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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Fun With Panties

fetish JaxsonCurry 2018-03-15

We live in a gated community and with our Olympic-sized pool in our wearing a Japanese-styled kimono over a pink bikini. Then I found her clothes. for what I found buried underneath the clothes. When I read this I smiled and realize what this meant. What it meant was For the rest of the party I went back and forth into the bathroom or she said that she did indeed wear sexy lingerie but only for the right sophisticated. As if she was a slut just hiding behind the sophisticated grateful sigh Eloise announce that she had a present for me and she open nothing to me but put a devilish smile on her face. When I saw that smile

HOT Session most MY men could relate to?

fetish 2018-03-15

Then you'd lie on your back and I would sit on your strapon facing you, moving up and down at a fast pace, but I'd slow down sometimes so I could kiss you and feel your body and tits. Then I could raise my ass almost right off your strapon cock so you could start thrusting against me hard with your hips. Then I'd mount you and push my cock into your juicy wet pussy and starting pumping, moving almost right out of you then all the way deep inside. I start coming and a little cum lands on your face but most of it goes right into your hot mouth.

How's this for a work out?

fetish hardguy81 2018-03-15

You continued staring at my bulge & mentally you secretly pondered how big my cock might be under my tight workout shorts. "Try & keep your back straight hun." My hand on your back felt warm & gave you a very good sensation. My cock now fully exposed shot straight to the ceiling, your eyes grew large with suprise & excitement. You then carefully placed my cock inside of your wet mouth & began to suck. You f***ed my head & face in even deeper as I licked away, you could have drowned me in that wet-cum filled pussy. Suddenly, you could feel my cock stiffen up & you knew I was going to cum again for you...

Late Night Doctor

fetish Strapontaken 2018-03-15

I felt his balls tighten while his cock was deep in my mouth and I shoved my finger in as far as his ass would allow and held it there. I took my mouth off his cock as I slid my fingers out and said, "your so fucking sexy right now"! "You just made me cum." I started kissing him passionately while continuing my loving thrust deep into his ass. Cum on my fucking tits!!" I leaned forward a little and jacked his cock. "That was incredible and super fuckin' sexy", I said leaning forward to feed him my tit. With my cock still in his ass, I smothered him with both tits and asked, "do you need some lube on your ass?"


fetish tekkar 2018-03-15

Dabbing her finger at the man's mouth she saw his red tongue begin licking at her finger & she was amazed even more when Laura tugged at the face & moved him to the seat of the panties making Miri laugh when she explained how a pantyPet made wedgie's a very delightful experience. When Miri turned she saw the line was gone & she quickly told the girl she'd like a half dozen donuts, but thinking better changed it to a dozen thinking of the coming morning with her first cup of coffee. Ray began twisting his body, trying to use his free arms & hands to push the oral chair off him but with Miri seated it wouldn't budge.

Real desi 28 year old big ass and big boob bhabhi

fetish unsatisfiedwives 2018-03-15

After some time, we started discussing about whether I have girlfriend or not and I told her “no I don’t have now” (lying) and she was surprised by saying dude you have a decent life in Delhi, looks cool but doesn’t have girlfriend? Now I shifted my right hand from her vagina to her boobs and started pressing them while kept kissing her. Since, I was free from lip kiss, I shifted my hand from her left boob to right boob and again twisted her nipple, this time she grabbed my left hand which was lying on seat. She approached towards back seat in a situation where her suit and bra were pulled to her neck, her leggings are below her hips and she turned and tried to make her was backwards.

My Little Slut

fetish Sweetblood03 2018-03-15

Little sluts who are naughty get punished and you just can't seem to keep your hands to yourself can you?" He shakes his head obediently and lies down on all fours across my lap, his ass in the air and his cock in its cage pressing down between my thighs. "Are you going to use my ass, Mistress?" he asked tentatively, his hand touching the cage surrounding his cock, it must be painful, being forced to stay soft when he should have a raging hard-on. "How much more can you take, pet?" I ask him, my nails tracing over the head of his cock, "before you are begging me to let you squirt so hard?" I twist the dildo in his ass and he gasps and thrusts into my hand.

Dressing for a Latex Party Pt. 02

fetish latexlegs 2018-03-15

My wife also whispered in my ear that seeing me dressed up like a latex slut that had got her extremely turned on and that combined with the fact that she was wearing a dildo that she could not remove due to the complication of her outfit had her buzzing and squirming. However from the minute we walked in, people came over to us to admire by outfit and my wife's curves that she had poured into her tight latex. I now must have been a real site, dressed in a latex catsuit, latex stockings with 10 clasp suspenders, a tight corset, latex face mask, neck corset, long latex gloves, clear latex hobble skirt, penis sheath, ballet boots, a strap on dildo and and ball gag with another strap on dildo attached.

