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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Princess Jazmin Ch. 03

fetish subboy129 2018-03-14

I got a ton of new bras and panties, shoes, jeans, boots, lots of stiletto heels, dresses, makeup, jewelry, a new handbag and matching wallet, a shiny new watch, and more. After my shower and the torture from the Nair on my groin and sensitive balls, I come to the living room where Princess Jazmin is having a glass of wine and watching a movie. "Come here slave, it's time to open your new present." She hands me the box and I open it to reveal a bird lock chastity cage in pink. I really want to fuck him tonight so I need to make sure everything is perfect and that you are my happy little cuckold slave to do as I please." Of course I reply back "Yes Princess."

The Perils of Greggie-Poo Ch. 04

fetish scatwoman 2018-03-14

"ACHOO!" Mishi sneezed violently into the toilet paper, blowing holes clear through parts of it, "SSNURRRRPHFTH-gthfnnnthhhh.." As Greg watched in utter horror, Mishi blew her nose in his masterpiece of love and devotion, filling it with huge gobs of nasal slime and greenish-brown snots dripping with yellow mucus. "Good!" Mishi chirped pleasantly, almost playfully, as she stood back and glanced down disdainfully at the crushed, worthless worm before her, "Just as he deserves," She leaned down and grabbed Greg by the jaw and lifted his head to make eye contact with him and said in the nastiest, cruelest, most contemptible tone: "Looks like you're up Shit's Creek, not Love's River, Greggie-Poo!"

New Submissive

fetish TheMasseur 2018-03-14

I told her that in the first place, she should start wearing nice dresses or skirts that were at the most knee length, but shorter would be better. Now I told her I wanted to check to see if she had bought the right kind of bra, (although I had already seen that she had not) and slid my arms underneath hers and placed my hands on her breasts. She was starting to move her ass around trying to get more of that dildo on her clit, so I slid it back into her pussy, and told her to reach back and hold it in place, which she did immediately.

Carving Her Initials Ch. 02

fetish Abdulbenthere 2018-03-14

She was going to let Sue walk in here and see me naked tied to our bed with her panties in my mouth and Di's initials carved in my chest. The door bell rand and I heard Di and Sue giggling down the hall. Sue looked at my half-erect penis. Bye. Come on Sue, let's go have a look at Bill!" As Sue started out Di bent over to kiss my cheek and say "Don't go away Sweetie, I'll be right back!" and stuck her tongue in my ear. In a few minutes Sue would be going back to do Hank while Angie did Bill again and Di would be here for another round with me.

The Key Is In The Cum

fetish hardnose 2018-03-14

They each were filled with about 2 ounces of my own cum, And at the bottom of one of these 6 containers was the key to the handcuffs I would need to later release myself. I'll just put these nipple clamps back on, place your blindfold on and leave you to your own demise." Angel began to move towards me. With that said Angel put the nipple clamps back in place even though I struggled against her, but with the handcuffs and my balls secured I was pretty helpless. "Yes, Mistress Angel I will eat my own cum." "Very well." With that Mistress Angel began to stroke my cock and when I exploded she made sure to catch every drop in the container.

Keeping up with the Neighbors Ch. 02

fetish Billyglide 2018-03-14

Her friend, Marcy, had told Nancy, that her husband would eat her creampie after they had sex. After that first time, while I still had our cum in my mouth, Nancy asked me, "Can I tell Marcy that you ate my creampie?" Nancy said that she told Marcy, "I'll video us!" If you don't mind Jeff and Marcy watching us naked, fucking and sucking, I guess I shouldn't either." I said reluctantly. I really want Marcy to see you eat my pussy after you cum in me." When I came out of the bathroom Nancy said, "Now Marcy knows that some guys really will eat creampie from their women."


Indoctrination - Potluck

fetish cuck4Traci 2018-03-14

Okay, truth be told, I'd gladly take any hard cock to fuck me senseless right now, and then I'd have my husband, Rick, make love to me. But before I even finished that thought I watched as the cock on the screen pulled out of the woman's used pussy, followed by a sloppy trail of cum dripping straight into the open mouth of the man below, and simultaneously my husband shot his own load of cum into his free hand. "Mmm, I'm sure you would, but you have two more days, love." After a few moments, I continued with a smile, "However, if you behave yourself today and do exactly as you're told, maybe we can see about getting you time off for good behavior." He smiled back and held me tighter.

Jessica The Happily Depraved Slut

fetish fetishfanatic 2018-03-14

Her body was covered in a slight sheen of sweat from arousal and anticipation, her lips were parted as she panted slightly at the sensations running through her, and the great tufts of matted blonde hair at her pussy and armpits were glistening from sweaty moisture. This way they could both comfortably sit with their arses on the floor and with Jessica's legs bent out over and behind him and her hands around his waist they were stable enough for the filthy blonde slut to move her mouth up against Owen's sweaty armpit. Owen felt vaginal muscles contract on his hard dick as Jessica began to sensually lick the sweaty insides of his right armpit, his left arm was thrown out behind him providing balance.

