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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Smile for the Camera

fetish JustJulieW 2018-03-12

"Jimmy you are too sweet, thank you." Julie took the beers and headed to the table Myra selected. Julie took a large gulp of beer, set her glass down and looked over at Myra. When they got to Myra's block, she reached over and took Julie's hand. "Step into my office ladies." He took what looked like a garage door opener from his pocket and hit a button. I'll pick you up at two tomorrow." At two fifteen O'clock the next day, Julie picked up the phone in the Southside precinct's ladies locker room and dialed the Captain's extension. Myra switched on the TV and there was Julie naked in the shower with the Captain entering right after her.

Becoming Flexible

fetish Rallynoangels 2018-03-12

Talia's firm rear was stretching the thin fabric of her pants and it gave Alex far better view than she wanted from this position. "Come on, let's get dressed." She felt a deep and unrelenting shame as her husband stuffed his unsatisfied cock inside his pants and her body, still covered in Goosebumps, slipped into her evening dress. "Uh, yea, I feel more," he gulped, "Excited." Alex felt her soul slowly being crushed by the weight of Talia's copious assets. "Yea," Alex sat back down and hugged her legs as the naked couple stood, "Yea I think I'm good for now." Her heart was being filled and pulled by the weight of her failure.


The Mistress Shares

fetish UseMeUpLover 2018-03-12

I see her stretch a little bit more to reveal the folds of delicate skin around her sex, a mass of pussy and panty lines that makes my member twitch in anticipation. I wriggle to releases my now hardening dick from the captivity of my underwear in hopes that I may slide it up and down the crack of her ass and dry hump her while my middle finger slides unopposed into her wet pussy to the third knuckle. I slide my middle finger against her pussy through the material of her pants and she pushes back against it making it enter her hot crevice. I need her like a drug, my sexy Mistress who shares her perfect body with her Lover.

My outdoor adventure

fetish 2018-03-12

I got up between her muscular thighs my hands on her tits squeezing them my fingers rubbing her nipples as I slid my dick into her wet pussy, my she felt great not real tight but tight enough to grip my dick firmly as I stroked it to her she was thrashing her head back and forth after awhile groaning and moaning as I started giving her a good hard fucking the harder I slammed it to her the more deeply she panted and moaned, we ended fucking outside of the truck I had the driver door open and her cute tight ass bent over the seat as I stroked it to her hard and fast, her legs began to buckle as she quivered she let out a scream and squirted all over my dick when I gave her ass a stinging slap her head bobbed up and her body was convulsing.

Skinny Bitch Ch. 03

fetish sixyjackoffpot 2018-03-12

"That dress is so cute," she cried, trotting right up to the window and pressing her hands against the glass. "I think we should," she agreed, resting her head on my shoulder, her hand on my thigh, leaning over to lick my ear and blow on my neck. All the while Tracy squirmed, her thin fingers raking through my hair, gripping it as I brought her again to the edge of orgasm. "And you are the girl of my dreams," I said, kissing the nearest breast to my face and giving the nipple an affectionate little suck. I kissed back and wrapped my arms around her, hardly able to believe what I'd just said.

Pam's Public Penalty

fetish Quillman 2018-03-12

A spotlight flashed forward and back across the assemble audience before coming to rest on Pam. Being normally shy, she immediately grabbed my arm and blushed profusely, but already two assistants were trotting up the aisle to help her from her seat, encouraged by the compere and the cheering and whistling of the crowd. For several seconds he simply played with the feather, brushing it against his hand and blowing gently on it before kneeling in front of Pam's elegant and dainty feet. As he was booed and ushered off the stage, the revolving section turned and I had a final glimpse of my lovely Pam collapsed in the arms of the pretty assistants.

Fooled by twins

fetish hornychicken 2018-03-12

I heard the front door open and as I looked toward it I see Kendra's twin s****r Deanna standing there. I bite my tongue, not knowing why she is here in Kendra's place I decide to play along. As we get out of the hot tub and begin drying off Kendra ( Deanna that is ) grabs a hold of my cock and starts stroking it very gently. After relaxing for a bit Deanna slithers around and takes my cock into her mouth. Kendra bet me that you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between us. Kendra looks at Deanna and says I knew you would sl**p with him, I knew that you wouldn't be able to resist.

My encounter with a sexy black, ebony amazon

fetish WRBLondon 2018-03-12

As we got into the taxi all 3 of us sat in the back, with me in the middle and Demi her friend sitting on the right of me, I joked that we were like an Oreo with the way we were positioned, with both of the girls laughing loudly and Demi holding my hand on her lap with her hand, which totally engulfed mine. As we reached her house Demi paid the taxi fare and got out, she rang the door bell and a white man, with a similar height and build to mine opened the door, Demi's friend hugged him and they both shared a passionate kiss, with both of the women totally towering over me and the other guy in their heels, they must have both been close to 7 foot in them.

