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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Jessi's Big Night

fetish jessijessi34 2018-03-17

Jessi could feel Michelle getting even bigger and harder as she sucked, and she loved the feeling of having a big cock in her hand and mouth. Jessi moaned, "Oh god, yes, baby, give me that big cock, fuck me like the slut I am!" With that, Michelle started thrusting forward gently, a little at a time, until her cock was buried in Jessi's tight pussy. Her pussy started spasming around Michelle's cock, and Jessi was moaning and her hips were moving all round the bed. Jessi wrapped her legs tighter around Michelle's waist, and her arms around her shoulders, loving how it felt to have a soft body next to her with a hard cock inside her.

Punishing Nina

fetish goofiegumdrops 2018-03-17

The cunt laid on the bench whilst I tied her wrists to the table and the five of us stood there looking at this fat nasty hooker whimpering and waiting to get used in public like the blubbery fuck-pig she was, I asked her "what do you craved from us you dirty fucked out whore bag?" She replied "to be arse-****, fisted hard and used as a cum and piss dump". As I untied Nina's wrists the guy from the car eagerly got behind the giantess and began to push his hard dick into the battered nasty anus and started to shaft it with deep long strokes making the fat lady moan, whilst fat fuck-whore Nina coated two fingers with saliva and reach up underneath his arse and began to finger his arsehole deep before pulling them out and sucking on them.

Depraved Secret

fetish llieno 2018-03-17

Chas then pulled down his pants, bent slightly and then pushed his flabby ass into my wife's face.' Lick every fuckin' bit of it and get your tongue inside!' She plunged her tongue straight into his hole and to help her, he opened his cheeks wide. Positions were changed and as Chas sat and pulled back his legs, the camera zoomed in close to reveal fully his filthy looking distended asshole, dripping with Ellen's saliva. 'Right, Slut – get your fuckin' tongue in there and keep playing with your own cunt!' ordered Alex, and to help, he pushed her head into Chas' ass. Chas then, cock semi-erect stood over Ellen and began, like Alex earlier, to spray, in short powerful bursts, strong yellow piss over her tits.

Male Order Ch. 02

fetish stac2918 2018-03-17

I sat nervously at my desk waiting for 10 0'clock know that I would have to sneak off to the toilets for an extended length of time, with three minutes to go my car was hard and the thought of crossing the office with a tent in my trousers was a worry but I had no choice. Seconds after sitting came Kate's reaction, "good little sissy panty, only 57 minutes to go until the next one..." I wasn't sure if I could keep this up all day, I have a huge sex drive but this was asking a lot, especially in work time. By 2 o'clock, the fifth wank of the day, I was still getting hard without a problem knowing that Kate was waiting to see my panty covered cock but I was finding it harder to cum.

Frustrated Stephanie Ch. 04

fetish black saphire 2018-03-17

Dave walked into room 1615 and placed Steph's bag on the counter. "Gruugh," and odd guttural groan escaped from Dave's throat as he listened to Steph describing her filthy panties. Dave advanced toward Steph, inhaling on her panties and getting harder and hornier by the minute. Dave could smell and taste her filthy pussy on the panties. He felt so kinky with her panties on his face and her wet pussy on his cock. Her thighs quivered and she felt Dave's cock even harder in her as her pussy clasped and spasmed on his turgid flesh. Steph felt another great orgasm approaching and she fucked him back hard with each pull of the bra.

First 'lesbian' Experience

fetish 2018-03-17

Anyway, at one of these Saturday house parties, I'd d***kenly stumbled into a bedroom to see one of the girls in my year taking part in the act of willy sucking. This wasn't good news, she was one of the rough girls, not ugly, but not drop dead and big, but not obese, constantly wearing her own coat, well known for scrapping and even some of the teachers were wary of her, so naturally I was trying to keep my head down for the day/week/year. Dinnertime rolls round and I'd done a pretty good job of avoiding her so far. I got home to an empty house, stripped off, threw my shredded tights away and ran a shower.

Dressing My Husband Up in Panties

fetish jennycnnn 2018-03-17

I then loved to guide his head down between my legs and let him lick me through the already wet crotch until I needed his tongue inside of me and I would pull my panties to the side and let his tongue enter my waiting pussy. For the first time ever, I had a LONG and wonderful orgasm as he licked the outside of my panties and I really didn't want to ruin the feeling with Steve crawling on top of me so I pulled him on the bed and turned him on his back. I pulled my panties to the side and simply said, "My turn." I thrust my hips forward smothering his face with my wet pussy.

Lucy a story of Submission

fetish Jacktarr 2018-03-17

Jack took Lucy's head in his hand and bringing his lips to hers he kissed her tenderly, "that was fabulous baby, I loved it" he told her. Lucy jumped a little when she felt his tongue enter her love hole, probing deep inside then rasping it's way up her slit onto her sensitive clitty bud. Lucy's eyes opened and darted fro side to side as she pictured in her mind Jack's tongue trying to squeeze it's way past her tightly puckered anal ring into her bum hole. He lay there for a while savouring the feeling of Lucy's hot, wet, tight pussy squeezing his shaft, milking him, urging him to release his baby making seed deep inside her.

