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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Revealed in Dance Class Ch. 02

fetish luvsatn 2018-03-10

The summer after my eye-opening, fetish-creating dance class I was invited by one of my classmates, Eliza, to join her and another classmate, James, for a long weekend on Cape Cod. I had become good friends with both and was comfortable around them in a special way engendered by the unique class experience we had shared. Over the long bus ride to the Cape, as I recalled the times James, Eliza and my other classmates had enjoyed with each other in dance, I couldn't help but become and remain aroused with anticipation. It strained and stretched the soft elastic fabric as it probed up toward the waistband, and the details of my circumcised cock were clearly outlined for James' view as I gave him a turn.

BBW Curious II -Coffee with Leah

fetish zergio 2018-03-10

She looks past me at the wall, and says, “ It was amazing, but we can’t ever let that happen again.” “Yes, it was amazing Leah, I couldn’t believe how powerful the passion was. It feels like time stands still as she looks me in the eyes with her mouth open now gasping back a sensuous breath of relief. My head slowly works down to her belly kissing her chubby rolls, tops of her thighs, and I snack my way down to her pretty little toes. Her breathing is fast and I lick once right between her lips , up with my tongue and circle a bit around her clit and then start to suck on it nice and hard.

An Email to My Kinky Lover

fetish sexbot8 2018-03-10

I roughly kiss you and bite your lower lip hard and slip a leash around your neck, and say: "Don't worry, the evening will only hurt a little." You exclaim that your roommates might be home; I don't want to hear your whining so I duct tape your mouth shut. I reach out and hold your dick so when I catch any pre-cum, I make you suck it off my fingers and then tell me how much you like watching. I yank your leash that you're still wearing so your mouth is centimeters away from my tits, and as I grab for purple, you quickly start sucking, licking, lapping, and eating anything finish on my glistening body.

All Tied Up With Lasting Love

fetish CatzMeow007 2018-03-10

We left the party last night and you wanted to come back here because you said your apartment is so lonely these days. With his expert hands, Alan began to massage her legs. Leaning back on his knees between her legs, he lifted her les up slightly and plunged his raging-hard 9-inch cock into her. Samantha was bucking her hips and screaming "Fuck me hard God damn it!" Alan continued slamming his cock into her pussy for ten more minutes before he felt that familiar feeling. "Sam, I'm going to cum soon," Alan said as he tried to pull out. With that, Alan began slamming into her cunt as hard as he could, with those full breasts bouncing all over the place.

The Princess and the Assassin Pt. 02

fetish thecloned22 2018-03-10

Celestine grabbed and pawed at Eltra's breasts, and she broke her kiss to suck on the sweet nipples. Both women grasped each other's hands, as Eltra braced against Celestine's support so as to better rub their pussies together. Eltra's pussy was quite literally oozing a constant stream downwards, and the juices flowed, as if controlled by some unseen force, right into Celestine's pussy. Eltra lay beside Celestine on her right, and the two held each other close again engaging in a passionate kiss. As Eltra's right torso and Celestine's left torso began to pull together, the transformation forced them from laying on their side to lying on their chests side to side. "Did..."Celestine gasped in between the waves of pleasure as their body came to the final transformation.

A dare and my x

fetish 2018-03-10

John tought about it for a while and then said rather shyly there was something he fantasised about and wouldn't mind giving it a try if i was up for it.Basicly the idea was that he would like me to put on my new short black skirt,hold up stockings,white see through silk panties and my white blouse and then ring my x and ask him if he would like to go for a spin and a chat as he had being pestering me for a shag ever since we broke up nearly two years ago.The plan was to tease him,wank or blow him if i wanted too and let him fondle me,and then come home and while john fucked me i would tell him everything that happened.Cool i tought deffo up for that.So got home showered,shaved all be it for a little landing strip mike my x loved to see that through sheer undies put on my new clothes and heels got a glass of wine and text mike.fancy meeting for a chat need to sort things out i text and after what seemed ages i got a reply,sure where and when it said.Collect me when you can and we can drive around and chat whenever your ready and text me once your outside as i dont want john to know what were doing.

Ruth and Wendy Pt. 03

fetish JenniferWilson 2018-03-10

Ruth climbed on the bed, still in her latex nightie, and straddled Wendy, she ever so softly caressed her face and neck with tender hands, Wendy wriggled a little and moaned, "That's nice Ruth, more please." Ruth slowly edged her hands down to Wendy's breasts and with just a little more pressure fondled them whilst at the same time kissing her on the lips through the latex hood. "Keep going Ruth, this is fantastic." Ruth's left hand slowly, very slowly eased its way down Wendy's black shiny body to her crutch and again with just a little more pressure fondled her pussy through the latex, Ruth could feel the latex sliding over Wendy's love lips as they were well lubricated from the juices liberally oozing out such was her arousal, and kept up the slow circular movement of each hand, one on her breast and the other on her vagina.

