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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Oh, Mr King! Pt. 02

fetish exaucer 2018-03-11

She was so gorgeous, but then, when I saw her in lots of sexy poses, in very revealing and alluring outfits, wearing lots of make-up and the wig that I had on at this moment, she looked like another person, altogether. Mr King went on about how well he thought the evening had gone, how much I resembled Amanda, when I wore the pink wig and how great he expected the resulting shots to be. "Did you enjoy wearing the pink wig, princess?" he asked, still squeezing and releasing his hand on my swelling cock. Then, I pictured myself dressed like Amanda in the photograph of her sucking on old, Mr Hardy's engorged cock but, instead of Mr Hardy's cock, I was sucking on Mr King's big, veiny cock.


Skiing Tights: Day's End

fetish MFrederique 2018-03-11

"Admit it, you like the way they feel, the way they massage your legs." She placed her thickly gloved hand on the thigh of my ski pants and slid it to my crotch. Every ride up on the chairlift Marlene asked me about the pantyhose: were they warm enough, too loose or too tight, if my cock was comfortable, if they rubbed the wrong way -- or the right. "Spread your legs and don't move." Marlene stepped between my thighs and carefully cut a long slit in the crotch before letting my cock spring free and straight into the velvet heaven of her mouth. And when I was spent Marlene rubbed her cummy face against my pantyhose and while she fingered the tip of my cock.

Jimmy Gets a Girl Ch. 04

fetish ScottWood 2018-03-11

From his new vantage point on the floor Jim was also right behind Tiffany's squatting body and he could see the firm spheres of her ass and the lips of her pussy between them, above which was the dark little hole of her anus. "Our present is on the table too, Jim." Dad said as he held Tiffany's head down on his dick for some deep throat. He slowed down on the vibrator and Jim saw that Gramps was inserting his old cock into Cleopatra's firm ass. Cleopatra squatted, with a pop as the dick came out of her ass, then she shrieked and thrust her hips towards Jim. A huge squirt like a jet of water hosed from her pussy and splashed all over Jim's cock and hand.

My Stepdad

fetish keen2trybi 2018-03-11

I urged him off me & had him stand infront of me, still seated on the lounge, I grabbed his firm meaty buttocks & brought his erection to within an inch of my mouth, I smelled my cunt & my mothers pussy juices on him then licked his shaft & balls as he moaned, I wrapped my lips around his knob & sucked in long slow motions, fondling his balls as he played with my soft supple breasts, I head his low maoning orgasm approach & i felt his cock spasm in my mouth, then the familiar & enjoyable tatse of semen erupting over my tounge, filling my mouth & coating the back of my throat.

Fat Bottomed Girl Pt. 03

fetish eviltwin52 2018-03-11

So I knelt there and jacked off, finally cumming into a wine glass Sheila graciously held at the head of my cock. Bev reached out and like Sheila has done to me many times, toyed with Mike's cock until it grew to it's full intimidating length. "Johnnie, stop playing with Mike's cock and come to me please." I went to my lady embarrassed at her words, even though I was doing what she told me. I stayed in that position, my ass facing Bev and Mike, lost in my lady's cunt. I swallowed the lump in my throat when Sheila told me that she's like to watch me give Mike a nice sloppy blow job.

Doing Her Duty

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-03-11

Anne stood to one side as her husband, Councillor Brian Timpson, laid his wreath at the town's war memorial and a bugler played the Last Post. As they approached the church, Brian squeezed his wife's hand and gently whispered "Are you alright?" Forcing a smile, Anne replied "Yes. I'm absolutely fine." Brian knew his wife well enough to be sure that she certainly wasn't 'fine' by a long way. By now Anne could feel herself beginning to lose control and a large spurt of pee escaped into her panties as they crossed the Market Place. Anne wasn't quite sure how she felt about Brian's comment "you were at your best and didn't let me down" although she knew what he meant and, for once, bit her tongue.

A Little Tease

fetish bill2335 2018-03-11

I start to let out deep low moan as I feel your lips slide over the head of my cock. When you go back to talking on the phone and your hand starts to caress my balls and the underside of my cock Stopping occasionally to turn the page of the magazine. After a minute or so I can no longer her you talking on the phone all I can think about is how good your soft hands feel on me, and how bad I want relief. As your muscles start to tighten around my cock I feel your hand squeezing my chest, I open my eyes and I can see your head leaning back as our moans get louder.

Michael and Elle Pt. 02

fetish Justbecause1011 2018-03-11

"I don't know." My head is turned away so I don't see him get up, his hands on my arms pulling me up is my first indication that he moved. As my hands slip under the waistband of my panties he turns me to face the bed, and then as I ease them over my hips I feel his hand between my legs his fingers seeking and then sliding into me easily. Pulling his lips from mine he turns me to face Michael where he's sitting, I smile at him as Jason's hands slide around my waist moving up to cup my breasts through my dress. As I'm moving against him he pulls his lips from mine and says softly "Not so fast, I need to feel you cum on my tongue.