Panty Man Ch. 02


At the conclusion of the date when any man is readying himself to steal a good night kiss, feel a tit, and/or hope for a bit more with an offer of an invitation for an intimate evening, Norman has something else in mind. "Do you mind if I watch," she said laughing and snorting while making herself comfortable in the passenger seat by turning towards him for a better look of him masturbating. I'd like to see that." He removed her panties from his face, opened his eyes, turned his head towards her, and looked at her. My tits?" She looked down at her blouse and then at his cock again and before making eye contact with him.

The Older Woman

fetish Ledge166 2018-03-12

She was breathing hard with her head hanging back over the bench, her face hidden - her large breasts heaving against the stretched pink fabric of a leotard that looked too small for her flabby stomach and tits that hung over and to the side of her rib cage. I carried on jogging and my eyes were drawn down to the unsuspecting woman's crotch, even through her thigh length skin tight shorts, (which were worn under her lycra leotard), a huge damp patch had leaked through. Her massive tits and big belly pressed against the entire length of my body, Pausing in my licking, I looked at the forested crevice of her arse, coated my finger with pussy juice and burrowed through to her arsehole.

Caught Again by s*s: Part 3

fetish 2018-03-12

Then Steph wanted to know what I thought about her and her friends shaved pussies, now that's it's done, and do I like my cock shaved? She started to rub her clit right after putting a couple fingers inside of her pussy to get them wet, I really couldn't believe this, her pussy looked so fine and she was letting me, her b*****r, watch. After a little bit she asked if I liked being watched, I almost came, I said I loved it, it was a really big turn on. When I was done, she got the last drop off my cock with her finger and licked it, then she took a little lick of the cum and said it didn't taste bad, did it?

Bowden's Creamy Exploits

fetish Gunthur 2018-03-12

But with more confidence came back and found herself enjoying the feeling of his hot, wet, sticky cock in her mouth and playing with his ass as if it were her pussy. The initial shock made her remove her head, but the sensation was too good to go to waste, so Bowden forcefully rammed his cock back in her mouth and face fucked her until she was having problems breathing and swallowing at the same time. Bowden was trying to control himself the urge to come inside her was immense especially with her fingers playing with his ass, God she has learned quickly he thought.

The Best Day

fetish bobbigdonger 2018-03-12

She continued to fingerfuck her hairy snatch harder and harder while this guy's last load of cum coated her fingers and dripped all over the bed. This guy shot such a load, As she walked towards me, his cum dripped off her tits, down her stomach, all over her pussy hair, down her legs, and onto the floor. Then this guy climbed on top of her and began to slowly slide his cock into my wife's hairy pussy. Then my wife climbed backwards onto the chair on top of me, and shoved her cum filled pussy right in my face as she began to lick the tip of my cock.

Filling the Glass Ch. 03

fetish mdp_2004 2018-03-12

I love his cock Bob. But if we want someone to own both of us and control you sexually while he treats me like a whore on a permanent basis, I think we'll need to find someone else." "The thought has some appeal but I also want my husband to enjoy fucking my brains out too" she said softly. I felt like asking her what else she needed from me to convince her I was serious but then she said "I'm sorry I cheated on you." She paused as her apology took hold of my heart. The thought of you pleasured in another man's arms while I watch or even behind my back or you call and tell me it's happening while I'm at the office just turns me on incredibly."

Sensitivity Training Can Mean a Lot Ch. 07

fetish JimAner 2018-03-12

It is tough and you will hate it while you are going through it, but it will be well worth your time."

Jim asked him if he wanted to think it over and bring in a lawyer, but Jason replied, that he was a big boy and that he would just do the program and get it over with. It said the usual that men have to be naked once the party actually starts and that they are the sex objects. Some club members stayed only for the actual party, but couples like Jim and Steve, who did not have children yet, stayed through Sunday afternoon. This was turnabout for the girls; at the party they got to look, and touch, and joke and treat the boys like sex objects.

The Candle

fetish Fritzie 2018-03-12

She had come to the room, at his bidding, and having slowly disrobed in front of Him, stood in position and waited, knowing full well that as usual, he would say in his low voice: 'warmheat, lower your head more.' He was sitting in his chair, hands on legs, just looking at her without a smile-simply staring. Her breathing quickened at the sudden loss of sight and ability to move her limbs, and a hand was placed on her shoulder and a voice near her ear whispered 'shhhhh, warmheart...I am here' Then she felt feathery kisses on her face- forehead, cheeks, brushes across lips, chin. It was as though she was being released.....the pull from her nipples, her stomach, hips,thighs, labia, clit...those sensations were as sensual and almost as painful as dropping on the wax.