Belonging To Ms. Tery Ch. 02

fetish CamScorp 2018-03-17

I usually called her Ms. Tery, but sometimes felt the need to sound even more submissive, and called her Mistress. Ms. Tery let the whip fall to the ground and lifted her right leg behind her back and grabbed it with her left hand as the other hand pointed at me. He slowly got closer to the edge of the opening to the main room off to the right of the entrance way. Once in the hotel room, she kicked the door shut and told me to go into a corner and sit on the floor. I stayed in my spot the whole time, except to answer the door for room service and to go to the bathroom.

The Lindy Series Ep. 03: Lindy's Secrets

fetish PTWaters1 2018-03-17

Lindy's voice trailed off and she lowered her head as she realized she'd just opened the door for Helen to know everything about her 'rear window' voyeurism of Clara. Lindy got up and paced near the table for a minute, trying to decide how to tell Helen about the last three months of erotic voyeurism, last weekend's orgasmic exploits, and most importantly, Clara's unique physiology. Lindy squared her shoulders, clasped her hands behind her back, looked Helen directly in the eye, and announced matter-of-factly that Clara had a penis. "So you saw Clara ejaculate, you got horny, and came on the window?" Helen said, stifling a grin.

From Gloryhole Peegasm to Shemale

fetish billyrobey 2018-03-17

Actually I think he said something like, "hey, let me suck your dick." Recently I had let some weird, slightly older guy watch me jerk off. Eventually I shot tons of cum all over the video monitor which was an inch or 2 higher then my cock level. The way his mouth was stimulating my cock head gave me a weird feeling. This poor guy probably also got a squirt of just plain pee in his mouth. I got hard again which was more embarrassing than shrinking down and retracting into a mangina (vagina) - which is what happens when it's cold and I sit down and lean forward (like when I pee).

new girlfriend part 1

fetish 2018-03-17

I was so turned on, I imagined her going to college or shopping with the pink vibrating butt plug that lay right infront of me. I was just curious"...the next few hours were going to be a complete shock to me..."curious she said, about what?" the girl asked as she walked in the room with her long brown her against her shoulders and a pink towel wrapped tightly around her body. but I knew I was going to do it...i lay further back looking down at my body, staring at the little pink thong strings raised above my hips. I held the lube in my left hand, placed the vibrator on the bed and squirted a little on my index finger, it was clear and smelt of strawberries.

cuckold medical

fetish 2018-03-17

essentially, the doctor led her into an examination room, asked her a bunch of judgmental questions about why she needed birth control while on vacation. We posted an ad online explaining the story and Lauren's fantasy and asking if there were any doctors or nurses in private medical practices who could help make it happen. We got lots of replies but eventually settled on a doctor who lived a couple hours away from us with his own medical office. He gave her two cups and said the first was for any cum still in her vagina and the second was for pee. Once back in the exam room, the doctor took the pee cup and threw it in the trash.

Rescuing a Stranded Motorist

fetish lorad2000 2018-03-17

I fight the steering wheel, unaware of the cigarette still gripped between my red lips, and the car stops before the tree.........but with two wheels in the soft earth at the side of the road. Then I start to laugh; at least something's going my way tonight, it's the passenger side in the earth so I won't ruin my high heels getting out of the car! Barely two inhales from my cigarette and I hear another car; must be taking this gorgeous back road to town but will it stop? I pull you closer to me in a tight embrace and work my way from your lips to your earlobes tasting and exploring the nape of your neck with my tongue.

Pussy eating extravaganza

fetish slapnuts69 2018-03-17

I asked if I could touch there tits as well, and Sally went back inside, she came out in a minute or two and said if the girl has no shirt on, you can. There was an intake of breathe as I let my hand go up her leg to her pussy. I spread her legs a little farther and with my left hand I opened her pussy lips. As I worked her clit with my tongue and lips I inserted a finger into her pussy. She placed one of my hands on her breast and said "My nipples are really sensitive." I started sucking her nipples while I fingered her pussy. The next girl was shaved and came really quickly.

David's Tall Girls' School Ch. 13

fetish Thorilla 2018-03-17

I sat next to Celia, the school secretary, at the very end of the high-table facing the girls, but noticed that Miss Wiff-Naseford was nowhere to be seen. I looked at the waitress as she walked away, her hips moving seductively beneath her tight skirt, and it occurred to me that Miss Wiff-Naseford had told me that I had to orally satisfy the ' entire school staff' which, if I recalled correctly, included catering staff as well. She squeezed my penis a final time, spat in my face, turned, and then clattered up the creaking old wooden staircase to the third floor attic dormitory I followed her staring wildly at her buttocks and swaying skirt and wondering what I might find at the top of the stairs.

