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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Office Spanking

fetish TheHiddenPen 2018-03-18

Laura didn't have model-like good looks, but she was far from ugly, your average twenty something woman, shoulder length brown hair, discrete make up, smart work dress concealing a nice figure. "Right Laura, I'm going to give you once last chance to get through ten spanks, but this time you're going to be over my knee," I said. "Laura, the spanking won't start until I can see your pussy, and if I stop being able to see them it will start again," I said, trying not to sound too pleased with myself. "OK Laura, ten hard smacks, no complaining, last chance," I said, eyes still focussed between her legs. This time it looked like she was finally going to take a full spanking without complaining.

Pussy-Licker: Domestic Arrangement

fetish tristantrotsky 2018-03-18

And she – Sandie, now runs 'BONA ESCORTS', through which she – not to put too fine a point on it, pimps him – Julian, out to visiting business-women in the South-East area... Memories blur beyond this point, coming at me in a storm of moist tongue-penetrations deep-sliding, her legs coming in around my shoulders, clamping me in there tight, her furred mound rasping like velcro on my chin. Stallions to a man, tall, dark, handsome, athletic, hung like the Gardens of Babylon, and so good in bed that any woman lucky enough to have sex with them would be well-advised to wear a crash-helmet when the time comes to get it on.

The Art of Cuckolding

fetish CuckoldGuy 2018-03-18

After they finished and were about to return to the men, Ava said to Marie, "Listen, Milt wants me to go up to his room for about an hour. Marie took the mint as Ava was saying, "If you're going to be home in the morning, I'll walk over for a cup of coffee? The following morning Ava was at our house and as Marie was getting her a cup of coffee, she said, "Ava, there's something I've got to ask you and I want the truth. Ava stopped talking, thought a moment, then said, "Marie, you're drinking coffee so I don't want to spoil it for you by telling you the disgusting part."


This Pillowcase Smells Like Semen

fetish BoobPunch 2018-03-18

She nodded and carefully wrapped her hand around his penis, the veiny shaft felt warm and different in her palm as she leaned forward, slipping out her tongue, pressing it against the very tip of his cock, her eyes shut tightly. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closely to her body as she slowly began to grind her hips against his body, meeting his thrusts as her pussy suddenly convulsed in its orgasm, her juices spilling out and dripping onto their bodies as she moaned loudly, her body going stiff beneath his.

The Petticoat Bonus Payment

fetish yano 2018-03-18

As I said the identity of the enjoyment members was well guarded and when a former clitlicker was refused as a stud he left the organisation and threatened to expose a sugar daddy he claimed to recognise. We love all of our girls to fill whichever gown they are wearing with masses of petticoats, be it bridal, ballroom dancing, fifties rock n roll dancing, ballet dancing or tiny mini dress. I had found her weakest point and concentrated on it, my cock no longer in her mouth as she gasped for air and then I tasted her hot love juices even more as Madame finally came off loudly and energetically as I managed to maintain my head between her thrashing legs.

Creampie Rewards Program

fetish sharingissogood 2018-03-18

A while ago, I told you all about the night that Chris fucked my wife Rhonda, and how I got to eat her pussy after he was done using it. Here was my wife, holding hands with the man who just fucked her and filled her with cum, and I was eating her pussy to an orgasm right after he used it for his pleasure. I woke up to feel lips on my cock, and when I opened my eyes I saw Chris fucking my wife from behind, with his strong hands moving her waist in and out.


fetish Acal 2018-03-18

"Oh God baby, that's so good," groaned James as Tina stroked her tongue along the thick vein standing out from his throbbing shaft. James growled and quickly tore at her bra and panties, he threw the scraps onto the floor and grabbed the hot bowl of chocolate and dug his fingers into the thickening sauce scooping it out. Tina groaned leaning into the kiss pushing her tongue against his, James moaned against her lips as her hot seeking tongue probed his mouth. They broke their kiss breathless drawing in much needed air before James surprised Tina and pushed her on her back and quickly sliding into her thrusting his throbbing hardness deep into her hot core.

Return Visit to My Favorite Dr.

fetish multiplierx 2018-03-18

He pulls the top of my dress down & I can tell he likes what he sees in regards to the matching bra to my panties before pulling my little nubs free. He makes me lay back putting my legs in the same contraption as last time before walking to the side of the bed freeing his hidden monster aiming for my mouth to which he finds to resistance. I look down to see my belly bigger again but slowly shrinking as I feel his fertile seed flowing into the bottle till it's full. Once we are both ready he leads me to the front desk & sets another return appointment for a month away before promising to begin researching what we spoke of & taking his leave.


fetish satyr_132003 2018-03-18

I was headed out the door to have a few beers with my buddies when I heard my eighteen-year old daughter, Melanie, ask my wife, "Mom can I have a couple friends sleep over tonight?" She was seated at the little table in our dining room clicking away at her laptop with her cell phone pasted to her ear. "Fuck That," Benny Mitchell, my buddy from before elementary school, who is a flaming heterosexual but loves to jokingly talk like a fag for God knows why added, "Cram to the fourth power." Causing us to all laugh a lot harder as we took a look at the dad for the first time.

