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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.


fetish dad4anal 2018-03-16

Both are oh, so sweaty, her eye makeup running as he's good for another few violent thrusts, and the thing they always go after finally happens: he starts to make her asshole queef as each thrust forces air into her, making him fuck her hard, which then repeats the process. They've been doing this for the last 2 years, so she knows just when it's time to cum before her ass becomes too accustomed to his huge cock and it starts to hurt less. Brad's cock slowly withers as Elena finds the courage to push the remaining semen he pumped into her, farting it all out onto the sheets, the nasty, wet, gurgling sound giving Brad a mental orgasm, wishing he was still hard enough to enjoy it.

Cathy's Hamper Ch. 03

fetish conquen 2018-03-16

I could see his hands groping her full breasts and tugging at her long hard nipples as he thrusted his thick cock deep into my beautiful wife. Pushing my cock down along the crack of her ass I could feel the head pass over her anus and eventually into the velvety folds of her labia. Patty reached back with both hands cupping her cheeks, her fingertips slid between her cheeks almost touching my cock. She gently pulled at her ass allowing the head of my cock to penetrate her tight muscular ring. My hands roamed Patty's long legs and tight round ass as she began licking the cum from my almost flaccid cock.

Doing Favor For My Anal Bi Girl Firend

fetish trueman_darling 2018-03-16

Mike watched Sarah's chin dance up and down as she mouthed Jennifer's asshole, and saw her tongue wriggling in and out of the clenching hole. Sarah had knelt beside them, her face at his hip getting a close up view of her girlfriend's asshole being fucked, but now she moved onto the bed, getting on her hands and knees before Jennifer. "Is it good in her ass?" Sarah asked over her shoulder as Jennifer curled her tongue into a point and worked it deep. Sarah rolled away from Jen and crawled down the bed, then turned around on her hands and knees until her ass was toward Mike.

Old Joe

fetish clipperdreams 2018-03-16

I hadn't started my new job yet; I was still moving in my things and hadn't made any friends other than having a nodding acquaintance with an older man in my apartment building. His name was Joe. He was a huge man, probably a weight lifter when younger, had grey hair, blue eyes, about 70 years old, and the only other thing I knew about him was that he lived on the first floor, while I was on the fifth. My pussy, so newly bare and throbbing with both pain and pleasure feels full, and the barber really knows how to fuck a bare pussy. While Joe starts shaving the back of my neck again, they move the clippers to my legs and shave the hair off there too.

Mora's Vacation Ch. 01

fetish rmlooker 2018-03-16

Janie saw Mora looking and said that she understood that Cara had told her about the arm. Janie asked if she wanted something to eat and Mora said tea and toast would be great. After breakfast Janie said it was time to change her dressings and did she want to see her new stumps. Janie asked what she thought and Mora said it looked great and she wished she could feel her sex as she was sure she would be very aroused. Janie said she wanted to ask her if she would mind letting her change her Foley catheter. Cara asked what she thought and Mora said she was excited about what she saw and was looking forward to things being healed.

Trisha Part 1

fetish 2018-03-16

I then told her she needed to answer “Yes Sir” if she was OK with my stipulations and then she needed to look down submissively and not talk unless spoken too. She then asked if it were OK to go to the bathroom and I said yes, but she needed to hand me the panties she was wearing when she got back. As the valet, pulled up in my car, I told Trisha that she needed to respect the talk when only talked to rule again. As we drove, I told Trisha that she needed to hike up her skirt and show me her pussy. Finally she said oh shit, and I saw and felt her body convulse as her orgasm took hold.

Cock on My Mind

fetish Safetystars 2018-03-15

Your dick knows I'm waiting for it, and it is almost as hungry for me as I am for it. I want to push my mouth over your dick, and feel it grow in my mouth. It will fill my mouth and push my lips out into a big 'O'. I'll be so horny, eating your dick, relishing the slightly salty taste, and with each lick and bob of my head, I'll try to take a little more, but there will be a little more of it; a losing battle. I just wanted to get you hard, but now I don't even care if you come, it's so good.

Sex With PE Teacher

fetish 2018-03-15

"someone getting excited?" i nodded and blushed too, holding my head down to hide when i see a slight damp on her shorts and her legs glistening with her pussy juices. i kissed her to keep her quiet and holding her by her hips and lifts that petite yet highly sexy body up and down my pulsing cock like she was a toy. i fucked her harder and she kissed back equally as hard as soon we got into a rhythm where when i pull her down on my cock she moans and kisses me. her pussy walls get tighter around my cock and she bites my bottom lip, moaning in extacy then cums all around my hard dick.

