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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Married Receptionist With Me

fetish coolguy2020 2018-03-09

I explained the situation to her and she laughed, she said she was on her way to the beach with some friends and wanted to change into shorts and a T-shirt she had closed to door, not expecting someone to come out from the loo knowing we were alone in the locked bedroom, I don’t know what got over me was her beautiful sexy body or the beer. I was pulling on her nipples and fucking her tits furiously each time I pushed up she bent her head down and got about half of my cock inside her mouth.

Peeping on my neighbor

fetish 2018-03-09

kyle continued to stroke himself stopping sometimes just short of cumming. Kyle turned the movie off and taking my hand lead me back to the living room. I turned the porn movie back on and stroked his erection slow and full. I slowed the stroke to an almost stop but kept a firm grip on his erection. The guy on the porn movie was begging to cum and I intended to make Kyle do the same. Kyle's erection glistened from the oil and his cum. Kyle begged for me to let him cum and that's when I started polishing the tip of his erection. The smooth feel of his hairless body and muscles, the oil and his cum felt good in my hands.

Sexy indian niqabi/hijabi

fetish darkromantic1975 2018-03-09

The idea of performing my prayer naked for an infidel had turned me on so much that I could not control my orgasm. The thoughts that made my pussy leak like a faucet was his fantasy of watching me pray naked. Infidel: I only want to see them hanging down from your naked body when you are praying to my white cock I had been expecting it to be a normal prayer with John watching but all I could see was his huge infidel cock and this immediately caused my pussy to flood with my pussy juice. All i could think about was that John wanted to see my big tits hanging forward like this.

Wearing Her Panties

fetish panty_fetish 2018-03-09

After such a long time of my girlfriend knowing that I love her panties and like to have her wear them while we fuck like rabbits, and that I love for her to take her silky or satin panties and wrap them around my dick while she jerks me off, we did something a little different the other night... Instead of taking off her little thong panties off that I thought had felt so good, I got on top of her and slid right in to her with the accompaniment of a loud moan. While wearing my girlfriends little thong panties, I unleashed deep inside of her one of the most complete orgasms I have ever had.

Nothing is free

fetish klammer 2018-03-09

Finally as Anya left the room she pointed at a red button next Suddenly Anya stopped and said, "Your nails are not long enough my room for the rest of the week please Anya," I said. produced a bag and removed from it a large shiny black latex glove. what appeared to be a very shiny black latex catsuit and said, "This will women who had offered me the free one week stay at Hotel Modification. remove a black full face latex hood which she pulled over my head and summoning Anya who duly arrived wearing a black latex catsuit like mine. "Natalya 11 is checking out," I said "please remove all traces of my stay

Forcing Perfection

fetish ThomasElliot 2018-03-09

I set up cameras and a computer in her room, and started a website so people could watch me and my titanic body fuck the tiny woman with the steadily growing tits. "Yes Master." She seemed very pleased with herself, and I had to admit I liked the idea of being able to cause her to orgasm at any time, just by grabbing her tits. I played Pussy down and climbed on top of her, fucking her with the full length of my dick while she kneaded her brand new, and newly sensitive, H cup tits. My balls were massive, and hung extremely heavy, now each the size of a cantaloupe, and once again almost as big as Pussy's positively tiny tits.

Atlanta Gloryhole Part 1

fetish 2018-03-09

I heard the door close and the un-buckling of pants in the arcade on my right and instantly, got down on my knees on the cold floor. I could see a tall white guy with short dark hair and a beard with his pants down and his hard cock in his right hand. Soon, the head of a smooth cut cock poked through the wooden hole. I licked his head and was working his about 3inches in and out of my mouth, when he said “suck it deep bitch” . I stroked him deep with my lips, tongue and mouth as I repeatedly took him to my limit. I put my hand on his base and used it along with my mouth to pleasure his rock hard cock.

He Restrains Her

fetish TheProfessorX 2018-03-09

The first thing she felt was the feel of his strong hands on her stomach. The hands were warm, quickly replacing the chill she was feeling from the fan. She felt the cold over her entire body, while the moving hands spread a warmth in their wake. She felt his rock-hard cock hovering above her mound. She felt his body slide forward, and then he ever so gently kissed her mound. When she lunged forward, this time, he allowed his cock to run along her slit, just lightly sliding between. She could feel the warmth of his cock, like a hot poker inside her. Feeling her spasm around his cock, he began to slam in and out, in the same frenzy she was giving into.

