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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Taking Turns

fetish FizzEd 2018-03-04

Damn, but you have the cutest little tushie!" Then she spread my cheeks with one hand and I felt the head of her fake cock at my opening. It makes my pussy wet just watching your ass swallow it all up!" She was caressing my cheeks as she glided the fake cock in and out of me. She continued to piston the gently vibrating toy in and out of my ass with one hand but turned to lay on her back and scoot beneath me. Damn, I love you so much, baby," she said, licking my cum from her lips and rubbing it into her skin. My ass had a hold on her fake cock like a set of vise-grips, but then I finally began to relax.

Alice's Wonderland - a Sci-Fi fantasy

fetish oggbashan 2018-03-04

I had been told that most Entertainers weren't great company off stage, but surely they might be better company than my Accountants' Club where people spent too much time talking shop. Alice's muscles matched my rhythm as I slid deeper, pushed by her hands on my lower legs. Alice's hands turned me over so my back was against her tummy and my head was between her breasts. Over the next few weeks Alice repaid me with mind-blowing sex for each time I let her use her Wonderland. My friends, particularly Brian, Zoe and Helen were worried that Alice and I were retreating from reality too often, but we two knew there would be an end.

Senior Week Day 02

fetish Good Burger 2018-03-04

When it's hard it barely reaches five inches, and at that moment it was completely soft and probably looked just like a baby's penis, especially since I had shaved off all of my pubic hair. Soon, she had me on the floor, tickling me until I laughed so hard and felt myself wet my diaper. I knew what Amanda just did, and I could feel my little dick getting hard inside my diaper. Suck my titties...mmmm...I want you to cum in your diaper baby, cum for me." She continued to stroke my cock harder and faster as I suckled on her tits. As I felt myself nearing orgasm, I began humping her hand and finally felt myself explode, gushing a load of cum into the diaper.

A Bet on My Self-Control

fetish ddoteeem 2018-03-04

She gently undid my zipper, reached inside to fondle my balls and pulled out my semi-hard member. She produced a pair of white silk panties from her purse, wrapped them around my cock, gave the tip a quick kiss and zipped me back up all before I freed my arms. The warm water felt wonderful on my cock and I let my mind drift to Aya. I thought back to her tight behind straining against the yoga pants and sped up. She pulled the handkerchief away, but kept pouring so the warm liquid splattered onto my cock. When she pulled away, she tossed me the panties and I begrudgingly rubbed them over my cock. Soon, she moved up to my cock and started slowly stroking.

Hose and a Hard-On Ch. 01

fetish TaraJean 2018-03-04

As she took him into her mouth, Alex couldn't stop thinking how good the feeling of the pantyhose and dress had felt on his body. She walked directly to Alex and looked at him with her beautiful green eyes, bent over and whispered in his ear "I hope you like the smell of leather" then took his hand and led him towards the elevators. As Adam got undressed and sat in the chair facing the bed, Lori sat on the edge of the bed and said, "Alex, I want you to slowly remove your clothes." He stood close to the bed and as Lori lay back on her elbows and watched, he started unbuttoning his shirt.

Magic Potion

fetish PeggyBuxton 2018-03-04

"Yeah, Rosa and her guys." Gina takes a long swig from the bottle then holds it up in front of her face. A small green bottle exactly like the blue one sits on the end table next to the overstuffed chair Gina sits in. "Wow, I've never felt like this," Gina says, almost in a moan, her hand rubbing lightly over a breast a few times. Megan sits so the stump is beside her and racks Gina's hand over the soft rounded mound that was moments ago a leg. You know, 'Hey man, give me a hit, I want my leg off at the hip'." They both laugh as Megan turns the shower on.

My VideoChat Error Ch 11

fetish NaughtyOne88 2018-03-04

Suddenly she dropped to her knees pulled my panties down to my knees and with my penis in her hand looked up into my eyes with a wry grin on her face. "Thank you for fucking me and giving me your seed, it tastes so good," I said and put the open end of the used condom in my mouth again and sucked hard as I looked down from his eyes. It looked so hot seeing this very feminine lace covered arm with painted nails sticking out the end, wrap around a hard cock. He must have liked seeing a hot looking brunette, face dolled up with makeup, lace covered arms, with pointy red finger nails worshiping his hard cock and balls.


fetish Scotsdude 2018-03-04

Gina was a lovely woman, and made me feel good all the time. At some of these of raves, Gina would meet girls and we would take them home and make love with them. There was my naked wife with a strap-on, fucking me like a man. This is the best I've ever felt!" She said to me as she fucked my arse. "Listen, when you go to work tomorrow, I want you to wear your knickers underneath your suit, okay?" Okay, wear only women's underwear, please!" "Could we invite Chris to come round and fuck you?" First, at home, wear only women's clothes, agreed?" I'd also like for you to think about piercing, ears, nose, belly, and tongue, okay?"

