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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

I rescued my neighbours Pantyhose/tights from the

fetish badgirlnrugrat 2018-03-09

YOU CAN RUN UP A TAB!” again laughing like a hyena, she then asked to use the loo, flaming cheek i thought you only live up stairs and now i wanted her to go as she had humiliated me enough, also i needed to get rid of the protrusion between my legs that was still encased in nylon and lace, but i said “yes!” and she went to use the loo leaving the door open, as she did i noticed that she lingered in pulling down her tights/panties and actually pulled them over her feet as if taking them off, then she did she took them off, she finished peeing (i love hearing ladies pee) she then pulled up her skirt put her shoes back on in a very sexy way and with tights and panties in hand walked straight towards me bare legged and handed them over wafting them under my nose and said “HERE YOU HAVE THESE ON THE HOUSE!

Ben's Submission

fetish Moonchino 2018-03-09

I have always been intrigued by what it would be like to be with another man – particularly what it would be like to feel the weight and warmth of another man’s cock in my hands, on my face, and in my mouth. “Um, Larry, I am sorry, it is me, Ben, from next door.” I replied, having a hard time looking into his face, and wanting to melt through the floor. He was very close to me – he placed his hand on my panty covered ass, and gave my cheek a nice little smack. “My name is Ben,” I said, as I slowly turned around, my hands on my nipples, my cock projecting out in his mother’s panties.

Class Reunion

fetish Dakota_North 2018-03-09

Because he had that thought in mind, Graham didn't notice the smile on Jim's face as he remembered the times he'd spent in Jody's company, and he even felt a slight twinge of jealousy directed at Graham, for he knew that guy got to enjoy Jody all the time. Although his wife lay sleeping a few cabins away, Jim did nothing to stop Jody, instead letting himself lean back against the headrest as he felt those wonderful lips wrapping themselves around his cock for the first time in years. Even Graham stood back out of the way as Jim thrust his cock through Jody's hands into her waiting mouth. Jim and Graham watched as Barry worked his cock between Jody's tits, wrapping them around his slick shaft.

...your old apartment....

fetish 2018-03-09

Do you want to see how pretty you are, Slut?" I take your hand and make you stand and look at yourself in the mirror. "Do you like dressing like a whore?" "Yes, Mistress." "Do you feel sexy?" "Yes, Mistress" "Do you feel ashamed, slut?" "Yes, Mistress" "You enjoy dressing up, don't you?" "Yes, Mistress" "Do you know what would please me, Slut?" "No, Mistress." "I want to completely humiliate you. I want you to stand here before me and satisfy yourself knowing that the only thing you did, was dress like a slut. that cock is going to cum because you dress like a slut. Stroke that cock, knowing what a whore you are." You start stroking faster, shy from enjoying it and unsure if you should hide the pleasure.

The Perfect Feet

fetish KittyFlower 2018-03-09

"I will drive you to my house so we can have even more fun then we will in a car." At that he slides his fingers out of her wiping her juices on her leg leaving a glistening line all the way down to her foot. Her foot slides off his lap and sits by his door still allowing him to play with it as he pleases. He drives her closer to climax as he lets himself be driven mad by his raging hard on, He has to show his gratitude of her allowing him to play with her feet before he will give himself the pleasure of burying his cock deep into someone with such perfect feet.


Curious About Being a Girl

fetish silkthongpanties 2018-03-09

I bought a white lace garter belt with white silky thigh highs stalkings and a sexy little white silk thong. I started swallowing as much of his tasty seed as possible but some dribbled down my chin….as I came up he used his finger to scoop the cum off of my chin and he fed it to me….he said we were close to his place and he put his cock away…..I frowned but he just grinned at me and said the night was young and he had some more surprises for me so I grinned knowing in my head what my surprise for him was! We were kissing each other and I started rubbing his now harding cock again.

in the woods

fetish drkprince572 2018-03-09

i am lost in my pleasure, lying back on the sun warmed grass, slowly stroking, my other hand toying with the plug filling my ass, as she draws closer, and closer, to see this spectacle as she comes closer, a branch breaks, and i start in surprise, and cum, filling my shiny black sheath, turning around to look and see who has found me enjoying the feeling of the tight sheath gripping me and sliding on the layer of cum and lube inside as i thrust into her from behind, gripping her curvy ass cheeks, spreading and lifting them up as i drive my rubbered cock deep inside

Shelby Strode's First Spanking

fetish Totzman 2018-03-09

Shelby and Emmy continued down the hall, slowing their pace somewhat as they could feel Judy's eyes burning into them as they walked away. If it weren't for her father's life insurance policy paying the way following his death five years earlier, Judy would not have been able to attend this school. "Well, Judy tells me you were very disrespectful to her, and that you've been disrespectful to her for the past three years," Lightner said. Judy just wants to be respected, so I called you down here just to let you know that," Lightner said. "Yes, her father did, I've got it right here," Lightner said, checking the consent form on his desk once again just to be sure.

