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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

An Appointment With Doctor Wells

fetish crimson175 2018-03-10

She pulled his foreskin back and forth over his glans a few times, causing his cock to start swelling, and lightly probed his urethra with a gloved fingertip, smearing a drop of precum over the head. Theresa moved in close, wrapped a gloved hand around his shaft and stroked it a couple of times. She squirted a large glob of lube into her palm and stroked his cock as she continued pumping her fingers in and out of his ass until he started to rock his hips in time with her thrusts. As Gary concentrated on the new sensations in his ass and tried to relax, Theresa stroked his hips and backside while offering him gentle words of encouragement, momentarily slipping out of character.

Milk Sow Ch. 09

fetish InYourDreams 2018-03-10

The first week of her life as a permanent milk sow was nearing its end, and unlike last time, ginnysow realised there was no going home in a day or two. Matt explained to her that now she was registered as one of their sows, they no longer needed her consent to make use of her body for farm business. She felt excited and a trickle already formed at her opening as she contemplated the prospect of the farm manipulating her body for its own purposes, making sure she was a good sow, her body working for the good of the farm.

Wife gets Even Butt I still Win Assplay

fetish 425olds 2018-03-10

She told me how it looked like it might be time to goose the gander and slid her wet finger into my butt-hole. Not only was I coming too soon, I was doing it while trying to stab her tightly clamped beaver The few days when I was actually the master of my cock I could lay pipe and screw her deeply for extended periods of time. She emphasized the importance of lube while thrusting strongly into my ass in an imitation of how clumsy I was trying to violate her all those times. At the moment our hot sexy neighbor was getting an earful of nasty butt sex talk.

Mom Sent Back to School Ch. 14

fetish StoryTeller07 2018-03-10

Janice thrived in the role reversal, doing a good job of looking after the apartment, and her supposed daughter, better than Rose had. Going back to school was a hideous idea, so Janice had to force her mother into being a schoolgirl, to take her place. It was amusing seeing her mother acting like a nervous young girl, as the woman had come to believe she really was a schoolgirl. 'Sorry, mom, like, didn't notice I was doing it, you know,' Rose said. 'You let two boys touch you intimately?' Janice asked her mother, sounding shocked. 'Like, I'll have to really be careful with boys!' Rose said, and they laughed together. You know how to dress, so take the skirt and top off,' Janice told her mother.


Doin My Toes

fetish peachy_pussy 2018-03-10

I wanted to do my bitch later, cum off her tits and down her throat, then tell her she couldn’t play wit my boobs cause they were sore from Brandon’s fucking… Tee hee hee… She would go the Fuck off and spank me till I creamed again, probably. I grinned and whined under him as he pumped, “Don’t tell Morgan, Ok?...,” I begged, “Don’t tell her that you made me your cum-whore… aright?” Even thought I was trying to save my ass, I knew that he got off watching my innocent face beg with my boobs squeezed underneath … I rubbed his nose n lips with my blue toes..

Recruiting a Harem

fetish fetishfanatic 2018-03-10

The gagging and choking noises were explosive, as was the torrent of drool slipping from Molly's obscenely stretched gullet, but Sulaiman could feel his cock begin to spasm as he felt not only all of his prick shoved down the curvy slut's throat but a soft tongue tickling his scrotum. As the lithe Arab blushed, the curvy Iranian disengaged her fist from her companion's gaping rectum and replied "If it pleases you my lord, we both find Ayesha very beautiful, but we were both put off by her huge tufts of sweaty hair at her armpits and crotch, and by her stinky body odour."

Menstrual Love Extreme Mess

fetish hotpup 2018-03-10

Lola called Brenda and Carol earlier that day to tell them that her flow was just starting. First there was Carol's as they were easiest to get to; then I played with Brenda's boobs and took her nightie off over her head before sucking a little on her pleasure melons. As I suckled on Lola's monster jugs Brenda came over and squeezed my member and announced, "Bring your drinks and let's go to the other room where we can be more comfortable." Carefully I pulled the panties off the rest of the way and told Brenda, "Disgusting, god damn disgusting, your cunt hair is fucking disgusting and I want to suck it clean." As Lola gave in and positioned her cunt over Carol's mouth I stuck my tongue inside Brenda's pussy.