Happy Ending Clinic

fetish ColetteJulie 2018-03-15

The fourth enema bag was emptying into me, I felt close to bursting and I was twitching and squirming and in ecstasy and hell at the same time, I was perspiring from the pain and leaking from the arousal and that goddess was going to make me cum. Ah mother of mercies, one nurse was fucking my ass hole, the other was rubbing my balls with one hand while she pinched the top of my ball sack with the other so that my balls couldn't retract and the doctor was vigorously jerking my cock. My doctor rubbed the liquid on my face into my hair and down my neck and then shoved her gloved hand in my mouth for one last taste.

30 Days or Bust: Day 10

fetish l8bloom 2018-03-15

They were sensitive, tender to the touch, and the thought of Mark crossed my mind. My eyes drifted open and the plain brown package came into view. I bowed my head and nuzzled the phallus against my cheek, then brushed my lips over the ridge and the tip. I explored every inch of Mark's cock, taking my time and nosing my way slowly down to the orbs at the base. I wanted to feel his hands all over my body, not just my breasts. "Try it this way." He gripped my hand and tilted the base of the toy, so the head stroked my inner walls. I let my head drop back against the pillow, wanting him to curl up with me, knowing that wasn't going to happen.

The Operative: File 01

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2018-03-15

"Good Evening my stud Agent captive." I said into the mic of my little booth. One of my subjects said that hearing it was like having a pair of soaked silken panties wrapped around his dick. "why were you in the compound HQ?" I asked again, this time letting my azure eyes deliberately crawl over him. "What was it you were here to take?" I asked, prancing forward a few steps, black fuck-me pumps causing a massive bounce with each pace. "You sure?" I asked, leaning low and breathing the two words slowly on his dick with a hot sultry cinnamon breath. Who knows how many years of agent training had just crumbled in ten minutes of my face, lips, breath, and JJ cups.

How I was enjoyed by the group...

fetish vanita 2018-03-15

" Come on Roy,and Rahul let us play with her beautiful body and fondle it." Aunt was heard telling. I could also feel Aunty and Rahul massaging my boobs and someone kissing me and driving his or her tongue deep inside my mouth. " Oh, his cock appears to be getting ready to shoot----Hold her firmly and deposit all the cream from the cock deep inside her pussy...." Aunty was telling. Hubby lasted just a few strokes and I could feel his cream depositing once again deep inside my pussy.....The experience of the pussy milking three stiff hard cocks was unique and exquisite.... Rosy aunty, Reena, Rahul and Roy---all of them enjoyed my body almost every day and gave me the heavenly experience.

Just Another Day at the Office Ch. 2

fetish Bob Peale 2018-03-15

"I assure you, Danny," she said, spreading her legs farther and jamming the two fingers back in, arching her back as they struck some unseen spot in her pussy, "I will not waste my time with stupid shit like that." The sensation of his balls vibrating in her hot, moist mouth was too much, and cock began to twitch, which Carnie guessed (rightly) meant that he would be cumming any minute. Carnie secured the strap tightly around the base of Danny's cock, and then looped it around his balls, pulling them down and away from his body. Danny's cock throbbed painfully, his balls aching with the pressure of unreleased cum, his shaft stiff, and his cockhead swollen to a daunting girth that made Carnie wetter just looking at it.

A Slip of the Tongue

fetish Namazuros 2018-03-15

I let out a whimpering moan in reply, wiggling about on the stomach muscles jumped with need, my whole body smoldering with lust...the heat inside me was slowly building, growing, and all I could do was writhe on the floor, barely able to move under whatever spell Phage was using on me. And...Goddess, it felt so good, every thrust sending wonderful bursts of pleasure through my pussy, through my entire body...I felt his strong, muscled chest rubbing against my back, his hot, animal grunts in my ear, his...I shook my head, gazing frantically around the room, then down at my tingling hands, rubbing them on the cool stone floor.


fetish wrbsuperman 2018-03-15

Sam could only imagine the cheek-splitting pain of a true hanging wedgie and the unrestrainable moistening that would come from doing it in front of the guy running the video camera. Hands behind her back Sam moaned into her pillow and thrust her butt back against the tug of the wedgie with each pull. Grunting and straining her neck she finally got the waistband in and at the feel of the dry fabric between her teeth she shuddered and looked down and what an embarassing slut she was. She strained as hard as she could against the fabric and finally the feelings hit her like a tidal wave; she was washed away in the rolling orgasm convulsing and scissoring her legs together.

The Adventures of Poopsie the Puppy

fetish Sean Renaud 2018-03-15

Poopsie whimpered pitifully pushing out of her lower lip and trying to pull away from Brent's grasp. Fiona tried to push Poopsie's head away one last time before leaning back on the blanket. As her hair was released and the vice like hold on her skull was loosened Poopsie wrapped her lips around Fiona's clit suckling and flicking her tongue as fast she could manage. As soon as Poopsie's ass was in within reach Brent grasped the plug by its ring and pulled it slowly out of her bowels. "Come on bitch, its time to go." Brent and Fiona started across the grass with Poopsie crawling at their heels. She kept pushing until the girl's barks became pained whimpers timed with Brent's abusing thrusts into her ass.

