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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Breaking Mistress Dana Ch. 01

fetish Latex_Rose 2018-03-07

and suddenly the face and body wasn't Jessica's tanned blonde but Sarah's athletic redhead, the lips that curled in pleasure and pain were her full sensuous ones, the breasts that bore long red stripes from the cane were her small firm mounds, in Dana's imagination tipped with pink nipples like flowering buds, just demanding to be teased and tortured... The touch was electric and suddenly Dana found herself dampening imagining the younger woman with tears in her eyes and a cock in her mouth, her tender young pussy spread out by clamps, her wide eyes blurring with the latest load of cum or piss to be splashed onto her, those sensuous lips and that delicate tongue used like a wet fuckhole by a stranger under Dana's command...

Mom Sent Back to School Ch. 07

fetish StoryTeller07 2018-03-07

Janice needed her step-mother to continue taking her place in school. 'Who then, a boy from school?' Janice asked her mother. 'Paul liked it, he said you looked cute,' Janice laughed. Like, I can't can I, you know, with, err, like, a boy from school, yea,' Rose hesitantly spoke. While Janice was at work, Rose snuck out, dressed in her adult clothes to purchase a pregnancy test kit. 'A short skirt with leggings, like, okay?' Rose smiled at her daughter. Janice wasn't sure about dressing her mother up to look like a young slut. Buy new fashionable clothes, to impress Paul, and your friends in school,' Janice strongly advised. There's a test next week, and, like, I should do real good,' Rose said, sinking back into the role.

The Best Gift Ever Ch. 07

fetish Katiekatsman 2018-03-07

They looked forward to sharing dinner knowing they had alone time until Mistress called it a day. Supporting Bobby's cock with one hand and rhythmically lifting and lowering a cupped hand to feel the size and weight of his balls with the other, she examined his goods. She also explained why she wanted you this way." Katie ran the flat of her hand along the bulging shaft and down and around his balls before returning to grip the meaty schlong once more. Soon she felt his cock suddenly swell and could see the massive testicles pull tight against his shaft just as his body tensed and he let out an audible grunt.

Margaret's Dichotomy

fetish HerLittlePiggy 2018-03-07

Tyrod's big dick tented his boxers and he groaned into Margaret's mouth as she reached inside them and grabbed his hard cock. "Not yet," Margaret replied, "I like it better like this." She lifted her wide hips and reached under her dress, guiding his big, thick dick into her sloppy wet pussy. Margaret rode Tyrod hard and slurped hungrily on Paul's big dick. In fact, Tyrod moved his hands to Paul's thick mane of salt and pepper hair and pulled his down on his hard member as he vigorously lapped at Margaret's swollen clit. Tyrod pulled out of Margaret's tight, wet pussy and Paul took his place inside of her.

Pantyhose War

fetish PantyhoseSilk 2018-03-07

"Come on baby, I've been waiting for this for so long," Bobby said as he pressed his dick against her pantyhose, kissing her neck and caressing her body with his hands. *I still have my pantyhose on so I guess it's okay...* Lynn bit her lip as she felt Bobby start to press his hardness inside of her. Lynn screamed and pressed up against Bobby as an orgasm rocked her body and the sticky warmth flooded her body, wrapping her pantyhose legs around his body and pulling him against her, pulling and milking every last drop of cum put of him and she rubbed her bare feet against the back of his legs.

My first cursing meet

fetish 1day1 2018-03-07

To continue to walk to him and we stood together touching ourselves, i then undid up jeans and let them fall realising my cock for him to see, as soon as he saw it he reach out and started wanking me. As he stood up he slowly pulled his bottoms down a little to release his cock which i took in my hand, feeling the warmth and hardness of him. I lowered my head and took him in my mouth wanking him and sucking him, as i started to suck him harder i reached round and started to pull his bottoms down as they slipped down i realised he was wearing sily panties and hold ups which added to the excitement.

Descent into Darkness

fetish JMiller69 2018-03-07

These dreams go in for 23 nights and each night they are more intense and during this time he is visited by Bella who comes to his room and makes love to him as well as two sexy blond vampires who make love to him dressed in Nun Habits and instead of having a cross on the white part of the robe there is a blazing red pentagram looking like it is dripping blood. "Come Harold I have been sent by our mistress to make sure your pleasures are taken care of while Luna is away," the mysterious woman said as she held out her hand to him which was painted with black nail polish and was very soft to the touch almost like silk.

Sarah's Obssession

fetish lifesabeach84 2018-03-07

Anyways, we continued to talk, even more into sex, until eventually Sarah said something pretty raw, letting me know she had never seen a penis before in her life. Sarah's mom eventually told me the same thing as last time, asking me to stay for dinner, to which I agreed, but unlike last time, she didn't leave but instead saying she was going to prepare it after she took a shower. As time went on, every time Sarah got me alone, which was more often than before, almost by her doing, she would ask to see my penis, and would play with it. Eventually one time, I told her she couldn't play with my penis anymore unless I got to see her.

