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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.


fetish Lucien_Al 2018-03-04

As I was lying there with my favorite vibrator slipping down my lips and into my wet pussy I reached across and took my panties in hand and brought them to my nose. Lucien had asked me to take some pictures of my wet panties pressed against my face and me enjoying my hot pussy scent. He loved the pics I had taken and told me his cock was hard and wet at the site of my pussy and panties. I could feel my pussy starting to ooze its juices into my already saturated cream panties. I opened my legs wide and ran my fingers over my pussy lips, anticipating his hard cock slipping into me.

my best anal

fetish rome537 2018-03-04


Something for Something

fetish minerva69 2018-03-04

From my new vantage point beneath their table I can see a little black skirt that scantly covers her, no doubt, toothsome rump but the hem does not stretch low enough to conceal the tops of a patterned pair of hold-ups. I offer a little smile, pathetically hopeful of somehow impressing her, but the disgusted look on her face indicates that she suspected what was going on under the table but didn't want to believe it. Despite our psychic camaraderie, for what I have just done under the table, Elissa still looks at me like something she has stood in on the high street after the pub closes on a Friday night. 'Hey, Maria!' Elissa's voice emanates from the bathroom sounding indignant but for the time being, still under control.

Milking my wife Angelique's huge tits with a

fetish UNDERTAKER919 2018-03-04

I said, shit we ain’t got to worry about that cause I’m planning on milking her damn big jugg’s twice a day from now on just like we’re doing her fat ass right now. Angelique tensed up tight as hell and started crying when he turned the suction up higher, she said God Damn it baby that feels like my nipples are being pulled off of my tit’s! I said, shit Calvin this little whore loves for anybody to look at her big fat ass when she’s naked, and most especially when she’s getting fucked real damn good and rough that’s when she really puts on a good show for ‘em, she’s an exobitionist from hell now a days!

Hot & Heavy

fetish 2018-03-04

I guess that fearful moment sent a signal to my tits because the wet spots started growing and I thought my nipples were going to poke through the satin on my nightgown. Thinking about him and my nipples being hard rubbing against the satin of my gown and the heat building between my thighs made me want to scream. My right arm pressing against my dripping tits with my hand pulling on my left nipple. He then slid the straps of my gown down my arms and apologized into my chest as placed his mouth around my left nipple. I reluctantly pulled back and his mouth broke contact with my right nipple a stream of milk went over his shoulder.

Midnight Visitor

fetish M_P 2018-03-04

Lighting the wick on the object, Joe held the candle upside down, letting the wax drip onto Taryn's body. Removing her clothes, Joe slid her hand between her legs and started fingering her pussy in front of Taryn. Moving down her body, Joe stopped at Taryn's purple nipple and began to bite them. Placing her legs on the side of Taryn's shoulders, she moved her body down so that Taryn's mouth could reach the pussy that was being offered to her. Joe leant down into Taryn's wetness and began licking, tasting her pussy. Taryn and Joe licked and sucked on each other, tasting each other, until they both orgasmed, sending streaks of desire through their bodies.

Spontaenously meeting a straight and fucking bareb

fetish kellyslut26 2018-03-04

For the first round of fucking I wore a 8inch mirco skirt, a black leather corset and black 6 inch killer stiletoe heels with bare legs with baby oil rubbed into my legs, full make up and hair ;) At first we were just teasing eachother him licking me out gently, me licking and teasing his cock knowing we had the whole night to do whatever we pleased and we were so d***k.. My fav position was when he pulled my legs right over my head and he pounced on me all night bullying and pleasuring me with his sexy fucking cock holding the killer heels on my thigh leather boots to get firm grip of me.

Remote Control for Her Slave

fetish ttiptoes 2018-03-04

I'll do my best to keep my remote control motions under control from beginning to end, so even a tiny little flaccid penis would stay in. You will remove yourself from between my legs and sit down on the bed facing away from me, holding the remote control over your penis. Quietly, without a word, you will pull the remote off your penis and bring it up to your open mouth, and you will tilt your head back and lift the remote like you were drinking a beer. After the minute is over, you will remove the remote control from your mouth, thank me, and take the device to the bathroom for a thorough cleaning.

Angels from Hell

fetish Enidbrighton 2018-03-04

My wife and I wanted her to have a large party, no expense spared, but Claire insisted, 'No. Just the three of us, and Janice'. Confused, I looked around the table, both Sue and Claire's arms and hands were in full view, Janice's left arm wasn't. The dishes crashed to the floor, as Janice unhurriedly pulled my helpless wife to her face, crushing their lips together. But what I found more unbelievable, Janice's tongue was snaking out, and licking my wife's face, it seemed to stretch to at least twelve inches. I watched confused, as they pulled apart and Sue left the room, but before doing so, came around the table and spat in my face.

