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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

A Night In London

fetish bonzai900 2018-03-17

I was unable to say anything intelligent, so I sat on the bed and waited, pretending to stare at the floor but concentrating intently on storing the intricate curves and polished details of her toes and soft skin. I brought the foot to my face and let the soft skin brush against my cheek and then my lips. Although I would have gladly shown the initiative, Susan reached forward and placed her hands on both sides of my head. Susan wrapped her legs around me and I could feel and visualize those soft feet rubbing against my sides as I proceeded to guide her through another wave of orgasm. Susan reached over and placed her hand on my cock and her cheek on my shoulder.

Deidre in the Islands Ch. 13

fetish eatoure 2018-03-17

"My aunt had me strip naked and looked and felt me all over and told me that if I wanted to do corset training, now was the time -- it was perfect because I was only just beginning to fill out and my body was very flexible could be shaped more easily. "So anyway, in my last year at school I was filling out really well, had my body shaped to kill, I was horny as hell, and just about to turn 25 and get control of my trust fund when I got word that my uncle had killed himself." Janine gasped.

My Father encouraged my b*****rs Love to me

fetish 2018-03-17

This was a new sensation for her, the realization her body had on the opposite sex, ok it was her younger b*****r, but it felt both strange and nice to show, so as they were alone, she made no effort to cover-up, instead she opened her legs as she swung one out of her bed, putting her foot quietly onto the floor, then lay there, spread-eagled, 'Want to touch it?' Pushing hard on his hips she disengaged his cock from her pussy, instead turning face down and asking him to finish on her bum, and reaching back she pulled her cheeks apart so his cock lay across the open length, and it was enclosed between the soft folds as she released them and they swallowed his penis as he humped.

Soak me

fetish malesub01 2018-03-17

And then when you feel my balls dragging across your forehead and nose as I fuck his mouth, your cunt soaks the sheets. And when you hear me tell him I want him to cum with my big cock in his mouth, your cunt soaks the sheets. I pull my cock from your husband’s mouth, slide my cock wet with your husband’s saliva around your pretty face, and you hear me say “Your husband is a fantastic cocksucker. And his mouth feels *so* fucking good.” Then I whisper into your other ear, “If want your husband to taste your cunt on my cock roll over — and rub your pretty face in the sheets where he came.”

Madison Turns a New Leaf Ch. 03

fetish GusBus77 2018-03-16

I looked down at my phone as we were exiting the building to read a text that said "Are y'all coming home soon?" It was my wife Madison, Megan's sister. Madison still nurses us whenever the baby falls asleep or isn't hungry but now that Megan's milk supply is starting to really kick in, I'm trying not to take too much from my wife. We closed our doors and she began lifting her sports bra above her breasts as I laid down in her lap and grabbed a blanket I had next to us to pull over her shoulders and over my head. Megan got the baby and handed him to Madison as soon as the nursing bra was opened up.

Spanking Kenny's Wife Ch. 03

fetish Pro_Ball_Player 2018-03-16

I laid her hand back on her pussy and asked her "If you could have your wish, and your husband would do things like that, what exactly would it be?" Waiting for her answer, I held the wet panties up to my nose, put the crotch of them into my mouth and began to suck her heavy juice from the material. As I did, she asked me "Are you going to be touching me and doing things to me tonight while I get my spanking?" I nodded my head saying "Oh, yes." "Good," she said, "You have my permission to do anything you want to me.

A Huge Deposit

fetish garagelogician 2018-03-16

I looked at Amber as I walked back to my desk and we again exchanged smiles, my balls boiling with cum as I thought about the nasty delivery her pooper just made in the toilet. So I slowly brought my cock a few inches out and slowly shoved it back in, Amber softly moaning the whole time, burying her face into the blankets. Amber must have felt it too, because my head grew deep inside her ass and my balls started to pull up. I looked down at her ass, which was pressed-up against my belly, slurping the cum out of me like my dick was a straw.

The Night With You

fetish BlondNwet 2018-03-16

My nipples so taught I could die....I wanted to run my fingers through your hair and feel you cum all over my body. You pull my hair back hard stationing my head where you want so you can fuck my face with your big hard rod. As you begin to enter me you bite my nipples and pull at them until I begin to cum before you are even all the way inside of me. I want to be so deep inside you that you can taste it." You ram your way into my luscious cunt, hard and fast like a ravenous robber.

MOM and I have a SECRET

fetish funnsun2 2018-03-16

My mom's friend Marla was laying on the floor, totally naked with her long legs another woman, all naked and the guys had hard cocks sticking out like broom jeans and pulled my little cock out and started stroking it while I watched my mom them, thinking about how I would like to fuck Marla myself one day! minutes later, mom said she was going to the grocery store and that Marla was Mom then left the house and Marla was sitting there, wearing just When mom came back, she told me to never tell my dad about what my face when I felt her lower her sweet pussy over my mouth once again!

