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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

A Birthday Present Ch. 02

fetish PhaedraLovesKnives 2018-03-08

"I was saving the screaming for you, hold on." Sam shot Jamie a look before she took a syringe from the operating tray and injected it into the IV in Megan's right arm. "Oh, no, you were quite correct, my brother and I fuck as much as possible." Ella ran a hand down Jamie's chest while still looking at Megan. Ella would have enjoyed Jamie taking her from behind as they watched their work in progress, but she couldn't stand the thought of Megan seeing her so vulnerable. Prior to passing out, Megan saw Ella clapping in triumph before the blond doctor approached the tall brunette from behind and deftly sunk a needle into her neck, Jaime catching her drugged body as she fell.

Jennifer's Plaything (Part 2: Shame and Betra

fetish 2018-03-08

head; I would never let Jennifer talk to someone the way Heather talks Heather, gave me a look, "Unless you want to watch with us," she smiled. "Heather wait, you know we can't -" I looked towards the living room; my Jennifer HAD told her everything; Heather spoke, and my wife's words Take her." Heather had a look like she wasn't sure if I was being At last, Heather had her hands on my wife's hips. the lusty breathing as Heather gave Jennifer's hips a gentle squeeze. Heather reached her free hand around my waist to Jennifer; she began My leg muscles started to tense up, and Heather could sense I was close. like a vice around Heather's thumb, and my whole body started to buck as

Panty Love Ch. 02

fetish Trialbasis 2018-03-08

“That’s enough”, I said, “lay down and lift your legs so I can find your sweet little pucker hole.” Jenny did as she was told and I spread her cheeks once more and placed the tip of my cock against her asshole. Jenny grinned and said “Well Mr Smith I will have to ask you to remove the rest of your clothing so I can do a detailed examination.” I took off my socks and unzipped my pants but I didn’t remove them right away. I was close to cumming and said, “I don’t think I can stop.” Jenny got down on her knees directly in front of my cock and started to speak to my dick, “I want to see you cum.

The Shaved Slave

fetish jPhoenix 2018-03-08

I wanted to tease myself while I waited to see where the night was going, and the silk felt exquisite sliding over the head of my cock as I leaned against the kitchen bar and mixed a pair of margaritas. Several times it looked like she wanted to reach down and rub herself, but since she seemed to sense that I wasn't going to let her, she dug her hands into her thighs instead. "Rub it in," I said, still catching my breath from the intense orgasm, and Susan gingerly touched her smooth skin before eagerly working the cum around with her hands.

Home Alone

fetish kyaraLuna 2018-03-08

I slid open my drawers and wardrobes, taking all of my intended ingredients; a black one piece swimsuit, pair of jeans, a cotton ball, a casual top with a grey hoddie. So I casually tied a few knots then pulled the rope between my legs and lifted it straight up my back, digging into my valley through the swimsuit and underwear. By now, I was a little bit fidgety, but not too much since the ropes distracted me most of the time; rubbing and sliding when I'm walking. Seeping through the swimsuit, into the cotton and absorbed into the shorts, jeans and overall. I also removed both jeans and shorts, and started to untie the ropes.

Dream Drive

fetish anonymous3 2018-03-08

You have a good head on your shoulders and your looks haven't been the only thing helping you make your way in the world," I said. Hope and I had lunch at the deli again, and she was much quieter this time, but she looked at me the entire time we were eating with a playful twinkle in her eye, and a smile trying to play across her face. We returned to the living room where Hope steered me to the couch, took a seat, and guided me carefully onto her lap, sitting sideways. As she found my heartbeat, she said, "Oh, have nerves, hon?" She turned my face so she was looking directly into it.

Boy Brides Ch. 6

fetish yano 2018-03-08

The rhythm was much less relaxed this time and Robert was soon pounding into her, her hot breath gasping onto my semi erect cock as it grew between the mouths of Claire and Laura who had now joined her. When he was finished I could feel a tongue on my face clearing the cum from my eyes until I could see Robert standing watching with a smirk on his face before he directed Laura to clean his diminishing dick instead. I was at last fucking Claire, not exactly as I had planned, naked in an office window rather than both of us in huge bridal gowns in the fitting room of my mother's shop.

The Engagement Ring

fetish misstite 2018-03-08

She tells us she'll leave the room for a few minutes, and just to unlock the door when we're ready, but that I can't have an orgasm or it definitely won't hang right. My breath quickens, I want your fingers inside me, your tongue on my clit but you remind me that I'm not supposed to cum, and we both know how quickly that happens when you start stimulating my G-spot. A minute or two more of licking and sucking and you tell me that my clit is aroused, swollen and ready for the piercing. It looks pretty hot, the little ring with the bead resting on my glistening, swollen clit.

