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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Trust Ch. 07

fetish noglory 2018-03-18

Each girl wore a head band, a scrunchy tying her hair in a pony tail, a little tutu skirt in floaty frothy tulle, towelling sweat bands on her wrists, ankle socks, leg warmers bunched around her ankles and brightly coloured laces on her black plimsolls. "Oh, thank you," she beamed and treated me to a lovely little display of feminine grace and beauty as she placed her slender hands on her trim hips, extended a pipe slender leg with her long flowing line beautifully moulded in her leggings and flowing down to her exquisitely pointed foot, which she turned from side to side so I could admire her plimsoll even more. I also bought matching coloured headbands, sweatbands, scrunchies, lovely soft cotton rich ankle socks that would look gorgeous on Emma's feet with her plimsolls and feel gorgeous against my feet inside my plimsolls, leg warmers and even shoe laces.

Chinese Dinner at Bev's...Part 3

fetish Croozer 2018-03-18

She said, "Yes...I think about how it feels and looks, and how much cum it shoots for me, and I get wet thinking about you jacking off with my underwear." She took off her robe and wrapped it around my penis, slowly jerking me. "I think my slip collection will keep you interested for quite some time, but to be honest, I'd love to have you come lingerie shopping with me soon." We began to kiss and caress each other, and soon she whispered, "Let's both look in my drawers for things you want me to wear." I stood up, but she stopped me, saying, "Wait just a bit...I want you to use this on me." She reached under the pillows, and produced a very large and long cucumber.


s****r Sucks Best pt.4: Cum Guzzling

fetish 2018-03-18

suck your cock?" She brought her body close and rubbed his hard Judy twisted her head and sucked his fingers into her mouth. Judy brought her wet, eager mouth to his cock-shaft. Judy brought her mouth back to her father's thick prick. lips and enveloped the fat spongy head of his cock with her mouth. With his cock-head in her mouth, she sucked easily, savoring "Unnnn, baby," Darin groaned, his prick swelling in the Judy swooned, her body spasming as his prick filled her mouth She gnawed on his hard cock-meat, her mouth sucking as he "Baby," Darin gasped as he fucked her face with hard punching Judy worked like a wildcat on her father's cock. Judy felt his cock begin to shrink in her mouth.

Regretful Cuckhold

fetish stinkypig 2018-03-18

About 2 weeks later she told me she wanted to look into that idea so we got online and she signed up for a dating site. She told him that she wanted to meet him in a local hotel on a friday night for some discrete sex. I walked downstairs and told the lady at the front desk that I wanted to check out of our rooms. On top of that, she has never wanted to order room service when we've stayed in a hotel together. She also rationalized that Craig was under the impression that she was staying in the hotel all night so she didn't want to just walk out after 15 minutes.

Used By My Boss

fetish fetishstories07 2018-03-18

It was a quiet evening and I had started closing up gradually, before time, it had been a long hard week and I wanted to get away early. After an hour or so, closing time arrived and Stacy came back upstairs, opening the door and getting her belongings together. She pressed hard on my balls, the heel probing right into them, her smile widened as my pain grew, I groaned and begged her to stop but that only spurred her on, digging the lethal yet sexy shoe into my nuts. I felt her spasm and then reach a raucous climax, moaning and grinding her crotch on me, making her juices run all over my face.

Auditor Tales Ch. 07

fetish peelover 2018-03-18

I sat back in the chair, but Francis continued to caress her tits. Come and spray your piss over my tits." Again I pointed my penis at her body. A spurt of piss came from my penis to wet those fat tits. Her hands were rubbing every inch of her body as if she wanted to be covered with piss. A nice drink, a wet cunt, piss wetted tits and a handsome young man with a dick to die for just in front of me. I want your fucking warm piss in my cunt. Francis moved down while licking my breast, belly and at last she took my dick in her mouth. Francis shivered and a jet of piss left her pussy wetting me even more.

The Receptionist's Panties

fetish Upskirt_fan 2018-03-18

I'd hold them out and admire these tiny little panties -- size small -- and imagine how they looked on Chelsea's slender body. Chelsea slid her little yellow panties down to mid-thigh and now I could see her bare ass and pussy lips, clean and smooth. Chelsea then began to jerk me off while I stood there, staring at her awesomely tight little ass and her beautiful pussy lips. Chelsea wiped the excess cum, oozing from the tip of my penis, on her little yellow cotton panties. Still holding up her dress with my left hand, I backed away and saw the huge load of thick, pearl-colored cum she had milked from me into the crotch of her sexy little panties.

One Hundred & Three Steps

fetish superonefifty 2018-03-18

"I think that ass should be good an wet by now" said the man and pushed Suzanne to the floor as he turned and bent the woman over who grunted as he forced his cock into her anus. She had eaten her masters ass enough times to know when the mans orgasm was approach and as he jammed his cock deep into his own slaves rear end Suzanne forced her tongue into him and felt the muscles twitch and squeeze around it. Ray left and came back a few minutes later with a warm washcloth and she felt like a princess as his big hands wiped her down, head to toe, removing the nights filth although only a vigorous washing would remove the stink of semen and piss and pussy from her hair.