SSBBW Encounter - part 6 - The seduction

fetish plumpling 2018-03-09

As I unlocked the car, Tom made his boldest move yet and pulled her into the back seat with him to, as he put it, “keep him company on the ride home.” She squealed a little in protest, and looked to me for a bail out, but I just agreed that it would be a good idea and we got in the car for the ride home. I was working those tits in earnest now, squeezing and shaking huge handfuls through the bra, pushing them together and asking Tom to watch. Tom continued his relentless sucking and then he would release his grip, and lap at the red swollen nipple with the point of his tongue while I worked the flesh of her breasts.

Gold Lounge

fetish missjoy3 2018-03-09

She lifted the cigar to her lips and drew deeply, rolling the smoke around in her mouth before letting it slowly leak out and up along her cheek, visually appraised the pretty waitresses in the skimpy uniforms... "He likes this?" and Joy breathed, "Very much..." His fist gripped into her hair, and he said, "I'm happy to help out my fellow man." He swiped his card and opened a door, and a familiar Aria room appeared dimly in front of her. She dropped her bag on a table and turned to him as he asked her "Do you have another cigar you'd prefer to smoke, or would you like one of mine?" She lifted her eyebrows and replied, "Whatever you'd like." He produced one from a pocket, clipped it, and handed it to her.

GFS Bestfriend pt.2

fetish 2018-03-09

He pushed her panties to the side, exposing the crack of her ass, but also the swollen lips of her beautiful pussy. Charmaine was just walking into the store, having no idea that at that instant her boyfriend's face was buried in her best friend's ass, licking at her helpless cunt! Liz grabbed the other side and helped him push them down, exposing her sexy ass and helpless pussy. Charmaine was walking by the neighbour's house when her boyfriend slid his penis all the way into Liz's vagina and came. Liz scrambled off the counter, pulling her panties up her legs and grabbing her shorts. Danny managed to avoid kissing his girlfriend until he could wash the smell of Liz's wonderful cunt off his face.


fetish MommyToni 2018-03-09

This needs to be in your little hand at precisely eight o'clock Friday night. "There are beautiful young girls your age..." They know nothing of what I..." He paused to let his dark eyes travel over her form. The crimson lace bra and panties he'd removed from a white box and gingerly handed to her. She remembered his written instructions implicitly. But the more she remembered their meeting, the more clearly his face summoned in her mind, her body's response was overwhelming. She imagined his ejaculation inside her to be copious and excessive, and the thought spiraled her into wave after hot wave of orgasmic contractions... When it was over and she could breathe again, something odd and tiny and shiny caught her eye.

I'm Easy pt2

fetish 2018-03-09

My wife likes to fuck and she does it a lot. her pussy right over my hard dick. She would be in my bed when I got home from work or between her pussy lips I'd get real hard and we'd have a bedroom then I could get in my wife's pussy! About a week later she was real hot one day. old son and they'd both fucked her a couple of times wife dresses real sexy and flirts with them when they Her pussy is kept wet by the guys next door, she is fucking my buds a few times during the I'm a lucky man to have such a sexy wife to dip my dick

Introducing Summer and Winter

fetish milkyheart 2018-03-09

The glass near the door needed to be filled with semen and while I had initially thought that that would be nothing but a time consuming act to be completed by myself I now realized that the source was embodied by five blind folded young men who were now kneeling in a line about fifteen feet away from me and the door. I held my face over the cup at the door and slowly let the semen drain out of my mouth into the glass, being careful not to get too much saliva mixed in as I knew that Winter would most likely frown upon that.

A 45 second BJ

fetish 2018-03-09

'Dont listen to her', he called back, I just laughed, it was not the first time she had told me he had fantasized about fucking me, then being last summer on the beach, when I went nude in front of him, there was no denying it, as his cock swelled-up, clearly showing arousal. 'Oh Fuck Mariel', he groaned, and I turned my head to see him wanking his cock, my hair being entangled in it, 'John', I said and I turned a little more to face him, as he took hold of my hair and thrust into my face. Vicky came back up and stopped at the head of the stairs, as I brushed past her, sperm clearly showing on my face, I made no attempt to clean it, and it started to run as it separated.

Tinkle Bell Ch. 10

fetish Many Feathers 2018-03-09

Wear something like that to a class, and whoever the professor is, male or female...well, I seriously doubt they'd find it very easy to conduct a course with you sitting there dressed the way you are now." "I'll tell you all about it on the way to your next class," she said giggling a little, adding..."that was fun!" "Yes miss!" Doreen said totally subservient to her now, bending over, her bare ass exposed as Bella walked up behind her. "You mind telling me what the hell that was all about?" I asked still damn fucking confused, with a wet palm where Doreen's cunt had come all over it.

