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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Fulfilling My Wife's Cuckquean Fantasy

fetish JackTheCrackAttack 2018-03-14

"Jenny, baby, if at any time you're not enjoying yourself watching this, please, please let us know right away, okay?" I moaned in pleasure and Lexi pulled my cock out of her mouth to start stroking it. I looked at Jenny and then Lexi touched my face and moved it towards hers. It felt like I came so much that I thought it was all going to leak out of Lexi's mouth. Lexi looked Jenny in the eyes and said, Lexi got off my cock and took it in her hand and said to Jenny, As soon as Lexi felt that Jenny was done cleaning my cock, she pulled me out of her mouth and told her,

Harem Trousers

fetish oggbashan 2018-03-14

Candice's feet protruded through the leg holes and if she didn't pull the dress up around the waist the cloth between her legs dragged on the floor. Candice, wearing the harem dress, was watching a girly movie and I was bored, so bored that she noticed. As I did, Candice unfastened the waist drawstring, slid the shoulder straps of the dress off her arms, then unhooked and removed her bra. "Put your feet through the leg holes." Candice ordered. There was a flash of distant brightness as Candice's feet left the dress and then blackness returned. Candice's hand forced a fold of the dress into my mouth before pushing my head up into the bodice.


fetish 2018-03-14

Just then, Ariana turned to put her cigarettes away in her desk drawer, and as she bent over she intentionally flaunted her tight round butt at me, making my eyes grow wide and my cock twitch in my pants as I detected the visible camel toe. "Tell me, again." I demanded, this time letting my hand blatantly stroke and cup her now sodden wet crotch, forcing her legs wider, and finding her clit with the tip of my middle finger. To my delight Ariana happily obliged as I grasped my cock in one hand and her long red ponytail in the other, at long last I buried my seven-inch sword into her warm, wet, teenage mouth.

Pan's Labyrinth Pt. 2

fetish LawrenceLover 2018-03-14

Damien was squirming and moaning in delirious heat and Alyssa’s body felt like it was on fire as she heard him whisper her name over and over as more pre-cum dripped out of his beautiful cock and he ground his hips in cadence to the hungry lapping of her loving tongue. I want to feel that sexy little ass tighten around my finger when you come on my cock.” Alyssa moaned and brought her A-cup breasts to his mouth; Damien quickly latched onto her right taut nipple with his full lips and flickered his wet, luscious tongue against the hardened nub, lavishing her sensitive skin in exquisite warm heat.

Shocked by Neighbor

fetish smally 2018-03-14

As I was just about to cum, she stopped mid-stroke, looked at me and asked, "Why is RJ's cock so much bigger than yours?" He said he was glad I did because this is so fun- taking my girlfriend, spoiling all the girls that I would want to date, having them all know about my size, and making me realize that I couldn't compete. The next several weekends I had more "double dates" with RJ- that meant he fucked them both at length and they took turns playing with my cock, fondling, jiggling it, and stroking me, but not letting me cum. While we were waiting for our dinner, she turned to me and asked, "What's it like to have such a small cock and to know that it's not enough?"

My VideoChat Error Ch 09

fetish NaughtyOne88 2018-03-14

Not only has Naughty blackmailed me into dressing in lingerie and servicing men with big cocks like my, yes my, lover Mike, and into having a secret affair with my ultra hot secretary Denise, now Denise and I have to go out in public and act as a couple. To my surprise, Denise turned to her and was very direct in a professional way as she firmly stated "It took a lot of guts on my boyfriend's part here to agree to dress up for me for our costume parties. "I think Mitch and I will be needing your office today at lunch, it will take care of last night's indiscretion," stated Denise softly with a slight grin on her face.

Allison Scores First

fetish lovecraft68 2018-03-14

After that she took a quick look in the mirror to fix her lipstick and decided to let her long black hair down, which is how Mark liked it, she was a little nervous, the rules were a tricky subject between them, but she was going to keep it light and try for a little fun but not push too hard. His strong hands felt damn good and his tanned skin was a sexy contrast to her alabaster complexion, Allison noticed Marks hands were going a little slower and he started getting a different look on his face. "Looks damn good too I...." He began then let out another low moan as Allison wrung his cock once more and Mark groaned as a couple of more drops came out.

Satin Sex Object

fetish robert0000 2018-03-14

You open your mouth to talk, possibly to explain why you're here, possibly to say there has been a mistake, possibly to deny that you're a panty thief. I select a pair of peach-coloured satin boyshorts and place them on your lap. "What do you think about those ones?" I ask and sit on the bed so that our legs brush. Your hands stay on the bed behind you, propping you up, not daring to come into contact with these intimate clothes nor uncover your involuntary erection. Eventually the panties reach your thighs and I stretch the elastic waistband wide to try to fit all of you in. I leave my right hand resting on your balls as I pass my other one gently over your cock.

