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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Fantasies of Katrina: Introduction

fetish mntnmanor 2018-03-06

Running my tongue up the crevice of a hairy female pussy and ass is nirvana. To watch a women pee and then lick her clean afterwards, taste the drops of sweet salty urine hanging from the hairs of her pussy, feeling them on your tongue, smelling the mixture of hot female sex mixed with salty nectar is just too exciting. This again is linked to my over excitement from smell and taste, and is derived from a prior relationship with a lady that loved to have her ass licked and have my tongue shoved as far up her ass as I could. I would tease and spend a great deal of time working my tongue in circles around her asshole enjoying the sensation, taste, and smell.

This Is For Science, Tilly. Ch. 02

fetish Irrumat0r 2018-03-06

Tilly grabs her clipboard, turns around and walks out of the room, come moments later into my sound-proofed control room, and growls, "Holy fuck, if I don't come right now I'm going to pass out," already lifting her white skirt to her waste and peeling her panties from her fat, fresh-shaved pussy. With Margaret nice and relaxed now, I key a sequence that alters the pattern of electric field stimulation; she can now feel shocks originating in her neck and toes start to gently undulate toward her pelvic region. "Hands at yours sides, legs open," Tilly says again, and Margaret complies, as Tilly places the plastic cup facing the subject's tumescent vulva.

Tracy and John's Nylon Photography

fetish TightsManUK 2018-03-06

As we kissed I glanced sideways and saw John taking pictures, Tracy reached down and began jerking me through my sticky tights, my cock growing hard once more with the sensation. I held my breath and stopped licking Tracy as his huge shaft slowly entered me, the pain was incredible as it felt he would genuinely split me in two, I buried my face into Tracy's wet crotch, trying to lick and take the pain away as she stroked my head, admiring her husband as he moved deeper inside me. We lay breathlessly on the bed as I withdrew from inside her soaking pussy, John took some more pictures then moved in between Tracy's legs and began to lick her cum filled hole, cleaning her out like a dutiful husband should.

BUNSNUB: Another Love Story Ch. 07

fetish NastyPierre 2018-03-06

You're to lap that sperm up with your tongue, take it into your mouth and swallow it." She moved forward on her chair, intent on enjoying my self-degradation. It only took one good swipe of my tongue and a bit of gagging, to wipe the sperm from my left palm. "You know they don't belong to you, they belong to me!" I shook my head yes, as my tongue situated the first wad into the pouch of my right cheek and went for the second. It's the way I always want to see you dear boy." I was nodding my head and still humping into the air where her hand had once been.

The Princess and the Assassin Pt. 06

fetish thecloned22 2018-03-06

Helen/Tarah were thrown over his shoulder, as it was the only way he could carry them without falling. Jor felt a bit envious of the girls for that. After checking on the girls, Jor collapsed to the ground in exhaustion. Using his knife, which he heated in the fire, Jor started cutting away at the infected flesh around his wounds. Helen and Tarah hugged their body, their heads nuzzling together. "Where in the great marshes." She observed drawing Tarah's attention, "Jor used to take me here on hunting trips." Tarah took his soaked clothes off stripping him down and looked at Jor's wounds. "He needs help that's for sure, and we've got nothing to save him." Tarah replied. Helen turned towards Tarah planting her forehead against her sister's.

Trick or Teat

fetish al_Ussa 2018-03-06

Instead of some kid in a silly little ghost, devil or hobgoblin costume, there was a cute looking brunette teen waiting for him at the door, a grinning neon orange pumpkin bucket in her hands. As she said that, the curvy brunette teen slowly lowered her top, giving Charles a quick peek at her enormous breasts before quickly pulling it back up. Charles willingly obliged, looking behind him as he ascended the steps to see his eighteen-year old house guest's huge breasts jiggle delightfully as she tried to walk up the stairs in her heels. "That's probably my wife," he said, "She went out trick-or-treating with the kids so she'll be coming back soon and..."

The Garage Sale

fetish cumquarts 2018-03-06

I had the bright idea this morning to go to a garage sale that was advertising teen girl's clothes in the hopes of finding some nice panties to wear and cum on. I guess it was her mom running the sale, because when I got to the alley garage in the ghetto part of town the woman who came through the door into the garage to meet me she was a young milf but not a teen. It only took a few seconds for me to coax the cum towards the cotton, and as soon as it started to rise I saw her daughter walk out the back door with her nice growing tits poking forward in her shirt and a sweet ass to boot.

£5 per Slap.

fetish Cunt-slapper 2018-03-06

I strip you naked and put a dog collar and lead around your neck and bring you out into the cold night air. I place you in the boot of my car and drive. I handcuff your hands behind your back around the lamp post. CUNT NEEDS PUNISHING Not bad for a cunt slut whore. We walk back to the car, the spit on your face drying in the night air, your slapped flesh stinging more as the cold hits it. We reach the car. I dont want you in my car looking like that. "Im to good to you, giving you money to get home" I say as I get into my car and drive away.