Look At My Tits Ch. 06

fetish yankeedog 2018-03-17

not really knowing John, all I could muster was the normal small talk and the usual business trip talk that any husband and wife might say...but then John began to get a little weird on the phone..."hey I was just thinking Laura... "yes sure this is a nice house and John's job I guess pays well, and I love having a gym... Pulling my hair back out of my eyes I pushed my chest forward to make sure he had a good view I peaked out from my water filled eyes to see Pete looking at my exposed chest. I raised my head in a way so that to not let Pete know I was looking and noticed his stare.

Aria Makes Morocco Sing

fetish gomez8 2018-03-17

Despite Morocco's scissor hold Aria was able to slide her right hand out and up, and began using her fingers to rub and pinch Morocco's clit. Morocco shifted just slightly and slid her hand under Aria's snug, pink, satin bikini to administer the coup de grace. Rather than play Morocco's game Aria put her hand inside Morocco's liquid metal, turquoise bikini, but instead of driving the brunette to orgasm she pinched, pulled, and twisted Morocco's clit with her fingernails as hard as she could. She twisted around, slapped Morocco's shapely ass, and pulled the brunette's bikini into a thong, splitting the tormented woman's thighs. Aria began riding rhythmically the brunette's tit, feeling her breasts with one hand and fingering Morocco with the other.

Hair Bands For Christmas

fetish oggbashan 2018-03-17

As soon as my hands were free Michelle put the hair band back on, forcing it further up, beyond my wrists. A couple of weeks later I had found some hair bands for Michelle's Christmas present. They had two opened packs of three hair bands just like those Michelle normally wore. From time to time I had sat on that kitchen stool, arms tied behind me with a hair band, while Michelle kissed me. Michelle was kissing me too effectively for me to count mistletoe berries on her hair band. I was startled when Michelle picked up all the packs of hair bands and grabbed my hand. Michelle removed the hair band over my mouth and eased the panties out.

Thai Take-Away No. 4

fetish davidmuleguy 2018-03-17

As Offender Number 3 confessed his sins against society to the by now baying Thai girls and women, under the cover of the ensuing uproar Brendan sneaked behind the cane-wielding female overseers and, stealthily, he made his way to the cardboard box where the offenders' numbered identification tags were kept. Now, just as Brendan had seen happen last Friday, on the ground in front of each offender, the cane-wielding female overseers placed a square shaped, two-foot by two-foot, white plastic mat. And, when they saw the two white-apron wearing female chefs approaching from the Phut Suk Nou Pagoda restaurant, and carrying between them a large, two-handled cooking pot, wisps of steam escaping from tiny holes in the lid, the Thai girls' and women's expectant excitement grew louder.

Suzy Matron Ch. 01

fetish robin35 2018-03-17

When I had finished I went to get my trousers and underpants and put them back on but Matron thought that she preferred the look that I gave without them on and seen as they would not be disturbed tonight I might as well keep them off. I did not really need to study because I felt I was as prepared as I could be for the exams over the next couple of days and also I had a stonking erection thinking about the spanking that I had received and also that arse of Matron. Then kiss the nipples and bite them as hard as you like I love a little pain." Matron said.

Supervised Masturbation Therapy

fetish LONELYINSGV 2018-03-17

Giving her total control over every aspect of how you will masturbate and when (IF) you are allowed to ejaculate can be a very exciting and erotic experience. A Masturbatrix my use supervised masturbation to teach a variety of things: Tell you how to hold your penis including your grip and how to pump or stroke. Encourage you to hold back your ejaculation and continue to masturbate... Knowing that my Masturbatrix is closely watching as I masturbate for her. Following the masturbation instructions and commands given by my Masturbatrix. Being encouraged to continue masturbating and NOT to ejaculate when she see's that I am right on the edge and trying hard to hold it back for her.

A Slave to Socks Ch. 08

fetish AnimatedSocks 2018-03-17

"What if we want it now, Lexi?" Tasha interrupted again, the firm press of the right sock against her covered pussy would have offered a soft purr of want if it wasn't for those ankle socks continuing to brush against her feet, causing her to giggle once again. To see our little pet asked for the girl's socks in front of the entire classroom." A giggle was heard from those anklets still upon her feet, giving up on tickling the sensitive soles of those feet, and taking to massaging them instead, as if trying to help Tasha ease Lexi in to a mood she was already finding herself fall in to.

ken and christine

fetish sexmachine89 2018-03-17

I moved my hands back to her ass to get a better grip as we started fucking furiously. As we were just at the point of no return, Chris moved just a bit to the side which caused my hand to slip and the tip of my left middle finger pressed against her asshole, and slid in. Chris gripped my chest with her hands, dug her nails into it and groaned out, “Yeahhhhhh.” As I thrust into her. Chris said, “Oh, I new we wouldn’t be eating a meal, so I just packed something to drink.” She opened the cooler and handed me a soda. Mike came around the corner, looked at the two backpacks, rolled his eyes and went back to his room.