Male Sexual Massage!

fetish Bi_Siamese 2018-03-10

Canola oil has no petroleum products in it and is "green" enabling you to use it on the entire body including inside orifices safely. Make sure your lover has showered and washed his cock, balls and especially his anus inside and out. If you wish to take a shower with him starting the massage early by rubbing your soapy body all over his. He needs to know that you are in charge so began pushing your "cock" all the way into his ass. Reverse positions and continue massaging him with your oily body. Swallowing his balls, wash them with your mouth and lick them with your tongue to finish the ultimate sexual massage.

Vessa Ch. 02

fetish L86L86 2018-03-10

Alex did it slowly, stroking her legs as she pulled the fabric up and kept rubbing her body all the way up until the dress was over Vessa's head. She said that word with so much longing that Alex looked deeply at Vessa and took the other breast in her mouth. Alex moved her hands away from Vessa's clit and instead started rubbing her body. When Alex had her fill of my wife's body, Vessa pulled her up and started peeling off the white dress. "Please, I just want to see myself grow like you and it's so hard to find someone when all you do is fly every day..." Alex said to Vessa.

The New Neighbour Ch. 01

fetish PerilEyes 2018-03-10

"I'm back." He didn't say anything more because well, he wasn't sure what would come out if he tried to tell Paris right at that instance. Paris put her arm up and pointed a finger at Gina and shot her the fiercest look. Only," She got right up to Paris now, "I won't be as easy to knock off cunt." Her red lips curled up in a confident smile Come Joe." She turned and left leaving Brad and Gina staring at eachother. "And I know he," she pointed down to the tent in his pants, "wants me here too." With that she sauntered through the threshold, making sure to close the door behind her before advancing on the married man.

young girlfriend shared bbc

fetish sturgisharley 2018-03-10

I wanted to see my beautiful young lady fucked by this black man. I looked at our new black friend and said I cannot let home d***k. The black stud grabbed her hand and started moving it up and down on his cock. I could see his giant 12" black cock disappear in her beautiful pussy. Then she pulled her hand from my cock and held on tight around his waist. But still it hurt a little as I watch the black cock fuck my young girlfriend that I loved dearly. Soon we were all laying on the bed guietly as I kissed her and told her it was the sexiest thing I had ever seen and that I loved her.

The Incredible Rape

fetish SoftOne2Touch 2018-03-10

But you see young lady, I want more than money or a car. "No, NO!" I screamed, trying to pull away. Now reaching for my jeans, trying to unbutton them. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter with each exploration of my mouth with his. He moved his head now and started licking my clit. He was moving his finger in and out and licking lightly, almost not touching. I was nearing climax and he then put the little knot into is mouth and sucked lightly. He came forward with a thrust and entered me hard. He came forward and entered my mouth. "Here it cums!!" he yelled, bending back, thrusting forward into my mouth.

A Seduction at Dinner

fetish ladyfeetlover18 2018-03-10

but then the foot moved to my hard cock, and started rubbing it slowly.. it just felt like heaven, and I didn't even want to resist it anymore, I just left her to rub my hard cock with that soft - tho surprisingly big - foot. I wanted to look down and see her sexy foot as she rubbed my throbbing cock, but I thought I would look very weird if Tim noticed that I'm looking down at my cock.. He had a very wide smile on his face and he put his other foot on my cock and started giving me a footjob with both of his feet..

Mom & Aunt Dick Sucking

fetish SafeSexting 2018-03-10

Then she and Barbara sat down on the couch and mom said "Okay, your turn!" My cousin let out a nervous laugh while I just looked away. Without anything being said, Robert and I pried apart the waistbands and slid down our shorts, letting our young, hard teenage cocks bounce out into the air, bobbing up and down freed from their confinement. Me and my cousin were breathing heavily while we masturbated to the sight of our moms sitting there rubbing their clits; and they, too, were panting and moaning at the sight of their own sons fisting their young cocks. I was shocked at first and I thought Robert's eyes would bulge out of his head as he watched open-mouthed as my cock disappeared down mom's throat.

Safari of Depravity Ch. 03

fetish scatwoman 2018-03-10

At the same time, the Elder screamed in Dylan's ear, reaching around and pulling the rings in Dylan's tits, squeezing the new growth of breast as Dylan felt his massive, thick cock throb even thicker with each explosive burst of hot black jizz flooded Dylan's guts. If Hannah couldn't chug it fast enough, if she spilled a single drop, the wife would spend the next hour with Hannah bent over one knee, her other foot stepping on Hannah's head, planting the white girl's face in a massive pile of zebra shit, forcing her to eat it while the black woman spanked her ass savagely.

Black Cuckolding Dreams

fetish bi_hengst 2018-03-10

While riding Harold's dick, I berated my fiancé Eric/Erica the Black Sissy Slut, called him a faggot, a pathetic excuse for a man, a punk, a sissy and a slut. My forlorn fiancé Eric/Erica the Sissy Slut looked so deflated after watching me get fucked by Harold that I decided to brighten up his spirits. Nodding sagely, Erica the Black Sissy Slut fastened her full lips to Harold's thick white cock and began sucking it with gusto, just like a good slut should. Once more I was alone with my fiancé Eric, who happily took off the accoutrements of his alter ego Erica the Black Sissy Slut, and thanked me for a wonderfully twisted, downright disturbing but ultimately fun-filled experience.