I Think We Should Talk Ch. 02

fetish ruuddog 2018-03-09

"You know I am going to have to come up with ways to punish you other than denying you orgasms since that is what you wanted in the first place. "Just squeeze my thigh when you want to too start and stop and when I am done I will let you have an orgasm." I felt my hand move to the inside of her thigh. "Be sure you stop me when you need to swallow we don't want to make a big mess." I felt my fingers tighten up on her thigh as I moved my mouth into position.

All in the Family Ch. 07

fetish PeggyBuxton 2018-03-09

Her long black hair, braded and casually tossed forward over the professional black business suit jacket and the white blouse, sometimes distracted observers from the shapely form of the single leg, a black shoe with a moderate height heal, extending from the knee length black skirt. A woman lifted her left hand slightly as she looked at Martin. Like 'Man wanting to be amputee, seeks interested younger woman'." Tia giggled and glanced at the other three. Mona let her eyes travel over the woman's white t-shirt that did little to hide the enhanced - almost too much - breasts and the fashionable unfaded blue jeans with one pant leg trimmed neatly about the hip missing all of its thigh.

Confirming that I am a cuckold!!!

fetish stevehouse 2018-03-09

Clare and I had a babysitter for the evening, Wayne and Sarah had done the same and we were all having a great time. I left Clare, Sarah and Wayne at the table guzzling wine and enjoying themselves. Clare's dress had been lifted up at the front and Wayne had his hand in her knickers! Then they kissed passionately as she started to slowly wank him off, his hand still buried in her pussy. I continued to watch and enjoyed the sight of Wayne's tongue filling Clare's mouth. Clare's dress was lifted at the front again and Will had his hand in her knickers, roughly rubbing and fingering her. "Mmmmmme" was Clare's reaction as he started to deliver long stokes into her sopping wet pussy.

Conquering Your Fears

fetish blackstallion21 2018-03-09

I have read countless stories about girls that can do this, but I have yet to come across a guy that has the balls to aim his cock in the right direction while pissing to be able to swallow his own bile. but this way might be a little harder for a girl, just in the aspect that your urethra – your piss hole, for the dummies in the crowd- is located inside your vagina) friends, and potential love mates at home! In this particular case I couldn't chug the contents, or even finish the container, but I came twice well after the fact, and I have a sore cock because I beat off so hard after I got home just thinking about what I did!!!

Scatmanda Ch. 01

fetish Richard58 2018-03-09

You feel the soft creamy brown mess sliding freely out of your anus now and put your finger into the moving mass. And then you look up into Amanda's eyes, down her chest and tummy and down at her now raised skirt, her hand and fingers holding the front of her panties down. "If you don't raise that up right here into my spread open quimmy, my little darling, I WILL tell!!!!!!!" Her fingers pull them apart and you raise the handful of your poooopy mess out for her. She reaches down to take hold of your hand and PULLS it up against herself and starts to masturbate herself right there in front of you with YOUR hand and with YOUR shit up in her gash!

Maid to Serve Ch. 01

fetish Nate_Walis 2018-03-09

Though took some effort, Eleanor quickened her pace and rounded another corner on the path so that the man was lost from view. A black Range Rover with tinted windows stood silently no more than a few feet from the end of the path and the men quickly hauled her into the backseat, the first climbing in beside her and the second making his way round to the drivers seat. The centre of the room was taken up by a table with a metal surface and it was onto this that the masked men deposited Eleanor before stripping off their coats and hats and pulling off their gloves to reveal hands covered with the same material as their heads.

Victoria Ch. 01

fetish BonViv 2018-03-09

Since then two or three times a week I would kneel between her legs and run my tongue over her pussy while I jerked off. I knelt between Victoria's long legs and plunged my tongue into her savory cunt. "That was wonderful, lover." She sat up and leaned over, kissing me, plunging her tongue into my mouth and licking the pussy juice off me face. "I want you to fuck me in the ass with your tongue," she said. Strangely, I was not really disappointed when I realized that she wanted my tongue rather than my cock in her ass. I knew that's what I wanted to do, kneel between her legs with my tongue in her sweet ass.

Just A Swallow Away When You're Ready To Play

fetish BJcumcraver 2018-03-08

I pulled away slowly and looked thru the hole to watch him shoot his last load into his hand. I eagerly took the warm cum filled condom and placed my tongue into the sweet hole tasting the stud sperm of this horny cop. I watched the cop starting to pull up his pants but instead of putting his cock away, he quickly slipped it into the glory hole. I continued sucking his now hard cock until he shot another hot warm load into my eager mouth. Awwwww!“ He continued to moan and gasp with excitement and pleasure: his young body slapped against the wall as I welcomed his gushing hot spurts of cum shooting to the back of my throat.

