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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Life's Changes Ch. 05

fetish Scribler 2018-03-05

Next I've been looking at you personnel file you have eight weeks of vacation due you I'd like you to start taking it at lease a day off now and then. "Well Sheri don't forget about that vacation time and get that resume in and I'll see you this afternoon at the board meeting." Mr. Burns walked me to the door. I'm here to hire the most talented and experienced person for this position." He looked right at me and said "Regardless of age color or gender." Boy did I put my foot in it this time. "Well that's the first time a VP ever kissed me" then quietly to me he said "After everyone's congratulated you meet me in my office." He and Malcolm left as everyone else congratulated me.

Condom Compromise - (An alternative to cream-pie s

fetish yorknudeguy 2018-03-05

As a curious, sex-mad (even more so than now) youth I had enjoyed masturbating into fresh used condoms discarded at the local “lovers lanes”, fantasising about the strangers cunts and cocks that had been in such intimate contact and using the sperm deposited within as a lube to wank with – quite possibly in part the origin of my current enjoyment of cream-pies and sloppy seconds as I later discovered were the terms for my minor fetish.

Got Milk?

fetish adoniss 2018-03-05

Just go ahead, just like a baby would." She lifted the shirt above her breasts, fully exposing both of them and forming a small tent over my head. I sucked slowly and felt the nipple enter further into my mouth as the soft flesh of her breast gave way to the pressure. As I continued to suck and swallow her milk, I began to work the base of her nipple with my tongue. Finding my left hand on the edge of the chair, she grabbed it and pulled it slowly up her torso to her right breast and then left it there. She stopped when she found my hard flesh, and then pushed up against it, rubbing slightly forward and backward a few times.

The Seduction of Arbione

fetish imornery81 2018-03-05

My left hand felt the tab of the zipper to her skirt and as I watched her play with her breasts, I slowly pulled the tab down and over the swell of her hip. She reached up and behind her to hold my head to the side of her face and shoulder as we together watched my fingers push the skirt over her hips. Running the rose over her nipples again, as it travelled lower, this time it did not rise back after reaching her waist, but this time traveled a path across the outside of her hips, to the side of her ass, down her thigh, then over her knee the floral kisses spread along a path that was obvious if not direct!

catch another guy ogling my feet in class

fetish lordmax454 2018-03-05

I grab your lower lip with my toes and pull it down, and you open your mouth all the way so I can dip as much of my sweaty foot inside as I like. I make you hold it in while you act as my personal foot spa, bathing every inch of my huge feet with your tongue and allowing me to wipe them all over your willing face. The next time I have you over (I've got your number now, so expect to be called for foot service at any time of day or night) I'll let you pull down your pants and hold your hands behind your back while I use your naked, sensitive dick like a doormat, rubbing my tired soles all over it for my own satisfaction.

A Letter To A Pantied sub

fetish clan 2018-03-05

The spasm shoots through your lower belly and stuns your balls as your cock erupts in pleasure and your thick viscous cum sputs in long strands across your chest, on your bra and neck, on to your face and into your mouth. The room service attendant brings the drinks, places them on the table and takes the docket all the while trying to ignore you, still lying on the bed, smelling of cum, dressed in bra, garterbelt and stockings and sucking on the matching panties which protrude from your mouth. He wants more from you and he pulls you on to the toilet seat, kneels between your legs and sucks your still hard and straining cock into his mouth.

Pee On Me

fetish Crystal Sky 2018-03-05

Hot, steamy streams of water from the shower-head hit Jay and Rita's bodies making them feel warm, wet and increasingly relaxed. Still smiling, Rita slowly ran her fingers down his chest, her fingernails sent chills through his body, an electrical feeling as she carefully reached for his heavy balls trying to cup them in one hand and gently took ahold of his cock with the other. She continued to hold his hard dick, trying not to get him overly excited and smiled with delight when the first of a long stream of pee arched upwards, splashing onto her hard nipples, her breasts, hot-golden liquid that ran down her tight belly, looping around her belly button and into all the creases between her big pussy lips.

Chance Reunion

fetish Peethagoras 2018-03-05

Janey preceded me up the steep stairway, carrying her glass of wine, and turned on the lights of a short landing, off of which were two reasonably sized bedrooms and a very compact bathroom, the tub barely large enough for one to sit in, a toilet bowl, and a miniscule wash-hand basin in the corner opposite the toilet and behind the door. "Well, I was only 9 years old at the time and my hair hadn't grown down there," Janey said, and paused for a moment to look down and as if she had come to a momentous decision, she said, "Follow me," and went downstairs.