The Gift

fetish uneven 2018-03-15

The box (large, shallow, square, originally from Morelli's Pizza—where it apparently once cradled a twelve-inch deep dish Margherita special, vaguely stained by random grease) held a can of Red Bull, a small bottle of personal lubricant, and something that looked like an overgrown switch—the kind of thing Sidney Greenstreet swatted flies with in Casablanca: a cone-shaped plastic handle, narrowly pinched just below the tail before flaring out to a tapered head, its base crowned with a long, luxurious whisk of thick black hair, cut straight across at end. The thing looked like a cross between a fly swatter and a pony's tail.

Ben and Lisa's Raunchy Evening

fetish Bendoc 2018-03-15

As his hands came back down her back he positioned one on each cheek and caressed gently, slightly parting her bum for the first time to reveal a small amount of soft, brown poop within. Then, with his left hand he held Lisa's left ass cheek open and gently placed his right middle finger at the top of her butt crack. Lisa let out a low groan of pleasure, turning her head again to look at him over her shoulder and swaying ass. She closed her eyes and cherished all the sensations, the heat of the bath water, the feel of Ben's cock in her hand, the openness of her position over him, the coolness of the bathroom air on her wet bum.

No Other Option

fetish Bruno1027 2018-03-15

The idea of giving up orgasms completely wasn't something he wanted, or even thought he could manage. At first he expected her to suck him, as women in such situations were likely to do- he'd had more this his share of female lips adorn his cock, but then he grew nervous as she touched him with only one outstretched index finger. "You know what this is, don't you?" She asked, holding it in her spread hands like it was the Hope Diamond. I can get out whenever I want." He suddenly realized how strange it felt to talk about his cock like it was another entity. She found him attractive and let him know it through gentle touches on his hand and the way she looked at him.

Lover's Spat

fetish Dalamar_of_Gilean 2018-03-15

Now, Linda lays there completely naked, pelvis on top of his hard naked cock as she hears him squirting lotion into his hands. Linda’s pussy gets a bit wetter as his lotion-coated thumb makes several slow lazy circles over her anus. The finger has dipped low between her cheeks and is gently rubbing her in little relaxing circles, his other hand giving her pussy a gentle squeeze of ownership. He holds his finger still in her beautiful butt giving her time to accept him and concentrates on fingering her pussy, feeling her clit rubbing against his fingers. Feeling her relax to the hard presence in her bottom, he begins sliding the finger in and slowly out in time to the fingers playing in the wetness between her legs.

Chloe Pt. 01

fetish WetKecks 2018-03-15

She locked eyes with her current prey and told him, "I'd better finish you off before we go, there's no way we'll make it out of here with that weapon stretching out your trunks." She sighed as if put out by her turning him on, "Keep a lookout." With that admonition, she took a deep breath, making her breasts strain out against the confines of her swimsuit and vanished beneath the surface. In the same motion, she pulled his trunks down, releasing his cock to bob in the water to the rapid beat of his pulse and swallowed the entire length before retreating until only his swollen bell-end was still in her mouth. With a drip of pineapple flavoured cum sliding down her chin she rose to her feet and, closing the distance so their wet naked bodies were touching she gently kissed him, feeding back some of his issue before swallowing again.

Down The Other Side

fetish LetsPlayOKOK 2018-03-15

Renaldo wanted her to pitch for the work to develop the brand, and marketing material for the global launch of, he said: "Lucia, it is the world's most beautiful range of recycled paper. Lucy's breasts felt like it was bed time. But Lucy and Don — her "best and favourite customers" (said with a fond and meaningful hand on Lucy's shoulder) — were welcome to have a drink while Cara cleaned the coffee machine, tidied up, "did the paper-work at the little desk in the little store room downstairs". Lucy stood at the bottom, squeezing hard, both hands both breasts — "What else can Lucia do?" She giggled at the thought of calling herself "Lucia". Lucy's one hand pulled Cara to her flowing breasts. Lucy's other hand lifted her breast to Cara's open mouth.

Miss Hairy Armpits 2002 Ch. 1

fetish belab 2018-03-15

The seven contestants would then have their armpit hair measured and the contest would be narrowed to the final three that would be asked questions by the two judges and one from the audience and then the "Miss Hairy Armpit 2002" would be announced. As she lifted her arms her crinose armpits were beautiful the thick black unshaven hair in her buttery armpits was crying out to be licked. I had hardly cum and I could feel myself getting erect again I wanted to fuck my friends bushy armpits as I kept Anna, Katrina and Madhuri in mind. The next few contestants weren't as hairy as the last contestant Julia stepped on stage as she lifted her arms the thick blonde hair in her unshaven armpits took everyone by surprise.

Dull No More

fetish devoutmalesub 2018-03-15

"Harder, Bitch." Mark heard the words escape Sandra's lips and he fucked her harder, pounding into her pussy. "Shut the fuck up and let me enjoy this Mrs. Baker." There were no more knocks as Sandra rode Mark to several vigorous orgasms. Nothing was said and Sandra and Mark hadn't fucked. "Mark, there is something that I want, my little cum slut." Mark makes a noise like humming- but he is actually purring as he enjoys the feeling of the cock in his ass. "Ohh, yeah you Cunt," Sandra abruptly says, "this is how he is going to fuck me. I'm going to let him fuck me anyway he wants to with his big cock.