Cindy has a sailing lesson

fetish 2018-03-08

As we reached the room, Cindy sat on the edge of the bed, and asked me to help her undress, wasn’t about to refuse, I slid her shoes off slowly, and rubbed her feet a little, then she asked me to unzip her dress, she stood up, turned round and as I slid the zip down she pushed her bottom towards my crotch, I slid her dress down and she stepped out and turned around, looked at my cock and said “I think you need some help undressing as well” with that she pulled my trousers down and grabbed at my cock.

Daily Pet Duties

fetish mdspet 2018-03-08

I know my Master is fully awake when he starts using his hands to press my head against his lap to drive his now fully erect cock deep Into my throat. I'm not trying to get him hard again at this point, just cleaning him up and making sure he knows how much I love his cock and servicing him. Master loves to feel my mouth around his cock while watching Stick move in and out of my ass. He left the vibrator running deep in my pussy then kissing me as he worked his way up my body, pausing to kiss and suckle at each nipple then laying his full body weight on my as he kissed my mouth and told me how much he loved me.

Next Door Panty Play

fetish kebbyman 2018-03-08

I was in dirty panty heaven and was getting ready to blow my load all over my wife when she took the panties from my nose and held the gusset open under my pre cum dripping cock and pulled a HUGE load out of me into the pussy stained panties that belonged to our neighbor. I unzipped my pants and began stroking my rigid member with the sticky yellow ones and again sniffed the crusted gusset of the pair I had just found getting even more excited knowing big Bill liked to jerk off and bust a nut into dirty panties like I did. I looked him right in the eye, held the cum stained gusset of his wife's panties under my nose and sniffed so hard I thought I was going to pass out.

Beach sex as daddy rubbed oil into me.

fetish Fridagirl 2018-03-08

'You know I like it Daddy', I would reply, without looking at him, like a proverbial ostrich, with its head buried in the sand, these fingers touching my body, belonged to a fantasy lover, not my own father, that's why I never turned r looked at him, 'Do my bum too', I suggested very throatily, my thong string offered little coverage, so there was a lot of flesh on show, but even so, daddy peeled it off slowly, and I squirmed even more, as it dropped onto the sand.

The Game

fetish AnotherBoredMan 2018-03-08

As she reached for the light switch I brought my right arm down over hers, throwing it around her mid section so as to pin her together, while my left hand clasped firmly over her mouth. I reached down with my right hand, keeping my body weight against her, and removed the woven belt from around her knee high skirt, she had a certain unique sense of fashion that I'd always appreciated in a woman, and brought it to her mouth to serve as a replacement gag for my left hand. I could taste the booze on her lips and tongue as we explored each others mouths, I could hear the unstable raged breath escaping her lips and nostrils as out bodies ground together, all the while inciting groans of sexual bliss and torment from the both of us.

My Flatmate is a Panty Pervert Ch. 03

fetish kinkyjill 2018-03-08

Liz took a vibrator from her bag, switched it on, straddling him again, shoving the tip of it against the gusset of her panties, pushing the material into her hot, wet pussy. She got up, straddled his face, removed the gag and ordered him to take the panties out from her cunt with his tongue. "Let's see if we can't get him hard again!" Liz reached between my legs and inserted a couple of fingers and withdrew one of the pairs of panties inside of my pussy. Liz got her booted heel kicking his balls several times to give him encouragement while I sat with my back against the wall on the dry part of the floor, knees drawn up, thighs splayed so he could look up into my hot, dirty wet hole.


fetish zaksx 2018-03-08

I kept looking at the two women, thinking how lucky I was to be having dinner with them both, both attractive in different ways: Jennifer all sophistication and Lucy sweet and blushing and plump. After half the glass was poured down her throat, Jennifer pulled hard at her ponytail, forcing Lucy to her hands and knees. Then Jennifer stopped for a moment and with the other hand she poured splashes of pee from my glass over the red cheeks, then up Lucy's back, and then over her hair. Lucy looked a complete mess, covered in pee, her thin dress soaked, her hair and face dripping, her large white bottom showing and now with clear red hand marks on it.

Timmy Stiles Ch. 02

fetish Franco Pauli 2018-03-08

Ronnie Jenkens slowly walked up and down the length of the bar, casually chatting with the customers, keeping their glasses full and listening to their troubles and announcements with the practiced concern of an experienced bartender. She paused in front of Timmy, smiled warmly at the handsome boy and casually struck up a conversation. I sure hope I don't have to live too far away from campus." Ronnie bit her tongue quickly. "Care for another beer, Timmy?" Ronnie's voice brought him back to the present quickly. Ronnie decided to close early and walked over to Timmy. Ronnie almost laughed at the boy, but contained her amusement in order to make her scolding effective for Tanya's sake.