Marking His Territory

fetish Savages_slave 2018-03-11

Smiling as he takes a step forward, his cock bouncing lazily as Vilani reaches down, pressing his fingers into a wet slut cunt, stroking a minute until the girl's knees threaten to buckle with the sexual tease…"What do you want whore?" drawing his fingers up, Vilani waits to pinch, twisting hard on Leigh's aroused clit before asking the last question, "What does my little cumslut want?" Glancing at his crew members, some who are rubbing their crotch lewdly as they watch the debased display of sexuality, his answer is final, "No, not yet my precious whore." Taking a step closer as the stream trickles away to nothing…"Later, I promise." His words a soft whisper of delight and menace as he reaches forward, drawing the girl close to his cock head, the tip glistening with golden drops of piss.

The Wife's Dare

fetish qudduse 2018-03-11

Curious and overcoming my embarrassment of Alexis having sex with me in front of her friends, I dared to fully open my eyes and saw a third girl finger fucking Alexis’s tight ass with an exquisitely long finger. She let out a moan when he started squirting precum against her unprotected tight anal entrance and then her unprotected sex as he continued to thrust and then Alexis let out a loud gasp and I watched as more than half of his cock disappeared into my wife’s tight pussy! Trevor - I watched Alexis as she grunted again and this time she let Khan slowly slip out of her well fucked pussy with a prolong schlepping noise and a final pop!

Microkini Fan Bikinis

fetish MicrokiniFan 2018-03-11

So when I got settled in my new house, it was just like old times again having Erin around. About a third of the way done, I ran inside to get my sunglasses and I noticed that she was lying on the pool deck wearing a new yellow thong bikini. I could feel my dick starting to stir with the thought of seeing her in that tiny wet microkini. I kind of got it for the both of us, since I know how much you like tiny bikinis," she said." I still plan on wearing it Saturday night for the bikini contest, if you're OK with that." Erin stepped close to me and said "I think you're hot too, and I've been having some thoughts."

Tight foreskin in the massage parlour

fetish 2018-03-11

The first time Ben came to us he was very embarrassed and reluctant to show himself, as I handed him a towel after his shower, I asked him “are you a clean boy then”, (I said that to all our guests), and he blushed! I saw many men with many different cocks, and I have to say that I always got a slight thrill peeling back a slightly tight foreskin, I loved to see the gland pop out, and I was always amazed that I could sometimes push the skin so far down that the tight ring was by the balls.

Sharing Ch. 02

fetish thetoy 2018-03-11

Whoops, gotta run!" Pulling up her suit pants, she blew me a kiss on her way out, as I remained kneeling, looking at her with love and confusion. "Yes, he knows all about kelli, and he loves the idea!" She moved up and down on my dick as she felt it wilt a little, bringing it back to rigidity. "He wants you to watch him fuck me, and we talked how I'd laugh at you and how pitiful you'd look." Miranda was beginning to pant, and her pussy was liquid heat. Afterwards, I cleaned her sweet pussy of what she called my sissy cum and fell asleep with my head nestled between her thighs, her soft hand on my hair, and the smell of her surrounding me.

Subway Adventure

fetish SheDevilShay 2018-03-11

They are so virginal like." Joe laughed and gave a hard tug on my left breast and I moaned out loud. Guy reached down with Joe watching and slowly slid a slick finger into my hole. "Damn she's a real piece of work; I don't think I can wait much longer to fuck her." Joe stated as he stared at my dripping wet pussy, and reached down to fumble with his zipper and release his cock from his pants. I lost control, I jerked on Joe's cock and shoved him into my mouth as Guy got my ass and pussy all wet with his tongue.

Gloria's Panties Ch. 05

fetish murphybrown537 2018-03-11

As I thought about Gloria spreading her legs in the pink plaid skirt, and me catching a glimpse of the little pink panties, she would be wearing tomorrow, I came. Gloria's legs were spread slightly, so when she exposed her panties I could see the soft pink cotton wrapping around her entire mound. I ran my hands across her soft pink cotton panties, one hand moving forward so I could trace her mound with my thumb, while the other reached behind and cupped her sexy little ass. As Gloria turned around, I pulled my hands away and admired the look of her cotton panties. Although I said I'd be gentle, I was over excited and without thinking, I drove my cock into Gloria's pussy a little harder than I planned.

Daddys Little Whore pt.2

fetish 2018-03-10

I sat up and gasped when I found that my shaved pussy was still red, swollen, and fully on display before Charlie, leaking what looked like the last of the syrupy mixture of my own and my father's cum into a dark spot on the carpet. My body opened my eyes and my lust-filled gaze settled on Charlie who simply sat in a kitchen chair and watched me getting anally fucked by our father. I got some new lingerie from my father and a double-ended dildo, which part of me gushed over and thanked my Daddy for as my slut-slave mind imagined possibly having both ends worked into me, my pussy and ass simultaneously filled.