Medical Practice

fetish 2018-03-05

Commenting that I had to release one more bit of fluid to finish draining my pelvic of it's excess, she placed some KY jelly on her gloves and fingers to insert two left fingers in my anus against my prostate ang used her right hand to stroke my erect and leaking penis. My moans statrted to exceed the threshold of propriety even with the door closed and divider in front of my cubicle.All of the sudden Jane drove 3 fingers into my rectum and vigorously stroked my swollen prostate.As she did,with her right hand she squeezed my testicles til they were purple and painful but then quickly released the grip on my balls and started a rapid up and down grasp of my turgid shaft.Just before the end came my dedicated nurse gave me a rag to muffle my screams of pleasure.

Chris Grffin pt 2

fetish wsgy411 2018-03-05

I looked over and saw Meg sitting byherself on the floor by the trash cans. Connie liftedher lunch tray, which had a half-empty carton of milkand chicken bones all over it, and accidentally-on-purpose tipped it onto Meg's head instead of into the trash. "Oops!" Connie cackled sarcastically, while her friends laughed and tookpictures of poor Meg with milk all over her headand chicken grease and sauce all down her front. Connie stared at me for a long moment, then Clio started to chant "Slut! Slut!" over and over again, then Matty, TJ, Jennifer and Meg started, then the rest of the cafeteria, eventhe teachers, and Connie's supposed "friends".

The Adventures of Madi Ch. 03

fetish sexualrelief7191 2018-03-05

"Ohhhh, smells so goood!" Veronica said, then she started tickling that foot. Veronica wasted little time, and started stroking her long, beautiful tongue across my stinky arches. Veronica's eyes were glued to my wiggling little toes, like she was under some mesmerizing spell. Veronica stopped first, then opened her mouth, drew out her talented tongue, and started licking the pads of my toes. That thought burst like a bubble, when Veronica started sucking on both my big toes at once. Veronica then took my right foot, opened as wide as possible, then wrapped her mouth around all five of my toes. My eyes were closed the entire time, but I felt Veronica give away a few seconds after our lips locked.

Training Him to Take Dick Ch. 03

fetish magic_tantra 2018-03-05

He seemed to have a bigger asshole than my tight little ass and the dildo was going inside him easier than when Claire fucked me. I began grinding my hips so the new dildo would slowly open Michael's asshole so that I could successfully fuck it into submission. I had noticed that Carl's cock was getting even larger partially because he enjoyed bondage but also because he could feel my hands stroking his dick as I began licking the top or his crack keeping my promised to perform analictus before Claire split him in two. I wanted him to get him nice and relaxed as much as possible before Claire began pushing her huge dildo into virgin asshole.

Co-worker horny wife part 2

fetish krazyfork 2018-03-05

“Yeah, baby, I do, who have you showed them too?” “Well, nobody but Steven.” “That’s not very slutty,” I said, “we’ll fix that.” I picked one of her feet off my shoulder and started kissing and sucking her toes, I had to taste them. She whispered in my ear, “where are you going to cum?” I settled down inside her, slowly grinding and kissed her face and lips. I’m going to shoot this load deep in there baby.” “Do you think that’s safe?” She moaned a little breathlessly. What a dirty whore, but I fucked this slut cunt and now I’m going to cum in it.” And with that she said “oh God yes,” and we both came screamin’ hard.

The Good Girl

fetish PRNY1 2018-03-05

The second day I made sure I moved little more to the side so she would have a better view if she was looking and my eyes lingered a little longer when I peeked inside the shower. By the third day, Friday, I noticed on my way in that the little opening had gotten bigger and my cock got immediately hard when I walked in. I stood there off to the side, holding it for what seemed like forever waiting for the piss to work its way through my hard cock. "Go away now, let me get cleaned up." And she stood up, slipped her shoes off and peeled the soaked white stockings from each leg, pushed down her panties and pulled off her shirt and bra.

Lingerie for Rod

fetish PinkDelphi 2018-03-05

Several times, Rod would tell me things like how he would slip his stiff cock into my panties and how he would enjoy "wearing them" around his cock while I wore them as well.. "Well, I can tell you one thing, If I was fucking you and you were working me up, you know, like by sucking my nipples and pinching them hard as hell, and I was really, really just into fucking, I don't know....if there was a stiff cock there I am sure I would want to reach out for it and grab it and suck it too....I have thought about having a hot cock in my mouth.."

19 Years Old? Perfect.

fetish markthema 2018-03-05

Since Eve and me don’t live together I can pretty much do what I like and Eve loves it when I fuck other sluts – no problem, she a good girl, gets horny watching ;). She wore an all red mini dress open at the back, plenty of make-up and had thick raven-black touching her skin and a face to die for: the same pouty cock-wanting lips as my friends girl – hmmm, so hot! A good girl always wears four inch heels and no panties and from a young age mind you ;) Daddy just likes it that way and I the cum slut obey.