Cram School Japan

fetish Sanichi 2018-03-18

In front of him, a dozen eighteen-year-old Japanese girls sat behind their desks, each looking directly at their teacher. It was considered an easy route to a good grade, and he was shocked at the variable standard of achievement; many of these girls had been studying for years yet could not hold a simple conversation. He saw gaggles of these girls everywhere about the streets of Tokyo, and with their ever decreasing length of skirt caught flashes of white panty on the streets and in shops, on escalators and on the underground, in parks and cafes, and not infrequently right here in his own classroom, where he fought to turn a blind eye.

The Road Trip

fetish MrNiceguy777 2018-03-18

Things eventually came to an end with Casey, but having her drink my piss also left a taste in my mouth and I wanted more. I've had few girls my drink piss under different circumstance and looking down and seeing either my stream of piss going into a girl's open mouth or seeing my pissing cock in a girl's mouth turns me on like not much else. I slid my cock out and told Rena to just wait and so I could piss in her open mouth. Not surprisingly I have a real thing for Japanese porn, just because I love to see cute girl's mouths filled with piss and cum. As much as I was enjoying looking down at Rena on her knees in a little piss puddle, I wanted more of her and her hot young body.

Weekend Away

fetish uppishcarrot 2018-03-18

In the group were Paula; a young law student, Katelyn, a waitress, Linda, Marks soon to be ex and Gloria, the blabber-mouth. Linda thought for a minute, she didn't want to hurt Mark, but at the same time she felt incredibly frustrated that she wouldn't be getting fucked tonight. "you better believe it honey" Mark said as Gloria let out a little giggle. She began to finger her pussy, "Gloria," gasped Linda, "you know how much I love your finger action, but I think we both need some of Mark's cock first." No girl wants a tiny dick-ed midget who cums at the very thought of pussy!" Gloria said.

Little Jimmy

fetish Cuck_Maker 2018-03-18

"Hi, I'm Jim, Diana's husband," I said, approaching them with an extended hand. "Sure," I said, and as they stood up to excuse themselves I stole a glance at Pierce's package--he was probably soft, buy my goodness it looked like he had stuffed a small baseball glove in there. Perhaps there were other holidays parties happening down the conference halls, so I headed in the direction of the lounges, passing slowly by the one occupied by my wife and the doctor, no doubt. "Diana, let's see if you're feeling alright." He took the stethoscope pressed it between her breasts, pulling her dress down a little. Diana--blushing like I'd ever seen before--was playfully waving her hands to ward off the doctor's hands; one was sliding up her dress; the other massaged the back of her neck.

Exposing Amy

fetish binympho 2018-03-18

He palpated my outer labia searching for any lumps and took each of my pink inner lips in turn between his fingers and felt them also, looking intently at them for any sign of abnormality. As before I don't want to describe a full gyno exam to you, but the dreadful low points I had to endure included Doctor Clark inserting two fingers into my vagina, explaining what he was doing. In looking to enhance the experience in any way we could, we decided that an element of danger would make things worse for Amy (and therefore better for us.) We thought that the presence of staff in clinics and hospitals gave proceedings a safe feel.

A Flying Leap

fetish Chicklet 2018-03-18

I struggled to push myself onto my arms to watch the thrusts, looking on in fascination as his swollen cock spread my pussy wide open and disappeared into the warm flesh. The soft pad of my middle finger moved rapidly over the engorged clitoris, causing me to tighten my pussy around James' cock. His hands moved to make way for the tongue, parting the lips slightly so that his mouth could more effectively tease me. James smiled at me and lowered his face again, his eyes breaking contact with mine to concentrate on my body while his tongue began to flick at the skin around me.

likes and dislikes

fetish 2018-03-17

Anal Sex (get): + 5 Masks (wear): + 5 Restraint in public – under clothes (get): - 5 Restraints – Hand Cuffs (get): + 5 Whipping – genitals (get): + 1 Erotic Dancing (sub): + 1 Bathroom use control (sub): + 5 Butt Plugs – public (sub): + 5 Clothing choice (sub): + 5 Cock Worship (sub): + 5 Humiliation – Private (sub): + 5 Humiliation – Public (sub):+ 5 Pussy Worship (sub): + 1 Serving Orally (sub): + 5 Medical Scenes (sub): - 1 Other a****l Play (sub): + 5 Pony Play (sub): - 5 Punishment Scene (sub): + 5 Puppy Play (sub): - 5 Religious Scenes (sub): - 1 Schoolroom Scenes (sub): - 3 Strap on Dildos (sub): + 5

Create Your Fantasy

fetish Smother 2018-03-17

The two of them had moved to the back of the car when they got in but the woman with the lovely fur coat has stepped in front of me to push the button for the ground floor. Without changing her expression the woman in the silver fox looks right at me, her fur collar frames her face and seems to spill down the back of her coat. With my cheek pressed against the back of her fox coat I peer into the mirror and watch the pink fur puff around my torso like a huge wooly jellyfish. I can feel the fur sheets puffing around my balls as the woman in the plush fox coat humps me harder, her slow, deep thrusts consuming my cock.