The Shaved Slave Ch. 02

fetish jPhoenix 2018-03-15

I had never really thought about how long it takes for cum to dry until I was standing in my bathroom and watching Susan's freshly shaved head turn from a wet glisten to a dull sheen. I didn't want Susan to know what was coming, and so I reached down and slapped her ass again, adding a matching hand print to her other cheek. I pushed slowly in and out a few more times, enjoying Susan's desperate gasps and moans with each thrust, and then I shoved my hands under her chest and grabbed her tits while dropping my weight completely onto her back.

A Winter's Tale - A Seasonal Dental Anaesthet

fetish blackbox7 2018-03-15

I was still staring at the gas cylinders, the loops of corrugated tubing, the breathing bag and the black rubber face mask, when I heard footsteps behind me and Mr Williams walked into the surgery. I sat quietly in the chair, with my hands now being held gently in my lap by the nurse, taking slow, deep breaths of the gas like I was being told to, and watching the black rubber breathing bag on the gas trolley rhythmically bulging and then contracting. I looked out over the cuff of the mask, watching the dentist and nurse smiling down on me, seeing the breathing bag on the gas trolley rhythmically pulsating away.

held down

fetish kinkyblondebitch11 2018-03-15

I secretly watched him curl weights in the mirror, admiring his body and wondering what it would feel like to have him on me. I stood up slowly pressing my body agaist his, feeling his muscles against my body. I thought nothing else and pressed my lips against his, feeling the heat of his kiss anstantly. He pushed me back against the wall tighter with his hips, letting me feel his dick hard in his pants. He tugged on the strap for a moment and then quickly removed his hands from my shorts and instead ripped off my shirt. He ripped off my shorts and underwear without missing a beat amd kissed my belly button and moved down, licking the sensitive skin.

Hired for Halloween

fetish buzbybdsm 2018-03-15

"I know someone who needs pretty girls in costume for a Halloween party next week." James quickly untied Jamie's hands from the bed and then helped her sit up. He had invested so much into the costume that he didn't want to have it ruined because Jamie wouldn't do the party. But those most intimate parts have to stay hidden, a forbidden treasure that neither James nor Jamie could enjoy, until after the party. "How does that feel, my little mermaid?" James asked as he looked up at Jamie. James leaned back over Jamie's hardened nipples and began to tease her, taking each sensitive bud into his mouth and playfully biting her ever so gently.

She's Early

fetish Levon 2018-03-15

"Earth to Jay," Megan said, "I asked you if you were getting the filet?" The filet mignon certainly looked good on the menu, but what my wife said next made my head jerk up quickly. I moaned slightly and Megan shot me another winning smile as the image of my wife in a garter belt and stockings started to form in my imagination. Megan loved the attention I gave her breasts and I couldn't wait to take one into my mouth. I loved coming in her mouth, but it wasn't something she had let me do very often, and I didn't think that's where things were going to end today.

How I Became "Butt Sniffer"

fetish bane330 2018-03-15

Jeff suggested we pick someone's dorm room, get a small group of people together for movie night, or something like that. I thought this might end the night as well, but then Lindsay suggested we start playing kissing games, like spin the bottle, two minutes in heaven, etc. I was embarrassed that I was being called Butt Sniffer by people I didn't even know, but secretly, inside, the thought of actually sniffing a girl was really beginning to take a hold of me. I started to make study dates all over the dorms, so that I would have a chance to get into girl's rooms and access to dirty panties in their laundry.

First time real

fetish hotwife87 2018-03-15

I went to the room and saw him on top of my sweet baby with his hard and big cock pumping her pussy fast and deep, it was so exciting so i started licking her feet while she enjoyed his cock. She wanted to make a DP but my cock was not hard enough so we skipped this and they fucked till the morning , she sucked him in every break, and tried a lot of positions, maybe the most pervert and hot wife-cuckold moment was when we where in bed and and she was kissing me and he fucked her from behind , and between the kisses she told me :

Muscle Encounters 2- Goddess Heather

fetish lilguy41 2018-03-15

Whips market covered his body and a tattoo that said "Goddess Heather" your fantasy and the moment I give you just a little pain you cry like a baby" The moment that I give a little pain you cry like a black cock of yours but then you screaming for your mommy after I squeezed "Nice little ass slave. making quick work, molding his cock like clay. "Lick my hands clean slave" She said She grabbed a paddle and hit across the ass 3 times with it. His body was sent flying like a ball and "Not done let little man" She said and pain hit his body as cum soon shot like a fountain out of him.