Coming Home

fetish submissiveguy82907 2018-03-07

I am walking down the hallway where our room is and I hear the door open and I'm thinking, 'there's my beautiful wife.' and I see this tall, tan, muscular, blond haired guy. "Dude your girl is so wet." he says, and right after he speeds up and starts to fuck her like a pro, going so hard and fast, she cums over and over as his huge balls slap up against her. As I'm laying there he moves so that he is right above me, and my wife cums and it drips down onto me as I'm just being fucking humiliated in my own home.

When Dave met Sally

fetish inkman 2018-03-07

She untied the blindfold and I looked at my finger, I sat there looking in silence, my wedding ring finger was tattooed with a most intricate pattern, it looked like a series of intertwining knots which were multi coloured, blue, red, black, green, I lost count, but the tattoo reached completely from the knuckle to the first joint of the finger, it was huge, and it went all the way round my finger, not a gap, not a speck of normal skin colour, my mind was going ten to the dozen, ranging from work, friends, family, Sally, "well, do you like it", I looked at her still in a state of shock and said, "I love it", and kissed her and gave her a big hug and we just made love on the tattoo parlour reclining chair, after we had finished making love she looked at me and said "you are mine now".

My Best Friend's Crazy Fat Sister Ch. 02

fetish RetroFan 2018-03-07

"Oh good, because it was a real problem with that bitch Emily," said Zoe. She opened the bag and I saw well over a hundred cloth squares of varying colors and designs, and a small plastic container. "Emily had a problem with these too, but she let it go in the end," said Zoe. She removed the other cloth toilet paper rags from the bag and placed them in the vanity cupboard along with the spare blue wet bag, then took out a box and a third wet bag, this one having red flowers. They're nice and soft and absorbent which is good because I have really heavy periods, and each time I change them I put my dirty pads into this red wet bag, seal it up and wash them later, just like my toilet paper.

S/Y Princess Mala

fetish Aftermath_day_after 2018-03-07

Instead, I stretched back on some pillows on the port side of the cockpit, indulged in the spectacular beauty before me and stroked my sex slowly with my fingertips, encourage by the fact that Mala's eyes were less and less focused on the sea and more and more on my masturbation. The cut was a bit deeper than I had initially realized; the lather turned pink and I felt a slight stinging as Mala continued. Whatever message my eyes conveyed to Mala, the purpose was achieved and she continued; new lathering, a lukewarm snowy package for my cock. We hugged each other hard for several minutes, leaning against the steering wheel –the waves were throwing the boat up and down – until Mala was finally ready to wipe her tears, clear her throat and regain composure.

Penance Day Ch. 03

fetish HartMann 2018-03-07

"We don't want you to get lost," he grins up at me while he detaches my legs, looking for a short moment at my still dripping cock, his eyes level with its tip, only a few centimeters apart, "Come one big boy, inside." He pushes me through the door into the house, up the stairs, along a corridor and into a large room. She turns around moves slowly from one leg to the other, really shows off her wpnderfull ass cheeks, looks over her shoulder, smiles, bends slightly forward and asks again She moans slightly, I feel how she moves under me, rubs her ass crack against my hard member before Sergij comes from behind and pulls me up again.

Hitch Hiker Part 3

fetish Jizzylady 2018-03-07

Jomo juddered as I squashed his sack full of his black seed, so I jiggled about on him holding onto his big naked thighs as I did.He took hold of me round my slim waist and rocked me in a circle motion, it felt so lovely as he stirred my cunt with his sticky helmet...mmmmmm. I wanked him with my soft thighs and hand and he groaned loudly, this time I nipped either side of his big cock slit with my left hand as I made him cum, he could not release his load!!! His cock angled forward as I released it from my thighs, then took the left hand away and placed it around his shaft, wanking with both hands, he shot or should I say sprayed a shower of black seed forwards.

Cleaning Katy

fetish DiggerDave 2018-03-07

"That would be nice love but it's not the same as putting your tongue inside a wet pussy and sucking the cream pie out like you love doing is it?" Kate said. My lovely wife was telling me about one of her fantasies where she wanted to watch me fuck another woman then eat my sperm out her pussy so that she could experience exactly what eating a fresh cream pie was like. About three months after Kate had first confessed her desire to 'husband watch' and then eat a cream pie from a pussy her office secretary, who had been working for her for a couple of years went off on maternity leave.

Caught in Panties

fetish ksu328 2018-03-07

She looked at me and said, "So you like to wear bras and panties?" I was pretty relieved that she didn't ask me whether I liked to eat my cum. "To school, out to eat, anywhere we go, you will wear bras and panties," She answered. She said, "I see you also like to eat cum, I think you will be doing a lot of that in the near future." She said, "well, to start, you are going to suck some guy's dicks at the mall." I got out and I had enjoyed the dicks up my ass and in my mouth so much, that I had to find a guy to start dating.