Caught in the Act....

fetish caroletv31 2018-03-17

Rubbing my legs together as I crossed and uncrossed them – throwing myself into an armchair so as to raise my nyloned legs in the air and get a full view of the sexy stilettos – what a horny whore I’d beCUM and my she-cock was raging on the verge of explosion as I slid my fingers under my panties to finger fuck my ass-pussy which was just begging for that… But I didn’t want him to CUM just yet, as by now my ass-cunt was on fire and needed to be fucked good ‘n hard desperately.

Love at First Piss Ch. 02

fetish naughtybessparker 2018-03-17

There were other secrets I chose not to share; like how I'd asked Gary to hold me after sex and how good it had felt to be wrapped up tightly in his arms as we'd drifted off to sleep. "Ok, if you must know," I said addressing my tittering co-worker, "Gary was a fucking good shag and I wouldn't mind a bit more of the same, ok?" I liked working with Gary, we made a good team and working with him had its perks; he flirted with me at every opportunity and threw me looks of longing which made me feel deliciously desirable.

Working with Trista Ch. 04

fetish ChastityLatexSlave 2018-03-17

Shortly after, Trista said to Alana, "be sure to give him the full treatment, just like we talked about." With a couple of minutes, Alana's hands were very high on my thighs and my cock was straining to get hard once again as I felt her hands go up my thigh. She giggled and said, "Well you have tonight and tomorrow yet, and trust me, you're going to be feeling a lot of submission." For some reason, I felt nervous, fearful and worried from that statement, all the while my cock was once again straining hard against the cage as I thought about the possibilities.

Alice: A Fantasy

fetish Meredith Ohney 2018-03-17

Then he kissed her lightly on the mouth, gently pinching each of her lips between his own and running his tongue delicately over her smooth teeth. Gently he kissed and licked the small of her back, then took her panties directly amidships between his teeth and slowly pulled them down over her alabaster buttocks. He adoringly caressed the entire length of the deep crease between her buttocks and the inner walls of her lovely globes with his mouth and tongue. Running his tongue in small, delicate circles, he licked his mistress s clit and the soft tissue enfolding it and soon felt it gradually become erect under his loving ministrations.

Flight SH 123 to Corfu Ch. 03 of 07

fetish davidmuleguy 2018-03-17

But, before Danny could muse further, about the hypothetical tragedy that might or might not have been visited upon the ravishing Marie -- and, a painful lump suddenly lodged in Danny's throat, just at the very thought of Marie sobbing her eyes out at Passport Control, while her family flew off on holiday to Corfu without her, and her dad sending her home in a taxi to clean the house from top to bottom, to do something to earn the vast amounts of pocket-money he gave her -- the airport bus pulled up at the bus stop. And Danny's already racing pulse accelerated madly, wildly, as he watched Marie slowly -- oh, so slowly, so teasingly -- let her bright-yellow, thin rubber-soled flip flops gradually slip from her shapely, suntanned feet; let them fall to the floor of the airport bus, under her seat.

Annette and the Professor Ch. 02

fetish Dexicreon 2018-03-17

"Tell you what," she said, "let's arrange these plastic cushions out so that we can stretch out on them in a comfortable sixty-nine. I want to suck your cock, and I want you to ravish my pussy and asshole with your tongue. She took my cock in her mouth and almost began sucking on it while I was parting her pussy hair for better access. We both up sat on the pee-soaked cushions and laughed and hugged each other's wet bodies. I was so hard and horny that I wanted to stand up and ram my cock deep into her cunt and cum hard. Annette looked up at me and said, "You know, you're right."

We love Extreme Fisting...

fetish hairyladieslover 2018-03-17

On days where I feel like being extra aggressive, I'll actually fist her pussy and then pull my hand half way out and open it up, from there I'd proceed to shove my cock in my hand in her pussy and then try to fit my hand as deep into her pussy as I can, from there I'll start jacking off while my hand and my dick are in her pussy, it can get rough and it's even tighter than her ass this way, then I'll keep jacking off until I finally cum all over her cervix she loves this and can't believe she can fit so much up her pussy.

Heavy Air Ch. 02

fetish Haxcall 2018-03-17

They got jeans and shorts that put plenty of emphasis on extra large backside, gym clothes designed to allow her to work out in comfort, bras and panties that could hold all her excess womanhood and shoes that were padded so that her feet were cushioned and comforted under her increased weight. She knew John wasn't shallow enough to leave her because of her body and he'd been giving her more and more attention as her size grew, but did he really still love her or was he just trying to make the relationship work to spare her feelings. Christi was tuckered out after her romp with John, but she felt this night needed to be memorable and she wanted to try and some of the moves she had read in her new book.