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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Black on Black Pegging: Shrinks

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-04

I like to fuck Black men in the ass with my strap-on dildo. Apparently lots of men of all shades and a few women were eager to explore their submissive sides at the hands of a strong, dominant Black woman. I pumped my dildo into Charles ass, and the tough young brother screamed as I rear-ended him with my strap-on. After that explosive encounter with Charles, I've gone on a rampage looking for Black guys to fuck with my strap-on. Apparently, lots of Black guys dream of getting fucked in the ass by a strong Black woman wearing a strap-on dildo. Forty five minutes later, I left Dr. Theodore Morrison's office, after bending the good doctor over and stuffing his Black ass with my well-lubricated strap-on dildo.

Call Girl Confessions, Part 2

fetish Master_Jonathan 2018-11-04

I don't know where Paul knew this guy from, but we went to his apartment together because he didn't want to leave me at home alone. "I got half the money, but you wanna work a deal for the other half?" Paul asked him. I worked as a cleaning lady for about a year when one of the other girls in my cleaning crew told me of a way I could earn more money. "I spoke with Angie after talking with you today and she told me pretty much the same thing you said - that you and her are good coworkers and enjoy working together. Lisa said that several of the girls make more money in a single night than they do for two weeks of working as a cleaning lady.

Andrew's Sister

fetish llkop 2018-11-04

I couldn’t help but look, my eyes danced from her pretty face down her body and along her shapely legs to her beautiful feet. I worked my way across her feet, kissing each toe in turn. When I felt the time was right I opened my mouth and covered over right big toe and began to suck, not too hard, using my tongue to caress and taste her. I then placed my tongue at the heel of her left foot and slowly licked my way across the sole, when I reached the tip of her toe I opened my eyes and looked up at her.

Married at First Sight

fetish komrad1156 2018-11-04

**Intro: My girlfriend, Kay, recently told me about this show where people who've never even met agree to married 'at first sight.' (Many of you have undoubtedly heard or it or even watched it as it's been on for 4-5 years.) She knows I don't care for reality TV, but what caught her attention was a new husband and wife where the wife found out right after she married him that the husband smokes. Physically, Owen was just over six feet tall with great eyes, great hair, and a an amazing smile, and he made very good money, something that was also important to Reagan. Reagan smoothed her long wedding dress underneath her and sat down then patted the seat beside her letting Owen know to sit next to her.


We Meet Again - Part 01

fetish HarleyRider 2018-11-04

You loved the attention and knew that no matter how much it may look like you were simply being used, when it came right down to it, the power was in your hands and you would never get greater satisfaction from any other act. So I use my left arm to reach around you from over the shoulder and between your breasts so I can push you forward and support you while I work your clean shaved pussy just a bit harder with my hand. I want to feel the power of making your breathing quicken in short little gasps as you prepare to come, and then enjoy the feeling of denying you that orgasm.


Looking for something.....

fetish Magnolia2008 2018-11-04

"Okay, this is going to sting for a minute, so take three deep breaths and exhale through your mouth, okay?" I heard more clanking. As I started to exhale out of my mouth, I felt that cold and hard thing pressing a little harder against my hole. I felt a little more stinging lube, and then took another deep breath. This time as I started to exhale I felt the cold hard thing forcing it's way into my pee hole. I took another deep breath, as I exhaled I felt the metal completely leave my body. He took his fingers out of me a little, spreading his fingers wide, opening me up, I felt the metal penetrating me.

Chastity with Ex as Keyholder Ch. 06

fetish chastity_sissy 2018-11-04

I would have thought it completely entertaining for my hot Ex and her hot friends to have some random guy all dressed up as a maid serving drinks to everyone at a Halloween party. And there I was, dressed up as a maid, locked in chastity, licking the high heels of my Ex's hot friend in front of an entire crowd of people. And with that, I had to face the realization that I would finally meet the man with the cock who was currently fucking my Ex...while I was locked up in chastity...unable to get hard or have an least until my Ex said it was allowed.

Blonde Fucks Blacks Ch. 02

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-04

It was a real turn-on for me to watch sexy Janice suck on Stephanie's dildo before the two of them started to go at it. Stephanie moaned in pleasure as Janice fucked her with the dildo. I've had the pleasure of sodomizing a few women before but never one as beautiful as Janice Lee. I took my sweet time as I began to shove my dick up her ass. I fucked Stephanie, having put her on all fours and spread that fat ass of hers wide open before sticking my dick up her anus. One night, Stephanie sucked my cock while Janice drove a dildo in and out of my ass. Later that night, Stephanie wore the dildo and fucked Janice's ass with it.

