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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Gokkun Gobbler Ch. 01

fetish turbocs37 2018-03-12

He grabbed my head and roughly began fucking my face cunt; shoving his long cock down my throat again and again. At that, three guys stepped up and one immediately began fucking my mouth while another started slapping me with his hard cock. The guy in my mouth started cumming and pulled out after a couple spurts and finished all over my face. By the time it was all said and done, 38 members had sprayed my whore face with their hot cum. I never wanted this feeling to go away; the feeling of hot cum running down my face, dripping onto my chest, cock and legs; the feeling of all that cum filling my stomach.

My Fetish For Panties Ch10

fetish panteeluvr 2018-03-12

I was off the next morning before she awoke, but was pleasently surprised to find a little baggie with three pairs of her panties in them and a note saying to sniff them every night I was gone! I always bring a bunch of new panties with me for just such an occasion and enjoyed looking at her skinny little ass modeling eight differant pairs! She looked up and I said "Hi, I know this is going to sound strange but my friends and I are passing through town, and we're always daring one another to do crazy things, and unfortunatly it's my turn, but anyways, the jerks have bet me $40 bucks that I wouldn't walk up to you and ask for your panties.............I know it sounds wierd, but we're just a couple middle aged guys having fun!


fetish 2018-03-12

"Wouldn't you like to stick your cock in that guy's ass, baby?" She opened up the case of DVD's and while looking for just the right movie, came across my stash of gay porn. I finally took home "A Matter Of Size." My wife and I were into what we thought was some pretty kinky sex at the time like tying each other up, making our own porn. On the screen was a guy with a cock so deep in his throat you would have thought it was going to come out his asshole but it couldn't because there was a pole already sticking up his ass. I had a cock in my ass just like the guy I was watching on the screen.

The Purpose of a Glory Hole

fetish DirtyMeStoryTime 2018-03-12

Fear forgotten in a wash of desire, I imagined a penis poking through the hole, imagined myself getting on my knees to lick it, suck it, tease it with my hands and mouth. I tried a few more times, getting bolder, finding myself in this forbidden place, getting turned on by the sour smell of old pee and other aromas, but I kept failing to find a firm penis poking through the hole in the stall. Deciding that maybe it was time to do less teasing and more pleasing before he started to get suspicious or just decided to leave, I wrapped my fingers around his shaft and put my mouth over his head, pushing back his foreskin with my lips tight around him.

A Changed Relationship Ch. 02

fetish MarthaD 2018-03-12

I was sure that four days of being treated like a queen had more than a little to do with my great mood so rather than waste the moment I decided to share it with my husband by kissing him awake early and getting him to give me a little wake-up sex. She then started asking me a bunch of questions like if I wanted a matching garter and did I know the size and told me there were pretty bra and panty sets to go with it and on and on. The whole time I kept trying not to get hard and this stupid device was killing me and I was forced to just smile and tell her no, that I only wanted the stockings.

Joint Coupling

fetish lilactwist 2018-03-11

I had two fingers diddling my own twat and was feeling heavenly and beginning the slow elegant rise to a silken climax when he pulled away from my lovely Didi, turning her over and gently pushing her onto the couch on her belly, knees on the floor. I bucked into her hand, and halfway through my roller coaster ride, she pulled out again and finished me off with her delicious mouth, tonguing in my gooey girl cream, licking me to an incredible climax, her own shit caking on her face, packing her mouth, and her again clamping my nipple hard.


fetish thor_pf 2018-03-11

She went absolutely crazy, humped me wildly for just two or three thrusts, and then collapsed in my arms, pussy muscles spasming around my rock-hard cock as she orgasmed. I shot load after load into her, so that when I was finally spent and pulled my shrinking cock out of her, a long stream of sperm and cunt-juice ran down the inside of her leq. A couple of beers down the afternoon, Sophie said that she needed to pee again, and with that she just lay down on her back and pulled up her knees. I aimed between her fingers and when my piss hit the inside of her vagina, I saw the spasms of orgasm shake her body and contract her cunt so that a flow of my urine came welling back at me.

The Modern Marquis: Trial of Mary

fetish Thnx2KinkyStar 2018-03-11

Her breathing became heightened, felt the heat of his fingers press into the bundle of ebony hair atop her head. She felt his hand press firmly which caused her head to turn followed by her body rolling on her side as she remained awkwardly bound. The Marquis's gray eyes looked forward at the camera as his lips grinned sinisterly while he held his hand firmly suffocating his petite play thing. He chuckled in her ear once the bed began to tremble from her bodies struggling movements, her legs moved up and down bent at the knees slamming back down against the mattress as her arms strained and struggled against the cuffs and tension cord.