My First Shaving Experience

fetish mindfuck 2018-03-10

Nurse Susan smiled and said 'I bet you're real sorry.' Next she took more shaving cream and smoothed it on the area below my member and onto my balls. Nurse Susan didn't respond but focused her attention to shaving my balls, using one hand for the razor and the other to hold onto my cock a little firmer now, moving my swollen member up and down and side to side, tightening her grip with each movement as she carefully attended to my balls, releasing my cock to use her fingers to feel for any lonely hairs. Nurse Susan put my hands on the just shaved area feeling the sudden soft smoothness.


fetish 2018-03-10

She began to face fuck me often and loved to squirt in my mouth I never complained I could suck that beautiful pussy 23hours a day! She would come back d***k and fuck me real good Id be getting the pussy and ass and shed start telling me about Tim or Jacks long thick cock and this and that. Lauren likes to be gagged on cock Mine is the perfect size for her small throat She likes me to shove her fucking face down on it until she almost pukes Or well sometimes yea she pukes. Im gona tell Tammy to come over and fuck Lauren in the ass with her dildo (which she loves) while she gags on my cock.

Losing My Footjob Virginity - True Stroy

fetish cocoboi 2018-03-10

I began to see that Nelly was very straightforward as she openly told me about the things she loved to do like sucking cock and having her hair pulled while she’s sucking, her favourite positions and she even mentioned that she’d done footjobs. At the same time she began to rub the underside of my cock head with her toes and the ball of her right foot. Then, as she squeezed my dick head with her toes she softly said, “I’m gonna make you cum SO hard my foot virgin. I better clean my feet off.” As she said that, she lifted her right foot to her face and started licking and sucking my cum off her toes.

My golden shower debut with Marcella

fetish Hangdog90 2018-03-10

That was cool, I knew then we were going to go an fuck and not waste any time. We got naked there in the living room and we fucked on the couch, in front of the fire on the floor, and standing against the staircase. My cock was hard as a rock and I had blue balls - I knew I would only come after a long night of fucking. I knew from experience how many pleasurable nerve endings lit up like a fireworks display on bonfire night, when anal caresses were delivered well. I went to my room to crash, it was 6:30 and we had been fucking for over three hours, It was a marvellous feeling, my cock was sore but sated.

Beach pt2

fetish malesub01 2018-03-10

I took my time painting the rest of the picture, watching her every reaction to the story of those first hot kisses with her boy Nick, followed by the mutual cock rubbing, both through jeans and then unzipped, with hard flesh in hands. I slid out from the side of the bar, and knowing that her body was sheltered from others’ peering eyes, I looked down, gently pulled her digging hand from between her thighs, and sucked her own cum from her fingers, letting her know it was the way Nick sucked my cock.

Not your typical gnagbang/bukake scenario

fetish darquepervert 2018-03-09

After your evening out (or even just getting dressed!), you are blindfolded You hear the first grunts from one of the guys and feel the shots of cum as Then you hear scissors, and feel as someone cuts away the section of dress Meanwhile, another male shoots his load on another part of your dress, this Once again, the section of dress is cut away, and the cum is smeared on your This time you get a smear on your tongue, which is wagging out, as a One-by-one, all the guys cum on your dress and cut away the stained material As more of the dress is cut away, you get a splash of cum on your bare skin or your stockings.

How? 01 Fetish

fetish fyrestarter 2018-03-09

Lips found their way to Lissa's nipples once again and she arched her back, trying to force her firm breasts and achingly hard nipples deeper into the sucking mouth. They'll see that you fired me to try and keep our sex life a secret and you'll be the end who's life goes down the pan!" All the while she was talking, Stacy's pussy was getting closer and closer to Lissa's face. Reaching down her tight 22 year old body, Stacy parted her lips with her fingers and pressed her wet pussy towards Lissa's mouth. Lissa had absolutely no control over her body's reaction and was immediately thrusting her hips up, needing to feel the vibrator on her clit once more, in her pussy, anywhere.

A Bike Ride to Remember

fetish girlsweet42006 2018-03-09

my hand slowly drifts down and I can feel an erection. I quickly move my hand up to your thigh and immediately begin stroking your cock through your pants. "Baby, I want you." My heart was beating so fast & hard at the mere thought of sucking your cock. I see you stroking your hard, thick cock. Just the feel of your cock in my hand... God I love the way your cock feels. There is nothing I rather do than suck your cock & have you cum in my mouth... So here I am pinching & pulling at my nipples & there you are stroking that beautiful cock. I wanted to feel your cock throbbing in my mouth...

Manager's Mom's Used Panties

fetish sniffpanties 2018-03-09

Time is spent shuttling between the office and home, with drinking sessions sometimes after work as a means of socializing with the top management. I had not sniffed any new panties in quite some time recently due to my busy work schedule. My pre cum was leaking for the second time as I licked his mother's dirty panties. I was very tired by now, so I hurriedly wiped the floor with toilet paper before tip toeing back to the kitchen to return the panties to the washing machine. The best thing was, whenever my manager piled me with work this week, I was thinking in my mind, "I know what your mother's cunt smells and tastes like." It was a fitting reward for the busy rat race worker.