Wet and Warm

fetish mrsquelchy 2018-03-08

Because I was going to be taking my relief a long way from home and I would need to walk a fair distance with wet knickers against my body and hopefully not making things too obvious... Her hands came from her tangled tights and reached her dress back up again, this time exposing, to my cock's clear delight, a pair of round-bottomed white panties, plain and simple, well-worn and probably cotton. "I love the sight of someone wetting their knickers -- and when you let that load go as well; I mean, I just couldn't help but touch myself." I moved my hand away from my crotch so that she could see the full state of my arousal.

Special Delivery

fetish GuiltlessMiss 2018-03-08

His right hand went to the place where my head and neck meet and he said, "You have the most perfect eyes, I think I like them looking up at me." His hand was warm and seemed to vibrate an energy right into me. You are mine and I am going to make you cum." He kept his hand on my throat as he kissed and nibbled his way down my neck, my breasts, then his hands moved down to my wrists pinning them to the bed as his head went between my thighs. "Shhh Kitten, I am going to make you cum." His hands went up to my thighs holding them apart where he wanted them and I moved my fingers to his head keeping him where I wanted him though I don't think I had any choice.

A meeting with a woman who has a high heel fetish.

fetish camgibynot 2018-03-08

She wore slacks which hid her legs and a sexy pair of red leather high heels, I estimated the heels to be about 3 ½ inches .The toe of the heel was long and pointed and the heel, from what I could see, was a very thin a stiletto. Her high heels shaped her beautiful legs so beautifully that I wanted to feel and kiss them. A got a good down view of her legs and feet but I paid more attention to her sexy high heels and feet. I hope this account brings you some pleasure knowing there are women out there with show fetishes and also know very well that high heels, and sexy feet and shapely make a man cock hard and stiff.

Pissing on You

fetish bawidgetcoms 2018-03-08

You turned my body around, facing away from you, and I felt your erection continue to rise to press against the crack of my ass. Then I felt your head penetrate my pucker, and I deliberately made myself relax my ass muscle and invite you inside. I could feel your cock massaging inside my rectum, and the little shocks it sent through my body pleased my pussy as much as my ass. I closed my lips around the head of your pulsing cock and let the stream hit the back of my throat and settle on my tongue until you were spent. I licked my lips, and I sucked your softening cock into my mouth once more before letting it fall back against your body.

The Colour of Love

fetish AlinaX 2018-03-08

It felt so much like a long glove, tight and constricting, and the touch of my smooth, glossy fingers against my breasts was cool and unexpectedly erotic. "Well, yes," I said, panting, "but gentle to begin with, and build up to it slowly." I laughed as I heard myself talking to the disembodied voice of my alien skin as if it were an inexperienced lover, and sighed with pleasure as the two mouths returned to my breasts, but without their former crazed intensity. I tried not to think about the night before, but once I escaped from the village and was walking back up the hill towards my home, a shopping bag in each hand, my thoughts turned restlessly to my alien skin.

Dominated by the Ticklish Dom

fetish PleasuredPearl 2018-03-08

I wriggle desperately beneath Nick, begging with my body to be tortured in the right places in the right way, dread and desire flushing through my body in waves. "You've never been tied up and tickled before?" Nick stops stroking my arms and lowers himself to place kisses over my forehead and cheeks. Nick moves to my breasts, tickling the skin with his fingertips and flicking my nipples with his tongue. "But if you laugh, well," he pauses and flicks his tongue over the small of my back, "then I will take my sweet time tickling your naughty cunt," Nick's voice is dangerously soft and even, "I'll take you to the edge...

Cajun Ass Queen Part 4

fetish lilguy41 2018-03-08

“What the matter rich girl…can’t buy your way out of getting your ass kicked” Caj Said “Come on Tom let me see that cock. “See how easily I glide down...long steady glide...when the cock gets sticky...I increase the pace” She Said twisting Jane tits “Never forget to put your finger deep in their ass. “Ohm fuck mistress…don’t cum let..Don’t you DARE cum let” Caj Said “Her tight ass gripping his cock, milking it for all its worth “That what I though” Caj said giving Jane the fingers “He wont even remember you when I am done…I am going to tossed your ass out on the streets after I spend a few weeks playing with you.


Fucking Men I Hate: Terry

fetish a_random_user 2018-03-08

Right now, I just want to write down the story of submitting myself to Terry, a construction worker I walked by on the way to work every day. After I'm done telling about Terry, I'll write down the rest of the stories, all the men I hated that I submitted to sexually. I'd sometimes go to the window in my office on the fifteenth floor, and there I could make out Terry, as often as not yelling something obscene at a woman who happened to be walking by. I was already quite turned on that morning, and so when Terry yelled "Nice ass, sweetheart" as I walked by, I stopped and looked at him.