Examination Desperation Ch. 02

fetish Seuler 2018-03-05

A year after wetting her pants during the university entrance exam, the young woman crouches behind a bush at the edge of the school oval, watching the library through binoculars. This year's calculus students are filing in and taking their seats while Mrs Hope holds the door open for them. Finally the doors are closed, the students are seated and Mrs Hope hands out exam papers. When the teacher finally stops peeing, the young woman orders the students to silence, then tells Mrs Hope, now standing on a soggy patch of carpet, to take her shoes off. Once Mrs Hope is dressed, the young woman grabs her by the arm and leads her over to a corner where the students can still see her and tells her to sit.

Cosplaying Yeina Ch. 04: Milky Show

fetish qexiqex 2018-03-05

Tom was watching intently, as the vacuum pump worked on evacuating the two large glass cylinders which they pushed over Jana's breasts. This was really the only way Tom could come up with, that may increase Jana's bust size a bit for the last scenes. Tom, Tim and Bob pushed those big cylinders over Jana's breasts again. Jana closed her eyes, thought about the story so far, imagined how it would be, as the warrior Yeina, fallen into the hands of those awful monsters, trapped by her own breasts in this narrow tunnel. "I really like your bigger boobs, fits you incredibly well!" Bob giggled, who was finally out of his machine, "May I check how they actually feel?

Strap-on Fetish Discovered by Wife

fetish Patrick2380 2018-03-05

I reached down and started to stroke my cock, but I was quickly reprimanded by my wife and told not to touch myself unless given permission. As my mouth once again began to suck, this time on a woman's breasts, I felt the cold lube on my wife's fingers hit my anus. My wife moved into position and placed the head of the dildo at my ass hole. She reached down and stroked my cock a little and the precum that had been slowly flowing out dripped like a leaky faucet. I looked up into the mirror and watched my wife move behind me with the strap-on dildo bobbing from her waist. My wife continued calling me her little slut and a cock whore as she pounded away at my ass.

Date Night Humiliation

fetish tustin92614 2018-03-05

"Hey Mark, tell Steve that I'm almost done." As soon as he hangs up, he again slaps me, grabs my hair, and starts driving his cock into my throat. As he uses my mouth, I hear Mark's voice: "Hey girls, this is what happens if you let yourself go." They all laugh as the last guy pulls out, gives himself a couple strokes, and starts cumming into my hair. He slaps my face, hard, and puts his hand on the back of my head and grabs a hand full of my styled hair, and forces my mouth to his dick. He slaps my face, hard, and puts his hand on the back of my head and grabs a hand full of my styled hair, and forces my mouth to his dick.

Pussy-Licker: Affectionate Vandals

fetish tristantrotsky 2018-03-05

When I tell him how Ian is hung like a dog's tongue, and how I enjoy sucking his cock. So pretty soon we're naked in his room and doing it on the floor, then in the power-shower, on the bed with me riding him, then he's straddling me, his bare arse resting on my tits and I'm urging 'that's right, do it to my mouth, fuck my throat, do it like you do it between my legs.' And he does... I imagine her squatting down in front of him by the canvas, with his lovely big cock shoved in there between her lips as she sucks at it contentedly, those fat tits wobbling as her head bob-bobs up and down his glistening-wet length.

The Scent of a Neighbour

fetish Supertypingkock 2018-03-05

Dre quickly looked down at his beer - the humidity making small drops of water on the outside of the bottle. The lady stepped out onto the balcony - it was the girl from the elevator - still looking ravishingly in her white dress. Dre got up to grab another beer - suddenly wondering again what the woman next door wore underneath her dress. Dre went back onto the balcony and peered over the small wall, scanning the content of his neighbour's room. Dre imagined how the angel next door looked in the thong. Dre cleaned and neatened the bed before piling the bra, thong and dress back as closely as possible to how he had found them.

2035 - The Year of Male Chastity Pt. 06

fetish Longjohnsilver30 2018-03-05

Rebecca agreed with Patrick & decided I was not going to cum until she returned from Paris. She couldn't look at me as he continued to rub her pussy whilst I sat there thousands a miles away behind a TV screen. She looked to be fighting it but eventually succumbed, "I want you to pull my panties down and fuck me with your big massive cock whilst my little cocked husband watches on the TV." Oh little hubby your wife has got a real addiction.It's called my cock. With that he proceeds to lift Rebecca on all fours with her face looking directly at my screen.

Badpiggy Gets a Surprise

fetish badpiggy 2018-03-05

Her impromptu striptease act is working nicely and the sight of her globe-like breasts makes me hold my cock and rub my palm over the end of it. She sits astride my legs again, still slowly rubbing and teasing my cock with her hands. Jane says "I have drunk a lot, so I need to pee." I immediately assume that means her slipping off to the bathroom while I am under instruction not to wank. Sure enough, Jane sits astride my face and is raining down on me and into my mouth, some is running into my eyes but I can not close them, as I want to watch this in close up.