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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Surprise Surprise Ch. 6

fetish Sobek 2018-03-04

I told Anna I was going over to Tina and Rod's to think things over. "Now remember Wendy, My Pop won't want you come and going all hours of the night. Anna called Tina and Rod. But they said they'd be over around 6:00 pm. I didn't mind, but I didn't want Rod fucking Anna, but kissing was okay. Tina and Anna went into the kitchen and started putting stuff on the table s Rod and I went out to check the meat. Anna nodded and I kissed Tina deeply, that when Rod spoke up. Tina, Rod, and Anna looked at me. Rod and Anna headed for the door and he turned just before I got on the bed with Tina.

Sharing Breakfast with Daddy's Sausage.

fetish 2018-03-04

Ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty-five, and thirty seconds, as if time was slowing down, my tender nude pussy had just nestled into the warm curvature of the plywood seat, that rose tantalising from my anus, to form a wave like curve between my legs, parting my labia and crushing my swelling clitoris on its crest, and as I leant forward on the most female of feminine pleasure chairs, I could feel my teenage body rock gently, my nude buttocks clench and relax on that deliberately man made curve to excite the female form, my thighs aching as daddies cock came within range of my pink lips and flared nose.

Threesome with Opera Singers

fetish milenastits 2018-03-04

Halfway through, C pulled P's bra down again, so that it was over my cock and I was fucking her cleavage. I didn't know the rules of the game, so I pulled out, wiped my cock, and went back to the firewood. Blowing cum between those young fat tits was quite a thrill for a forty year old. Then C grabbed my scrotum and pulled it down hard, and started licking the front part of my cock that wasn't inside P. I'll never forget those two pairs of tits; one pair perfect, with puffies, and the other pair milky white, flabby, with pink areola and red nipples, and covered in my man goo....

strapon guy part 2

fetish 2018-03-04

She had a look on her face that told me that there was nothing to do but to submit to here and let my ass be fucked for the first time. I just looked at her feeling fully satisfied and knowing that this wasn't the last time she got to fuck me. Ok, she said, your first assignment is filming yourself jerking off, cumming in your hand and eating it all. I smelled my cum and licked a little bit of my hand. Just to tease her I did I very slowly like I was really enjoying myself (wich off course I was) after that first bit I attacked my hand and started to swallow it all.

Multiple Male Orgasms

fetish DrLit 2018-03-03

Interestingly I started to feel much more eager to insure that my wife had as many orgasms as she wanted each and every time we had sex. She indicated that her friends wanted to quiz her about our sex life with me wearing panties, Key West adventures and so much more, but she did find one particular friend who had some interesting ideas. Just as I would feel the pleasure subside a little my wife would go back to the tips of my nipples and touch them very, very lightly moving in circles. Once I got used to my wife's pleasuring my hot spot I was able to enjoy it more and more.

A Suitable Job For A Slut Ch. 02

fetish skyeslut 2018-03-03

Another way I earn my keep is I work three nights and a couple of lunchtimes at a small pub, I don't know what the people pay to use me because either the guys or the landlord make the arrangements without consulting me. Instead of handing me the coins they throw the change down for me, then stand there smoking and pissing on me while I scrabble around picking it up, my cunt dripping at the humiliation of it, sometimes by the end of a busy night I have a ton of pennies, my knees are bleeding and I'm soaked with piss and grubby with dirt and ash, I've swallowed so much cum and piss that my mouth and nose are still flooded with the taste and smell.

The Library

fetish pinkpanties2013 2018-03-03

And I could see right up her skirt, between her legs, right up to her red panties. I could see that the panties appeared to be sheer, but with her legs under the table there wasn't enough light to see through them. I moved one hand under the table and began to lightly rub my pussy. My legs spread, I could rock my hips slowly, rubbing my pussy while massaging my clit. My head was down towards the book, but my eyes were still on those red panties. I grabbed my dildo and fucked myself hard, one hand between my legs, one hand holding her sheer red panties up to my face, smelling her sweet pussy as I came.

Sharing some of my private messages

fetish Azalia 2018-03-03

So for example, I'll press my vibrator to my panties and the satin will vibrate on my clit and give it a buzzy feeling that makes me pant and gasp until I can't see straight, and then the buzzing suddenly jolts deep into me like lightning and I cum with a desperate shout. I like to put guys in my satin panties and rub them and feel their cock get bigger and harder until it bulges out of the top of the panties and he cums and squirts up onto his stomach. She holds me like a man in missionary position and she takes the gag out with her teeth and pushes her tongue into my mouth.

