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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

More Watersport Fun With Wife

fetish zydrateaddict 2018-03-13

Twisting and pulling it, she hissed through clenched teeth, "Damn, I love your dick honey....keep fucking me, keep fucking me....." She was repeating that almost like a chant, "keep fucking me, keep fucking me..." With her squeezing my tit, and feeling her hand jump around between us, I was in absolute heaven. She closed her eyes and seemed to prepare for a moment before her beautiful pink snapper clamped down with more force than I'd ever felt and my now fully limp and spent prick was expelled out of her wet snatch with a loud "Slurp!" Followed by what felt like a fair amount of the load I just shot inside her leaking out across my shaft and balls. My lips pushed against her tight ring, my tongue extended and traced that perfect circle, licking it a few times before dripping inside.

On the Rim of a Fantasy

fetish RayneDor 2018-03-13

Time now seemed to slow to a crawl for both of them as he gazed at the inviting crevice beneath him and then finally, after what seemed an eternity, he bent down and kissed each cheek lightly in turn, repeating it twice more before moving down and nuzzling the crease of her right buttock. She reached for his swollen cock and, as she did so, he licked his index finger, wetting it thoroughly, and began to stroke the wrinkled opening of her asshole, teasing the sensitive aperture before slipping it inside. She moaned, opening for him like a little flower bud, and, as his tongue slipped easily into her, she began to pump his cock, gripping it tightly and jerking in sync with the urgent probing of her inner depths.

It Finally Happened!

fetish tabr468bell 2018-03-13

“Oh God, I love that!” I decided to slide my heel off my other foot and leaned back and put my feet in his lap and began to rub his thick hard cock with my black stocking covered feet. I am gonna cum for you!” I leaned closer to him and softly said, “Yeah, cmon’, I want you to blow your hot load all over my legs!” With that he began to grunt and have what almost looked like an epileptic seizure.

Allison Sluts It Up Ch. 03

fetish Lawyerlyzach 2018-03-13

"Yeah, that's a good little freak" Jamie moaned as Allison's tongue swirled around his cock head "we are going to fuck you right tonight, a girl with your skills and energy deserves multiple dicks." After a few more seconds without a word Jordan picked Allison up, tossed her onto the bed, and began to throat fuck her, Abdullah immediately lubed his cock up, remarked on the fact that last time he hadn't gotten to her ass, and slid himself in. With that Dedrick laid down on the bed, just like Jamie had done, but he wanted her to ride his cock cowgirl style, while Luke took her ass.

Caught in the Act

fetish wyldechylde 2018-03-13

"Yeah I'm sure." She spread her legs to try and become more comfortable and instantly regretted it, her bladder won the fight to keep the urine in and she began peeing right through the fabric of her pants. A sizeable wet spot was already there and now was rapidly spreading all over her crotch, the stream was also strong enough to shoot right through the fabric of her pants and arc over the edge of the bus bench onto the ground making a loud splattering sound as it hit the dry earth. Brad decided to join in the fun and pulled his pants down around his ankles and began stroking his long cock staring at Jennie's large stream of pee and rapidly growing puddle.

Marrying a cuckodress.

fetish feir 2018-03-13

"Ok, i'm going to struggle on my own, let's get him upstairs." I said, and i actually left all the hard work to BM because i was annoyed that Alex was in no state to fuck me and i felt like throwing him down the stairs by the time we got half way up them. His cock felt sticky, his cum being pushed all over my pussy as it came out while he carried on fucking me made my clit throb like crazy and pumped out my own juices right there and then. I looked Alex right in the eyes and smiled at him, "Yes i did." Alex leaned forward and kissed me, sharing some of his cum at the same time, i'd never tasted him before but he tasted nice.

Panty Pleasures

fetish mandm_bc 2018-03-13

Mike pulled his cock out of my pussy as he came, spreading hot cum all over my stomach and breasts. It didn't take long to figure out that talking about the possibility of having a pair of her panties drove him right to the brink. "Oh Mike," I breathed, "I bet you would like a pair of panties to smell right now." His rhythm immediately quickened, and the way we were angled, he was rubbing my clit with every stroke. I want you to smell her pussy." He put the panties to my face and I took a breath. The combination of seeing me smell her panties and feeling me cum around his cock was more than Mike could take.

French Lessons 'Sur La Toilette'

fetish Richard963 2018-03-12

"Come closer" she said and pulled my head down and at the same time she moved her hips forward. On the Wednesday evening Jeanette came home with a bad back, partly due to her period and partly because she had lifted too many cases of wine that day. Then Jeanette said she had to piss and stood up, moved away a bit, then pulled her skirt up and pulled her pants down. So I pulled out and holding it in my left hand I positioned it against her arse hole and pushed it steadily into her rectum. I would like to say that I stayed in Jersey, married Jeanette and made millions in the financial services market but I returned home, but I returned a MAN having gone out a boy.

