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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The wife's away, but I can't play!

fetish garyw 2018-03-08

Oh well, I wasn't going to complain as I felt a finger slide into my ass, then 2 and finally 4 in there as far as she could push them. I relaxed and lifted my ass a little expecting to receive a fisting, but then she pulled her fingers out and something hard got shoved into my ass. One of her patent leather, 6 inch heeled, thigh high boots was stuck in my ass about half way from the toe to the heel! Taking the boot out of my ass, she wiped it on my chest and said something along the lines of "now you won't be able to mess around with my things while I'm away" and went downstairs for breakfast.

Scent Of A Cuckold Halloween Party

fetish cuckytoher 2018-03-08

But here I was heading to a costume party at a biker bar where my girlfriend was dressed as a very hot version of Elvira, and her lover and his three friends would be dressed as three of the Thunderbirds from Grease, and I would be forced to walk around all night in bare feet dressed as Tinkerbell wearing a chastity device that could certainly be seen by anyone should my dress move the right way. While Nikki and Patrick danced or while Neil or Brad danced with her, I remained standing by the table waiting to take their orders and go to the bar to seek more embarrassing stares and whistles by bikers and their girlfriends.

Absolute Devotion Ch. 07

fetish KaseyLegs 2018-03-08

When I got home that night I told Erica about what Jimmy had said and how I wanted to have him over for dinner. Erica put her hand over the phone and asked me, "He says he was on his way to get pizza with his buddy Ray and they were wondering if we wanted them to pick up an extra pie and come over here with it." Doctor Love's procedure, whatever it consisted of, had me constantly hard, but seeing the way Jimmy just put his hands on my girl's leg and helped himself to it, not caring that I was there, and probably showing off for Ray, got my cock so hard I felt like I was going to burst through my pants.

Jefferson's Therapy Ch. 01

fetish EmeraldSolitaire 2018-03-07

Because he thought it was weird and abnormal he never pursued it and so he was very very sexually repressed and the problem is so many women are used to dealing with pushy sexist men who don't respect women that someone like Jefferson who truly loved women but who was also the kind of person who wanted the woman to make the advance but of course women used to the kind of sexist men the patriarchy produced weren't ready to take such steps and so people tried to assume things about Jefferson not knowing his true nature and it hurt him, hurt him deeply.

My s****r In Law

fetish cumquarts 2018-03-07

I would simply grab her up and start making out with her, grinding my already rock hard cock into her hips while our tongues slide around and my hands reach into the back of her pants for her naked ass and pussy. I'd take her upstairs while the k**s play downstairs and shove her down to her knees and tell her to pull my pants down and kiss her b*****r in law's cock and make it nice and wet like she started to do already with my neck many times. I want to make hot juicy sexual intercourse with her until I can't stand holding my cum any more (probably like 15 or 20 seconds) and then bury my cock in so as much cum as possible squirts into her uterus.

my life in chastity continues (a true story)

fetish redunder 2018-03-07

But now, with me in chastity, I see her sexual wants, needs and desires increase from two times a week to sometimes two times a day. Not only have I found out some of the things this little itty bitty cage can do to this male but we have attended events and my wife has turned me over to little women. Not that I did not want to but with the chastity cage locked on my cock and balls. While I was on my hands and knees, she slipped the metal chain, hanging from my dog collar and pulled the chain through the top of the cage openings. My wife has a couple men dropping by later to do the things she wanted me to do last night but I could not.

Hannah Loves Cum Part III

fetish SuperPervert 2018-03-07

Hannah looked at him and smiled, and said in a cute voice, "I need a room, but I don't have any money..." Out of desperation, the young man grabbed a key, and handed it to her; he didn't let go of it, but instead looked at his cock... Hannah smiled and resumed deepthroating his cock, licking it with her wet tongue, all around its head, down the shaft, down to the balls... Hannah knew he was about to cum; he grabbed her head with both hands; he began to thrust harder and faster into her mouth. Hannah reached behind him to grab his ass, helping to push his cock farther down her throat... The young man grabbed Hannah's ass, and felt her up.

It Shouldn't Happen To A Vet Ch. 02

fetish A Cracker Slut 2018-03-07

The women were topless although Nicola could make out that the younger girl, who was very pretty had little bells attached to her engorged nipples, she also had ribbons in her hair making her look like a real my little pony rather than an adult pony. Tara made her way over to the box that contained the pretty young girl with the bells on her nipples, that Nicola had first noticed when she entered the yard. Nicola was left in a most compromising position, tied up, naked and exposed in the centre of a horse yard with no one for company except a pony who was gagged and an older woman who knew no other life but her chosen one of submission.