Derry’s Hairy Wish

fetish beez1717 2018-03-10

The genie's jeans hugged her legs perfectly so there were no wrinkles in them and were tucked into chestnut colored Uggs - a look I always found super sexy when a hot girl wore it. About half way across the food court we were stopped by a bunch of kids about 15-16 making fun of an older girl because she had size D breasts, and because she wasn't able or willing to grow a big enough bush or armpit hair. So the big Boy likes his girls with nice thick armpit hair!" She raised up her arms a second time and pulled on the soft pink hair.

Masturbation Survey

fetish VeeVendetta 2018-03-10

At what age did you start masturbating? How many times a week do you masturbate? In the bath? Every room in the house? A friend? A friend's spouse? With left hand? With right hand? With water from bath? Pictures? Straight sex between man and woman? Age play? Have you ever masturbated to: Have you ever masturbated to: A chat room dialogue? Exchanged stories or pictures? Been caught masturbating? Masturbated for a man/woman? Masturbated for the same sex? Masturbated in a group? Masturbated for a video? Play with nipples/breasts when masturbating? Insert something or play with your ass? Insert something in mouth when masturbating? When was the last time you masturbated? Are you going to masturbate now? Are you a masturbation addict?

Chicken Fettuccine

fetish Soaked G 2018-03-10

I gave the cabbie a big smile, opened my blazer and looked down at my tits. I then lowered my mouth to my tit slowly, some of the cream sauce dripped off of my tongue onto my noodle covered nipple because I left my tongue out while I did it. I decided to shock him a little and turned with my blazer closed, but with the thick cream sauce still clinging around my mouth and replied, "Fucking hot!" I held the strips and fucked with them while I kept my pussy lips and hole open wide while rubbing my clit with my thumb. My legs opened as wide as they could be, my big fucking titties heaved when I pissed and came.

Being Naughty

fetish DrmWvr1052 2018-03-10

My left hand has spread your thighs even more and my fingertips move back up toward your navel only to leave your skin there and come crashing down on your swollen pussy lips with my thumb extended and falling across your exposed clitoris. I take my left hand and push three fingers inside your pussy from the top and, as my fingertips rub against your g-spot on the top side of your pussy, I spank my own hand and drive my fingertips harder into you and hard against your clit. The fingers of my left hand dip into the pool of your sex juices on the table top and then find your asshole; the middle finger pushes slowly inside your backdoor rubbing against the fingers of my right hand deep inside your pussy.

Fun with the PC Repair Man

fetish 2018-03-10

However, this time when I discussed this fantasy with my wife I used the pc repair man to fill the stranger part and I began to tell her how I would like to watch her tease him and then take advantage of him while I was sitting on the couch watching and enjoying the show. Once it was ready to I began to rub some of the astro-glide on her sexy little asshole and massaging it as I continued to watch and listen to her moans of pleasure from riding Travis’s cock. Then as Travis and I began to work both of our 7 inch cocks in and out of her pussy and ass her moans also began to increase and we both could see her muscles beginning to tighten up, and we knew she was fixing to cum.

Daddy's Bad Girl

fetish geronimo_appleby 2018-03-10

As she lay across his lap like a rolled up carpet, her voice muffled and indistinct because of her head lolling close to the floor, while her hair hung over her face, Jessica repeated: 'But I want you to touch me there.' Afterwards, the old man, following his climax, would stand there with Jessica's knees still hooked over his arms, with her training shoes on her dangling feet, and watch as his diminishing erection slid out of her. This time the man merely stood, held his erection in one hand and opened the girl with the fingers of the other and nudged his cock at her opening. While the slapping of their bodies sounded like hand claps in the tiny bedroom, Jessica, with her buttocks rippling from the rhythmic beat of the old man's forceful drilling, taunted him with her words.

The Poker Party

fetish cockster21 2018-03-10

That night, Kristen had invited 5 friends over for our poker game: Dave, Catherine, Alex and Vanessa. I never played against Catherine or Dave, but I can tell you Alex is as good as me and Vanessa is at the same level as Kristen. As soon as Vanessa saw Dave's rock hard cock, her eyebrows raised and she touched her mouth with her left hand: "Kristen, I want you to get under Vanessa and eat her pussy while she is blowing Dave," Catherine ordered her. Catherine pulled Alex's cock out of her ass and hold it with her right hand. Kristen, go suck on Dave's cock for a few seconds, make sure you taste your boyfriend's juice then guide Dave's penis back inside him," Catherine said.

Tgirl Hooker pt6

fetish 2018-03-10

Emma pulled the plug out of me and then started to lube up her already hard monster cock 'are you ready?' she said and before I could answer I could feel the tip of her huge head pushing against my hole, I could feel every my mussels relaxing and slowly gripping her and with every movement entering me more, Emma would then pull out and start again never allowing the hole of her head inside me, this went on for a few minutes and finally I felt my my ass mussels cup over the lip of her head and she then just stopped.