The Crip & The Nurse

fetish guyinchair 2018-03-08

Her figure was really nice as well: small but proportional and pert breasts, a small waist, and what looked to be very shapely legs (from what I could see due to her modest nurses' dress falling almost to her knees) covered by white stockings. Placing one knee next to me on the sofa and swinging the other leg over me, Hiroku straddled me, her cunt positioned directly above my throbbing cock. I had just enough time to remove my hand from between her legs and take hold of my cock before we made contact. Here I CUMMMMMMMMM!!!!" I shouted as my balls twitched and began forcing my hot cum out of my cock and into Hiroku's sweet pussy.

Kinky Girlfriend

fetish Anal Slave 2018-03-08

Candy grabbed his cock and started rubbing it on my lips, she said that since I seemed to enjoy licking the cum out of her pussy she wanted to see me suck Mike’s cock. After Candy had my asshole lubed up she left the room, returning with a strap-on dildo around her waist she got behind me and started working her fake cock up my ass while Mike got in front of me and was sucking on my cock and balls. She said she wanted me to fuck her while Mike fucked my male asshole she told me I was going to love having Mike’s cock in my ass, it feels sooooo good.

visiting my friend

fetish fengunn 2018-03-08

Mr. Franks came in and said my mom called, she didn't want me to be out in the weather and if it was ok to stay the night. We stayed up till around 2:00 watching movies when his dad came down and said we neede to get to bed. While I was in the shower I heard Mr. Franks open the door, my dick got hard again. I felt his hand on my butt, and I relaxed my cheeks.He slipped a finger between them while he stroked my dick. When the movie ended, Mr. Franks fixed the couch, Jeff went to bed, and I put on my PJ's and climbed under the sheets.

The Babysitter Ch. 01

fetish MrNiceGuy98 2018-03-08

In the past, when I had baby-sat for her and got the urge, I went through her laundry and her drawers and found some panties that I liked, and used those for inspiration, fantasizing about what I would do if she were really there. As I opened my mouth to begin my apology, her hand came flying into view, right at my face. I wasn't sure how she wanted me to lick her pussy with her little panties in my mouth. I watched her work her hand down to her panty filled crotch as she sucked my cock. I put one hand on her face, and pulled open her mouth, as I shoved the creamy panties in her gaping hope.

The Client Ch. 01

fetish JustJim009 2018-03-08

At 8:00 pm he rises, his cock stiff in anticipation he walks the room, looks out the peephole, checks his blackberry for a text, where should she be, his mind wanders to the pictures she had sent, the long firm legs, full round ass, arched back, the long, long hair man he wanted to pull that hair and wrap it around his cock as he came, what would this evening hold? "I want to see your cunt, your tight, perfect, wet cunt, you magnificent woman, I want to see it, smell it, touch it and taste it!" You smile and lift your skirt and spread your legs apart, I am seated in a chair with arms, you approach and lift your right leg up and place it on my armchair allowing my eyes access to your most intimate places.

Tara Likes Panties Ch. 01

fetish TaraJean 2018-03-08

My new roommate, who the RA said was named "Vicki" hadn't arrived yet, so I got to pick which bed I wanted. Everyone was kinda tired so Vicki and I went back to our room and got ready for bed. We both kinda embarrassingly started getting undressed and as soon as the coveralls came off I noticed that Vicki really had much larger breasts and beautiful full hips than I'd noticed. Then, one day, I came home early from class and found Vicki had left her dirty laundry in a pile on her bed. I locked the dorm room door and the bathroom door and slowly walked over to her bed.

One Rainy Night

fetish Rikki 2018-03-08

'You seem to like wearing my clothes,' Jane said with a smile. 'Well you just take down those slacks and panties and sit back and let me take care of you.' Jane did as I asked and then I knelt down in front of her and put my head between her legs. The rest of the day we really got to know each other and that night we snuggled up together in Jane's bed, both wearing our nighties. The police never caught the guys who robbed and bashed me, but that no longer matters, in fact I think I should really thank them because what they did that rainy night led me to Jane and a new life as Roberta.

Ariel's Wet Run

fetish FreakFanatasy 2018-03-08

As she came nearer to the middle of her run, she began to realize she should have turned back; the people strolling through the park were always just a little too close for Ariel to conceal her naked bottom and a stream of hot piss. Quickly stepping back onto the path with her pants securely in place and a few drops of piss sliding back and forth on her pussy lips, she jogged past the man, inclining her head to acknowledge him. A younger couple probably in their thirties jogged past her, seemingly uninterested in the woman sitting next to the path with a blissful look on her face; little did they know that as they passed her and moved into the distance, her bliss was in regard to the pee forcefully exiting her private parts and pooling around her butt.