Linda and John

fetish perter111111 2018-03-14

"In here are my panties and various other pieces of lingerie that have been soaking in shit for a couple of days." She reached into the bowl and withdrew a pair of panties and placed it over my mouth and nose like a nosebag so that I had no option but to inhale and feel the heady shitty smells of her worn panties. I watched as John lowered his panties and crouched over my body so that I could see his sphincter open up and push out a piece of shit which started to grow as it exited his anus. Linda removed the panties from my cock and started to smear the shit over my chest and around my genitals. I could see right up into her hole and watch a piece of shit exit from her, growing bigger as more came out and slowly drop into my awaiting open mouth.

A Visit to a Mistress

fetish fun4all6969 2018-03-14

She laughed and said, "You have no choice, sissy." Then as I started to protest more Mistress Tessa forced her 7" strapon in my mouth at the same time the 8" pushed deep in my ass. She said, "I should tell Mom and get your loser ass out of our house but Mom definitely loves having your money to spend." Just then Tessa yanked me up and Amy continued, "We want you to see the pictures we took of you." I saw on the big screen pictures of me sucking Jerry's cock, getting fucked by Jerry and eating the cum filled condoms.

Bobby & Mrs. Clark Ch. 03

fetish Reverse_Cowboy 2018-03-14

Well when the tape started playing I saw my aunt and uncle with some other people down in their playroom." Julie stopped talking as the waitress brought our food to our table. "Have you seen anything like that before, or was this your first time." Aunt Nancy asked as she sat down on the couch I had been sitting on when they caught me. "Get on the table and lay down on your back." Aunt Nancy said pointing to a black piece of furniture that looked something like an end table with a horizontal X lying on top of it. I stopped struggling against the pain like my Aunt Nancy said, and that's when it happened.

The Visit Ch. 02

fetish stateofdenial 2018-03-14

He missed the deadline and in turn his Mistress used his email account to send a message to his doctor asking her to see him due to his concerns over locking himself in chastity and practicing orgasm denial for extended periods of time. She chuckled at the prospect of having him clean up for her and seeing what a chastity cage looked like. Having taken to walking around in her panties when he was there and slowly starting to have him helping with other chores such as running errands or going shopping for her. In the absence of his Mistress he was growing fonder of her and began getting aroused just at the thought of going over to her place and see her.


fetish bandit34c 2018-03-14

" go ahead and look at porn" I got up my 9" cock pointing up at her and told her "go on you dumb cunt leave and grow up ,your over 60 years old and act c***dish like a teenage girl Fuck you" She said " moms a mess and when i talk to her she crys and said she ruined it for you and her" As i got my third finger in Lisas cunt hole fingering her i said " i havent talked to her since the day she walked in on me" Lisa then said "can she call you?' i said "Yes" With that my cock slid deep into her hot wet pussy and i began fucking her.

sum thing diferant

fetish pard 2018-03-14

I looked up into her deep blue eyes again and saw her left hand move up to rest on her hip while her right leg swung outwards lifting up her skirt as it went. I did as she asked and while holding my head in position by my hair she gently eased herself forwards, not far, but just enough for the tip of my tongue to make contact with her aroused pussy lips. That’s right I’m filled with millions of his tiny swimming tadpoles and you’re going to eat them all before you get what you want." She must have been playing with her pussy and scooping the cum out of herself as she said this for she brought her hand up to my face.

30 Days or Bust: Day 12

fetish l8bloom 2018-03-14

It is past time." Clarke looked affronted. Nakita followed me with her eyes as I strode past, but I refused to look at her. Morgan Clarke stood there with a strange look on his face. I sat for a long time, thinking about my life, and what I had done with it. On the screen I saw a chart that looked like a good stock market trend. Chattering like a magpie, my scientist dragged some equipment around on the bench, unlocked a drawer and pulled out a tape measure. "It's very important, because if measurements are taken in even slightly different ways, the results will be contaminated." As if reading my thoughts, she spoke: "I'm sorry I don't have time right now."


fetish Miyelo Ina 2018-03-14

As if he expected nothing but her complete obedience, he said in a very calm, very even voice, "Don't make me tell you anything twice." She felt it was more of a clarification than a threat. There was more sound of movement, and now his body was close to hers, his rough jeans against her leg, his shirt against her stomach and his fist grabbing a handful of her hair. "You are making me proud, miss," his breath against her cheek, "But now you must tell me what it is you want." Now I want to know..." she felt a hand brush her thigh, "...what..." it moved over the closely-trimmed hair, "" she shivered as it caressed her stomach, "...want..."

