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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Trailer Trash Teen Hates Rules Ch. 05

fetish RetroFan 2018-03-08

He made the introductions, then said, "Grace, I'll be in a sales meeting for most of the morning, so could you please call Woody in an hour or so and see if he is ready for Breanna?" Breanna hoped that her Uncle Bob was fully occupied with his meeting and would not see her departure from this place of utter misery and working like a slave with Fat Woman and Jesus Boy this morning. Dylan turned around to see the slim figure of Erin Green rushing towards him wearing a tee-shirt, knee-length skirt and sandals, an expression of desperation on her face, the girl as always managing to be both pretty and plain at the same time.

Confessions of a Foot Slut Ch. 01

fetish FootjobLover 2018-03-08

I think the sensation of having his toes sucked like that is much more stimulating and arousing to a guy than just a blowjob on its own, which he's going to love regardless, let's be honest. FJL - Did you like watching the guy sucking her toes for the first time? I was thinking about how it would feel to be fucked by a beautiful big cock like that - and remember I was a virgin at this time - while the guy is sucking your toes at the same time. S - Yes. A man with a real foot fetish will have a better, harder cock if he's allowed to suck his girl's sexy toes while he fucks her.

The Alpha Ch. 03

fetish Sucker4Boobies 2018-03-08

"Don't you want to take this into the bedroom?" Alex asked as Patty lifted her blouse over her head and tossed it aside. Patty was having such a good time talking to Juanita that she forgot that she was there to do an interview. Juanita procured a home pregnancy test and handed it to Patty, who then sat down on the toilet and urinated on it. Juanita quickly discarded the pregnancy test, grabbed Patty and began to kiss her passionately. The blouse and bra went sailing through the air, and Patty greeted by the lovely sight of Juanita's enormous brown gourds. Patty was about to protest this teasing, but, thankfully, Juanita slid herself inside, letting out a low moan as she did.

The Re-Purposing of Alouette LeGran

fetish DarkLordPriapus 2018-03-08

Farnsworth drove the limo up a rather steep climb which changed the direction of the drizzling rain as it hit the surrounding auto glass and turned the "lightning flash" like designs on the water speckled windows into bowed curves that sought out fresh direction with newly acquired rain drop pellets. Of course, sir." Farnsworth replied and spun in his seat to flip open his door and make his way in the drizzly breeze toward the trunk of the limo. Then I shall have you out to my private estate in the deep of the The Scottish Highlands forestry, lovely country for a get away, and if you find yourself taken aback by my own unique business ventures, then perhaps you'll consider only the land development I propose?"

Goddess Mina

fetish ArmondoDeHavana 2018-03-08

Foot porn is lovely and it helped sometimes, occasionally I would find a pair of feet or a story written by someone like me that made me happy. Goddess put me through my paces and had me kiss and lick every inch of her beautiful feet. Ballet usually destroys feet but in the case of my goddess the dance was not cruel it helped shape her impossibly high arches. I could have spent the rest of my life right there, laying there under her feet till I expired. My goddess returned to her place on the sofa and I was instructed to kneel before her. She extended her feet to me and I gave her a 15 minute foot massage that would be fit for a goddess.

Impregnated by tentacles

fetish shemalecharlotte 2018-03-08

"I'm gonna cum!" With that a tentacle shot out from behind her and then slowly rubbed against my asshole before shooting deep inside my ass, rubbing my prostate hard as within a mater of seconds I shot my whole load and drained my whole balls into her womb, her stomach bulged a little like mine as she stood up she stood to the side, her posture so perfect, her ass poking out a little her small tits pushed out as she turned to me and said "This would be the process of the full pregnancy." Suddenly her body began changing, her ass and tits began growing along with her stomach, she was speeding through pregnancy, her tight skin stretched so far across her huge pregnant stomach, covered in veins as she stopped just before labour, this was the largest her stomach would grow.

Kelsie the Puke Slave

fetish CJPorter 2018-03-08

"You're supposed to eat dinner with me and you didn't," I said, looking over the table. I looked back and watched as Kelsie leaned over the large glass bowl and slid two fingers into her mouth. With almost her whole hand in her mouth, she leaned over the bowl and went, "Aaaaack, aaaaack, aaaaaack," coughing violently and trying to expel her fingers. Out of nowhere, she heaved again, and with a sudden, "Bleerrrrrrrrrrrrrp" opened her mouth over the bowl, and let a steady flow of puke pour out of her as tears streamed down her face. She gagged and puked up small mouthfuls of chunky vomit, spitting them into the full bowl before her.

