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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Becoming a Cuckold

fetish cuckhubby4 2018-03-15

I'd love to say the sex was amazing and that I was a stud that fucked her for hours, but let's be honest, my cock is only 4 inches and I came pretty quickly. I watched in disbelief as Drew rolled onto his back and Kristen started licking from underneath his balls all the way up his shaft to the massive head of his cock. This went on for a couple minutes before Kristen said "I need your cock in me." Drew jumped up and went over to his wallet. Kristen said "fuck you feel so good inside me." I couldn't believe my cute, innocent Kristen had just let this guy cum in her unprotected pussy and loved every second of it.

Virgin's s****r Again

fetish oggbashan 2018-03-15

Lynn asked me to stay with her for the weekend the next time my parents went away. Once inside Lynn's house, with the front door firmly shut behind me, Lynn took my head in her hands and kissed me full on the mouth. I looked back up at the picture that reminded me of happier times when Lynn could help me with any problem I had. Lynn lifted her skirt and the cotton outer layer of the petticoat. Lynn lowered her pussy on to my upturned face and dropped all the layers of petticoat and skirt over me. Saturday afternoon, at the time Greg was getting married, Lynn wore her old wedding dress and taught me how to do sixty-nine surrounded by yards of rustling taffeta, silk and satin.

Fetish Also Fetich

fetish steamer5139 2018-03-15

Room air, cooled by a quiet pump outside the house next to one of our dwarf Ylang-Ylang trees blooming gold, snakes about the hard head of Brick's cock, covers him in bumps of goose flesh quickly gone away pressed against Veronique's hot bed bound body. I pull the plug from her anus; it pops out, reach into the magical enamel box, find a hard rubber ebony dildo fourteen inches long, modeled on "The Cuban's" cock, smear its shiny, ribbed surface with a good deal of K-Y jelly, jam it deep into her ass.

Absolute Devotion Ch. 10

fetish KaseyLegs 2018-03-14

"Okay, just let me know, however you prefer, when you are ready to order," Whitney said before walking away. "So," Erica was telling the detective, "come over tomorrow evening, around six o'clock and you can interview me then, in front of my boyfriend, and if I decide to make the sacrifice you talked about to save myself from life in prison, well, we'll just have to see how it goes, won't we?" Whitney seemed to have disappeared, and I found myself feeling flustered by how trapped I was in this corner table, dressed like an old woman and having no reason to be in the restaurant. "I keep trying to entice Whitney to come up to my cabin at the lake with me, but she thinks I won't behave myself," Grandpa said.

Chloe in Prison Ch. 05

fetish coniungoergosum 2018-03-14

"Come on girls, control yourselves," I said, twisting away from a groping hand, though the words sounded wrong coming from my lips, and I knew I was no good at this sort of thing. "I mean do you like cock or fanny, Chloe?" said Megan. Megan thrust her pelvis forward: I wriggled into the best position I could manage, hooked a hand round each of her tree-like thighs, angled my head up, took a deep breath - and put my lips to her cunt. After a few minutes I spotted Rose, deep in conversation with a curly-haired woman, and thought I'd go and join her: but by the time I crossed the shower room to where she had been she had disappeared.

No Escape

fetish hithere222 2018-03-14

She then lowered herself onto the mans face, her sex engulfing his nose and her butt creating an airtight seal on his mouth. Giggling, she pulled her pants tighter to the extreme, and she sat on his face, his nose perfectly fitting inside of her as she wiggled. She had a MASSIVE bum, and she looked at helpless Tim. Noticing their plans, Tim began to scream, only deriving a chuckle from the woman as they put tape over his mouth. With no wait, the bikini clad women faced the man's feet, and walked until she had the perfect drop zone. Then she slowly sat down, immersing his face in layers after layers of bum, her butt wiggling as he struggled to breathed.

Wife Tries Something New Ch. 04

fetish slowdeep 2018-03-14

I quizzed her on why she wanted to do this and she replied "I thought I would join you and let your big dick pump some of that built up cum out." I liked the sound of that. Paula gently giggled and said "that's my good little cock sucker." She was still stroking my dick as I did this, just teasing the head until it was a deep purple. I looked past the cock and into Paula's eyes and told her "I'm not going to suck this dick." It was right there next to my mouth. "Oh, come on; didn't you just love sucking all those dicks and getting a face full of cum?" That little statement coupled with her stroking my dick was all it took to send me over the edge.

First Thirst Ch. 09

fetish NastyPierre 2018-03-14

Nutte snickered and Colleen returned, dressed and ready for work. That means no marriage and no 'fuck'!" Colleen kept speaking as Nutte grabbed my balls with one hand and ran her two cream laden leather fingers into my chute. My eyes opened wide and I almost fell from my pedestal but Nutte and Colleen held me in place. I'm counting on you to fulfill my dreams," Colleen said holding my chin high and looking at me closely. "Yes ma'am," I said in a long breath, watching Colleen nod to Nutte. Gut!" My relief must have shown on my face because Nutte nodded knowingly, looking from me to my success and back.