A Special Surprise for Blake

fetish Sapphire_Mail 2018-03-06

I guide him with my hand on his head, sliding the first few inches of my cock into his hungry mouth. The further I lean in to kiss him, the more he can feel my hard cock pressing against the crack of his ass, sliding up and down there. My hand moves from his shoulder and up the back of his neck, then his head, gripping his hair, pulling his head back so I can hear him moan louder. I stop pumping his cock only when I feel the last of his spurts and I lean back down against him, laying my face on his back, kissing him lightly all over, where ever my mouth can reach.

The Cleaners Dilemma (Part 1)

fetish zinfandel 2018-03-06

‘I have certainly not touched any of your wine, you must be mistaken?’ ‘You have loads of bottles stored here you must have miscounted them or something?’ ‘I wish that were true’ I said, ‘but as I was suspicious, when I was here two weeks ago I left a webcam set up that I can access from my home which clearly shows you taking a bottle from the rack when you were cleaning’. Twenty quid, for one pair of stockings!’ ’Worth every penny’ I said ‘now how about a Basque or suspender belt to go with them’ I moved to the Girdles and Shapewear page and was encouraged to see Sue immediately start looking at the options.

The Domme Diet Plan Pt. 01

fetish subm_atty 2018-03-06

I opened it and was thrilled to see I had drawn a "10." I showed the number to Mistress and she congratulated me on making my goal and told me to draw a "reward." I reached into the green bowl and pulled out a card and opened the small envelope. During week two, Mistress decided that my "pussy" needed more of a work-out so she required that I be fucked at least an hour each day. "I am still going to fuck you with the strap-on from time to time, slut, but this machine will become a mandatory part of your training and it will allow multiple sessions if I decide you need it." So she put me down on all fours and slid the machine into position behind me.

Blonde Campus Hottie Dominated!

fetish Brutus3412 2018-03-06

Everyone had told Hanna about how Nicole had beat up the librarian and rubbed her flip-flops in his face (It seemed like everyone had a foot-thing at this school). In between kicks, the mob of girls took turns rubbing Hanna's clit, mocking her with fake orgasm sounds. The dirty socks were removed from Hanna's mouth, as she gasped for breath like a fish out of water. "Ok bitch," Nicole said, "I am almost done with you." "But my feet smell, and they need cleaning. Taunting Hanna, Nicole flexed her biceps in a bodybuilding pose as she continue to shove her feet into Hanna's mouth. Yes, she had orgasmed, but she also had that bitch Nicole's feet in her mouth!

Sperm storage with mom help part 2

fetish rust88 2018-03-06

She looked a little bit like my mom but mommy got bigger tits and was a little fatter. I was looking at the scene and thinking back on the day before when mom was blowing on the tip of my dick to make sure my rod way empty and the pre cum was coming out. Mom: now cum my boy, give mommy another load so she can save it. Mom: I know you wish to smell mommy panties young man, go ahead and sniff them. Mom: good boy now stay quiet while mommy does her make up and get dressed. Mom: come on young man give mommy your sperm.

Triangular Ch. 01

fetish Agent86 2018-03-06

As we talked, Sven's hand gradually found it's way back to Kathy's cum-filled pussy, and I noticed his cock was getting hard again also, as was mine. I could feel Sven's cock filling her pussy, and Kathy screamed as the pressure and pleasure of two cocks inside her at once threw her body into yet another orgasm, her arse clenching around my cock so hard it was all I could do not to come there and then. Kathy started to come hard, her pussy and arse contracting and trembling around our cocks, but we continued to double-fuck her hard and fast, our own orgasms approaching fast and the pleasure and desire unbelievable, until finally both Sven and I came hard deep inside Kathy.

Wife and I go on vacation

fetish bi5868 2018-03-06

My wife, almost skipping, pulls me along like an excited girl released from her parents' bonds. A dark side street woos us with party sounds and more crowds of stylish young people. Music and sultry Black Tobacco smoke fill the air as we descend ancient stairs into a true Keller club. Stone walls and arches amplify the pounding beat of the music letting it grab our bodies from the inside and pull us into the rave like mood. Neon colored drinks on trays whirl about the place, some appear to smoke like witches brews. A leather clad beauty with raven hair steps out of nowhere and kisses my wife open mouthed before disappearing as quickly as she appeared.

New Slave Ch. 01

fetish MarkusMarquis 2018-03-06

The high altitude air cleared Rose's lungs as she slowly made her way up the winding path to her final destination, Markess University located on the top of one of Switzerland's less known mountains. Getting there hadn't been easy especially with only three words of French, however the European school system had done its proper job in instructing English to its citizens so there was hardly any hassle communicating with countrymen and women who could easily correct Rose's English grammar mistakes. Well at least it was an educational institution and that was a start, however when Rose asked a few more questions, the woman just said to go up there and speak with the Steward, they were sure to let her in.