Vacation Fantasy in Vegas

fetish KinkySue77 2018-03-04

I was feeling really flirty and was teasing Dave by pressing my body against his crotch while dancing and rubbing his leg under the table. After my second time cumming, he blasts his load inside of me and it feels so good. I can feel all of their eyes on me when the other wife says she thinks I'm lovely and asks Dave If she could have dessert. The other wife says it's her turn, so she begins licking my nipples and works her way down to replace the other woman at my pussy. Suddenly, I feel the bed move near my head and I think Dave may be wanting some of my attention.

Valerie Song: Drama Bomb Part 06

fetish dongstar 2018-03-04

"This is a bottomless hot tub," said another girl when it became obvious that Val wasn't going to get there on her own. The blonde girl raised her eyebrows at Val in a way that said "your move." The eyes of the girls in the hot tub followed Val's hands as they traveled down, down, down her legs, revealing inch after girthy inch of her mammoth schlong. "Huh?" Val shook herself back to reality and returned her attention to the girls still in the hot tub. Val got an up close and personal look at every blue vein on the stretched-taut skin of Roxie's silicone-enhanced balls. "So how big is that thing, anyway?" asked Roxie, leaning forward until her face was inches from Val's glans.

More Than I Wanted Ch. 03

fetish gbr2004 2018-03-04

As I sit there I remember Bill's instructions about sending his name and email address to Mike and how I'm supposed to tell him what happened this morning. He leads me to the end of the aisle and then back down the gauntlet letting the men have their feel of my ass then back into the booth. He opens the door and leads me out letting the men look at me. I try to look at them but feel so embarrassed being displayed like this that I can't really make eye contact with them. "Trouble is men, Stevie boy wants to buy some pretty new clothes for her new wardrobe and she is short on money," he tells them.

A Week in Brighton

fetish graymangazer 2018-03-04

Lauren was still pressed against her and still held her, although her hands now rested on Lisa's arms.Reaching out to the bedside table she looked at the time on her mobile phone, it was ten thirty, later than she usually slept, but then she had had a late night and a busy one at that. But ten minutes later Lauren sat on the edge of the bed, her body turned at a slight angle with Lisa lying face down across her thighs, her head resting on the mattress. A beer that I never ordered was placed in front of me, and I waited with a thousand thoughts running through my head, I drank half of the pint in one go and stared at the door that Lisa had gone through with Lauren the night before.

Reformatory Girls Ch. 08

fetish escalus 2018-03-04

And Kim would pretend to reprove her, tapping her pubic bone with her forefinger, saying Now, now, you know it isn't allowed, you have to show more self-control, until the two girls would collapse giggling, and Kim would slide her fingers inside Miss Lucy's sopping vagina, and work her into another climax. She says nothing as she undresses and lies down on the couch, and Miss Lucy makes no reference to the conversation of the previous week, but asks Clare about her health and proceeds to shave her as normal. "But how?" asks Clare, gasping as she feels Miss Lucy's fingers slide inside her vulva, one either side of her labia.

Me first time was a little odd

fetish 20Biboy 2018-03-04

She said "it showed a man & woman naked kissing & sticking the guy's dick in the womans pussy." (She didnt say dick or pussy tho) She asked " do u wana do what i saw in the magazine?" We undressed & she said "ok lay down." since i didnt know what to do i didnt get hard. she said "hey thats a littl close." "Sorry taylor, the lotion is slicker than i realized." "Thats ok, just didnt want you gettin frisky on me." "sorry, you are a very beautiful girl i just couldnt help it." i said it & didnt realize it was said outloud! we kissed for about an hour then we went at it again, this time i came in all over her tits & stomache.

Is This My Life? Ch. 01

fetish submgj 2018-03-04

I stand with my hands at my side as you enter the bathroom wearing your short satin robe that barely covers your jutting breasts. My balls tingle as you cup them, slipping the key into the small pink heart shaped lock. I turn and rinse the soar from my body, feeling the water run across my clean shaven balls. I hold my hands tightly behind my head as my knees try to buckle, the cold water trickling down my thighs to my feet. I walk in my corner office and look out the window over the small city, smiling as I feel my balls shifting in the satin panties. I look out the window as I hold my caged straining cock and wonder 'Is this really my life?"

Jenny The Intern Takes Control Ch. 02

fetish writemarksmith 2018-03-04

The one small challenge I had was at the end of the day when I had a meeting with Bob and Val. It was all business, and Val was dressed quite conservatively, but as Bob went on about the need to keep travel expenses down for the quarter, Val took her bare foot out of one shoe and started to stretch her toes. I couldn't resist looking down at her feet and I saw that she had casually taken one foot out of her flip flop and pointed it up at me. As I finished my spurts and breathed heavily on to her foot, I looked up at Jenny's angelic face and we both knew she would be the boss from now on.