Sleeping at my Master's feet

fetish Herbivore 2018-03-14

Between the dogs, my coughing, and my Master's movements against my face in his sleep, I often awoke, to be greeted with such a glorious sight each time. The way He pushed his feet against my face, flexed His arches, and lightly kicked at me, making Himself comfortable, I only inched closer to Him. When He lifted his feet and placed one on my breast and one on my neck, I was certain He was awake and playing with me. If He was toying with me, then it would have been to see me do this for sure, and the fact that His head was turned the opposite way while I lightly rocked the bed pleasuring myself underneath Him assured me He was asleep.

Max Adventures, Part 1: The Edge.

fetish jonesingforcum 2018-03-14

He had discovered "edging" on a porn site not too long before that day, and he was driving himself crazy by not letting himself cum. I put the vibrator aside and grabbed the lube, and started slowly stroking his cock, focusing mainly on the head. After about three minutes of this, he told me he was close, and I got him as close to release as possible before I slid my hand off his cock and gave him a kiss. As his cock was in my hand, I felt the twitch, like he was cumming, right away. He was sensitive to the point of pain, and with every stroke, he spasmed more into the kiss, fucked the vibrating dildo deeper into himself, and actually dug the rope into his wrists.

Guilty Pleasures Pt. 04

fetish lesbianishkitty 2018-03-14

"I was going to let you have a cookie before dinner..." I heard him open the box, there was a silence and then, "GET IN HERE RIGHT NOW LITTLE GIRL." That was it, I couldn't hide anymore. "Are you going to spank me sir?" The change in him was immediate, he went from threatening and angry to seductive and domineering in the blink of an eye. "Get used to it little girl." He slammed into me again, making my body jerk and my hands clench into fists, twisting the bedsheets. I watched as he stepped into the shower, he moved behind me and started to run his hands all over my wet body.

A Master's Pet

fetish WriterDom 2018-03-14

The aching inside her made her dizzy as she waited for his deep voice, his torrid touch, his fiery kiss. Her fingers continued to draw soft circles as her erect tips were hard long before he told her) to touch them. She braced for the first swat, but instead felt his fingers inside her. She tried to shift, to slide her hips to meet the tongue with her pouting lips and suck it inside. She felt his hard glans between the engorged lips of her pussy. He was moving his cock with his hand, plowing apart her lips, but not entering as she bucked in vain against the ties.

The Price Is Right

fetish daveslounge 2018-03-14

An overwhelming ‘Hell-Lo???’ that made me break out in a cold sweat. “‘Not supposed too, but it happens. They were long and lean. “It’s a deal, babe!” Her hands reached back and took the hem of her dress a little higher. They were white, with little purple flowers on them. Her brown nipples pointed from the two mounds of firm white flesh. She brought her hands up and flicked her fingers at her nipples, as if to point out the fact that they were hard. Her anus was like a flower, like a star. “For how long?” It was to be expected, I suppose. “It’s not cold in here! It was four in the morning anyway. “In the morning, we’ll go to the mall.

Boy Brides Ch. 2

fetish yano 2018-03-14

Two pretty girls, three seats apart, looked down at the car and except for those windows would have seen David climb onto the bed beside me and start to suck my cock I kept watching the girls, the traffic now at a standstill until David positioned himself with his erection above my mouth. I joined him as we sucked and licked at her nipples, the bus alongside now gone when I took a second to look out of the window, but the car was moving just as slowly and we watched as Victoria lay flat on her back. I could feel the car moving faster now and just kept sucking until Victoria attempted to rise from the bed as she erupted into my mouth.

Rachel's Filthy Knickers Pt. 02

fetish RachelandI 2018-03-14

In my sheer ecstasy moments earlier, I had missed the front door go and now whoever it was nearly at the top of the stairs and would likely catch me, not only surrounded by Rachel's dirty underwear, but wearing them too! "So you don't wanna find out what these panties taste like then?" Rachel hissed back slowly and seductively, while hitching up her dress to reveal a sexy white g-string (much like the one I had been sniffing and licking earlier). I began feverishly tasting the dirty brown smears while Rachel had now pulled her underwear from her cunt and had begun finger-fucking herself through her panty. I'm gonna cum in my little panties" And with that her tiny, tight cunt began to gush; flooding through her already wet g-string and into my mouth.

Exploring with Jenny 3

fetish JeanDauvere 2018-03-14

Jenny slid off me a little and I felt her move to kneel between my legs, she gripped my calf muscles and pulled me toward the bottom of the bed which had the effect of tightening the cinch around my arms, pulling them tight above my head and pushing my chest upwards. I lay for a minute whilst I got used to the continuous pinch of the clamps and then noticed the hands working with gentle pressure on my mound, there was a soft flow of air on my thighs and wondered if Jenny was just sniffing me before licking me?