My Wet Holiday Experience

fetish sushirat 2018-03-15

As I looked, I could see her whole pussy bulge and as she used her fingers to spread her inner lips open, I saw her most intimate of holes open and the first drips of piss escape her. I lapped her pussy with renewed vigour, as I returned to sucking on Laura’s clit; her piss stream began to ebb and flow as she started shuddering to a monstrous orgasm. Laura began bubbling and coming out with nonsensical noises, at the same time, I could feel the muscles clamping around my cock spasm as she exploded into wave after wave of orgasm. My semi rigid cock was still in Laura’s pussy and I relaxed fully sending at first a gentle stream of piss into Laura’s cunt.

The Piss Empire Pt. 04

fetish nopjans 2018-03-15

Liliana had not intended to piss on Lord Macrie, only near him, but when her stream landed on the sleeve of his fine woolen jacket, her heart raced with excitement. Tales of this strange new Empress who pissed where she pleased, like the rulers of old, had spread rapidly around the capital. The empress's hot urine was both absorbed into the sumptuous cloth and deflected in all directions, splashing the other nearby garments on the dress forms with a mixture of fine and heavy piss droplets. Moving her skirt back down over her legs, Liliana surveyed the dressmaker's piss-soaked workshop with a feeling of deep satisfaction.

A Day at the Office

fetish datballer08 2018-03-15

She started to lightly massage it and after about what seemed like forever it she removed her finger and told me I could sit down after I cleaned off, and she handed me a baby wipe. I blankly said does what hurt and she looked at me and then said your erection sir, you've had it since the exam started. She looked at her watch after awhile and said this isn't working to well and she stopped and got up and moved the magazines and papers off the counter and sat on it and said go in the drawer, there are comndoms. She got off the counter and lifter her left leg on it and balanced against the wall with her hand and said try this sir.

Anne of Browndale Ch. 03

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-03-15

We won't get it the way we want in time for this year's summer course but we can at least make it decent." My plan is that once the fitness centre and holding courses get running I'll arrange for students to arrive on Monday afternoons and do their induction then so I won't require your services until Tuesdays. I imagine the college terms will be ending shortly and you'll be free over the summer – at least part of the time – unless you and Archie are planning on going away for eight weeks which I doubt." Sarah looked as white as a sheet and Anne noticed for the first time that she had her hands clasped between her legs.

Love at First Piss Ch. 04

fetish naughtybessparker 2018-03-15

I want to do things I've never done before, try things I've never dreamed of." A wicked smile kissed my lips, "I pissed on Gary's face this afternoon, pushed my pussy into his mouth and let my piss go whilst he sucked my cunt and I loved it. "Don't spill any, I don't want to have to mop-up piss off my clean floor," warned Jake as Lola took his cock in her delicate manicured hands. "Oh my God you're not going to piss in her..." Gary's voice tailed away the pair of us witnessed the sight of Lola taking Jake's limp cock into her mouth and sealing her lips around it.

Mom's Sunday Night

fetish 2018-03-15

It was obvious that Gerald was fucking her doggy style in the back seat and intended to pull out and come on her luscious curvy size 5 arch wrapped in those sheer dark suntan pantyhose. I had already spilled so much cum over those sex ravaged pantyhose, and that Gerald had fucked mom in her car, spilling most of it on her so sexy feet. There they are in the back seat, mom on her back with her sexy nyloned feet in the air, Gerald kissing and licking them as he humps like a wild a****l, mom moaning to his oversized cock stuffed inside her. Finally he groans with pleasure as I see his mammoth cock slide out spewing cum loads across mom's pantyhose ass seam as he takes aim for her tiny size 5 foot.

A Friend in Need Ch. 02

fetish theprince 2018-03-15

You like the feel of Kalie's hands all over your body?" Prince asked. Kalie was squeezing Lisa tits hard as she felt her friend kiss Prince like a wanton sex slut. Kalie and Prince were rubbing and groping and feeling her body and it felt like heaven. Prince gripped her hair in a bunch and slid the cock into her wet, hot mouth. He slid two if his fingers deep inside Kalie's pussy and thrust his face and tongue inside Lisa's. Fuck the shit out of my cunt as you lick Lisa'a pussy." Kalie moaned. Prince felt Lisa press down on his face a stream of cunt juice spurt inside his mouth. Kalie spat hard on Lisa's face and mouth and rubbed it in.

Intensely Purple

fetish exrixney 2018-03-15

Sucking them carefully into her mouth one at a time before cradling his wet jewels in her hand, she butterfly flicked her tongue across the place where the base of his cock met his balls. With both of her hands wrapped around his proud cock and her mouth sucking around the tip, she began a slow and steady vertical rhythm. She wrapped her hand around the base of his cock and loudly sucked him into her mouth, slurping his entire length past her lips and tongue and down her throat. Pulling her closed hand downward around his cock, opposite the upward sucking of her mouth, she stroked him determinedly, preparing to deliver the fierce god to his wanton destination.