Sandy's Showing Lie

fetish uh-oh 2018-03-07

As she felt her virginal barrier give way and her tight snatch was filled with Clay's hot manhood, her pussy clamped down onto his invading member and a fiery pleasure swept through her midsection. Sandy was fucking with abandon, ignoring how quickly Clay was breathing, or how his cock twitched inside her tight snatch, or how he looked at her and kept saying something. "But, I kept asking you if you wanted me to pull out, but you just kept going..." She kept his cock twitch again inside her pussy, and more gooey warmth pumped into her body, "Aren't you on the pill, Sandy?" He asked.

Doing Three Ch. 4

fetish Royal_Prince 2018-03-07

"I've been dying for this all day." Angel moaned as she reached over to stroke Scott's cock through his jeans. Angel allowed Scott's cock to fall from her mouth. Sometime during the time I had been sucking Scott's cock she had managed to dive down between Mary's legs. Stupid fuck just pissed all over the floor." He said as he let his limp cock fall from his hands. As I placed my mouth on Angel's mound I noticed her hand sliding up Mary's leg toward her pussy. Mary had moved over closer to my side and reached out and took my hand gently while Angel stood over Scott looking on lustfully.

sissies obey rules

fetish sissyteri 2018-03-07

5. A real sissy whore must be prepared to be fucked in any position A real sissy whore has her knickers round her ankles and her skirt tucked up around her waist to show her pussy and sissy clitty and have her mouth gagged with a dildo gag when washing-up Get ready for work, remove leather collar and cuffs but keep metal day collar in place and commence work either at home or head into office When working from home complete exercises as per Owners instructions at lunch time When Owner goes to bed change into nightie and remove metal day collar (worn at all times except in bed)

Cuckold - An Unusual Start

fetish Aladylover 2018-03-07

Although she was (and to this day still is) reluctant to go to this final step we did play like this occasionally for a couple of years all the time my real desire was to be cleaning cum from her - not pee. She would change into her slutty clothes then come up to bed and start telling me about 'her (fictitious) date' whilst making me clean her shoes, her feet, her gorgeous ass before, finally, her panties and pussy. I only take Real cock, the type that can fill me, stretch me, fuck me until I cum over and over again – in other words" She leant down at this point to look directly into my eyes "exactly what your little wife is about to experience."

A Few Wild Months 06

fetish gandj130 2018-03-07

Next I received a picture message and I looked at a young blonde, her face covered in cum, with her mouth stretched around a thick black cock. My passion is to watch men wank and the thought of several men wanking and cumming on me made my pussy twitch and I quickly answered, "Yes Simon I do fancy that provided Jason stays to keep an eye on things and what shall I wear?" Shantelle took hold of my hand, "Don't worry Jayne, just relax and try and keep your eyes open and your hands and mouth full and you'll be ok." "I am coming in Jayne after all I have spent nearly two hours watching you sucking guys off and then Jason fucking that lovely little black girl so I need to cum babe."

this story on how i fucked this bitch from fond du

fetish brickholder23 2018-03-07

her name was casie she lukked good too white average thick had a booty and a tight ass pussy..she was fucking wit my neighbor one nite me and my guy d***k coming home one nite and he susposingly told me to dial her phone number but it was late in da am for a nigga to get at da next day i get call from her (off my phone) not even knwing me she invites me over to her house to her two k**s.

Pantyhose thief (new)

fetish nylonboy_swede 2018-03-07

All thoughts about my own business was gone now, I could feel a pulsating sensation between my legs as I kept on touching and smelling the pantyhose. - Come on, quickly, dont stand there like an idiot, off with your clothes big boy, she said. - You know, I wore those hose yesterday and made myself cum in them at work, she said. Dont cum yet, I need just a while longer so keep on licking my feet! As she walked out I was still stunned and panting from that godly cum, I quickly got my stuff toghether and yes i kept the sticky pantyhose on for the rest of the day.

Swallowtail Ch. 09

fetish ktmccoll 2018-03-07

I look at it, turning it over in my hands, trying to parse what Dex has said. My cock meekly enters the stainless steel cage and Dex slips the flange into the slot. It's easy, I realize, to fall into the victim trap, to forget that the dom is only dominant at the pleasure of the sub, particularly when you're tied down and being flogged, or when you're wearing a steel cage around your cock. My balls, splayed out between the ring and the cage, rub my inner thighs and anything but a careful and considerate lowering of the buttocks might cause a painful crushing in that area, as I learned again this morning when I launched myself unthinkingly into the bucket seat of my car.