The Skanky College Boy

fetish Tuppie 2018-11-04

At college, Ricky’s roommate arrived a day late, and the look of despair on poor Bobby’s face when he encountered Ricky was priceless. Having enough pocket money for five people, Ricky believed that Bobby’s financial handicap could become a great advantage in his quest for control over the pretty boy. On the day that Bobby had arrived, as he was returning from the communal bathroom after showering, Ricky was ready for the skanky reveal he had anticipated all afternoon. Having bought two packs of ten cigarettes, when Bobby asked the inevitable question, Ricky showed the two packets of cigarettes to Bobby before placing them on the desk next to him. Bobby reluctantly took hold Ricky’s right foot and with pleading eyes, he observed Ricky.

The Bronze Man

fetish sprite 2018-11-04

Knowing that Tina and George had heard me cum like the dirty little slut I knew, in my heart I truly was, ignited me to passionate heights I’d never imagined. Squeezing his fingers firmly, unable to tear her eyes away, she watched as Jamie turned, catching a glimpse of erect nipples as she slipped into the knee deep water and waded towards the bronze man. "This time it’s my turn to make the rules." Tina again, although I could still hear the sound of George’s rough breathing, gasping again as a pair of callused fingertips began stroking along my mons, pressing along the length still inside of me, making it hard to even think, let alone voice a protest.

Jill - Chapter 3 – Charming Clumsiness

fetish Heel 2018-11-04

“Just a minute and your cast will be finished,” he said I decided to postpone the hiking trip for tomorrow,” she said sadly and glared at the massive cast that held her leg perfectly straight. “Well, let us see if your pink toes are still there,” Pratt said and pulled the stockinette back, revealing Jill’s toes. “You are the most charming girl that I have ever placed in a cast,” he said, then stepped to the sink to wash his hands. A couple of minutes later, the doctor made sure the cast was dry and waved to the nurse. “Obviously, I am not going to win the crutching contest,” she said and smiled sadly at me.

Black On Black BDSM: Dating

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-04

June tells me that she wants to make my sexy Black ass pay for being so damn tempting. Mistress June Andre, amateur Haitian dominatrix extraordinaire pumped her dildo into my asshole, making me scream and moan like never before. I was holding a DVD titled "Black Men Like Strap-on dildos Too" in my hand when this tall, fine-looking Black chick walked into the adult video store. There's really not much you can say when a Black woman catches your Black male ass with a DVD titled "Black Men Like Strap-ons Too" in your hand. The tall young Black woman at the adult video store extended a pretty, well-manicured hand and introduced herself as June Andre.


cuckold lifestyle 33

fetish woreout 2018-11-04

She gave me a slight grin as she said yes, when you got all my cloths wet and I had to wear that short skirt and met that black boy . She snapped back with yes sweetheart every time I'm getting my pussy tore up by some big dick I think of your little bitty pee pee. She said well I got to go I'm meeting him at the Kroger on the corner , that way my car will be safe and he won't know where we live incase he don't work out. She said yes it did but she walked with her legs together and smeared it around so it didn't look so whorish.

Somali Femdom For Somali Men

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-04

I met a Jamaican guy named Louis Clayton, who's married to a white woman and has a son with her but came to me because he wanted to experience domination at the hands of a strong Black woman. Louis Clayton was the most fun out of all the black male subs I'd tormented, and I thought Mr. Jamaica was as good as it gets, until I met Ali Suleiman. I came to you because I seek a mistress, Ali said with a gentle bow, and before my amazed eyes, the tall Somali stud got on his knees and kissed my feet. Ali Suleiman told me that he was very submissive, loved all things BDSM and desperately wanted a Muslim dominatrix.


A Husband Further Learns His Place

fetish keptsissy 2018-11-04

"Yes Mam. Thank you, Mam." As I went to the door, bent to pick up my pants, shirt and shoes...the 'outfit' I get if I walk out the door, the only thing she said she'd let me take if I left, I hear her talk to him, talk to him like she belongs to him, talk to him like she wants to see him right his...I hear her say..."Stop, you're too cruel...I'm not going to say that to him.", she laughs into the phone...turns to me, looks at me.

The Rules Of The Ruler

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2018-11-04

My blouse bulged as my massive bosom fought both gravity and confinement to be cradled in that stud’s big hands. Of course my eyes lingered at the only treasure I really cared about; nestled in the slacks of the tall, blonde man, was a readily apparent bulge, the baseball sized lump held in place by something underneath. Your tremendous horse-cock is the only thing on this earth big enough to make me cum like a horny slut who only wants more. You make every other man I’ve seemed look like a little boy by comparison. His fourth shot streamed for what felt like ten seconds, liberally hosing down my cleavage with man-bleach.