Mother's Milk

fetish Boxlicker101 2018-03-14

As soon as Tricia locked the door of her apartment, threw the heavy slide bolt and turned to face Eric, they were hugging closely, their open mouths pressed tightly together and their tongues exploring. Although eager, Eric used extreme delicacy in taking Tricia's nearest breast into his mouth, and began running his tongue over the pebbly areola and feeling the hard ridges of her nipple as it quickly became erect. The gentle suction on her extremely sensitive breast, combined with the tip of Eric's tongue caressing her nipple, caused a stirring that Tricia had been forced to avoid for a long time. As wonderful as the man's hands, sucking lips and caressing tongue felt on her breasts, what she really wanted was to get his stiff cock driving in and out of her pussy.

Chastity blog days 6 to 9 (the one with the butt p

fetish garyw 2018-03-14

I eased the plug up my ass, which didn't need any lube after the exercise it had received with the enema and sat down to watch a little porn, making sure the plug was being pushed hard in. Once I was totally turned on, I took the harness and fed the cock part of my cage through the dildo hole and tightened the straps so the butt plug was jammed firmly up my ass and wouldn't come out. By the end of the day, I'd not eaten anything and my ass was starting to feel a little better and I'd got so sl**py laying in bed doing nothing that I was asl**p at about 9pm.

Delightfully Evil, Part Two

fetish suzyisgagged2 2018-03-14

I had strained so hard against the wrist cuffs that my hands were shaking on their own. Feeling so confused…no, please no, oh god cup my cheek, please, oh god why, someone help me, I don’t want to like this…please… My jaw hurts and I lift my hands to my mouth. I am jerked to my feet, lifted off the floor, his furious eyes just in front of me. My eyes go wide, my jaw drops, I’m about to say sorry… Shaking, crying, loving the pain, I can’t stop saying it, “I’m a naughty girl…very naughty…very bad…” I shake my head, “No, you don’t know how bad I am…” Tears coming down my face, “ bad, I’m so naughty…”

Aliyah The Girl In Black

fetish 2018-03-14

Poeple started leaving, I figured it was time to leave, I kept looking around for matt, withough moving thoogh i was just so comfertable where I was, very strange i felt as if i coudnt move, had no desire to, no will, encombering. We kissed passionatly, she kept bitting my lip, I felt her teeth start to grow,, i got a little nervous, hoping i was sex not lunch.....Her eyes were now glowing GOLDEN like never before now. She grabbed my cock, smacked the head, licked her fingers and started rubbing her pussy, my cock was already pretty...........Fuck i dont know "Cold" is that word im looking for?

Getting The Giggles

fetish trevorm 2018-03-14

After scanning the yellow pages for a local practice, I had finally settled on a certain Dr Joanne Smiley, D.D.S. She was the only female dentist in the area, and ever since my last one, a right 'lech' by the name of Phil McCavity, had taken the liberty of feeling my boobs on the pretence of wiping me down, I felt I just couldn't trust male dentists anymore. I imagined that these things, these 'collars' as it were, could be swivelled back in line with the arm of the chair and would then fit neatly over a person's wrist, like a clamp...Hey, what if..? "We've obviously got her in the right mood, Karen," said Joanne, "so let's get to work.

Beth's Place

fetish bthom 2018-03-14

But when Jeff succumbed to the trappings of a quarterlife crisis and left her for another woman to raise two twin girls on her own, I stepped in to help her out any way I could. Beth laughed and chimed in, "Okay girls, say goodbye to Uncle Brett and get your things." She turned to me and sighed, rolling her eyes. Before I knew exactly what I was doing, I unfolded the soft material to realize I was holding a pair of Beth's panties in my hands. She must have interpreted the confusion on my face and repeated the command, unfolding her hands and pointing an exquisitely manicured finger first to the panties on the floor and then to my crotch.

Explorations Ch. 02

fetish falcon29 2018-03-14

Finally, after giving my other foot to the same treatment, he pushed my legs apart and let his hands slide slowly toward the hairless vee waiting -- and aching for his attention -- at their junction. I sucked in a breath as another stroke landed, this time the ends curved down under one of my butt cheeks and nearly struck my pussy. The stroke was lighter than the others and that time several of the tips did hit my dripping pussy lips and the sting went deep. I wanted to try out the new feeling right away but Fred said he was too hungry.

Days in Rodanthe

fetish mindingutter 2018-03-14

You jerk it for me when I desire to watch, and maybe I add a little challenge." She gestured toward my dick, smiled and looked me in the eye, then continued in that alluring voice, "If you do good...maybe I wear a sexy outfit around the house, or...if you're really good, maybe no outfit at all!" Za'ana winked, but then her expression changed again to a serious one. Feeling cheated and foolish, but remembering the ammo clip, I raised the bowl over my head, closed my lips tightly, looked at the ceiling and was soon greeted by my smelly, warm, gooey sperm, which ran down my nose, cheeks and neck.