He's Growing Up

fetish msxxl 2018-03-12

Turning away Sean thought he heard Tina whisper, "Be sure you don't choke on your words someday." But he couldn't be sure cause right at that moment Mark had shoved an entire handful of popcorn in his mouth and began to choke violently, coughing and wheezing, grabbing at his throat. "But we can go out again tomorrow, I know a great Italian place we can go to, you will love the pasta." Sean couldn't believe that after the meal he had just finished he would want to think about food but the thought of eating with Tina was thrilling. Sean spent the entire day thinking about dinner with Tina and it seemed like every time he took a bite of food during the day he became slightly aroused.


fetish funnforyou 2018-03-12

then the white guy pulled the condom off full of cum and turned inside out in my mouth telling me to eat it all and then sticking his dick in my mouth and having me suck it clean then the mexican pulled out real quik took off his condom and shoved his cock in my mouth till he started shoot cum down my throat i swallowed licked him clean and then my master who had just been whatching was ready to go again and i sucked him and got fucked up the ass till he fed me another load of cum.

A Little Bit of Faith

fetish wellworn 2018-03-12

Description: Mature guy would like to correspond with and possibly meet lady who enjoys role play and/or exchanging erotic emails. One idea I came up with today watching a bit of the Open Tennis on the Sports Channel is that it is a wonderful excuse to look up girls skirts, but a pity they all tend to wear bike shorts these days rather than panties. There are 3 new messages from very young looking Asian girls, 2 Korean and one Japanese. I gently unclasp your hand from my forearm and place it on your inner thigh, giving it a gentle pat, lingering for a short second or two, letting a finger feel the soft flesh of your inner thigh.


Mother-in-Law is Disciplined Ch. 03

fetish tom6432 2018-03-12

As soon as we arrive inside and the girls place their packages down, I notice my wife, Karen Anne, starting to fidget. My Mother-in-law dressed in her schoolgirl outfit had a quizzical look on her face, as she watches the discussion between my wife and my self. I hear an audible gasp from my Mother-in-law, as she can't believe I am treating Karen like a child. "When you are being punished Missy," turning to my Mother-in-law, "you will always ask to go potty and you will use your own potty chair, which will have your name on it. "Karen Anne we are going to have lunch downstairs, but first I want you to double diaper you're Mother and dress her in plastic panties and a tee shirt.

Susuruss Pt. 09-12

fetish Macjay 2018-03-12

Karen, the flight attendant whispered, "If its rubberized rainwear you're interested in I can list a few companies to check out." Kate nodded her acceptance as Karen asked, "Can I try on your mac?" She did, and Karen preened herself, tightening the belt and drawing the hood up around her face, she inhaled the rubber scent. Then I need an umbrella or my hair is going to look like Medusa." They put on their rubber macs, she adjusted his belt while he picked up the room key and they left the hotel to explore. In the ladies rainwear department there was little to interest either of them but the assistant noting Kate's shiny white rubber mac and hearing her request suggested a PVC rain hat and a large clear PVC umbrella.


The Urban Explorer

fetish tarred 2018-03-12

Sam was looking around and stepped on a pipe, unbeknownst to her she knocked a lever, there was a rushing of liquid and she turned around just in time to see Max being hit by a flood of gooey white slime from a valve above her head. It is the quality control machine, it tests all sorts of paints and coatings." Sharon smiled hitting the start button, the machine growled into life and the hooks shuddered, Max started moving slowly across the factory floor followed by Sam. She had a final shudder as she thought of her hair and body covered in tar and succumbed to the inevitable, with a glance into Sam's frightened eyes she gasped, feeling the warm tar pushing against her, driving her under, she could hold back no further and came explosively as the tar embraced her tormented nipples.

Ray Submits Ch.01

fetish Ubiquitous101 2018-03-12

"I find your threat...boring!" Francine said mischievously, snapping the elastic band hard against Ray's cock again, and then she farted a big one into Ray's face. She'd eaten too fast at a fast food restaurant, so she let loose a series of chain-farts into his face, and then slapped Ray's dick so hard it sounded like a loud crack. Who gave you permission to have a hard-on?" said Crystal, and then slapped Ray's cock with a loud popping sound. As Ray moaned loudly from the pleasurable pain, Crystal spun around and farted on his erection. Before he could recover from that intense sensation, Ellen had let loose another fart that swept right into Ray's face and into his lungs.