The Hair Dresser

fetish the_masked_magician 2018-03-18

She then raised her head and looked desperately into my equally desperate eyes and moaned out loud "Oh my God just fuck my hair, I don't care at all" She grabbed my rock hard prick with an extremely hard handful of hair (almost all of it) and began pumping my shaft with it. I looked down upon her body (after what seemed like ages of going through my post orgasmic state) and saw that her hair was beautifully covered in my seed, I could tell that she had cum as well because I could see all of her juices leaking out of her sweet pussy, I could see her juice running down her leg and onto the floor.

Jessica - Black Femdom Ch. 02

fetish Dunn81 2018-03-18

Now turn around, I'm going to fuck that ass and pussy with that big black strap on I have." Said Miss Washington who started putting her strap on into my pussy. She put her thumb in my ass which was a first time for me and I didn't liked it at all I told her to stop trying to not yell cause I didn't want to alert my co-workers. I'm training your ass and pussy to be prepared each week for me cause you don't know how much I love fucking white girl especially cute girl like you." Said Miss Washington slapping my ass at the same time.

Mrs Stone Teases

fetish geronimo_appleby 2018-03-18

The confident attitude of a very self-aware married woman sent a frisson of arousal through David, his cock thickening when an image of Mrs Stone dressed for sex flashed across his mind's eye. David sat in one of the chairs and bought some time by making sure his trousers weren't all creased at the knees before saying, "It's like this, Mrs Stone..." Having said her piece Mrs Stone waved a hand in a "whatever" gesture, eyeing David as though expecting a denial. "I know men look at me," Mrs Stone murmured, her tone narcotic, her cleavage a magnet for David's eyes. "He was big and hard and wanted me down on my knees." Mrs Stone looked into David's eyes.

Kinky Dentist Sian And Sissy Rachel

fetish cocksucker1966 2018-03-18

" Yes of course Auntie Susan, then on to my appointment with my dirty dentist, Mummy Sian Harris, " I replied. " That’s right my kinky cousin, now let me strip you naked, " said Susan as she took her coat off, wearing red panties and bra underneath. " You must be starving sissy maid Rachel, my freckled nose holds plenty of sticky bogies for you to have a snack, my god you look prettier in those panties than my daughter Regan, " said Susan giggling. my quite sissy maid cousin, just like my Regan, loved being breast-fed, " moaned Susan. that’s a fairly dress, look at your fairly panties, my kinky sissy maid, " said Sian in a quiet voice.

Proud Holders Ch. 04

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-03-18

"Good morning Miss Sarah." Your kegel exercises went fairly well last night considering what happened earlier in the day, although I think more work still needs to be done. Matron was, however, disappointed to find both your beds soaking wet this morning. Like her I only wet the bed very occasionally but when it happens I just wake up totally sodden. To put it bluntly I'm inclined to think you woke up and, like Andrew, fancied a sneaky wee between the sheets. I know you weren't wearing panties or a nightie last night and I'm always a little wary of people who sleep in the buff.

A Sticky Bet

fetish tarred 2018-03-18

The glue had set quicker than I had thought it would, I was on the brink of walking away when I found that my feet were trapped, it was too late now to get out I would need to have the key to get my hands free and reach in front of me to the bottle of solvent which would release the glue. "Well, lets mess you up!" It started with the leftover paint from our living room, I had bought the wrong colour so there was a full five litre can which she opened and slowly poured over my head. Tracy pulled open Sue's shorts and tipped in a bottle of runny glue before rubbing it in well through her shorts.

Had To Go

fetish SirHardalot 2018-03-18

I walked to the door and looked in just as Beth was pulling her sweatshirt down over her head, and I could plainly see her breasts spilling out over the top of her fully-loaded bra. At the same time, I wanted to appear to be in control, but all I could say was, "Yeah, I almost peed in my pants." As I spoke, I realized that Beth was moving around to my side, and knew that she could, at the very least, see my torrential stream of pee. "That walk back to the bathrooms is a long way, and this is so convenient." I turned and pulled the door closed, and as it clicked, I realized we were locked in.