Becoming a BBW Ch. 02

fetish arachnophile52 2018-03-04

Celia smiled as she looked down at Candy, ran the fingers of her left hand through Candy's hair, and reached for George's oversized cock with her right. Celia had met David on a porn set when Eric invited her to "just take a look," calculating, quite correctly, that a sexually deprived young woman would be impressed with the casual but respectful atmosphere that he and his friends had offered. David loved the feel of Celia's hair on his belly, crotch, and thighs when she gave him head. "Speaking of fucking, have you recovered sufficiently to give it go, young man?" Celia said as she turned over toward David, her smooth, beautiful belly spreading onto the top sheet.

The Court: Last Resort Ch. 02

fetish Lottiessub 2018-03-04

Lottie arose from her chair and looked down at her legal pad, then moved to the podium that stood between the two counsel tables, facing The Court. Did you ever tell Ms. Fury that you were a CPA?" slave valerie, white as a sheet now, simply said "no, Your Honor" and smiled at Elena, who nodded back. slave valerie, you are found guilty on the charges of avarice against your Domme and sentenced to receive 20 lashes of the whip...the bullwhip...then be bound and used by 3 Dommes for 15 minutes each, as They, and They alone, may deem fitting." She looked at me and said "slave jack, you lost, therefore you get the same punishment, an added to it will be the sentence for contempt of court.

Awesome Pantyhose Story!

fetish 2018-03-04

Sometimes after I have put on a new style and color I will put on a pair of my sexiest high heeled pumps or strappy sandals and stand in front of my full length mirror and admire how beautiful my legs look encased in the sheer, shimmering nylon. I’m wearing pantyhose now, Wolford Fatal, as I write this and I’m getting wet just thinking about how good the glossy nylon feels against my pussy. I love how my pantyhosed pussy and ass gets soaked with sweat when I wear a rubber skirt. I then backed away from him and moved backwards towards a chair and rested my ass on the headrest at the same time spreading my silky nylon legs and then reaching down towards my pantyhose crotch...

Sycophant Ch. 01

fetish maeuve 2018-03-04

Ezra sprung to life much like a dog howls and perks up when its owner returns, eager to crack open the case and indulge the woman's desire for the day. It was simply enchanting, really, the way the canary yellow bra played against her immaculate skin, colored like something belonging in the display case, perhaps a delicate milk chocolate square. As quickly as she savored the vanilla crème, Valerie leaned over the counter as Ezra's hot breath warmed her neck while the strain on her blouse grew more tense, till a 'pop' resonated through the air. He drank in her scent, a mix of vanilla, redolent roses, and strongest of all, chocolate while he buried his face in her cleavage, resurfacing for air and to dot her lips and cheeks.

A Nurses Fantasy

fetish wedgietime 2018-03-04

Before I knew what happened C licked my lips, and kissed me deeply, shoving her soft tiny tongue into my mouth, letting it explore freely. After the kiss broke I looked down to see K’s tiny black hands with her dark red painted fingernails stroking my cock. Gently taking the tip of her cock in my lips, licking the tip until it started to get hard. I began to kiss them and suck them as she stroked my cock against her pussy lips. This time with lots of come inside her, and after an intense orgasm, C was amazingly slick, she began to grind and fuck me hard as K licked any come that came out of my asshole and suck my balls.

Bursting Club Pub Crawl Ch. 01

fetish LizInTrouble 2018-03-04

She and Liz were outside a wine bar in the centre of town, waiting for their friend Sam. It was the night of the Bursting Club Pub Crawl, and it wouldn't do to start late. After a couple of pints both girls had found their bladders beginning to burst, and Sam had commented to Kate: "Imagine trying to last all the way through something like this!" All Bursting Club Pub Crawls held to the same basic formula, however; they always started off in the city centre, and then slowly headed towards Sam's flat, where the three of them would generally end up spending the night, by way of various drinking establishments en route.

Tumblr Saved Us Ch. 01

fetish MyUncensoredSelf 2018-03-04

It was pretty vanilla I realise now, just a guy and a girl going at it doggy-style but it turned me on and I'd never thought to look at porn on Tumblr before. I came so hard over that gif I thought for sure I'd wake my wife. So a couple of days later I found myself naked on the bathroom floor, kneeling in front of my wife who was sitting on the edge of the toilet seat. My wife was reaching for the toilet paper but I stopped her, pushed her legs wide and ran my tongue up her vagina. We panted softly in deep satisfaction, despite my still raging hard-on, then she sat up again and without a word of warning gushed post-coital piss all over my face.