Pimping Ch. 02

fetish XXXerxes37 2018-03-09

Her first instinct was to demand my exit but I remained inside her arse without moving and gradually the initial pain wore off and before long she was again begging me to continue. After Chloe moved Chantelle whispered in my ear the she wanted me on my back on the carpet immediately after she withdrew the strap-on temporarily. Whilst I had been screaming Chantelle indicated to Chloe that she should move over my face in order to let me suck my cum out of her arsehole. Chantelle continued fucking me with the strap-on and at the same time engaged in a long set of kisses with her twin sister.

Night Stalker, pevert of note...

fetish sexysonofsam 2018-03-09

I go down on you a bit harder and softly start nibbling on you clitty, while inserting two of my very wet fingers into your pussy, curving them upward toward the front of your mound whilst massaging the outside of your mound with my other hand stimulating your "G spot" and licking your clitty all at the same time, I feel you shuddering beneath me and realise it is time to fill you with my fuck loaf...I insert my thick erect cock slowly and are murmuring as you are gagged as well and cannot speak clearly, I make out the sounds to "Fuck me", Fuck me" Hard...I know that will be to easy to succumb to your request and continue to slowly fuck you...only allowing half of dick to enter your warm wet pussy...

Punishment & Passion

fetish texashiker2003 2018-03-09

He held her head with both hands and kissed her hard on the mouth, forcing his tongue into her throat. He put the vibrator aside and cupped her breasts in his hands, enjoying their softness, and he kissed each clamped nipple to further stoke her excitement. She felt him wrap her thighs around his face and she began moving her hips up and down to increase her pleasure. When she was ready, she pulled him on top of her and told him, "Fuck me now, Mark, bury your cock in me and fuck me hard." He pressed the head of his cock against her open lips, and she moaned loudly as he filled her with his size.

Stripper Tease

fetish chatbug 2018-03-09

We played the whole day when Valerie brought home the vibrating cock ring. The vibrating cock ring lets Valerie tease me when she's at work. I took the vibrating cock ring out of the dresser, plugged it in, and buckled it on. Valerie turns off the cock ring, leans over and kisses me. Valerie blows smoke in my face while I suck on her nipple. After she finishes her cigarette, she pulls her nipple out of my mouth and sits up on the bed. After a while Valerie tickles my cock and asks me, "Could you taste the cum, darling?" Valerie gets up on her hands and knees and licks my cock. Valerie licks and sucks my cock like an ice cream cone.

Steve to Stevie to ?? Ch. 07

fetish gbr2004 2018-03-09

Knowing what will happen if I don't, I start begging, "Please Mistress, please fuck me in front of your friend." Thinking about how big she is but so scared, "I want to feel your big, black cock in me," I tell her between sobs. "I want you to cum when your Mistress cums Steve," Ms Hunter tells me, "cum from being fucked hard like a faggot bitchboy." "It's time to cum for your Mistress, Stef, time for you to come like a bitch, with no one touching your worthless cock," Mistress tells me pulling my hair hard. "Yes, even for virgins like Stef," Mistress says, "but it will close up nice and tight so it will feel good for the next cock."

Martina's Diary: 24th July, 2011

fetish 2018-03-09

11:00 Rang Ed because I was feeling sexy after seeing my new friend at church again. I've discovered that Ed is very forgiving with me - even though I think he knows I am seeing someone else - which makes me like him. And I know that Ed likes me in black pantyhose and skirt, looking quite formal, so that is how I decided I would look when I opened the door to him. On the advice of a friend, who thought I might fail my nursing exams, I bought myself a toy thru mail order, and so now whenever Mum and Dad are out, and I have suffered disappointment and need a little consolation, I pull it out from underneath my clothes cupboard and use it.

Caught with s****r in laws panties. Part 4

fetish flynn888 2018-03-09

Amy got down on her knees in front of me placed a hand on either side of the knickers and pulled them up slowly I felt her face close to my rock hard cock I let out a little moan. "I want you to wear them all day" as I went to take them off Amy opened her mouth and took my cock into her mouth and all the way into her throat. "I'll take that as a yes but seeing as your not here i'll just have to find a substitute" Amy let out a huge moan, I could feel pre cum starting to build at the end of my restricted cock just listening to her getting herself off was nearly enough to make me cum.

Goddess Lube!

fetish depositdutchess 2018-03-09

Goddess Lulu's beautiful smile lights up her ebony face, her juicy wet lips licking a falling trail of spit clean while you stare, following her tongue and wishing it was yours licking her clean instead. Letting her perfect juicy lips instruct you to lick and swallow while her sticky toes, filled with spit press and move together and away. Slave shuts up and immediately starts lapping up every last drop like an obedient jar, being filled by sweet stickyness that Goddess Lulu's juicy lips provide. Slave loved seeing Goddess Lulu lick her lips and pucker them, forcing the clear sticky substance from between them and seeing her blow bubbles with her spit.