Milking Sondra

fetish l8bloom 2018-03-07

Sondra caressed and fondled her large breasts, arching her back, reaching under her t-shirt as the desire grew stronger. He took her left breast in both hands, meeting the need exactly, knowing that this was the touch she wanted to feel. "Please," she said with more urgency, "suck me, Lionel, I need you," and at last he began to suck her nipple. She loved feeling him inside her at the same time that he drank from her breast. Sondra dismounted and took Lionel's hand, dragged him to the bedroom and tore off his clothes. She rode him, calling out her desire, letting her breasts move without restraint, hearing him groan, "yes, fuck me Sondra," and his words set her free.

Goddess of Soles Pt. 02

fetish RickyJoyce 2018-03-07

Garoth managed to open his eyes and he saw Jarint looking down at him. The Goddess was getting closer but Garoth couldn't seem to make his legs work. "Die whore!" Dor fell from the trees above, both daggers in his hands, aimed at the Goddesses back. The Goddess of Soles reached out towards him and his clothes began to disintegrate, blowing away in the warm breeze. The warm breeze continued to blow, carrying her scent to him in waves, like water lapping against the soft sand of a forbidden beach. I just accept that they turn me on and that's all I need." His eyes went to the water and the shape of the movement was almost hypnotising.

Ghost in Her Shell

fetish Batman_112 2018-03-07

Rinko became a fan-favorite after her performance in Pacific Rim and fans online had lobbied her to play the role of Motoko Kusanagi in a live action Ghost in the Shell. "Wow, I'm getting really nervous about Ghost." Scarlett said, which caused Rinko to groan. Scarlett then tossed Rinko on the bed and began to slowly kiss down her body, causing her to moan in ecstasy. "OHHHH MY!" Rinko moaned in Japanese as Scarlett brought her lips towards her and they pulled in for a deep kiss, their hips continue to go back and forth, shaking the bed in the process. "SO CLOSE SHIT!" Scarlett moaned as her normally pale face began to turn a pinkish red while Rinko's face was covered in sweat.

Travelling To Maine

fetish spiritwhispered 2018-03-07

As the minutes passed in silence, I felt the weight of the bed shift as she moved from her resting position and pulled away the towel around my waist. As she pulled herself off me I got a good look at her grinning face as a thread of semen still clinged between her lips and the head of my penis. The right side of the robe hide most of her body but her large hips pulled it up a bit at her waist and it was easy to get a good view of her red haired bush. I pulled her towards me with my left hand until her belly was pressed against mine and I could feel the edges of her pubs push against my enlarging head.

getting candice pregnant

fetish vinney 2018-03-07

Thanks to her small frame, her uterus had already come close to expanding within the available existing space and now, the only way it could continue was to start pushing her belly outwards. Walk around with completely undone trousers (until that in itself wasn’t large enough) or she was going to be reduced to her bikini bottoms or knickers to cover her lower half as her belly continued it’s push outwards. It pulled her navel widthways, making it look like a vertical oval ‘dip’ on her belly with it’s former innards remaining as a surfaced ‘spot’, where her womb had now pushed it outwards from underneath.

Carmen and Ali part 2

fetish Latexslav3 2018-03-06

"Clean your apartment yourself and it will be clean for a day, teach your pet man to do it for you and you will never have to touch the vacuum again." Carmen was willing to invest the time to train Ali as she was in this for the long term, a pet after all was a lifetime commitment. Ali was at that moment very flaccid and somehow fitting into his rather tiny underthings though, it looked rather uncomfortable to Carmen all things considered, and she wondered if he was still "up" for this little game of theirs and just needing some positive reinf***ement. "Is it a good surprise?" Ali asked, and Carmen could tell from his tone that he wasn't sure if he had met the requirements of their little bargain the night before.

Lunch with My Wife

fetish mugs101 2018-03-06

Dropping the razor she took her fingers and slowly slid them back and forth over her outer lips opening her legs so I could see everything. I felt my phone vibrate three more times the next 30 minutes as I finished up going over the fine details and signed the contract with my new client. I sat in my truck and opened my messages on my phone two from my wife and one from another client on schedule for today. I could see her gaping sweet pussy soaked with our juices and she placed her hose covered foot on my cock and slowly pressed on it like she would be stepping on the brake in her car.

A Dinner Seduction

fetish ladyfeetlover18 2018-03-06

but then the foot moved to my hard cock, and started rubbing it slowly.. it just felt like heaven, and I didn't even want to resist it anymore, I just left her to rub my hard cock with that soft - tho surprisingly big - foot. I wanted to look down and see her sexy foot as she rubbed my throbbing cock, but I thought I would look very weird if Tim noticed that I'm looking down at my cock.. then His mother said:"I'm going to be late, I have to leave guys, bye Tim, Bye Jack!" He had a very wide smile on his face and he put his other foot on my cock and started giving me a footjob with both of his feet..