Becoming My Mother's Lover

fetish mymotherslover 2018-03-11

I was still able to enjoy our time together, but after a few drinks I always found myself wanting to stop talking and start fucking! Aunty Christine was another one of my naughty sexual fantasies as a teen, and by this point in the night I was d***k and horny enough to see her as a potential fuck. It's hard to remember exactly what happened but I moved in and we started kissing like horny teenagers, and within a few seconds we had our hands in each other's underwear. Hearing my mum say those beautiful words 'fuck me' was literally a fantasy come true, and we made passionate love for ages.

Back in the cage

fetish redunder 2018-03-11

Yesterday my lovely key holder dropped by to do a unannounced inspection of my manhood, securely encased in a chastity cage. As I saw my wife walk into the room, I also saw and heard my key holder close and lock the dog cage door. Then I watched as my key holder sat on the edge of the bed and said out loud to my wife, “now where were we” And shortly after breakfast I hear I’ll assume the position on the fucking bench where my wife and my key holder will both take turns fucking my mouth and my ass.

The Degradation of Jeanne -

fetish MaitreDeSade 2018-03-11

At other times her orgasmic fantasies brought to her sex-crazed mind images of her husband holding her on his knee before a roomful of masturbating men, his fingers rapidly fingering his slutted wifes clitoris, her black-stockinged thighs spread wide exposing her dripping cunt, her obscenely short skirt pulled waist high. In her lust-filled mind the depraved cock-whore imagined Beau allowing them in turn to empty their heavy balls, shooting streams of creamy cum onto his wifes inflamed clit and into her avidly sucking mouth, while his own huge cock filled the sluts liquid cunt with a copious load of the precious cum she so desperately craved.

Bare Tommy Ch. 02

fetish jane marwood 2018-03-11

Tommy looked at her kindly expression and then towards Miss Hope and Mrs Varna. Tommy looked towards Miss Hope, his face blushing in embarrassment at the thought of what she had done to him while he was being lashed with the strap. He blushed as he suddenly realised that his penis and testicles were on view to the guards while he knelt and shuffled off the gurney onto the cool sheet of the bed. Tommy blushed profusely in utter embarrassment as the girl gently slid her hand down his back and touched the tender flesh of his bottom. Aini spoke to Tommy in English; she felt him shiver as she placed her hand upon the small of his back.

Friends Ch. 03 Pt. 1

fetish FantasyMan021 2018-03-11

Her pussy now left open and feeling empty she began to think that as some point this summer she would have to get one of those close a willy kits, for when Marcus wasn't around to stuff her full of his massive cock. Marcus began to lightly nibble and pull on Jane's bottom lip as they continued to kiss passionately. "Takes one to know one, and if you keep trying to grab my head I might just have to tie you up but then again we have all summer for that." Marcus just looked up giving her a grin then went back to teasing her pussy.

Wet Seduction Ch. 06

fetish threelayers 2018-03-11

The she lent forward and kissed Mary, who automatically responded feeling one of Helen's hands caressing her through her blouse. Then to Mary's delight Helen leant forward and rested her chest in the pool of pee which immediately began to soak through her blouse. Leaning back and spreading her legs wide she felt the pee running underneath her and soaking the seat of her trousers. Then Helen then leant over the table to kiss Mary, as they kissed Mary felt Helen's hand slip between her legs and stroke her sodden crotch. In anticipation Mary raised her head and in the next moment felt Helen's warm pee splash over her face and into her mouth.

A Work Party

fetish satinlvr_mwf 2018-03-11

He hugged me as I welcomed him home with a kiss, and his hands roved my body, feeling the soft folds of satin, and reaching under my skirt to grope my butt. Ron broke soft kissing of my neck, and helped me slide fully onto the bed, and he slid down and used both hands to draw down my panties. My head turned and he began to suckle my neck as he dry-humped me, his long, thick cock rubbing my labia, and teasing my body, making me ready for mating. Ron finished very soon thereafter, his massive thrust driving me across the bedding, my pussy wrapped tightly around his shaft, pulsing along him, trying to milk his black cock of every drop.

Gloryhole First Timer Pt. 01

fetish Urtoy2be 2018-03-11

I scooped up a long stream of cock drool and was about to lick it off my hand when I saw the video light through the gloryhole to the booth on my right go dim. This time with the wetness of his dick and my determination I took all of his hard cock in my mouth and throat. I looked at the screen as a hot blonde was hanging her head off the bed upside down getting a thorough throat fucking from a big hard white cock. Just as I was certain he was about to reward my cock sucking efforts with his hot man seed I heard the door to my booth jiggle behind me and come open.