Pam, Jim and I

fetish JustJimColo 2018-03-04

This went on for about 15 minutes before I heard what I knew was the end for Jim. I could clearly hear them fucking through the door and could almost feel how hard Jim was trying to keep from cumming. I could feel my own orgasm rising but knew I could not cum before getting her off so I decided to take a break and pulled out, while continuing to kiss her and play with her soaked pussy. It slid right back into her pussy on the next thrust though and as Pam continued her orgasms, Jim moaned loudly and I could feel his cock pulsate as he shot another load of cum into my wife.

Harry's Nylon Obsession

fetish 2018-03-04

He slides the nylon stocking over his hand half the stocking covering his palm, he reached into his zipper and pulls out his rock hard cock, the tip is glistening under the lights. Justine take the stocking and gently rolls the nylon over Harrys erect cock and smiles. Justine then drops to her knees in front of his cock and grabs the nylon covered shaft and starts to wank Harry. Harrys hands were gripping her nylon covered legs her feet inches from his face he had to do it he had to suck her toes, as he took them in his mouth Justine let out a huge moan.

The Science Experiment Ch. 01

fetish Katiekatsman 2018-03-04

Michelle grew to a height of 5'8, had blue eyes (probably the only non dominant gene in her body) and had long muscular legs, ample breasts, a thin torso and beautiful shape. Mistress Sharon worked a $20/hour job abusing men while Michelle was about to earn a six figure income that began with the numbers '20'. He came to the conclusion that for dominant women and submissive men to become accepted that they needed a similar city. Dominant women and submissive men deeded to band together, much like the gay community did in San Francisco but Martin didn't know how to make this happen. He shared how he wished there was a city like there are living in the Bay area; a city of dominant women and submissive men.

Cleaning Up Cum

fetish Anal Slave 2018-03-04

She was on her hands and knees with a big fat cock sticking in her mouth while she was being fucked in the ass and pussy at the same time. Pre-cum was dripping out of the end of it and I was pumping it hard now watching the other two cocks slam into her hungry cunt and asshole. So I lowered my face down to her cunt and started licking her pussy and asshole, sucking all the cum into my mouth and I was getting hotter and hotter. Almost every day after that when I would come home from work she would be in the bed sucking and fucking strange men.

My Control Freak Wife/Girlfriend

fetish TheElusive 2018-03-04

She prefer to wear sexy fluorescent colored bra and panty, which stands out in contrast with her body color, as she clearly knows that it drives me crazy. She knows that I love to watch her finger, but do not allow me to touch my cock all the while. I was knowing what is coming up and opened my mouth slowly looking at her. Watching me swallowing her saliva, she slowly slid her panty towards right and exposed her totally soaked pussy to me. I can see the burning desire in her eyes and while keep on looking down at me she shamelessly was fingering her pussy and squeezing her breasts over the blouse.

Trailer Trash Teen Hates Rules Ch. 02

fetish RetroFan 2018-03-04

With another huge sigh and a roll of her eyes, Breanna walked upstairs, Dylan discretely positioning himself so he could observe Breanna's bare feet, shapely legs and white panties up her tee-shirt, all the while thinking about Breanna talking about her vagina at the breakfast table. Bob and Anna emerged from the house with John, and everyone got into the van, Breanna feeling one of Kate's big breasts pressed up against her arm. John spun around and his face filled with delight at the person who stood there; the slim figure of Samantha, pretty as a picture in a green summer dress and white sandals that displayed her feet, the morning sunlight reflecting from her long strawberry blonde hair, her smile and sparkling blue eyes making her even more beautiful.

True story of our first date (part 2)

fetish ellieandmark 2018-03-04

I took every opportunity to press my hard cock up against Ellie's leg and on one occasion managed to press hard against her ass. I pushed myself close against Ellie's leg and she turned away from me and moved her hand down to squeeze me. Before I pushed my cock into her tight wet pussy, I leaned forward and told her to open her mouth. I bent Ellie over to fuck her doggystyle and instructed her to lean back and spread her ass cheeks for me so i could look at her tight little asshole as i fucked her. She put her fingers in my mouth and made me taste her pussy as she rubbed my cum into her face with her other hand.

My fate

fetish sissyteri 2018-03-04

An emasculated, sissy faggot locked in chastity, made up like a pretty girl, dressed in stockings,and high heels and panties, prostrate and helpless before one of your wife’s lovers, as he pumps your mouth full of his residual cum after he has pumped her to delirium! You know that she will regularly invite male company, and that you must sit there in your stockings, heels and panties, playing frustratedly with your chastity device whilst your trophy wife is consumed by another man; whilst she mocks you in front of him, about what a pathetic sissy loser you are; about how her male company is providing her with the real sexual fulfilment you were incapable of giving her.

