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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Teddy Bare in Captivity

fetish christinecuddlewell 2018-03-06

It's only when you cross my threshold that I become your Auntie Christine and you are transformed into my Teddy Bare." I dressed especially for the occasion in clothes picked to lead poor Ted by the nose. Once I had twisted and twitched my way through a long train of noisy orgasms I thought about texting Ted to let him know that he was going to be set a task to perform. When I was really turned on, and after watching Ted's performance on my latest DVD I most definitively was, I could hardly tell if I were undergoing a succession of very powerful closely spaced orgasms or just one long continuous one whose intensity fluctuated rapidly.

Leather Lusts Ch. 04

fetish candy_2691 2018-03-06

Jack walked through the door and saw Breezy hugging an old biker with long white hair in a braid down his back. "Pops, Jack gave me a ring, popped the question, and I said yes." Breezy smiled, she showed him the ring. Donna came out from the back to hug her and congratulate the couple, she said it was the prettiest ring she had seen in a long time, and then she fired her telling her, "Go get married girl, have a nice honeymoon, start right now on that family." "Jack, I'm okay it's you that bastard hit, I thought he killed you; must have some hard head honey?" She clutched his hand. Breezy had to tell him that Jack was hit in the head and out cold the whole time.

Classroom Curses

fetish Rett 2018-03-06

Puzzled by this, Jessie returned her gaze to the front of the classroom in time to see her teacher get a call to leave for a minute. Anna pointed at the back of Jessie's right hand. All Jessie could do was sit their pondering about what Anna could mean about 2:30 while her teacher babbled on about sentence structure and other boring "matters of importance". Maybe it was just a stupid little trick to get me worrying." She swivelled her head to Anna and was about to pull a face that said something along the lines of "Was that it?" when she suddenly felt quite hot, as if the room's temperature had just risen a few degrees.

Dinner is Served

fetish AfroerotiK 2018-03-06

His hands were sweating and he wasn't sure what was supposed to happen so he has rather nervously and looked around at all the Black art and the exquisite furnishings, waiting for instructions. You want to suck that log while it's coming out of my divine black goddess asshole like it's a fat, hard shit cock and you want to eat the filthy crap that I shit out of my body, don't you?" She made him beg for it and he was panting like a dog as he pleaded with her to use his mouth for what it was intended for, a hole for black women to use for whatever reason they saw fit.

The Meeting

fetish eagleyeiggy 2018-03-06

Looking down at you spread out on the bed wearing only your panties I can't help but feel like tearing you apart and making you mine. While licking your pussy lips and sucking on your clit I reach around with my hands and grab your ass and pull you closer to my face. Sliding your hand from under my crotch you feel my hardness and stop to give it a little squeeze on your way to my zipper. You slowly slide my dick from your mouth and wipe a little cum off your lips with your tongue. Moving off to the side of your body I kiss your forehead and slide your hair out of your eyes I can't help but fall deeper in love.

On the Playground

fetish absinthestarr 2018-03-06

I parked on Halsted, since it was boy’s town I figured I would be safe walking the street. It is like a Pavlov dog effect… but instead of salivating with the sound of a bell or the look of bacon the fine vision of a nice veiny thick cock gets my pussy juicing. I heard a noise and jumped to see a homeless man on the bench had his cock in hand and was stroking away, it was a shame that he looked like the type that had dove headfirst into a garbage bin because his cock was short but also nice and thick.

First Time

fetish JillS 2018-03-06

When I felt comfortable with him, I rolled over, unbuttoned his shirt, slid it off and ran my hands down his chest. I turned towards him, propped my head on my hand, then ran my fingers up and down his erect penis. With a nervous laugh he said, "I wonder if anybody else ever used that post this way." He took another deep breath. I felt him tighten against my hand as I slowly slid the nozzle in and out, rotating it as it moved. He relaxed a little, but I could still feel tense muscles under my hand. As I moved the tip inside him, I took hold of his erect penis with my other hand.

Nicky Raises The Bar

fetish steve w 2018-03-06

A young guy was trying to take a piss, but it was a bit fucking distracting having a beautiful eighteen-year-old slut standing next to you, pulling her tits until it hurt. I fucking deep throated that big fat cock, so shove it up my ass. She was fucking horny, but his cock was still huge, too big surely to fit up an eighteen-year-old ass, even if she did have a thing about gaping. When there was none left, she slid four fingers into her ass, then her whole fucking fist, and swirled her hand around in her crap-hole, digging out the last of the collective juices. She was going to walk through the mall, wearing a schoolgirl's outfit, covered in cum and piss, with her asshole gaping wide under that cute little skirt.