A Visit to Nurse Peters

fetish Subtext 2018-03-16

Tom felt his blood flush up into his face hotly as Nurse Peters pulled his wet, jockey briefs down and away from his butt. You will wear this diaper and like it!" Nurse Peters stated peevishly as she grabbed Tom by the arm and pulled him down over her knee. After one of the waiting students was seen and dismissed, Nurse Peters changed Tom's diaper right there in the middle of the floor in front of the last remaining female student and this time he laid there and watched her wipe his rear end quite contently. "No, she doesn't!" Nurse Peters replied as she watched Tom's diapered ass shuffle away with a satisfied smile.

Erica Steals Some Panties

fetish claire2010 2018-03-16

" pussy...ohhh...ohhh..." Erica moaned, closing her eyes as she squeezed her thighs together...her finger moving inside her pussy...quickly up and down...short little movements...faster and faster. Her cunt began to contract against her finger, and she cried out as she felt her hot juices soaking around it...oozing out of her pussy...a little spurt of milky girl-cumm splashing onto the shower floor. She looked at Erica disapprovingly and told herself that young girls dress like little sluts these days. She began to push the rest of the undergarment into her cunt...the bikini sides...the ribbon...the lacy edges...the fabric disappearing inside her pussy...her fingers stuffing them into her wet fuckhole... The store detective fucked Erica's throat a little...and then lifted his cock out of her mouth and wiped it against her soft cheek.


fetish MasterDnl 2018-03-16

"Mmmm delightful slave." You feel My hands caressing your asscheeks around the line of your thong. Suddenly My hand spanks your ass once, HARD, a squeal releases from you at the sudden lash. You cry and choke trying to pull your arms and legs in to cradle yourself when you feel My thick swollen cock slap against your cheek. One hand twisting in your hair, the other lashing the flogger across your welted breasts, as you choke down My cock. As you plead, you feel Me move between your legs...the head of My thick wet cock slapping at your clit as I tease you. Suddenly you feel the iron stiff cock yanked out, and rammed hard into your ass.

The Visit Ch. 03

fetish stateofdenial 2018-03-16

"Phase four is where I start off by rubbing my tits across your cock." She rubbed the lube into his shaft and her hands. You've been waiting for this, right?" She placed her hands together, as if praying, and pointed her fingers at his cock. "Then, how about a nice, wet mouth on your desperate and frustrated cock." She kept her hands together as she slowly let them caress his member. Phase two is getting all the cups of cum you can swallow." She changed to long slow strokes. "After a year of denial don't you think you should allow yourself release?" She then, keeping her fingers still, began rubbing her palms back and forth across his head.

A Foot Fetish Realized

fetish kenkx 2018-03-16

Sue took a long sip from her glass and watched me stroke my wife's foot lovingly. "Heaven's no, Sue. If Paul does a good job, maybe you can get Dan to give you foot massages on a regular basis. By now, I had finished both of Dana's feet, so I moved to face Sue more directly and asked her for her other foot. It was pretty obvious to me, and to Dana, that my foot massage had given her friend, Sue, a small, but satisfying orgasm! There was no further comment about foot massages, but I had the distinct feeling that Dana had talked to Sue about it and had assured her that all was well.

Sunlight on Oiled Legs by Anonymous

fetish BationSensation 2018-03-16

I spied the taut body of a ponygirl chained by each limb, face-down, to a post in our barn. The pert ass sitting atop them was a fine sight so early in the morning, so I spanked it. Thinking back, even a rainy day, or a snow filled one wouldn’t stop me having fun with the ponies. It was never very difficult to cum for the first time every day with a ponygirl, even with my resilient morning stiffy. I knew this was going to be an extra fine day when the sunlight glistened off the tip of my dick, then off her oiled legs and I reentered her with some unneeded f***e.

English Class

fetish phinjca 2018-03-16

After pleasuring all parts of her vagina, Jon pushed his tongue into Ms. Kelly's hole, wriggling it around as his teacher began to squirm and push her hips forward towards his mouth. When Ms. Kelly's body had stopped shaking, she gently pushed Jon away from her pussy, and then gave him a long, deep kiss. Jon removed her foot from his mouth, drinking in the sight of his mostly naked English teacher, rubbing her clit, and massaging his cock. Ms. Kelly continued to rub her clit, starting to moan as Jon picked up the pace of his foot fucking. I'm gonna cum." As soon as he said it, Ms. Kelly removed her feet and sat up on the desk, taking Jon in her mouth.