My GFs Pissy Puss

fetish 2018-03-03

I was laying on my bed with my Gf rubbing her pussy through her panties and she was starting to get wet. Then shes like I have to pee i'll be right back ok I say. She gets back and i'm like can I eat you out "yeah but I might taste like pee, who cares I say. So I start by licking her through her panties moveing my tongue up and down. When that got to be to much for her she took off her panties and told me to like away. Her pussy did taste diffrent guess thats what pee taste like and it doesnt taste bad. I love her pissy pussy.

Fisting My Young Man

fetish greasycat 2018-03-03

While he moans quietly, eyes shut and ass humping the air slightly, I ask him how he would feel if someone could see him like that. Then I suddenly pull the vibe out of his ass and tell her to look at that wide open gaping hole. The girlfriend’s mother, the video camera, his exposure and embarrassment were all overshadowed by the feeling of having his ass fucked by his mistress. I told him I needed to look at his face and hard cock as I used his willing slut boy ass. He was breathing deeply, trying to stay relaxed, wanting to accept it, and when my entire hand disappeared in his ass he gave a deep groan that told me he was in another zone entirely.

Lizzy’s Men: Graham

fetish Lizzy 2018-03-03

Graham has a little fetish for my feet in nylon so I take extra care applying the bright red varnish I know they will excite him shinning through the skin coloured stockings I have bought for this evening. I pulled my dress over my head to reveal my dick tenting my see through panties and my full Bra. I took Graham by the hand and lead him to his bedroom. I could see Graham's eyes look towards the sky as he felt the head of his dick enter my tight hole. I felt him push further into me and I knew it was time I lent back to let him go as deep as he wanted and began to quickly rub my hand back and forth on my own dick.

I Fucked a Super Hero (Sort of)

fetish Johnny_Lee_Miller 2018-03-03

Now don't get me wrong I like comics as much as the next guy I just don't see much point in dressing up as your favorite character...or at least I didn't until I made my way to the convention hall. "It was umm...very nice to meet you citizen." she said putting her hand on my arm. "Nice to meet you Kelly, I'm John." I said holding out my hand. "You like some company on the walk back?" I asked. "Walk me to my door?" she asked. "Yeah sure." I said letting the doors close behind me. We stood there in silence for what seemed like an eternity then throwing caution to the wind I reached out grabbed her and pulled her close kissing her sweet rose red lips.

Play The Misty Flute For Me

fetish cowpoke68 2018-03-03

The asst manager saw me and introduced us telling Misty that she would be seeing me again because i was in and out of the stores all the time working. In a little bit i heard the door open and misty walked in and said she needed to restock the cooler and would she be in my way. A few days later I got a work order for door bell problems at her store. Then one day i get this call from Misty and she is now manager of a smaller less busy store on the edge of town and she seemed to be having some problems with her milk getting warm.

Ink Slave

fetish shropshire125 2018-03-03

But his waiting list at the moment is about 4 months, so if you have no problem waiting, I can get him to ring you and make a time you can come in and talk about your ideas." Beck's heart fell a little. Beck, took barely a moment to say, "Sure." As Cynth had said, she had nothing to lose. His dark sleeves had been pushed up to his elbows and as he shuffled pages back and forth she thought about his hands, forearms and wondered what his tattoos might look like further up. "Your feet look cute," he said, glancing down, "Thing is, tattoos on the feet hurt a lot." Beck had actually heard the same thing and it had been bothering her a bit.

David Shaw, Victorian Messenger

fetish Thorilla 2018-03-03

"Here are your clothes Chang," said the housekeeper pulling open a drawer and handing me a red and gold silk waist coat which I immediately put on over my shirt. "Very good Chang; you are clearly ready for your underskirt duties," said the grey haired woman with a sparkling smile on her face. "May I touch Chang's manhood?" the woman said to me as she cupped my balls and stroked my shaft with her black silk laced gloved hands. Lady Onslow appeared to be enjoying handling my penis and I have to admit that standing there in front of her with my swollen purple head just inches from her smiling face made me want to squirt every ounce of semen out of me there and then.