A humiliating orgy.

fetish tigrenar 2018-03-04

The mewling sound is coming from Sarah, elicited by your strap-on cock thrusting in and out of her pussy no doubt. "Damn man, and I thought I was kinky 'cause I like to watch this hot piece of ass fuck anything that moves." My best friend slaps his wife's ass as he looks down at me with...admiration?! "And because I know how much you both like them, Sarah has some presents for you..." You gesture to the kitchen, where Sarah reappears, naked once more, this time wearing a collar that reads slut and a fox tail butt plug swinging with the sway of her hips. "I....I got on my back, lift my legs over my head, and.....and my Mistress fucked my ass until I came on my face." Re-telling the event somehow made it even more obscene, but Liz moaned slightly and chuckled.

Edward's Girlfriend

fetish LesseloovesPeter 2018-03-04

While he and Lucy both shared an appreciation for Father Martin's sermon and subsequent lecture series on David, he thought they both felt the same way about the behavior of Bathsheba. This perplexed Edward because, while Mary Magdalene's sinner to saint story stirred his soul, he thought Lucy agreed that the Mary, mother of God was the Mary worth of depicting in your living room. Edward wasn't exactly sure what he thought. "Lucy, you're look like a slut. Only sluts made men feel the way he felt when they cried and when they dressed like dirty whores. He raised his hand, now a tool of God, and brought it *smack* on to Lucy's round bottom.

The Gift

fetish Andre_Sillitoe 2018-03-04

"OK," she said as she took off her shoes and rubbed her hosed feet on the carpet. I walked back and sat cross-legged down on the floor beside her desk and she turned and placed her hosed feet in my lap. "Don't forget about my other foot dear," she said raising her left foot to my lips and I sucked the sweat from her toes and massaged her sole with my talented tongue. With her right foot, she held the head of my cock and used her other foot to rub my shaft until I erupted, releasing my warm cum all over her toes. To my surprise, she lifted her right foot up to her face and began licking off all my cum from her toes.

Becoming a Man

fetish The_Ride 2018-03-04

As John's penis entered the room long before any other part of his body did, he went immediately to his desk to grab a ruler then headed back to the bathroom. Before John could even get out his unheard of measurement, he was overcome by a wave of pleasure brought on by Bethany feeling up John's giant cock head. As Bethany kept teasing John's growing cock, it started to grow out of control as John now looked to be over two feet long and continuing to grow straight out. They were collapsed over each other with John's dick still impossibly huge and John feeling up Bethany's giant 18 year old juggs for the first time and was long awaited.

The Beginning

fetish kinkyraerae 2018-03-04

You quickly glance down at your foot and see another tentacle there, slowly wrapping it's way up your leg, heading god knows where. You pull away a little bit, unsure of what's going to happen to you. "Come on Eric, let the little tentacle inside," I murmur, sitting down in the center of the light. You groan against the tentacle in your mouth, which is slowly starting to slide in and out, trying it's best to touch the back of your throat without making you gag. One of the tentacles, as more have appeared by now without you really noticing, makes its way to your back side, touching every inch it can before finding the tight bud of your asshole. "Would you like to cum inside me?" I ask, starting to move into position to ride you.

Snow White & the Horny Dwarfs Ch. 03

fetish Honeymuff 2018-03-04

The queen, looking convincingly like an old peasant woman, made her way through the forest until she came across the little cottage belonging to the seven dwarfs. She took Snow's clit in her mouth and sucked hard on it, but got no response from the sleeping girl—the only evidence of response was the pussy hole that contracted at air and poured out more of the midget cum. The grimy little men found Snow White, lying deathly still on the ground, the poisoned apple still by her side. Making sure that he didn't have an audience, the Prince lifted the glass lid of the coffin and touched Snow White's lovely face.

A Cloudy Dream

fetish xinycep 2018-03-04

Two hours later, she felt decidedly less fine under the continuous glow of the fasten seat belt sign - partly because the turbulence hadn't let up, and partly because she hadn't had time to pee since her connecting flight early that morning. She didn't quite understand how the flight could be smooth enough for the flight attendants to walk around serving drinks, but not smooth enough for the captain to turn off the fasten seat belt sign and allow her to visit the restroom; however, the flight attendant hadn't been willing to negotiate the point. Beginning to pee on the steps felt great, although almost immediately she found herself sitting back in the stuffed armchair at the center of the party.

What We Suck Besides Blood Ch. 07

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2018-03-04

Ian brought out his own cock slowly, letting inch after inch appear, Jack's face betraying just a flicker of envy as it smacked down, but he didn't hang onto that look for long, giving a shrug of his own in response. He used his massive cock to explore the depths of my throat, making it so that I was mixing in chokes and gags with my moans at the unbelievably wonderful sensations of Jack sawing my cunt into a hundred pieces, each piece a little pleasure explosion all its own.