Robert and My Wife - 2

fetish tcg 2018-11-04

By the time we got home, both our wives knew what was coming; they were going to get fucked by a hard cock. When we got home, I wanted to fuck Margaret, but Stacey looked too good and my dick was so hard from fingering her, so I told Robert I was going to fuck my own wife that night. Stacey started pulling her clothes off as soon as we got inside, and believe me; she looked good standing there in just her dark purple satin bikini sting panties. Margaret looked pretty hot too, so I was sure she and Robert were fucking like bunnies, too. Margaret had her hand on Robert's cock and looked like she felt the same way as Stacey.

Brandon: Sudden Realization

fetish Neversoft 2018-11-04

Being a gentleman, I lit both smokes at the same time, in my mouth, then handed one over to Janice. My head was buzzing wildly, my body grew numb, my dick was tingling, and the hair on my legs stood on end. After drooling in her mouth and smearing her chin and neck with his wet tongue, Mark put his hand up her shirt. Instead, I took the saturated length and wrapped a loop around the knuckles on my right hand and grabbed hold where the hair met the back of her head. Janice removed her hands from her breasts and took hold of either side of my head.

Impregnation Cruise Ch. 03: Two Days at Sea

fetish Scorpius1945 2018-11-04

They wore jock straps and their cocks enclosed by these showed they were interested in what they saw, viz, two sexually aroused women with hard protruding nipples, pussies that were still shining with pussy juices that were still oozing out and faces that had that just fucked look despite them not having been fucked. I was impaled by his huge cock, my sopping pussy totally filled, the root pressing hard against my clit as I waited for the sensations that almost forced me to cum to abate. You'll not only live, but tomorrow morning when Charles fucks you and you cum massively, you'll feel wonderful." I hardly needed any foreplay; my pussy was already oozing girl juice just from the thought of being impregnated and the lack of orgasm after Penny's arousal was the icing on the cake.

Split Wishes Pt. 01

fetish mistyfdfa 2018-11-04

The woman's hand found Ellena's knee among the tangle of bedding. She pulled her hand out of the sheets and shifted herself to envelop Ellena's face in twin walls of strained flesh with a passionate hug. "And what would that be, Phillip?" The woman said with a moan as they broke contact, pulling Ellena's attention to her. "I'm feeling generous and you were great last night." Ellena said before starting to kiss down the woman's neck. Ellena?—getting fucked by Krystal in his body, getting to feel what it was like to be him, he started to breathe heavily. Instead, you let your cock talk, got angry, and looked like a right asshole in front of all those people."


fetish jlenil 2018-11-03

Over the years, Ariana repeatedly asked me if I would like to come to England (I live in the United States) and photograph her with her pipes and cigars, as well as make videotapes, which I would then be able to post online. This night was to end differently though--after an hour of cunnilingus, Ariana mounted me, smoke drifting out of her mouth around her dangling cigar, and, after encircling my throbbing penis with her silken quim, she slowly moved up and down. I dreamed I could spend all of my waking hours for the rest of my life watching this beautiful lady smoking her pipes and cigars, going for daily rides, and having our wonderful conversations.


To Spank a Schoolgirl

fetish Goldeniangel 2018-11-03

Every day it was something different, a short skirt that would lift up to reveal a pale ass (perfect for spanking) as she bent over to pick something up on her way up the stairs to a lecture seat in the back, lowcut shirts that made the most of her considerable cleavage... "You see, I've always wanted to sleep with a person of authority in my life," a pale white hand reached up and brushed back one long ponytail over her shoulder, then began unbuttoning her blouse, "And lately, I've mostly been thinking about sleeping with a teacher... Steadily he turned that lily white ass a bright pink, by now she was whimpering every time he hit and her demeanor wasn't nearly as confident or self-assured.

Car Accident Ch. 08

fetish pedic7717 2018-11-03

When I reached the base of the stairway, I realized in terror that Madame was sitting on the couch sipping coffee. I realized the meaning of Madame's last words as I was getting another sip of coffee. It fell from my hands, turning over on my laps, finally reaching the floor, after spilling coffee on me, Madame's feet and carpet. - You see Chris, Madame said picking her words carefully, for the last week I had you as my personal slave, attending to my needs, obeying my orders, worshipping my feet whenever I felt like it. Her right foot was clean, but the left one had stains of dried coffee starting from her shapely ankles, reaching down her tender toes.

Agents of the Cardinal Ep. 01

fetish Ehtaniel 2018-11-03

Louise noticed the look that Angélique and François shared, trying to decide if they should continue their fight. Louise heard François unsheathing his blade and said "We'll stand our ground as any musketeers do when facing the Cardinal's dogs and bitches". After having removed her blade from the body of the dying guard Louise saluted Bianca with her rapier and takes stance, ready to fight and to win or to die. She felt really excited and when she twisted her blade and removed it she released a small cry of pleasure, unheard as Bianca came at the same moment, her free hand on the breast that Louise just removed her blade from, the other hand still holding her rapier.