Road trip

fetish stig1963 2018-03-06

Crossing those long hose covered legs that started at those cruel high heels and ended, oh boy the hose were shinny but shear at the crotch and I was staring at a shaved pussy with a wet spot soaking her hose. She licked the head of my dick like a Popsicle and as I moaned wrapped her mouth around my penis and sucked it up till her lips kissed my balls. She was whispering in my ear ‘Ready for another ride sugar?’ My arms were getting sore from being stretched like they were but as she engulfed me and started grinding herself against me, I gasped and shook all over, she then resumed her long slow stroking of my shaft.

Lisette's Education Ch. 04

fetish lisetteuk 2018-03-06

I pushed harder with my tongue and continued to play with her clit, reaching with my free hand to tug at the nipple clamps, making her moan and wriggle, and in no time she came again. I made her look at her own gaping hole in the mirror and rubbed her clit a little, before standing over her and letting loose the rest of my piss-this time spraying her ravaged asshole. When Cindy was full she immediately stood up and told me I was lucky she wasn’t going to empty her self on my face and ‘in your shit eating little mouth you filthy bitch,’ were the precise words she used.

The Janice Club

fetish RoryN 2018-03-06

As Stephanie streaked his cheek with Sandra's come, Sandra's eyes watched Ben's naked and wiry body undulating, letting her eyes lower to his slender stomach until they locked on his right hand, which was stroking his own small, handsome penis with moderate speed. Ben used his arms to hold himself against the wall as Sandra brought both her hands forward, grasping the head of his cock between her thumbs and forefingers while Stephanie worked his shaft. She pulled him close and clasped his cock and balls tightly against her bushy sex, rocking gently on her feet with him as they both watched Stephanie work two fingers into her own pussy, masturbating furiously for both of them, her palm spreading his whitish sperm through the thick hair of her lower stomach and cunt.

The Dominant Wife

fetish spice16 2018-03-06

She sat down in the tub in front of me and said, "Stick your head under the water and eat my pussy slave!" I stuck my head down between her legs and started lapping away. She came over to the edge of the bed where I was sitting, grabbed my balls through the pouch, and told me to open my mouth. When she finished feeding me she looked down at my crotch and said, "I'll bet you'd like to relive some pressure." "Yes." I gasped, as it was all I could do to keep from coming at this point. She just giggled and said, "Well, I don't want you to make a mess all over so just wait here a minute." She then left the room and quickly returned with a box of plastic wrap.

The Slut Wife - Chapter 13

fetish 2018-03-06

He looked over to my husband and said “you can sit there and jerk off while I fuck your wife.” I started gobbling down his cock into my mouth and wanted to inhale all of it. He finally pulled out and pushed me onto my back and slid his cock into my pussy and began to stroke hard as I could feel his cock stiffen even more…he was going to cum in me! When he was done Jake got off the bed and , looking at my husband, said “NOW you get to fuck her, but kiss her first.” Hubby moved over to the bed and his cock was rock hard.

The Breeder's Contract Ch. 01

fetish TwistedDesires 2018-03-06

I don't think of myself as dumb, but I just wasn't good at school I guess." I looked down at the coffee between my hands, avoiding Marcus's eyes. Admittedly, I wanted to try and look my best when Marcus came to get me. "Come here, sweety." Marcus grabbed my hand and started to lead me away from the living room. I scuttled backwards a bit until I felt the pillows behind me and I propped myself up against the headboard and looked at Marcus in front of the bed. I wasn't sure what to do, so I just watched as the blood slowly started to pump through his dick until it looked like it was completely full.

Infinite Lust & Death

fetish SexyJennaInk 2018-03-06

This tall, muscular, gorgeously tattooed body that is wearing a black sleeveless dress shirt and fake fangs is Joel. I am fully aware that I am bleeding, I can feel the warmth coating the top of my chest and bleeding slowly onto Joel's hungry lips. "You taste like red wine," he whispers, pulling away and pressing his stained lips to my own. Taste my life on his lips and his fangs and his tongue. The fake fangs have fallen out and are inside the coffin with us, somewhere; yet he continues to drink. "You taste like red wine and sorrow," he smiles and his tongue launches a warm trail up my ear.

Mark & Lisa Pt. 01: Key-holder

fetish LockedSissySubmissive 2018-03-06

It didn't take long for me to cum especially as the image of Lisa handling my cock-cage was in the forefront of my mind but I was still too engorged and erect to get the ring on and I worried that I had wasted my money and bought too small a device. "I'm sorry Mark, I know this is probably not what you want to hear but it just looks so tiny." She was smiling now as she took my dick in her hand and lifted it up, examining it. My cock was locked into a steel chastity device and I had given the only keys to my neighbour, a woman I actually knew very little about in reality.