Cowstume Party

fetish Namazuros 2018-03-07

" I actually blushed a little looking at the outfit, shivering a bit as I felt a warm rush of heat travel through me; the stupid thing looked so bulky, almost too big, totally hiding my trim figure. I had forgotten about the horns on my head from the shock of having hooves, but now I was staring right at the big curling things... I let out another frustrated moo just looking at what used to be my beautiful little ears; they were big, floppy cow ears now, and just like my ankles they were white furred with black spots. "Grrrr, mmmmmooooo!!" I shook the bizarre bovine thought from my head; I wasn't a cow, dammit, and Lexie wasn't going to make me one!

June Ch. 02

fetish rmlooker 2018-03-07

June said yes and Wendy pulled the sheet down to reveal June's two very short, bandaged, leg stumps. Dr. Edna said that was great news and asked the nurse for some gloves so she could check and change the stump dressings. June asked about them and Dr. Edna said they were fine plastic and sometimes hard to see so she left those long so she could get hold of them when it came time to remove them. Lidia asked if she wanted to get her sponge bath out of the way before PT got there and June said good idea. Dr. Edna said she wanted to look at the stumps and change the dressings so she put on gloves and started removing the elastic bandages and dressings.

Cynthia's Toilet Tales

fetish Paradiggler 2018-03-07

She also thinks how thrilling it would be to have this guy replace her tampon with his tongue during period time, absorbing any amounts her of smelly menses and discharge into his mouth just like the tiny crotch panel of her undies normally does and in doing so, really get to experience what a woman tastes and smells like when she is on her period. It was almost like Stefan was licking Cynthia's cunt directly as he ran his tongue along the length of her panty gusset -- eyes closed and sucking diligently on the open end of her dirty crotch panel - such was the excitement that they both seemed to get from this forbidden activity.

Shy wife blindfolded and shared

fetish 2018-03-07

As Clinton worked the dildo and rubbed my wife's ass I again walked up to just next to Clintons head and asked Michelle if she wanted the real thing inside her and she said "you wish, I bet Clint's got a bigger dick that you" and thinking pretty darned quickly I said "well he's made a surprise trip just to come a fuck you and I think he's at the door, shall I let him in?"

Pleasing His Ponygirl

fetish Boxlicker101 2018-03-07

During the time she was being steered around their apartment by the reins in her lover's hands, Silver had reveled in her subservience but, when it came to sex, Clarice wanted to take as much pleasure as possible, and give as much as she could. He removed his mouth from her clit and licked all the fresh nectar from her thighs, crotch and pussy lips, but Randy left the freshest and most delicious juices in the pink hole that had produced them. With one hand holding his shaft to guide it and the other resting on Clarice's hip, Randy rubbed the end of his cock in her plentiful wetness to spread her natural lubrication.

An Office Interlude

fetish JillS 2018-03-07

"Your 30 seconds are up, Jill." The door creaked open as Devlin peered around the edge. Devlin reached out to put his hand on her shoulder, but Jill cowered away from him and skittered to the other side of the bed. She knew why she felt the way she did, and she'd read enough of Devlin's stories to suspect how he planned to make her feel better. The sooner you get undressed and into the robe, the sooner I can help you feel better, and the sooner we can get back to work. Jill set down her cup on the nightstand nearer the living room door and sucked her fingers. Devlin shook his head, tossed the towel into the bathroom, then reached over to rub Jill's shoulder.

A Gift That Keeps Giving

fetish Selbryth 2018-03-07

We all laughed and joked at the strange turn of events—the fact that both my wife's company and mine used the same courier service (not something which normally comes up in after-work conversation), the secret plans now gone totally awry, and the way poor Kelly had looked when she realized she knew both of us. Kelly, who'd turned to look over her shoulder at me, suddenly opened her mouth and gasped from what my wife had just done, then turned back to face the wall while Molly went on enjoying her. "Uh, it's your turn now, yes?" she said, and I stood there smiling like an idiot for a moment before turning and going back to the 'gift.' I knelt where my wife had knelt and reached out to touch Kelly's shapely leg.

Pungent flower 8: Desires

fetish TheAgantuk 2018-03-07

But after a second her body moved back with my dick lightly touching her. She was short in height and my dick was pointing up, so it was actually touching her slightly above the ass. I moved back and quickly put one hand in my shorts to push my dick down. I saw her body tightening, her fingers strengthening her grip on the microwave door handle she was holding. I continued to fiddle around with controls while enjoying the soft warmness her beautiful butt was providing my raging cock. My cock was still hard and I kept thinking about the touch of Anita’s ass. I wanted to touch that juicy soft ass with my hands.