Big Butt Queen Ch. 02

fetish bbwlove_it 2018-03-08

Men would gather around her to watch her large, protruding ass, shaken like an expert lap-dancer, and also her thick thighs, exposed at all times. "Do you like my big legs?" she continued, slowly caressing her thighs and watching my eyes. "You look like you never saw thighs this big!" Keri said, petting herself and making all that flesh jiggle and bounce. She literally squeezed huge chunks of flesh from her hips, many times and in different positions, just to make me notice how vast they were and how abundant she was. "Bella, bella donna, so huge and fat, well fed, i love your jugs full of milk, you are like a cow, my meat market, you're such a bitch, makes me wanna fuck you..."

A lil something I wrote.

fetish ThisGuy1980 2018-03-08

my hand would graciously pass over you breasts and start to unbutton your blouse.with your blouse more than half way off i would start kissng your neck again working my lips towards you now your shirt would be completly off.(ya your not wearing a bra- lucky me).then i would scoot you back onto the bed more to get the approprate possition to start undoing your your breaths get harder and the room gets hotter, i would slowly start to peel your pants off.gingerly kissing you the whole time. i reach behind you and start to remove your panties.i can feel the exitement.your panties only made it off of one of your legs before my lips made contact with your clit.i gently lick your love spot as the juices drip down my chin.your body is moving in waves like the ocean current.

First Time

fetish 2018-03-08

the hottest are the moments when you see how your mouse is awesome when it toucheth the tail of the alien for the first time when he shot her head in his press if he does not stop over and over again its bulging glans in the gullet of your love slide, you see that her pussy wet is you are toiling not to look great, but you do not manage, then it is einngedrungen into it after he first time his first load in her mouth and on her breasts gelassden I was almost jealous because I swear the guy (still comes with a woman) has a tail ...

New Job

fetish tinkerbell1369 2018-03-08

As I got my tour on the first day I noticed not only the guys, but areas that I could possibly hide away for a few private moments but like most places of work there was always the chance of being seen. Lance smiled slyly, “There are a few places we could disappear for a quickie once in awhile, and if you have a few minutes I can give you a little morning pick me up.” He said as he pulled me gently towards of the doors leading towards the warehouse. This sent a thrill through me, I like nibbling necks and ears so I gently nibbled his neck and in a response he grabbed my ass harder and pushed me hard against the wall so he could get every inch of penetration.

Roshni Ch. 03

fetish ab_man_nz 2018-03-08

When she walked with me into the ballroom, heads turned Roshni was the most beautiful woman in the room, with her incredible dark eyes and bright, broad smile, and a body that was beyond compare. I cupped Roshni's buttocks in my hands and urged her closer, so I could slip my tongue inside her vagina, circling her clitoris, licking faster and faster until her saturated hair filled my mouth. I tasted her armpit in long licks, my tongue smoothing the hairs along her upper arm, then diving back into the hairy crevice deep in the hollow of her pit. That night, Roshni slept with her arms over her head: I lay alongside her, my face in one hairy underarm, my hand resting in the bush of her pubic hair.

Training for Stud

fetish KCUM 2018-03-08

My theory is that without the need to spurt, your orgasm is now more like that of a woman's as it is my experience that when females do orgasm, they have a more pleasurable feeling than us men. The object of this "deep wank" is of course to exercise the muscles that come into play when you orgasm. Remember, after your two months of deep wanking, your balls will take at least another four months before your sperm count steadies at what is hopefully your new generous capacity and full breeding condition. For more spectacular ejaculation, again stop orgasming for about two weeks before your performance but do not stop wanking. On the day of your performance, keep yourself in a state of erection, have your woman wank you constantly to within reach of the vinegar strokes.

Haley Ch. 03-04

fetish ClosetQuean 2018-03-08

"You know we've been having sex," John said, mumbling, his mouth pressed to Haley's soft flesh. "You love this," John said, "Tell Haley you love it when I fuck her. Haley's lips traced their way up John's neck in a path of liquid heat, then she started whispering into his ear. Not drunk enough to unhear my husband tell another woman "I love you." It wasn't just the words - it was how he'd said them - with such stark honesty and undisguised need - that filled me with cold terror. Images of the my husband and Haley entwined, caressing, looking into each other's eyes....declaring their unwavering love to each other flooded my thoughts with a vengeance.

Start of Summer

fetish 2018-03-08

I slid out of my panties and he went right down between my legs, he put his hands under my butt and lifted up a little, then I could feel his tongue as he was licking up all of my juices, he ran his tongue in and out of me, he licked my clit, then he put his tongue in me again, he was really driving me crazy with this, then he did it, he put his mouth over my clit and started to suck it in and out of his mouth while licking on it, he knew I loved that.


fetish 2018-03-08

You see I am pretty Belinda Beynon and need a pretty little sissy girl to care for, to bring up in my own Mummy way. Pass the pampas Rose, before Amy has an accident," Belinda said, wiping her nose in her hanky. "Good girl Amy Beynon,now these tighter, cute, little, plastic, baby panties and over those, a very pretty pair of pink, frilly, baby panties. I hope you dont mind me telling the girls your dirty, little, kinky secrets," said Belinda in a menacing voice. Belinda laughed as Auntie Rose gave me a sloppy, wet kiss on my lips and continued with her teasing. I was now feeling so aroused, that my finger crawled up Mummy Belinda's nostril and was happily picking away at her cute, little nose.