Holiday Encounter Ch. 02

fetish leekeyone 2018-03-14

The little slit at the end of my dick parted open and a golden squirting stream of hot piss shot outwards. It was a hard thing to do to fight back the intense need in me to start pumping away inside her pussy. Her piss was gorgeous, incredibly wet and hot as it flowed over my tongue which was still flicking away through her squirting shower. My dick and balls were already covered with a stream of hot pee and as I continued to pleasure myself at her pussy, more piss followed. I could already feel myself nearing the end, the need to explode my hot spunk inside her body so incredibly desperate.

The Seafront Walk

fetish aquilegia 2018-03-14

Ray had a jacket on and Cathy was wearing a coat over a nice tight little black dress that she knew he liked. Jane opened her eyes and saw that Ray was transfixed on the sight, a grin of wonder on his face and it made her feel happy to see that he was pleased by her little show for him. The moment that they were back inside their home and had taken off their coats Ray pulled Jane into his arms feeling her slim body pressed against him and his stiff cock pressing into her as his hands played over her bum through her dress. 'Good.' Said Jane, standing up and wrapping her arms around Ray to pull him to her in the shower stall.

Sissy Slave

fetish Sally5050 2018-03-14

We had a cuddle and as she rubbed my nipples she said “I really fancy you like this” then felt my cock sticking into her she rubbed that as well through my silky panties. She pulled me close and she said I smelt of sex already – I could feel my cum and Joannes juices driping into my panties. I told her what Joanne had done so she rubbed my nipples and found the side zip for my slacks which she undid and reached inside stroking my cock through my panties. Tom then put his huge cock in my love hole – it wasn’t the first time but felt really special with Sophie watching.

Showers Of Ecstasy Ch. 2

fetish wet_pussy_4u 2018-03-14

Meanwhile, Robin got off the bed and came over behind Stephanie and layed down on the floor between her legs and started licking and eating her sweet, juicy, pussy making Stephanie squirm on Steves cock. After Stephanie was able to feel her legs once again, she got up and straddled Steve's legs facing him and said "I know you have been wanting this too so here you go baby" and with that she started pissing all over her love toy. "Baby, I do want it, but I want to taste you, all of you" Steve said and got down on his knees and wrapped his lips around Stephanie's pussy and started licking and sucking her pussy.

Reversals Ch. 12

fetish RachelClark 2018-03-14

Samantha turned towards Eric like a mantis preparing to consume the smaller male once it's service was no longer needed, convinced that eradicating his masculinity and demoralizing him were the keys to eventually winning Julia's heart. "Julia, you should consider having him keep his nails a lot longer, more like yours," Samantha said. Suddenly coming into view of Eric in his apron-dress, holding the temperature probe between his pretty nails, both women burst out in laughter. He turned away to hide his face, presenting the back of the apron to both women, and approached the sink to rinse the probe under the faucet, staying there far longer than needed, running pretty fingers up and down the metal spike, until the peals of laughter quieted.


A Perfect Match

fetish sweet_lusciousdesire 2018-03-14

While scouring the internet Carissa came upon a link to an exclusive auction to be held on National Nude Day. Details presented, stated that beautifully attired women would be hired and could submit their photo, in the costume they would wear, to the address below. When National Nude Day arrived Carissa stood on the long podium, waiting with anticipation, along with her fellow auction prizes. When the bidding started Gage watched as the girls went one by one to the excited suitors who were eager to pay for the beauty's charms. "Pierce her nipples, her tongue, and her labia," she heard Gage say as she lay helplessly with her gorgeous long legs spread wide apart.

Inconvenient Coincidence Ch. 08

fetish Max332 2018-03-14

We want Jay to be able to drink every single drop of our sweat, don't we?" she turned back to James, a wicked grin on her face, and hugged him with her sweaty bare feet. "Meanwhile, Yuna will cast the spells which will allow you to live your dream!" she smiled, and got her left feet out of the way as she got her right one closer. But James's reluctance was short-lived as Faith clenched her toes, trapping his head in between, forcing him to ingurgitate a mouthful of rancid toe-waste. As the movie went on, Jay finished with the foot and passed to the other one, providing his sister more and more pleasure, whereas he was, in fact, receiving nothing but humiliation, nauseating, repugnant toe jam, grime and sweat.

Hairy Kiri

fetish belab 2018-03-14

John was the head of the Italian operations and he hoped that he could get an invitation to attend the forthcoming annual marketing conference at Rome and he knew it was his last chance of fulfilling his childhood dreams of cuming in a woman's hairy armpits. She thrashed her legs about I knew she wanted to wrap them around miss waist and pull me deep into her I continued to fuck her hard and her arms were still tucked under her head as I inhaled the exciting aroma and put my tongue into her armpit forest. I knew I would soon explode but I needed to feel the hair in her other armpit too as I moved to the other side and put my wet cock into her soaking hairy armpits.

