. "You'll like her," Angla said, turning in her seat to face Dafne. "Let's make a start then and get it out the way before Diana gets here," Angla said, lifting her feet from me. I came with a groan, and heard Dafne's giggle as my hips jerked four times before the fifth turned to a dribble.

My girlfriend and her other friend wearing the exa

fetish golfinho2 2018-03-19

My girlfriend said 'Do yours slip off when you walk?' 'Oh yeah,' said her friend, 'I buy mine a size large so they aren't tight on my feet'. I normally wear a gel insert to keep them on better but I've worn these out so much it makes no difference so....' I was trying to hide my interest but as she walked away to the bar I snuck a look and saw her heels popping on and off her feet sexily. My girlfriend walked around trying not to stride out too much and have her heels slip off, however her friend just heelpopped along, making a little slapping noise as she walked.

Pissing for Aunty Nikola

fetish geronimo_appleby 2018-03-19

I was a bit put off at first, I mean he wanted me to piss in front of him, I thought it was a disgusting, degrading thing to do, but I fucking love it now." Nikola did her little headshake. Now that was as kinky as fuck, the dirtiest, sexiest thing I'd ever heard, and when those nasty words were delivered in Nikola's husky voice and rounded, plumy vowels I thought I might follow up peeing for Nikola by coming over her hand. I tried to ignore the sensation as I worked my tongue into Nikola's opening, drawing gasps and sighs from the woman's throat as she squirmed her backside around on the bed.


fetish 2018-03-19


Slip Of The Towel

fetish uppishcarrot 2018-03-18

You eventually decide to separate yourself from your colleagues and go in search of a private area where you can relax without being forced to engage in mundane small talk. You look up only to notice three topless girls playing volleyball. Sandy, Chloe and Katrina decide that they have played enough volleyball and decide to take a dip in the water. All this commotion has attracted attention and soon a crowd forms and joins in on the laughter. In shame you run out of there, off the beach back into your hotel room while the crowd continues to laugh at your expense. When you come to, you realize that the sounds of sex have now been replaced by laughter.

Voodoo Pedicure

fetish Geminine 2018-03-18

Bryce turned back to Molly, glanced down at her wedding ring. The water bubbled under Molly's feet, tickling her soles. "I want to loosen you up before adding another coat." Bryce grabbed her right ankle, placed her foot in his lap. Molly felt the back of her one-piece skirt unzip, but her concentration was on her bare feet. Bryce dropped her foot back to his lap, her arch pinned his hard cock to his leg. Molly felt the impression of his cock under her foot. Bryce clamped her feet in place, snug against his cock. She closed her eyes once again, thrust her hips up in hopes of tickling her pussy with his cock.

Pride and Humiliation Pt. 02

fetish NordicNoir 2018-03-18

Lawrence, the man in charge of the preparations for my first visit to the spa, had gone to lengths in explaining to me what the speciality of the extra services at Desert Springs: finding your sexual triggers in receiving or administering pain and humiliation. If my loved Donald was OK with watching me getting a good fuck, and I could feel the fantastic sizzling sensation by the thought of turning into a sex slave for a few hours - who were to tell me this was wrong? One by one the other girls were paraded across the stage, stopping next to Lawrence only to be asked to slowly turn around, bend over and open their ass cheeks to the audible admiration from the audience.

Jane & Peter's Macintosh Delight

fetish fantasyboy 2018-03-18

What Jane didn't know was that at the very moment she was in the supermarket, Peter a 50 year married man with an identical rubber macintosh fetish was just pulling up in his car to do his shopping. The combination of her squeezing and the sucking of her lips soon had her feeling the tell tale twitching of an imminent orgasm and Jane clamped her lips tight around Peters cock as he shot his spunk deep inside her mouth. Peter lay between Janes legs and with his rubber mac untied Jane could feel it rubbing over her exposed body. Peters tongue and lips soon went to work on Jane's cunt and clit and in only a few minutes she was experiencing yet another orgasm.