Breastfeeding Me Ch. 04

fetish mamamilklover 2018-03-16

In addition to the normal things a babysitter does (cuddling, diaper changes, naptimes), Mary breastfeeds her baby boys that she watches. Her youngest daughter Hannah assists her every day with diaper changes, rocking, and any other things so Mary can focus on nursing her babies. All of Nana's baby boys are fed exclusively by her breast milk until they turn 1. Then, I thought about how much I loved nursing my kids, so I decided to start pumping and giving my milk to babies who needed it. "Nana usually leaves her bra on, but after wearing it ALL day, it needs to come off." "Now Nana needs you to nurse from the other breast" she says as she fastens the diaper.


fetish Gee_star 2018-03-16

The hand on my waist pulls me backwards onto you, and I can feel a stiffness in your trousers. My pace quickens as I hear your breath catch in your throat and feel your hands on my shoulders, pulling me in closer, thrusting more of you into me. I feel your hand come down on my ass hard and fast. I had not once thought that I would enjoy being taken by surprise like you had just done, but the desire I felt for you in the moments that had just passed was so intense, more so than I had ever felt before, I realised, I finally knew the meaning of wanting to be fucked.

The Bulb

fetish warmhoney1 2018-03-16

She coated the tip of the bulb and took a deep breath, bearing down. When it was all the way in, she gave the bulb a good hard squeeze and trembled as she felt the water flow deep into her rectum. Moaning, she relentlessly kept trying until she felt his hand caress her butt. He filled the bulb and teased her bum as he slid the nozzle home. After she finished, she stepped into the shower to wash off and he handed her a towel as he kissed her hungrily. She leaned against the wall, pushing back to take him deeper and cried out, "Fuck my ass!!!" Pulling out, he needed no lube as he pressed against her well dilated anus, sliding in.


A&M - Latex Candy is Sweet

fetish RePetitMort 2018-03-16

The sensation of the wet latex slipping up and across her arm was delicious, and her eyes half-lidded in appreciation, but it was when her fingers finally slipped in the hand of the glove that she felt this incredible, warm, wet, grasping sensation all the way up her arm starting with the tips of her fingers working it's way through her palm and across the back of her hand. With ragged breaths she tried to forge ahead and slide on the other stocking, but halfway through she couldn't control her arms as her eyes slid shut and she simply sat there and *felt* how wrapped and warm and slick she was and with an effort of will tugged the final stocking into place.

Cathy Ann

fetish hotwriter1 2018-03-16

"I feel like you're fucking my hairy arms," Cathy Ann shouted to be heard above the music. She promptly covered her cunt with her skirt so I only got a momentary glimpse of a dark brown triangle overspilling the natural creases of her crotch, but it was enough to tell that this woman had serious hair between her legs. her hairy tits and chest with her long nipples engulfed in hair, her profusely hairy crotch, and her curly-haired legs, I had no choice but to push her up against the porcelain-tiled wall, grab her hairy ass cheeks with my hands, and thrust my throbbing cock into her to the hilt. I spread her ass cheeks wide, felt the long thick curly hair sprouting in her ass crack, and then plunged a finger into her asshole.

Wetting Fun in the Sun Ch. 02

fetish Primal23 2018-03-16

Alice began to gasp as one hand absently fondled her breast and the other moved down to her crotch and began to rub the wet material into her pussy, allowing the stream to momentarily spill out and pool on the floor. Becky quickly came right behind Emma, as a briefly satisfied and now naked Alice took over and stuck her tongue deep inside her friend's pussy over and over until she climaxed. She hurriedly pulled off her skirt and blouse again and rush over to Alice's wet pink panties in the corner of the little room. Alice and Becky stood outside and stared at about eye level to Emma's crotch as the bottle of wine caught up to her and she began to rewet the panties.

MILF Doctor Annette

fetish Philibert 2018-03-16

I ask her if she makes videos since some porn stars look just like her and she gets upset saying she would never do that since it is not professional and sleazy. I tell her I will soon find out then she gets louder and starts ordering me to go harder and faster and saying how good it feels. She moans louder and louder and she keeps looking at her watch smiling and staring in my eyes saying to "go faster, OK now harder, faster, faster". I tell her I want to come inside her and she says to just do it already since it feels so good and she wants me to have the confidence.

Dinner Party

fetish danlbone 2018-03-16

Cindy and I played against Tom and Tammy. Cindy gave her a few swats, but it only caused Tammy to laugh harder. Tammy turned her head just in time to see me hand it to Cindy. Then Cindy swatted Tammy sharply several times with her hand. Tammy's screams had faded to whimpers and groans by the time Cindy dropped the paddle. Cindy's hand went between her thighs and Tammy opened herself, raising up, offering herself. Tom and I watched open-mouthed as Cindy stroked and fingered Tammy's dripping pussy. I turned her butt bright red as we watched Tom fuck his wife right there on our living room floor. My attention was divided between watching Tom And Tammy and the pleasure of fucking Cindy.