The Rematch

fetish cdupuy 2018-03-08

I asked if Debra wanted to submit and when she said no I increased the hold by pulling her back into it. Everyone, including myself, knew that no one had ever caused Debra to have a forced orgasm by directly fucking with their dick. I grabbed Debra's right arm and in a move that completely took me off guard she twisted her hand to grab my forearm and placed her other hand on my forearm and swung me into the end post in the corner of the ring. I spread her long legs to the limit and she had to submit, but as I released the hold she thrust up her hips and drove my still hard dick into her pussy.


Fantasies Fulfilled Ch. 03

fetish BrentCrude 2018-03-08

Shortly after I arrived at the office Monday morning, Bill came by my cubicle and said he needed to talk to me during lunch. I asked what that meant and she said a second cock for when it was just she and I fucking, and a third for when her captor was with us. Before the flow started she spread open her pussy lips and scooted forward just enough that there was no way my piss was going into the toilet without first splashing onto her. I think if you don't step up and give her the kinds of things she wants, she's going to look for it elsewhere.

Confessions of a Panty Stealer #3

fetish Jayson23 2018-03-08

Some background is required for the first part of the tale: A good friend of mine has a girlfriend in a different country - they met via a chat room and began to make phones calls, then basically ended up going out with each other over long distance. Already my mind had been mulling over the possibility of getting a look at her panties - I figured that the only dirty pair she had at this time were nestled next to that pretty foreign pussy, as it was the start of her trip. In the end I choose a sweet old purple pair of worn panties, and a black lacy pair that contained the best stain, a white discharge covering the crotch - maybe she'd had a night out in the past week, or a sweaty day?

readers wives

fetish merlinnz 2018-03-08

“Dirty bitch is loving it”, Mark said, and with that he pulled out his finger, which made a plopping sound, he licked it and then came back only this time he pushed his finger into her tight little bottom. Mary let out a squeal, “shut up” mark said, “you know you like your arse being fucked’. Mark said “I’ve not finished, help me mate”, and without even thinking about it I lent over, grabbed his spunk and pussy cum covered cock and ran my hand up and down, squeezing as tight as I would had I been wanking. As he lent forward I then noticed that Mary had repositioned her arms and whilst I had been wanking Mark she had been fingering his arse as well.


fetish roadrigusantus 2018-03-08

All I can tell is that, when we wanted to french kiss again, like we did before I fucked her mouth, a shy voice interrupted us: “Can I try that too?...” So, when she was so close to touch my lips with her tongue, that I almost could feel it, she turned her head, while still riding my cock and, with one of her sexy tits jumping in my sight from the ride, I saw another female collegue of ours that was in the office from the start.

Fantasy Becomes Love

fetish djserani 2018-03-08

"It's only going to make Daddy more upset." I rubbed once more, pulled my hand back and landed a firm 'smack!' on her ass. I knew she'd be a bit stiff, so I helped her kneel in front of Joe. I watched as she teased his cock, running her lips over it and tonguing his balls before taking him into her mouth. "Remember, sweetheart, it hurts me more." I brought the belt down again and this time I concentrated a bit on the sensitive spot at the bottom of her ass where it meets her leg. That beautiful sexy mouth for my own, that red ass that liked to be spanked, that hot pussy that could drive any man truly insane.

Wet Punishment

fetish Chrysse 2018-03-08

We had drinks and danced to the swirling, gyrating, pounding music, he allowing his cock to harden and press against me… lifting the back of my skirt and grinding against my ass as we danced, his fingers hidden under my skirt in front, soaking my pussy with wetness as they slipped inside, tugging on my thong and baring my sweat-drenched lips. He grabs my arm and yanks his hand out of my pussy, pulling me toward the door… the sudden emptiness there causing a spurt of pee to follow, soaking the front of my skirt and spraying little droplets on the floor before I get it under control again… clamping my hand under my skirt as he leads me dripping from the club and tells me to get in the car.

Fun Times Fucking Laney

fetish vdubya 2018-03-08

We were sitting on my couch watching "Archer" or something on tv when I started rubbin her crotch over the top of her jeans.It didn't take long until we were kissing deeply and my hand was down her pants fingering her already wet cunt. I knew I would cum quickly if I had put my cock in her right then so I continued to finger her. She started cumming once again except this time all over my hard cock. I pulled my cock out of her and proceeded to shoot stream after stream of hot cum on her stomach and her tits. She told me it that she just wanted to feel my cum inside of her.