Ultimate Taboo Pt4 - Hottest Steps****r & mom

fetish asslover85 2018-03-14

She went down again but closed her eyes when she got to the base of my cock and slowly lifted her head along my cock only this time she seemed to be taking a long sniff of my cock. Her eyes opened once she got to the top and closed again and she took another long sniff of my cock as she made her way back to the base where she started licking my balls. I moved forward to feel her warm mouth take my cock all the way in and out twice before laying her head back and smothering my filthy cock vigorously all over her face and nose while starting to talk dirty again.

kate Wednesday night

fetish sissychris 2018-03-14

She was telling me about her day, when she bent forward to her hand bag, I could see down her blouse her breast hanging inside a pink bra pulling her breast together , at the bottom of her cleavage,i i could see a little bow , her legs uncrossed , I got a glimpse of her bright pink knickers showing through the mesh of her black tights , she took her hair brush out of her bag, she sat up and took out the band holding I sat watching telly I had heard the shower running, I also heard a couple of yelps and cries of pain and pleasure,my cock was hard since wearing the dress I wanted to masturbate, but didn't dare, I looked at the time it was 9.30 I heard foot steps coming down the stairs , get in there bitch

30 Days or Bust: Day 18

fetish l8bloom 2018-03-14

On the way home, Mark explained, somewhat gingerly, the job the Clarke family had hired him for. Mark hugged me like an old friend and whispered in my ear, "You want to try it on me first?" "These are called finger cots." They looked just like little condoms, and he demonstrated dressing the toy. "Yes. I'm fucking you in the ass now, Lisa, and I'm going to do it again and again, until you're ready to take my cock in your ass, and you're going to love it, and beg me to do it again." We talked about it for a few days, and Mark called his old boss, Leo Jantzen, with a business proposal.

Sobriety Ch. 03

fetish Kara J 2018-03-14

"You took my nightstick in your pussy, let's see if you can take it in the ass!!" Said Reno I was now being fucked in the ass by Reno's nightstick, fucked in the pussy with a vibrator and Kate was feverishly working at my clit. Both Kate and Reno fucked my holes as hard as they good while Kate still flicked at my clit.... Faster and harder Kate fucked me.... I felt Reno's cock begin to swell I sucked harder and faster until he came down my throat, not a drop was missed. He pulled his cock from my mouth and collapsed on the bed as Kate continued to fuck my pussy.


Unable to Fight It

fetish AmeliaLockheart 2018-03-14

I tried desperately to turn my head around a catch a glimpse of him, but my position completely prevented it. He started to gain speed as I finally rubbed back into his hand desperately trying to get to my peak. His hands fell away from my body but I could hear his ragged breathing. He put his face in my neck as he slowly started grinding inside of me. He sat up and grabbed my hips pulling completely out before slamming back inside me again. The first spirt of his seed felt like fire inside of my body. He had finally pulled out with a pop and untied my wrists and ankles lying besides me as I slowly moved my jelly like limbs.

Discovering Natalie

fetish thefootprint 2018-03-14

Carl wasn't shy about his fetish, but he also knew that the was way too old for these young girls and was happy to just sit and watch their feet. Walking, slipping his coffee, Carl suddenly found himself at the back of the store looking directly at this sweet young girl with her bare feet on the edge of the table. Carl couldn't look at anything else, nothing else even existed except for Natalie and her amazing feet. Not only were Natalie's cute feet in plain view, but he could also watch her slowly work that sucker in and out of her mouth. Looking at her watch Natalie turned and slid her naked feet back into her sandals.

My new toy, day 2 part 2

fetish ray_zhor 2018-03-14

It arouses me but my cage prevents me from becoming erect. I alternate licking each nipple as she closes her eyes and moans her approval. My cock is straining in its cage, trying ever so hard to stand erect. She rhythmically thrusts her hips in time with my tongue licking her lips. I hold her legs in the air while I lick her ass. I pause for a moment to remember her orders: she is the boss, I must do what she wants, when she wants. She gasps and then moans as she grabs my cage and fondles it. Just as my frustration level hits a peak, she moans, "I want to see how long it will take you to get out of your cage.

A Surprise for John Ch. 03

fetish m_grifter08 2018-03-14

Just the other night I had a gotten home from work, taken a shower, set the dinner table for us, served Michelle her food , put my food on my plate and was about to sit down when Michelle stood up walked around behind, made me bend over, pulled up her skirt and rammed her fucking big cock right up my ass before I could say anything. I kept sucking for a few minutes before I felt Michelle grab the back of my head and shove her cock further into my mouth. "Oh come on bitch, you want to moan don't you?" Michelle said as she leaned forward driving her cock even further into me.