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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

My Babygirl Mallory Ch. 02

fetish dominasolo 2018-03-13

She rested her head on the bed and pulled her ass cheeks apart with her hands. The whole point of the shower was to let the buttplug do the job of getting her wet as she stayed naked on the bed, vulnerable, waiting for her daddy. Mallory had tears in her eyes but she still couldn't stop moaning softly as I got into bed. I dragged her by the belt across the floor and onto the bed where she quickly got on her hands and knees. I spanked her hard as my thrusting got faster and kept yanking my belt, pulling her head up with force. She looked at me and smiled, "Do you want me to wear the buttplug all the time, daddy?"

CFNM College

fetish Jreforma 2018-03-13

Miss Courtney answered in a patient voice, "I have asked Sarah to help me as she is studying to become a nurse one day, so this is good experience for her." She tried to pull James' hands away but he was too strong. "Now, James," Principal Melissa said, "this is weird for you right now, but let Miss Courtney and Sarah finish you off, and you will feel much better afterwards." She then clamped a hand firmly around his mouth to muffle his protests. Principal Melissa removed her hand from his mouth, "See, it feels good, doesn't it?" She laughed happily as Miss Courtney and Sarah giggled in response.

How Much Do You Think I Would Bring

fetish Wifetheif 2018-03-13

My own sweet wife watched for a while, obviously caught up in the fantasy, turned to look at me and said, I pictured Eileen upon a stage and knew that she would bring in more than I made in a year. Eileen then got a far away look on her face and said, I had just spent another fruitless day looking for a part time job to try and make up for the deficit when Eileen greeted me with a serious look, took my hand and led me to the living room. A leash was fastened to Eileen's collar and she was led out of the spotlight into the darkness of the rest of the stage and into the hands of her "owner."

Tales of a Hitch-Hiker Ch. 01

fetish barefeet99 2018-03-13

He soon noticed the size of her breasts and how they bounced so freely under her skimpy halter top, her long nipples protruding invitingly. Besides the size of her breasts, Christina had extraordinarily long puffy nipples mounted on pinkish-brown areolas that spread more than 3" in diameter. The man sat on the couch beside his prisoner and played with and tugged Christina's bare chest, sucking and nibbling on them at different intervals, until her nipples were red and sore. After sucking her long slender toes savagely for what seemed an eternity, the man slid his oversized cock between her barefeet. The man pressed her bodacious tatas around his hard shaft and began thrusting back and forth, rubbing his throbbing cock head against her lips.

The Red Miniskirt

fetish KDG 2018-03-13

I noticed the young barman, a dark skinned guy in his early twenties, do a double take at Babs breasts as she climbed up on the stool and the jacket fell apart a bit, and when I told her this she gave him a bigger eyeful when he came back with the drinks, by pulling down her top and pushing out her breasts. The feeling of her tight sphincter muscle round my cock ,the excitement of seeing my cock disappear completely into what had been forbidden territory , the brilliant feeling of my balls slapping against the cool cheeks of her big rear plus the thought that my wife had allowed herself to be ass – f***** by two young guys gave me an unbelievable sexual high and I was soon climaxing for the first time in her rear.

Slim Girl to Fat Bitch Ch. 02

fetish robin35 2018-03-13

"I got spanked today David and I enjoyed it and worst of all it was administered by a woman." Bev said. Both of them had discussed bringing another woman into their relationship in the past but Bev had always said that she could not go with a woman and so David had put that idea on the back-burner and had thought that he might try it with Lucy someday. I went back round to my desk and sat down in my chair and under the gaze of Gladys I began to re-write the memos. "Are you sure you want to be fucked by my cock or do you want my fingers Bev?" David asked. He watched as she began to cumm again and then she looked at David and said.

Strip Poker Creampie

fetish creamypussylover 2018-03-13

I looked over to see that now it was Joanne who had a couple of fingers in “Mistress Mary.” She never took her eyes off of John and me as she pulled them out and ran her tongue over them. When I had things under control a bit I opened my eyes and looked to see Mary still writhing on Joanne’s face, but now Jackie was holding Joanne’s legs apart and Steve was pumping away in her pussy. Mary looked up to Jackie and said “Have a seat, I warmed it all up for you.” Jackie didn’t need any coaxing as she quickly positioned herself over Joanne’s waiting mouth, and then she groaned as she felt the tongue enter her.

How my cherry got popped

fetish Shyboy02 2018-03-13

I like the way the double layer of cotton feels so smooth when I rub my balls and right round to my bum hole. I looked around the changing rooms to make sure no one was there and then started to rub my balls, then between my legs and right round to my bum hole. When his tongue entered my mouth he pushed his fingers inside my knickers and started massaging my bum hole. He smiled at me and said that as soon as he had seen me playing with myself in white jockey briefs he knew that I was gay and that I just needed someone to break me in gently so I would enjoy my first time and not be put off by it.