Rules Every Man Should Know

fetish 425olds 2018-03-12

When a woman goes out with a confident masculine man, and discovers that he has a small penis, she finds the experience disappointing, embarrassing, and will usually find an excuse not to see him again. When a man goes out with a woman, and they end up in bed together, and he calls her the next day wanting to see her again because he thinks the date went well, but finds that she ignores him, and doesn’t return his calls, it’s usually because she found his penis and his sexual performance disappointing. If a woman says that size doesn’t matter, it’s usually because her husband or boyfriend has a small penis, and she’s trying to protect his fragile ego.

A Lucky Fuck

fetish Dominatrix_Baboa 2018-03-12

"It is unfair that I must put your huge dick in me if you can't do the same so to complete your first challenge you must take a dildo of the same length in your ass!" I searched through my box but none of my toys were big enough. Let the game begin!" Alex was struggling to focus and I guess I wasn't helping because every time he was winning I would reach out and play with his dick. For you to open the door you need to put in the butt plug and insert your dick in this slot and say the password." "What is the password Miss Davis?" "The password is 'I am so horny please let me in'.

Corrupting Vanessa Ch. 02

fetish M_Sirk 2018-03-12

"Vanessa," I said, walking over to the bed, "I want you to have a look a these." I put the magazines on the bed in front of her. As I watched over her shoulder, Vanessa tentatively opened the first magazine to a photo of an olive-skinned girl with long, curly dark hair, reclining on a bed in bra and panties. "I think you like looking at those pictures." I pulled her nightie up over her hips and, without ceremony, slid my cock into her from behind, but in the process accidentally pushed Vanessa off the bed and onto the floor. "Vanessa," I said as I slipped my dick back in and started to fuck her from behind, "I’m going to take some photos of you, like those ones."

Adventures of a Spankaholic Ch. 01

fetish siblingspank 2018-03-12

At the school I used to teach at, making paddles made the students realize that this was not something they wanted to be punished with. Most of the students in the class were terrified, just like Coach Smith intended, but Katie was aroused. It would only be allowed starting the following school year though, so Katie would graduate before students at her high school could be legally paddled. "Katie, do you think that I actually enjoy paddling students?" "Well, if you want, I could try out the paddle for you, so I could tell other students what it's like. I like how the mere mention of a good hard bare butt paddling can automatically give students excellent manners.

A sexy Massage with Kyla

fetish lauren003 2018-03-12

She stimulated my clit with her fingers and soon as I started moaning and as my body tensed up Kyla entered two of her fingers into my pussy and started to finger me while I orgasmed. I moaned from the pleasure of Kyla fingering my horny pussy as I orgasmed, releasing all the sexual tension from my body for a few minutes. She hit up against my pussy walls with the dildo while I stimulated my clit and soon my body tensed up as I started moaning. My pussy tightened around the dildo and as I started to cum Kyla fucked me harder with the dildo hitting my back walls making me moan louder.


fetish spike60 2018-03-12

There, caught in the light, was a young, 20-something shorthaired brunette, wearing a red fuzzy tank top, and super tight and shiny black vinyl jeans that reflected the light of the flashlight like a mirror. Her body was incredible- small, tight, hard, and along with noticing the stiffness of her nipples, felt the cool, sticky, slipperiness of her vinyl jeans and smooth ass grind into my stiff organ. Unzipping my pants, while hers were rubbing and squeaking against the wood floor, she reached in and pulled my completely hard and pre-cumming cock out into the cool night air. When the convulsing ended, she slowly pulled my cock out of her mouth with a nice suckling slurp loud enough to start getting me hard again.

Lust on a Train - Part II

fetish Honeybabe 2018-03-12

‘Wait’ I breathed and releasing her foot, reached down and under my skirt, lifting my bottom off the seat as I pulled off my panties, just a thin scrap of silk. I had them in my hand and my pussy lips felt the colder air, drying my wetness. I stared at her mouth, feeling her breath on my face; her lips slightly open, the red lipstick shiny and sticky; a thread of saliva drawn between her lips as they parted. My heart leapt again as she continued ‘…although I’m gonna be kissing it off your pussy lips before long too’. My pussy gaped under the table as I opened my legs and guided her foot between my thighs.

The Request Ch. 02

fetish stateofdenial 2018-03-12

"This is now day one of your fantasy and I hope you enjoyed that time between my legs, because it's now off limits to you, until you prove to me that you deserve it. "I hope you're going to enjoy your long, hard and frustrating year of teasing and denial." She traced a finger from his lips and down his chest. He followed her back, but his thoughts were pre-occupied of her, mingling about without panties, the key to his cage dangling around her neck. "You better get to work soon, cause I could learn to like this little bugger and then your year could get a whole lot worse." He couldn't believe his ears. It would be a long time before he enjoyed a good nights sleep.