Part 1 Puddled

fetish vallonia 2018-03-06

The young teacher sighted the female on the side of the road ahead of her get a massive drenching from the car she was behind as it went through a particularly deep puddle. The first two hours in the cottage went in a blur Emma was amazed at Diana figure she was a very beautiful young woman. Diana went to get showered as Emma fixed a simple meal the wine was in the fridge, she remembered the coke she had brought down with her, she had really wanted to take the coke tonight but wasn't sure how Diana would react to d**gs.


fetish kariakin22 2018-03-06

She comes to take a break and a few sips from her third drink at our table and admits: “I am so excited to have strange men flirt with me and seduce me right in front of the man I love, and I don’t have to feel guilty about it!” I encourage her, confessing that her little show is starting to turn me on. She can feel his hard long rod growing beneath her hand, his muscular chest against her breast, the little kisses his lips are planting on her neck and then she comes, suddenly, opening her eyes with a gasp, squeezing hard on his erection through the cotton of his pants.

A Fetish Show to Remember

fetish longshot18 2018-03-06

There was my beautiful wife, topless, on the bed in what had to be a new pair of bright orange panties. You could see the outline of her beautiful pink pussy through the wet panties which were clinging tightly to her body. Then she started to rub her crotch over her panties getting her fingers wet. My wife, while playing with her pussy, said “Watch this” and she started to suck the precum from my thongs. Still in the “69” position, with her crotch over my chest, still covered in panties, she began to pee again. Right in the middle of peeing, she pulled her panties aside giving me (and the camera) the most amazing view of her peeing pussy.

Big Sloppy Black Cock

fetish 2018-03-06

After I finished up in the lunchroom, I used to walk around the halls looking for Big Dog. Sometimes when I saw him, I'd say hi, but other times I'd stand a ways away from him and find some excuse, with my back to him, to bend down to pick something up. "I stopped wearing the short skirts and tried hard not to make eye contact with Big Dog when I saw him after that. 'What's a matter, the little white bitch gotta pee or you looking to tease ol' Big Dog some more?' he asked. I knew I'd have to put on my wet dress, but figured the play had started by now and the auditorium would be dark enough that I could walk in and put on my coat.

Lizzie Ch. 03

fetish SamFrench 2018-03-06

Several others from the Charleston office and from other companies arrived for the meeting as everyone started jockeying for seats around the large conference table in front of the nameplates that designated each participant's place. Neither Liz nor Anne would miss out on an opportunity to get up close and personal with me whenever possible, rubbing their tits on my back as they leaned over to point to some detail on a chart, letting their hands linger for a second longer than necessary on my ass, or giving it a quick squeeze when they knew no one could see them. "Hope you liked that preview?" Anne said, smiling at me with that devilish look, knowing full well that I loved it.

Crack Addict Ch. 04

fetish mondotoken 2018-03-06

I began pouring baby oil and simultaneously rubbing my cock into her massive butt cheeks. Roxy giggled like a school girl as my cock smoothly glided up and down the length of her indigo dark butt cheeks. Coco may have been knew to the business but she gave head like an old pro gently caressing my cock and running her tongue along its length before taking it into her mouth and sucking real hard. Coco's big ass was a thing of beauty as each of her hips formed a perfect semi-circle with her huge meaty cheeks dominating my view. "You got the evidence right there on your fingers baby." My cock was still raging hard but I didn't feel like giving the shapely teen any more money.

He Changed Me

fetish Passionuc 2018-03-06

The pain gave some intense feelings when I'd cum, I loved when Patrick's cock was inside me and I came often all over his beautiful cock. While I was laid up with a broken ankle he took advantage of my helplessness by deciding one day (without any discussion with me) that because he loved watching me cum so much that I should cum more for him because Patrick wanted more and more of whatever he liked. I could hear Patrick moan as my body shook and pussy contracted and I exploded in the biggest cum I've ever had.

Mona in the Mercedes

fetish derfaust 2018-03-06

Mona felt the sandpaper on her tits, the kit gloves on her thighs and abdomen and the sensations of what she could only classify s the worlds largest vibrator trusting in and out of her when suddenly and without ceremony three large fingers were thrust inside her gaping asshole. Mona felt the cock in her ass thrusting harder and faster, which caused her head to work overtime on the dick filling her throat. The crowd slowly joined in and began to stroke their cocks in stride with the two fucking on the floor before them until one by one, each unloaded another jet of cum onto Mona's waiting face, tongue, back or tits as they desired.

Left Bank

fetish lilactwist 2018-03-06

She took my cock in both hands and caressed it while I worked my third finger into her now wet cunt. I went back up to her head and kissed her deeply for a long time, sticking her cunt-smelling fingers in our mouths. Wow. Who would’ve thought… I moved myself around, placing my head on the pillows at the head of the bed, and swiveled this monstrously beautiful ex-wife-turned-lesbo around so that her cunt was on my mouth, her mouth was above my cock, now bulging with anticipation, and her little brown bud was right off my nose. This beautiful hole was flowing with wetness so I pulled my tongue out and stuck my third finger in, this time rapidly, all the way.