Knocking up

fetish williamss30 2018-03-13

He gives me a smile. He smiles even more. “No.” “No.” Right then and there, he gives me away. All those stylish clothes are a thing of the past now that I’m waddling down the halls in maternity dresses that only make my condition more obvious, make my belly look that much bigger. But if you try anything like what you’re suggesting, you’re gonna have an excruciating, bl**dy miscarriage and everyone’s going to know you caused it deliberately, that you killed our precious little baby just because you’re an evil bitch. “No,” I whimper. I hate him and I resent him more than I can say, but I’m powerless. You’re pregnant and giving birth in the kitchen.


fetish dav78945s 2018-03-13

"I'm so sure that I already have one of these locks and we can start tonight, if you're willing to take charge of my cock" I frankly enjoyed saying that out loud and, by her bemused reaction, I think she liked hearing me say it. Lynn looked so good, naked and obviously aroused while I was totally unable to do anything with my locked up cock. Before I could respond, she put her index finger to my lips and said, "Remember your promise, no complaining, no whining and no asking for release no matter how long I decide to make this last." Once I was locked back up, Lynn sat astride my hips and, looking radiantly naked and very satisfied, she said,

The Captains Wife (Chapter 10)

fetish wastedaway 2018-03-13

I tried to imagine what I looked like, my large round bottom, already quite red and punished from last night, being covered with tiny welts and sharp stings, each fresh blow briefly turning the reddened skin white. It felt incredibly awkward running in place with my hands behind my back, but the captain was urging me to go faster, and he increased the tempo of his blows. Desperately I tried to run faster, lifting my knees high in the air the way he demanded, the belt burning my buttocks and thighs. I lifted my knees even higher, and ignoring my painful breathing and the heavy weights of my bobbing breasts I struggled to run even faster, the belt striking the crack of my buttocks again and again.

Stocking Tops Pt. 02

fetish Egmont Grigor 2018-03-13

She shook her son awake to lick her stocking tops while she worked her fingers until achieving release and then thanked Lee with a sweet kiss and delivered several endearments into his ear and then fluttered her tongue around that ear hole, leaving her amused son wondering whether he should continue to call her darling mother or change to call her darling whore. Although Mrs James's breasts appeared rather small, Lee watched her chest suddenly indicate a higher breathing rate, pulling her partway to producing orgasms if she would permit that. Lee, who'd never met Cindy's mother guessed she'd be couth and probably quite good looking for an older woman because Cindy, who was eighteen, was a beauty with a lovely body including sensational legs.

Down The Path Ch. 03

fetish gbr2004 2018-03-13

'Hello Sir,' trying hard to sound fem but not feeling like I did it very good. 'Sir, I didn't sleep very good last night, all I could think about was you and how much I wanted to be a sissy for you.' My face feels like it's on fire. 'I am happy to see you Sir. I was thinking about you all day long.' Know that I sound like a fag but it's as fem as I can make it sound. 'I want to dress up like a sissy for you Sir,' I finally get it out. 'Sir, please, I just wanted to try on a dress or something.' He comes around in front of me giving one cheek little love slaps.

The Sex Wrestling League Ch. 03

fetish TConcord18 2018-03-13

There were matches going on that night and I figured I could talk to Mr. Bartlett or Ms. Wallace. Mr. Bartlett looked at me, "Well Rob, you wanted another match, you got it. I was going to be in a match where if I did lose, Kaitlyn would be fucking my ass in front of everyone and my career as a sex wrestler would be over. As Sean got dressed, Clark put his hand on my shoulder, "You got some balls, Rob. You'll be in for a fight against Kaitlyn but she is definitely beatable. "The winner of the match will win the right to fuck the loser in the ass in the center of the ring.


fetish 2018-03-13

It took us quite some time to start a sexual relationship and initially it wasn't that good mainly because I had to use the dreaded condom. Over the years Angela has developed two obsessions namely toys and pain...and both were given a full outing. She likes to pull her arse cheeks apart while I do this giving me a good view of her hole. She is also into nipple pain and we both wear very tight clamps which truly are agony.The afternoon started with me fucking her in the doggy position and belting hell out of her arse till even she could take no more. She likes to be verbally abused so I enjoyed calling her the fucking slut she is whilst moving around to stuff my cock into her mouth.Next came the toys.

Cocksucking Adventires Of Cortni Ch3

fetish panteeluvr 2018-03-13

Cortni quickly licked the underside of the head, then went down and licked what had fallen away, taking clumps of pubic hair in her mouth and sucking the nasty, disgusting juices they held. She did as he asked and Bill grabbed a huge handful of her blonde hair, and started ramming her face up and down his cock, using her head and mouth like a human fleshlight! He started to slowly work her head around his cock, and all of a sudden Cortni felt cum dribbling out into her mouth, she figured it was just precum, but when she started to recognize the flavor it was too late.