Mom Makes Him a New Little Brother

fetish PurpleMonkeyDishwash 2018-03-18

At one school function, Josh had seen the sexy figure of Mike's mom waiting for her son, and had started a discussion with her about a recent art endowment the school had just given. Recognizing a chance at both to mess with his old classmate and enjoy such a sexy mother, Josh gives Mike's mom a cheerful hug and a light pat on her firm behind. He knows that Josh is taking time not just in order to admire the fluffy firmness of his mother's breasts, but also to humiliate Mike by forcing him to realize just how sexy his mom is. "Well," Mike's mom begins, "He was to be well educated." Here, she remembers both Josh's stellar performance at her son's school and his expensive and prestigious foreign medical degree.

Honeymoon visitor

fetish 2018-03-18

Alicea stood behind her husband, hand on his back, as he spoke to Alicea stared into his eyes, and knew she was naked to him. Tom woke up with a start, his naked wife’s cunt rubbing his cock now hard cock, and pulled the chain from her neck as he fucked her. Alicea felt a hot stream of sperm squirt onto her hand. He walked down the length, and Alicea felt his burning eyes lock on the His hands moved up her waist, and pressed her forbidden breasts Alicea noticed the robe was open down to her stomach. The stranger slid his hands up inside her robe. the stranger reach up underneath the robe to Alicea’s bare breasts...

Bukket Ch. 02

fetish PoisonedEve 2018-03-18

Then he took out a piece of paper from a drawer and I saw it was the form I was asked to fill on the first day. He looked back straight at me and asked, "What do you like most in a cumshot, Evelyn?" I sat for a long time and got up only when the first customer arrived. And the person on the other side did not mind replying to a customer's mail at 10 p.m. on a Friday night. And then I was asked to meet the person in his office and he offered me films on bukkake. Also do not try to tell me that you are doing the same to every female customer of my age, because I know that is not true.

Pass-Around Slut

fetish tsundef 2018-03-18

I'm here to clean off your dick after you use the urinal." It was a line Master had ordered me to speak to each new man that entered, designed to get right to business, or so I'm told. "Hey, you know what feels even better than her mouth?" Master said to the guy, who didn't pause facefucking me. "And I bet you don't have any condoms on you, do ya?" It looked like the guy was about to say yes, but Master shook his head at him. The guy didn't waste any time getting between my legs, cock in hand, ready to fuck me. "Hey slut, where do you want him to cum on you?" Master asked.

A Weekend in June

fetish dsoul 2018-03-18

I looked at my wife Juliet and she gave a shrug that said she didn't know either but the glint of a wicked smile of her face alarmed me into thinking she at least had an idea what it was about. At that moment a knock sounded on the door and we all looked in that direction; Charles though didn't appear worried, neither did Juliet, unlike me. "She's on her way," said one of his friends whom I soon got to know his name as Keon; his other buddy with him was Ray. Charles later took over Keon's position who then went behind Juliet and I watched him plug his prick into her pussy and gently thrust into her.

Texas Heat: Brandi Bottoms Up

fetish Sabrina Leigh 2018-03-18

“That’s my good girl,” he said, and landed the final blow, an excruciating wallop that rocked me forward on his lap so that my clit rubbed hard against his thigh, almost making me come right then and there. My juices were dripping freely, my pink wet pussy was exposed to her, spread out and swollen as my husband rammed his skillful fingers into it, and there I lay, my bare, red, glowing bottom in the air, over my husband’s knee, completely vulnerable and exposed and there wasn’t one thing I could do about it. “I think you need to apologize to Miss Conaway,” said Daniel, as he lifted me from his lap and settled me to my knees on the floor beside him.

The Slave Ch. 06

fetish Zoeeee 2018-03-18

The doctor firmly grabbed the shaft of the slave's cock and with her other hand, slammed the open palm into the cock head, literally forcing it hard back into the body. Everyone in the room heard the slave panting around the ball gag as the doctor pushed the last half inch of the sound into his cock shaft. The doctor continued to squeeze the shaft of the slave's cock over and over squeezing fluids up to the tip, still not seeing any blood she looked at the ladies once again and declared that she was going to make absolute certain the blood was not coming from the body cavity.

The First Time Mistress Sent Me to My Room

fetish EZeve 2018-03-18

She said to me "get your sorry worthless sissy faggot ass cum holes in the car. Little sissy faggot has to go to her room for a few day." We then drove to the sleaziest motel in town. And that failure to do as told would make getting "sent to my room" look like a trip to Disneyland. She then quickly reminded me about the fast approaching 5o'clock hour just before faggot and hanging up.In only about five minutes there was a knock at the door. Then one of them holding me said to me "get your faggot mouth down in that sink and get those in your mouth." As I started to bend over one grabbed me by the neck and f***ed my face down into them.