Denise Pt. 02

fetish rewriterewrite 2018-03-06

Denise pulled into her parking spot and adjusted her skirt to hide her diaper. "Did you even buy anything?" Jen asked, noticing that Denise wasn't carrying any bags, which seemed unusual. She tried to hide the look of relief that wanted to show, but she wasn't fooling Jen. There she was feeling like a complete fool in front of a girl she really looked up to, when suddenly Jen said something that she hadn't expected. It's babyish style complimented her curves, and as Jen took her pants off the rest of the way, Denise couldn't help but admire her legs as well. Jen sat on the ground facing Denise and spread her legs open.

Letter from Teehan Creek

fetish justincbenedict 2018-03-06

As I watched, Olene jerked Ludovic over the sofa armrest, pulling up his pink nightie and pulling down pinker panties, and she then whacked his bare ass with the saucepan, using an arm that really could have been borrowed by Venus Williams. Then, with absolute rage in her eyes, Olene touched the end of the poker to Ludovic's right nipple, this time pressing it just a bit more, and he howled miserably, and rolled around on the floor. As he rolled, Olene took up a long rattan cane that was lying on the coffee table and she whipped his bare butt and thighs, making poor Ludovic scream with pain and terror.

Beaten and Taken

fetish Ian1 2018-03-06

I grow to accept the invading cock and soon the man is fucking my face from the chair, thrusting up to meet my movements. "Fuck him good," you tell him, "Make sure this little bitch boy knows his place." With each thrust my caged cock flops and sways, hilariously useless to me in its constraints. You pull out of my mouth, the dildo coming out with a pop leaving my lips in an "O" shape, with a look of bimbo surprise on my face. He fucks you deep and you struggle against your moaning to speak to me again, but this time it's just to ridicule me for how dumb I look with my caged cock trapped in panties and another plastic cock sticking into my ass.

Sherry's Test Ch. 03

fetish PolyVoyeur 2018-03-06

You are going to stand before each of your colleagues, slowly pull down your panties and ask your colleague to take a good look at your pussy. Sherry flushed with embarrassment as she, for the first time and unfortunately not the last time, peeled down her panties to expose her beautiful pussy adorned by a trim landing strip. Mike relished looking at Sherry peeling down her panties slowly and she almost smiled at him with the knowledge that other than nudie bars, this was not an experience Mike was going to get with an attractive woman. "Please look at my pussy, Harvey" said Sherry as casually as possible. Finally, her assigned task came to an end and Sherry looked at Roberts and glanced at clock hinting an end to the session.

My Birthday Surprise

fetish fflover58 2018-03-06

My mom and I had gotten pedicures today, so my toes were painted a cute light blue color to compliment the day's outfit. I got up to turn my room's light on, only for my dad to gently grab my arm. "Oh honey, you're feet are so beautiful!" my dad said excitedly. The idea of having my feet smelled seem relatively less weird, knowing it was my dad doing it. "Go ahead daddy, smell my feet as long as you want." "Oh wow," I said, not sure that I wanted my feet smelling like popcorn. "Do you like feeling my soft feet teasing your big cock?"

The Power of Clothing Pt. 04

fetish mandywilluk2000 2018-03-06

Stephen had, she thought, a busy, but nicely organised life, for he pretty much worked the hours and days he chose, he only seemed to work at things he enjoyed and he and Marcia had six or eight weeks holiday a year. Had the new owners not have 'rebranded' nearly everything, had they not have introduced new uniforms and had they not have made all Medical Assistants wear those white coats, Stephen and Kate may just have remained, doctor and assistant. "Jesus, Kate," Stephen said that Monday morning when she came into the consulting room wearing the coat. Stephen smiled as he looked at Kate, seeing the outline of her the leg elastic of her full, high-waisted panties and her bra strap.

How I Became a Cuckold

fetish cocksucker1966 2018-03-06

When we got back to the pool, Ray and Carol were sipping tall drinks, talking, and laughing. He was pounding her slowly and rhythmically and I heard Carol start to moan softly and encourage Ray to keep doing it the same way. I believed about that hairy bastard in bed with my naked wife behind that locked door and my dick started to get hard again and I played with it. Carol came over to me and kissed me on the cheek and said " Thank you baby, " just like soon after she fucked Jim. But Ray was not Jim. Ray was a bull. " Yes we want you to come back next Friday, " said Carol enthusiastically, as she joined Ray at the door.