Just for fun

fetish 2018-03-03

It only takes moments and you are cumming, shooting hot gobs in an arc up to your muscular chest, grabbing fist-fulls of my long, blonde hair, your head snapping back against the cushions and your ass grinding onto my 'cock.' As we come back down from the high of the moment, we both know we have entered new territory. I can feel an orgasm building as the base of the dong pushes against my clit with every movement of your blowjob, your finger stroking my pussy, and in moments, I am grabbing your head, holding you as I fuck your face, only this time I have my cock thrust down your throat as I cry out, "Oh, God, I'm cumming, Baby!"


fetish Nellskitchen 2018-03-03

I'll gladly gulp if it is - I want to." I raised my chin - like last time, only a little - a control thing - a kind of statement that this girl wasn't afraid. With that little exercise accomplished, he stood up again, seized both my arms again, pulled me to my feet again, grabbed the back of my hair again, tilted my head back - hard, again, plunged his tongue deep into my throat, again, pulled my hair, drew his face away - and said, "New rule: the girl decides how long the kiss lasts."

The "Squirter" Nurse

fetish sheetsoaker13 2018-03-03

"Now you're going to have to change the bandage three times a day." She said to me with a flirtatious look in her eye. As soon as she got them undone she quickly wiggled them off my hips and down my legs, Looking into my eyes and giving me a very mischievous smile. Suddenly she raised her back, leaned further forward and took my cock deep into her mouth nearly reaching the base. Suddenly I felt her pussy tighten up and my cock got pushed out of her followed by a large gush of fluid. Eventually I took my cock and rubbed it quickly against her clit and the squirt continued to pour out.

My New Home Ch. 1

fetish AdoreMyFeet 2018-03-03

It says that it's an apartment that has just been converted from when it was servant's quarters, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, kitchen, living room, pool access, 2 entrances - one from the property the house sits on and one in the back where there is a driveway and covered parking. She tells me that I can start moving in immediately if I like but I explain to her that since I found this place so suddenly it would take me a couple of days to get my things together and could I begin moving in on Friday after work. Before long, just about everything had been set up in my apartment and we all began lounging around at the table and in the living room having a good time talking and listening to the stereo that Kevin thankfully offered to set up for me.

Very Delicate Line

fetish electrik 2018-03-03

Thoughts of what to wear, things to do, places to go and people to see are trying to find order in her head but memories of the dream keep entering her mind like a stalker not letting you forget that they are there with little hints here and there. Shaking your head to get back to reality hoping no one saw you with that glazed look in your eyes as the elevator finally opens to let you out from a ride that seemed like eternity. Scooting back in the chair in his office she crossed her leg again with his hand still on her knee, smiling like a woman in complete control staring him eye to eye, she leaned forward a little closer.

Peeing with Suzy Ch. 06

fetish leaky_one 2018-03-03

Between my legs a hot stream of body warmed piss started to squirt strongly from my pussy hole. I went first, squirting a now clear stream of hot urine into the bag before handing it to Suzy to use for her own pee. Suzy immediately started to pee, a loud hiss and wet splatter rising up from inside the bag I had earlier peed into. I thought she was simply going to pee in the aisle again but as I dropped the bag on the floor, its wet contents going everywhere, I looked up to see Suzy vanishing into the folds of a large curtain which swept down from the ceiling.

A Panty Fantasy

fetish edward_po 2018-03-03

I was so excited by the image of you jacking off into my panties that I grabbed my husband's head and ground my cunt into his face and came in long body racking spasms. I rubbed his cock with the cum soaked panties and sucked his dick while it was covered with the red thong. I leaned forward and gave him a really sloppy open-mouthed kiss before I took my panties and rubbed them on his lips. My husband sucked your cum, my cum and his own cum from my panties I closed my eyes and imagined your dick spreading my pussy lips.

A Hopeless Case

fetish ticklechambers 2018-03-03

"I think it's a suitable punishment, since you did keep your feelings for me hidden this whole time..." he grinned evilly, "tut, tut, tut, very dishonest..." Suddenly his fingers were wriggling around my neck, and behind my ears, making me shrug up my shoulders and giggle. "If you still like me after this," He spoke softly in my ear, "then I will kiss you." He grinned at me and started wriggling his fingers in front of my face, slowly closing in on my neck... "You couldn't tell that I liked you?" I looked into his eyes and felt surprised that I had hidden my own feelings so well.

A Candy Cane Adventure.

fetish 2018-03-03

We lay on a bed together, flipping channels, trying to decide when to start fucking. I lick around, inside, playing with each fold of skin, taking in each subtle flavor, She moves, positioning herself on top of me, in a 69 position, and begins nibbling on my penis. She stopped her activities, removing me from her mouth, and resting her head on my thigh, taking in her own ecstasy. Her head,resting in my lap, nibbling on my cock head, she takes the candy cane herself, she preferred it that way. Her entire weight rests on my, Her legs are separated as I pump my dick into her ass, she pumps herself with the candy cane.