Shy girl gone bad

fetish 2018-03-09

In what seemed to be recognition to this, the man’s eyes narrowed, leaving Jasmine feeling embarrassed, left the platform without even looking up. When the pleasure faded Jasmine got out of the bath and toweled off feeling a bit guilty that the golden eyed stranger had made her cum more than thoughts of her man. “Your punishment will be to pleasure this man in any way I choose” As he said this Jasmine could feel him grow more and she let out a soft moan, that only seemed to make her harder. “No” said Marvin “you will not have any joy other than to make me cum” With that his eyes flashed a supernatural light and Jasmine watched herself, eyes glowing cum over and over until again in the mirror until she passed out.


fetish bronyaur67 2018-03-09

"Just fine, like always," Joanne said with a warm smile. Brian's been talking about adoption recently, but I don't think I could stand one of those things running around the house all day long." As he said this David scrunched his face up into a humorously disgusted look. Howard instinctively shot a glance in her direction, and then turned back to Joanne, feeling slightly guilty about his wandering eyes. Watching them pedal off into the distance, Joanne suddenly felt like she did as a child walking home from school, when she crossed the railroad yard against her parents wishes, and stopped to gaze down the tracks into the unknown.

Becoming Her Wife Ch. 06

fetish Scribler 2018-03-09

"Yes my love I clean my self out for you before I got dressed." I told her she spread my ass cheeks and for the first time ever I felt her tongue on my hole. "I know this is tight, but Josie said I had to get the back panels to meet or the dress wouldn't fit." Tanya then had me lie on the bed on my tummy and used her knees for leverage to get the corset tighter. That's why Tanya had to get the corset tight on you." She came to me and went to kiss me then stopped and said." No I don't want to spoil you make up till we get the pictures taken.

Story attempt 1

fetish LilyJessica 2018-03-09

Cautiously, she wrapped a hand around his shaft and stuck her tongue out to taste him, licking a bead of pre-cum off the tip of his cock. He continued fucking her mouth, forcing his cock down her throat and holding her in place. Wrapping his hand around hers, he moved it up and down his cock as she continued to lick and suck his balls. She didn’t pull away, instead, she wrapped her lips around the head of his cock and began to suck harder. He smiled, pausing for a moment as her waves of pleasure subsided, and then began alternating between fucking her with his tongue and sucking her clit, making her even wetter.

The british Lord Part 1

fetish Headmaster-Michael 2018-03-09

Lord Chamber’s cocks bulged out the front of his trousers when the young girl climbed out of the cart, the front of her dress opening up to reveal a lovely set of tits. How little is she?” Lord Chambers moved close to Matilda, but not before he pushed the cane under Sara’s chin until her head rose up. Why don’t you show lovely Matilda what the cock of an aristocrat looks like?” This would be fun, pitting one s****r against the other, both of them vying for his sexual favor. It was bad enough that Matilda was half-naked in front of Lord Chambers, but now Sara was going to show her his organ.

Roommate's Revenge

fetish Catisfaction 2018-03-09

As I watched her head bobbing up and down on his prick my hand slid down to my wet clit and I began rubbing myself, my eyes never left the screen as slowly Tony began removing Gillian's clothes. He pushed her to her hands and knees, and as he knelt behind her he rubbed his cock along her wet slit, she began begging him to enter her, I couldn't believe how much it turned me on hearing her beg and plead him to fuck her, to bury his prick deep inside her. The cool glass was a shock to my hot wet lips and as I thrust it in and out I felt my orgasm welling up deep inside me, just as I began to cum I looked at the screen again and realised that Tony was pumping his load into Gillian too.

Tits Have Benefits Ch. 03

fetish naughty_bi_interest 2018-03-09

As I sat on my chair in my short multilayer miniskirt I thought I noticed some guys trying to sneak a peek at my panties and mentioned this to Chris and Ann. Ann said, "Oh yes, you will have to get used to that, when you are as hot a chic as you are you will find a lot of people checking you out, believe me, the three of us together are like a magnet for just about every man in the food court, and not just every man." "You see that young high school senior over there," I looked where indicated to see s slim dark haired girl with cute b cup tits, "she has been trying to catch a glimpse at your panties ever since you arrived.

Addicktion Ch. 01

fetish Rhus_Radicans 2018-03-09

It was times like those, as she moaned with delightful passion, sending vibrations from the warm heaven of her mouth through the thick,throbbing piece of meat lodged in the depths of her mouth, that she liked to think of just who the man beyond the wall might be. Whenever she had a chance, a moment in time to herself, where she could sneak away, she did so, coming in search of that desire to live dangerously, to be free and unchained from the burdens of her life at home, of the stresses at work and the demands of being a wife and mother. For moments she continued to nurse upon it, savoring the lingering taste, relishing the scent and feel of him between her lips before he ever so slowly pulled away, disappearing into the black depths of the shadows in his booth.