Magic Hands Ch. 04

fetish Frozenhero 2018-03-13

Bending over closer, Sloan pushed a bead of saliva out of her mouth and let it hang for a moment before it dropped to the crown of Derek's erection, then she worked the spit over the skin of his shaft with her pumping hand. They laid down side by side and Sloan rubbed her hand across Trisha's slender stomach, causing the girl's skin to break out in goose bumps. Sloan suddenly plunged a trio of fingers into Trisha's box, 'coning' them to fuck the girl with her hand. Sloan replaced her hand with a leg and each girl fucked and humped the other on the thigh, holding their bodies close.


fetish Crompth 2018-03-13

Your grinding my face so hard your legs begin to shake. Suddenly your legs clamp down on my head as your orgasms has you leaking all over my face. You pull me back up and start licking your juices off my face sharing it with deep kisses. You sit and watch it pulse for moment then you look into my eyes and lightly begin to flick the tip with your tongue. All at once my air is cut off by the strength of your legs gripping my face while you ride out a fierce orgasm. I can't hold onto my orgasm and begin to spray your mouth with cum. You rise up and grab my hair in a tight grip and kiss me forcing my cum into my mouth.


fetish onelonelygnome9991 2018-03-13

His slim shaft massaging her cunt folds, his balls nudging against her ass cheeks, and his cockhead nudging deep inside her, bumping into the entrance to her cervix; she felt her thighs clenched against his hips, her body rising and falling over him; her hair sweeping back and forth over his body, as his hands ran circles over her breasts, his tongue and lips pulling at her nipples, squeezing her tits softly, as they slowly fucked again.

The Secret of the Home Run Pt. 01

fetish clipperdreams 2018-03-13

Linda comes along looking fine as she always does. As I watch several women go into another room but not come out, I wonder out loud where they are going. For that, even though a mistake, you must be punished." She looks at Linda. "Yes, Annie's room, with Sister Barbera, Amazon Ann, Joy, and Junior in attendance." "Gwen, I want you to meet Sister Barbera, Amazon Ann, Joy and Junior. My clit is going crazy with the vibs, and as Joy removes and rams my ass again, I cum. "Very good, Joy," Linda says. Linda speaks, "Good thinking, Joy. Amazon Anne, you may just be too good at this job." I couldn't agree more.

Gym Domination

fetish Kessler 2018-03-13

She smiled, and between breaths said, "I agree, been looking forward to this as well." Not taking her eyes off me she reached down with her right hand and began to slowly rub her palm up and down the outside of her right calf saying, "My legs have been tight all day." I could feel my cock growing quickly beneath my shorts and I knew an obvious hard-on was beginning to show. After a few more sit-ups Trish asked, "Eric please scoot in tighter I feel like my feet are slipping out from under you." She continued to perform repetition after repetition as I raised myself up and scooted in further on top of her arches.

Pregnant Pause

fetish Richard963 2018-03-13

I couldn't help myself; I walked quickly forward and in one movement I bent down to kiss her and put my left hand onto her left breast in her dress -- she wasn't wearing a bra. I could feel her vagina tighten around my prick and I pulled in and out once more,until I was overcome with a big overall emotion and I thrust hard and unloaded all my spunk right inside her cunt. I moved my hand up and fondled each boob in turn and then I played with the nipple; it became stiff under my fingers and was an inch long pointing upwards. I rubbed my cock with my oily hand until it was stiff and then presented it at her arse hole and gently pushed it in.

Obsession of the Mind Ch. 01

fetish k4d0h1 2018-03-13

I tried hard to think of something to say but I couldn't exactly tell her my thoughts were consumed with visions of voluptuous curves and bronze skin underneath her clothes. I thanked her and left the office went straight to the restroom to relieve my aching erection. "Yes, but it might be too early to tell." Seizing the opportunity I asked, "Is everything okay with you? "Side effects like what?" she asked, "I can't help you if you don't get straight to the point." She was right I might have been embarrassed but thinking about it now I feel alive like never before. "I'm standing here with my pants down and you telling me not to worry about the size of my penis which you helped shrink.

Serving My Mistress

fetish azid619 2018-03-13

She then pulled my foreskin right back revealing my large helmet and she began to lick it real slowly almost teasing me by licking it so slowly, she licked her way around on me and then down the seam of my hard cock 'til she got to my balls, and placed them in her mouth and started to suck quite hard. She pulled me out of her hot wet mouth 'til it was just my helmet left placed on her tongue, she wanked me real hard and fast with her hand as she awaited for my hot cream to splooge out right into her mouth, she sucked on me like as if she was sucking yoghurt out through a large straw, making me cum loads with such f***e.