Pleasures of the Flesh

fetish bodaciousbarbie 2018-03-12

Guttural moans race from her lips as he brushes his swollen cock head over her slit, the fingers of his other hand still working themselves in and out of her body. Her body is writhing and her lips are screaming as he fucks her wildly..his hand causing bright red welts on her ass. AT the very moment his cock begins to sputter in her pussy she howls, her body explodes on his cock as his hand makes one final swat at her ass. "I said I was hungry, and I am ....but NOT for food" With that he blows out the candle nearest the bed and tugs her back down, there in the middle of the night all that is heard is the giggling of two lovers who will once again enjoy the Pleasures of the Flesh.


fetish Kinky_kinky 2018-03-12

I again kiss the tip, this time wrapping my fingers around your base and fluttering my tongue over your opening, then sliding my mouth over the head of your cock. As I slowly relax I feel you slide deep inside my ass, your fingers come to my cunt and slip inside, your thumb on my clit. Your hand now joins your mouth and I feel you slide a finger into me, then add another, circling them inside me before moving them down my slit and over my ass, circling my own juices around my hole, lubricating me. I open my mouth and feel you slip your cock inside, I hear you moan in pleasure as my tongue begins to stroke you.

Antonia's Submission Continues

fetish Turpitudus 2018-03-12

As the strange new hands took a firm grip of my bum cheeks Master walked round to where my head was drooped to the ground and gently pulled me up by the leash. Make sure you have the stamina to carry on though, we don't want her going home empty because you lot have shot everything too early." With that I began to feel hard lumps pushed against me and rubbed over me, but I could not turn to find out who they were or what was happening as Master kept a firm grip on my head within the folds of his leather trench coat.


fetish melissa_ 2018-03-12

Ever since my marriage last year, my sex life has been difficult. My husband is serving in the military and since our honeymoon he has only been back home one time to fuck me. I need my kicks. So far I've been getting my kicks by masturbating while I think about other men fucking me. Or by getting on xHamster and looking at cocks and guys jacking off. Or by playing sex games with Holly – my girlfriend in town. I've decided that all of this stuff isn't cheating. It is only when there is actual contact between a guy's cock and my private parts or mouth that it's cheating. And my dirty mind is always thinking up new ways to get my sex thrills without cheating.

A Maid's Tail Ch. 05: Thursday

fetish T_Silverwolf 2018-03-12

Thursday started like any other day- Kim had been late due to having to climb out her window to avoid old man Vickers, but after she cleaned up the den and did a quick dusting of the house, she started her search for the necklace anew. Kim looked over her shoulder, up at the woman- her employer, her mistress- Sylvia was smiling a crooked little grin telling the maid all she needed to know; there was no chance Kim was going to get any more out of her. Kim did a very un maid like thing;n she slapped the dresser and stumbled out of the room barely upright.

Anna's Milk Ch. 02

fetish yesterdays 2018-03-12

But then I remembered how a look of almost disgust would cross like a shadow over Nick's face a couple of times when he talked about the changes to Anna's body. "Maybe a little," I said smiling and looking up at her, "But it's been one of the pleasures of getting to know you to realize that a woman as beautiful as you can still have a sense of humor kind of like...a guys." "Yeah," Moira said, looking back over at Anna, "I saw him changing Ben's diaper. "I forgot to mention, Moira," Anna said, suddenly getting a very mischievous smile on her face, "That David's been trying to screw up the courage to ask you out for coffee."

Princess Getting a Foot Rub

fetish theboneprincess 2018-03-12

My "slave." My feet have been paining me and I lay stretched out hiding under sheer curtains trying to act like my heart isn't about to beat out of my chest. Slave: I caught her sweet and delicate foot in my hand as it tried to escape, and pulled it close to me. I took a single foot in my hands and gently started to rub my fingertips against her skin. I quickly pulled back my feet and clasped my hand over my mouth and my eyes where wide in horror as I looked upon his handsome face. Slave: "Did I displease you princess?" I slowly began to inch my face closer to her perfumed feet.

Behavior Modification Institute Ch. 12

fetish NancyPan 2018-03-12

"I told Ms. Panington what a good job you've been doing, Tom, and she agrees that it would be a good time to call Kelli," Madam Christina said. "Very good, Tom. I think that she would like that," Ms. Panington responded, "And about your nasty masturbation habit?" From now on, Kelli owns your cock, and she owns your sissy ass?" Madam Christina asked. "He has something he wants to tell you about the orgasm we allowed him to have today, Kelli," Ms. Panington continued. As Nancy was trying to get to sleep, Ms. Panington, Madam Christina, and Ms. Jensen were in Ms. Panington's office and had Kelli back on the phone on a video conference call.

Blue Plate Special

fetish Compliant1 2018-03-12

I became addicted to Internet porn when my marriage ended, but when I discovered JOI, an acronym for jerk off instructions, I knew that I had to have more than the free clips I'd been watching. My husband would get so horny and into his fantasies while we played, but as soon as he achieved orgasm he wanted to return to his normal macho self." Now, let's get started, shall we?" Again there was a long pause until I realized that she wanted me to drop my pants, right then and there! "That's right, loser, when it comes to being pathetic, you are lower than the fag who kneels in the men's room with his mouth open.