Fuck The Djinn

fetish Damon Knight 2018-03-14

He would look at his hands, and tell me that he loved me while he slipped his fingers into his mouth and tasted me from them. My Master soon started to throw little parties where I was bound before a group of Masters and Mistresses with their slaves, beaten and then made to tell them stories. It amazed me to see the love lavished on the Masters and Mistresses by the slaves while listening to my stories, or to my voice telling these stories. So I told him a story about a lamp, and about wishes, and I mentioned the inhabitant of the lamp and before I could finish, he yelled, Fuck the Djinn, and he took me, like a man takes a woman, we fucked like two people in love, two people hungry.

Janet's Peeing Exploits

fetish leaky_one 2018-03-14

A loud hissing sound accompanied the resumption of her Janet's toilet as she started to pee her greatly needed piss into the empty container. For a moment Janet forgot the strong stream of pee leaving her pussy lips and remembered a time when she had caught two teenagers pissing in a McDonald's toilet. Closing her pee lips for several seconds allowed her to jump over the piss stained sink bowl and instead position her wide female posterior over the small waste bin. Seconds later and Janet was sending a stream of hot female piss into its interior, enjoying immensely the sight of her pussy shower spraying over the discarded paper towels.

My Wife's Friend

fetish mustanger7up 2018-03-14

After she came a second time, she got up and got on her hands and knees looking over her shoulders at me, Telling daddy to please fuck her tiny asshole like he loved so much. I kept saying what a good daughter daddy had, and how daddy loved his little slut as I reached around pinching her tiny flopping tits, while pounding against her small tight asshole with my hard cock. I smiled thinking it was nice having a “Daddy’s Little Girl” When I got home after stopping at the store, I went in and kissed my wife holding her a Snickers Candy Bar out towards her and said to her,

Ending the Dry Season Male Multiple Orgasms

fetish 425olds 2018-03-14

I felt his gaze upon me and I looked at his eyes, it ws then he seemed to become a man I could take seriously. As soon as Elaine opens the door Jason kisses me and drops his pants, now on your knees slut, and lets see how you handle me." he growled. I turned around and got on my knees as his massive cock hit me in the face. Elaine's feeling pissed off but instead of going soft Jason starts to pump again, Jason looks into Elaine's eyes and says don't worry baby I'm just getting started you see I have a very rare talent I can cum 4 to 5 times or more when I make love.

She's Really Just a Whore

fetish NYCbbwSUB 2018-03-14

Watching her slide her finger deep inside her wet hole, he almost shot his hot cum right then and there. "Oh yes, rape me, make me your whore, use me!" She continued fucking herself violently, while he called her names, like slut, bitch, whore, cunt, she seemed to love it all. "Oh fuck yes, shoot your hot load deep inside my whore pussy!" She put the bottle to her lips and heard, "Just by the looks of the way you drink that beer, I bet you would make a really good cock sucking whore." She turned to her side to see a man, about 55 years old or so. I am gonna' cum, you fucking slut!" He felt his cock explode his hot cum deep inside her wet cunt.

Entree Ch. 08

fetish NastyPierre 2018-03-14

"No matter where we travel, or who we meet, you will be as you are now, my little puppy dog." It almost looked as if my Mistress were about to slap her knee in laughter. Before I knew what was going on, my Mistress placed what looked like a leather cage around my head. In moments my mind collapsed under the siege and I moved to scratch myself, but the first movement of a paw in that direction drew the dog whips attention and first bite. The snap of the whip caused the itch to disappear momentarily and I looked up at my Mistress for help.

Alexa's Executive Interview

fetish CodaCiel 2018-03-14

Jessica's skill was remarkable, but watching Dylan while his bare foot was brought helplessly into position was even more fascinating. "Good, Dylan," Jessica said with a more nurturing tone. It was even more fascinating to watch at this moment, since Jessica was idling on the single technique of tickling directly under his left toes with the lightest of stimulation from her nails. "Thank you, Mr. Tyler," she said, suddenly regaining the practiced tone of a lawyer, "this has been helpful, but I think that's all we need from you." I offered you the potential settlement of a thousand dollars, but I'm seeing indications of behaviours that will continue to endanger my client in the workplace.


The Alley of No Return Ch. 12

fetish fursmoke11 2018-03-13

The thick stiffened shaft of Martin Coombes entered the corrupted body of Laura Deadorchid and he groaned as his phallus was gripped by her insides, and she bit him gently on the neck. She gently stroked the soft beaver fur of her sleeve underneath his testicles to ensure he came simultaneously, and his whole body erupted into violent spasm as she devoured him, cigarette held behind his head and the claws on her other hand ripping at the smooth flesh of his muscled back, and her lips giving him deadly communion. He watched her hair shine in the light as she moved toward him, smoke streaming from the cigarette she held in her still leather gloved hand, the gloves that did after all go all the way up her arms.