Undercover Angel Ch. 02

fetish bi_hengst 2018-03-11

Steve asked her a few more questions about Mike but the old lady hadn't seen him for a few days and he wasn't in the car that the woman was driving last night as far as she could tell. Michele responded and allowed the youth to hump away at her, she could feel his hot snake-like penis prod and slither against her thighs and the front of her panty crotch. About an hour after Michele's pink satin panties fluttered in the breeze, eventually coming to rest on the side of the highway, Steve Marshall rolled into Wodonga and met with his contact at the Best Western Motel.

Inpregnation by BBC

fetish Cunt4BBC 2018-03-11

I sit here in my panties, a cute litttle negligegh; and wig awaiting what my black bull will cum and do to me in the next few moments. They want a sexy femme gurl to take their big manly cocks. Its a ritual to prepare ones white smooth submissive femme body for contact with rough thick black cock. On my knees servicing dominant black masters who control my mouth and pussy ass. He throws me onto the bed and i push my head down ass up thats the way black men like it. He fucks for hours the way only bareback black power tops can. Im a little sissy fag slut for bareback black cum. In short i love to be imprenated by black men who have very large cocks.

a very hairy girl part 1

fetish girlsluver 2018-03-11

here i was at the beach, surrounded by micro bikini's and big fake boobs when something out of the ordinary caught my eye.. once her shirt was fully off, a white bikini top gave me an oppurtunity to "size her up" even better, and it wasn't much.. her white bikini bottoms revealed a lot of soft, straight, very dark pubic hair coming out! it was coming out on the sides and there was also a treasuretrail leading up to her belly button, and judging by the amount of hair coming out of her panties i figured she must be on of the hairiest girls or women i had ever seen!

The first adventure of Masha, Silenos and MrCockTa

fetish silenos65 2018-03-11

When Masha wanted to collect quite many delicious fanny -condoms in another church, the sexton has recently caught her. Masha want to give a collection of used condoms, like box of chocolate candies, to MrCockTail at Christmas. Before Masha filled another condom, she wanted to take revenge on the bad ibis which has betrayed her to the sexton. Always when it saw her delicate asshole or her open labia, it got a strong erection and immediately splashed at least half a liter of sperm … In a good atmosphere the three friends, Masha, Silenos and Priapos, together left the place. Since the ibis and the sexton were eliminated, Masha had filled a whole box with used condoms very fast out of all churches of the town now.

Breast Fetish.

fetish Delongdick95 2018-03-11

Anyway We flirt all the time.(I LOVE big breasts) She is blonde and has green eyes. We actually ended up making out a couple of times. So when we left the bar, I told her I wasn't doing anything that Friday and invited her over for a bit. She then makes a joke about asking where the bedroom is the first time you enter someones house. She asks "don't you want me to freshen up a little?" "Doesn't matter." I say ignoring her suggestion. Under her breast and in her cleavage area had a rather musty smell. Still a little d***k she laughed, "See. I gotta freshen up the girls. I actually started to like the smell.

Tub Time to Remember

fetish cockstar666 2018-03-11

She loved to have her nipples played with and she was sure going at it herself there in the tub, pinching and squeezing them with one hand while her other hand was down below. My hand was wrapped around my cock, rock hard, administering long full strokes. I started going a little faster and I could feel my cum starting to churn inside me. I took another step towards the tub and watched as she slid two fingers deep in her pussy. She gave it a quick little slap, then she got out of the tub and reached for a towel. I teased her clit a little bit with the head of my cock; knocking on her front door.


fetish 2018-03-11

Well, when Martin saw Teasing Tammy in her frilly but skimpy pink so dressed, Mistress Susan appeared in the door of Tammy's room. Dressed in a black leather mini-skirted business suit and black patent leather heels, the dominant was as attractive to you to wear it: you're so soft and pink, you almost look like At that moment, Mistress Jennifer and Martin's On Martin's legs went a pair of tight black velvet shorts, The package contained a black bra and panties, garter As I sat again, Mistress Jennifer reached personality to that of Sissy Dani, Mistress Jennifer's lesbian dangling earrings with little bells, and my familiar slave ankle Dani or Daniel you will wear the makeup, earrings and ankle

Ms. Jensen Again

fetish Midnight_Man 2018-03-11

Slowly bobbing her head back and forth Rebecca sucks every inch of my cock into her tiny mouth as her warn tongue swirls madly around the head of my dick. As Rebecca continues to masterfully suck and tongue my dick she runs one hand between legs and grasps my ass while her other hand puts a near death grip on my balls. Rebecca continued to suck my enflamed cock and massage my balls while the tip of her finger gently pressed against my anal opening. As Rebecca's finger slowly slid in and out of my ass and she continued to give me the blowjob of a lifetime, I began to get that feeling.