Caught Again by s*s: Part 2

fetish 2018-03-10

Then she got up, went over to the grass, arched her back a little bit, spread her pussy open with two fingers and by god, a stream of pee shot out almost as far as I could do it, I couldn't help it, I started laughing and told her that was really hot. Then Lexi asked Steph why she wasn't shaved too, her answer was she didn't know, just never took the time. As I started to jack off, they all got quiet and just watched, then Lexi asked me to come over by her and she started to stroke my cock for me, Terece turned towards me and started to play with my balls, they really knew what they were doing.

Sir's Choice

fetish rebel_angel 2018-03-10

Sir pushed her off him, moving her into a crouch position over the sofa, he pushed his fingers into her pussy, making her wet all over, dragging his nails down her back, playing with her anus with her pussy juices, he then started licking her anus, fingering her pussy, then he stopped, instead pushing his cock deep in to her ass, a cry passed her lips, as he fucked her hard, “this is for coming without asking, for being a dirty little cum slut”, “yes Sir, thank you Sir”, he reached round rubbing her clit as his cock filled her ass.

Sun Hee Ch. 07

fetish metalimbic 2018-03-10

In some ways it felt like Sun Hee was leaving me behind, and I was beginning to feel an anxiety that I couldn't shake. At least then, I knew not to let my hopes up, whereas now all I could think about was Sun Hee's naked body, the smell of her pussy, the heft of her tits, and the feel of her wet kiss against me. I told myself Sun Hee deserved to have some fun with friends after studying so long, but at the same time my feelings were definitely hurt. I still felt the phantom touch of Sun Hee's cold hand squeezing my balls, a sensation that soon gave way to the wild imagination of each of the girls performing a similar inspection.

My adopted 19 year old sibling

fetish lovesexallkinds 2018-03-10

I slip my head back and pull her titty out of my mouth and using my fingers in her ass and pussy and my other hand on her shoulder I pull her back down. As I talked her into relaxing and getting balls deep in her while she was on top, I continued, this time with two fingers in her ass, talking in her ear, asking how her ass got so loose, she explained she has stuck alot of things in it, she had been fucked in her ass since around 4 until middle of her fifth year and CJ, our 21 year old b*****r and her used to fuck around when she was 12 or so and he was 14.

My Fantasy Pt. 01-05

fetish kitten1964 2018-03-10

Oh, how it felt, to dance in the nude, our bodies sliding along each other...then as we got fully aroused, and the music built to a climax, we fell back on the bed and had hot, passionate sex...I remembered every detail...the way it felt as his huge cock plunged into my wet, swollen pussy, the only sounds our breathing and the hot, syrupy jazz flowing around us, binding us in a peak of ecstasy as we both climaxed over and over to the last few notes of the song. I hear my lover moving around the room...the clink of glasses...the sounds of various liquids being poured...I wonder, what will happen next?

Feeling Inadequate: The Antebellum Cuckold's

fetish DickLover59 2018-03-10

And so, he had often thought 'Who really is the Master here?' At such moments, though he would often feel an aching in his heart, he knew that he, himself (which was at the very root of the fear of many Southern slave owners) was 'inadequate', sexually; which made him inadequate AS A MAN, as well!!! But instead of being angry with her, he had come to accept that it was actually HIS OWN INHERENT INADEQUACY---AS A HUSBAND, AND AS A MAN, that had ultimately driven Nancy into Samuel's arms. By the time he arrived at the outskirts of Atlanta, he was certain that Nancy would soon, in fact, very, very soon, be carrying Samuel's baby!

Music Box Diva

fetish Akito01 2018-03-10

I can lay back, the music box ballerina slowly turning, and I would drift off to sleep. She rose up again, arms still extended, and raised one leg above my bed, slowly turning herself so that her foot hovered over my prone body, leading it upwards towards my chest. I looked at the ballet shoe I held in my hand, at the slender well turned foot it sheathed, and the stark white nylon covered leg it extended from. With one hand cradling the back of her head, some of her long blonde hair spilled out from it's bun, and many of the small flowers that once adorned her hair now lay on the bed sheets, crushed beneath our bodies.

Unintentionally Wet Vacation Pt. 01

fetish xinycep 2018-03-10

Zoe looked up and saw the fasten seat belt light flick on, moments before a brief jolt shook the plane. She had no choice but to grab herself, despite the fact that Jason sat looking straight at her; had she not, she knew she certainly would have lost it right there in her seat. "Look," he said, "it doesn't look like you're going to make it another 40 minutes regardless, so your options at this point are basically to hold it until you lose it, or try a pad. She felt an unwelcome chilling sensation as her bottom lost heat quickly in the sopping wet seat; her shorts and panties were around her knees; and her pee soaked pad lay soggily between her legs.