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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Perfect Girls to be Bored With

fetish TheBlackDynamite 2018-11-02

As soon as we got in the room Sandy and Angelica pushed me on their bed and pulled my shirt and pants off. "You like dirty boy?" Sandy said as she slid up to my face and began to kiss me vigorously. Just fuck me with your fat cock baby." Sandy began to bounce up and down taking all 8 inches of me inside her pussy. Eat this wet pussy then," Sandy said as she slid her vagina in Angelica's mouth. "You're fucking her so good she can't even eat me out," Sandy said as she sat up and come over to kiss me. She slid forward off of Sandy and a gush of slick, sweet smelling cum poured out of Angelica.

Another Adventure as DD

fetish Willingsubmissive 2018-11-02

Anticipating the night I did as I was told showered, shaved and proceeded to put on my Red garters with Black stocking and my very tight black bodysuit. When I returned to work wearing my sexy underclothing, the feeling of my Garters rubbing on my legs and smooth ass cheeks. My Mistress first rubbed my backside, then my legs and then proceeded to hug around me making sure she had both of my tits in each hand and squeezed whispering how much she loved me. Then I was ordered to go and make sure I was stuffed and to shove it in and out, because she wanted me to enjoy the feeling of all that cock going in and out of my hot pussy.

Bath And A Shower

fetish RichardScott 2018-11-02

Coating it with a lubricant, you teased the lips of your shaven pussy with the rubber cock. You removed the cock from your beautiful pussy, the lips parted and looking freshly fucked. I released my spent cock and put a hand on each of your thighs to keep them spread and began licking your beautifully, shaven pussy. The new experience caused you to cum again and again, the showers blending with the nectar of your orgasms, flowing over my tongue. Then I felt the shower hit my balls, running down my legs into the bath water. I felt the sensation building in my crotch, the cum was pumping toward the head of my cock to coat you insides.

Black On Black Pegging 4 Couples

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-02

I didn't tell them that I took a job as a librarian's assistant at Wayne Community College in Detroit because I couldn't find a job in my field and Wayne State University's School of Law was so expensive that attending it was starting to look like a pipe dream. He was raised in Canada by a gay White woman named Muriel Henriksen, a friend of his parents from their school days in the United Kingdom. I'm an African-American woman falling in love with the Nigerian-born adopted son of a gay White woman from the United Kingdom living in the Capital region of Canada. Clearly, the macho Nigerian was enjoying himself as he got fucked in the ass by this sexy African-American sister.


Extreme Enema Expulsion

fetish VeryDirtyDenise 2018-11-02

"Take a look at this, Margaret," Denise said, showing her the finger, topped with a little brown clump of Tina's shit, "get a finger in there and see for yourself." "Oh my!" Margaret said rather excitedly, stepping behind Tina and working a gloved finger deep inside her, probing, feeling the clay-like density of packed shit inside there, then pulling the finger out, her finger also topped with a little shit. Then hold our patient's cute little ass wide open for me?" Denise said as she held up the nozzle and Margaret covered it with a layer of lube, then spread apart Tina's cheeks, revealing the puckered hole, a tad brown from the earlier dirty fingering.

The Making of Me

fetish davedax97 2018-11-02

She lay on top of the big bed and opened her arms to me; I kissed her lips and then her neck. I felt her hands on my breasts, her fingers on the hard points of my nipples. I kissed each hard bud and flicked my tongue over them rapidly; she was breathing heavily as I moved lower and kissed her stomach. I could smell the aroma of her pussy as I ran my tongue down slowly; even the soft pink flesh above her cleft smelled sweet, I inhaled it like it was an expensive perfume and I heard her sharp intake of breath as I delved lower and took her jutting clitoris between my lips and sucked. She was every bit as wet as I'd been and I wanted it all. Pushing her hips up at me, she wrapped her legs round my neck as I sucked at the wet, pink flesh of her slit.

Cordelia's Feet 9 - The Queen Bee's Deceit

fetish ChrissieLecker 2018-11-02

And so I crawled through a swamp of embarrassment, my eyes transfixed by her pretty toes which were like shiny crowns on the most beautiful of legs, giggles and open laughter accompanying my way, until my lips could wrap around these objects of worship. Soft, wet lips and tongue soon made me squirm in pleasure, and I moaned my thanks while my gaze roamed over the objects of my desire which had started all this and which were now bare and leisurely propped up on the top of the desk, pink-painted toes shimmering invitingly in the light, holding me transfixed with their softness, beauty and elegance: Cordelia’s Feet.

Megan Ch. 14-15

fetish djubre666 2018-11-02

You should really drink more milk, your tiny little bones are so fragile." She spoke while the room echoed with the sound of the pelvic bones cracking under her weight. I'll take care of you, come to your big strong girl for a hug." Megan said bringing the head to her face, tearing it off the torso almost without noticing. off-course darling my muscles would do anything for my little man...mhmm..." and almost moaning out-loud, Megan hugged her breasts with both arms. It took some explaining why I wanted the ring to be 4 times the normal size, and the expression on the little tailor who came to take Megan's measurements was a Master-card moment.

Blowing Betty

fetish Couture 2018-11-02

Then I felt her hot breath in my ear as she whispered, "Perhaps we should explore your interpretation of my dream a little further....hmmm Stevie?" She removed her hands from my chest and I heard the rustle of fabric, but as I turned to look, Betty stopped me cold. you want to suck it, don't you baby?" gasped Betty as she stuck her finger deep in her sex and then placed her wet digit in my mouth. "Please Betty, I want to s-s-suck your big hard dick," My cock pulsed as I said this, my face turning red. It is such a turn on for me watching a cutie like you suck my cock." Betty said as she ran her fingers through my hair.

My Friend's Mom's High Heels

fetish footobsession 2018-11-02

Watching this intensely authoritative milf with amazing feet yell at us got me hard every time. One day after she finished yelling at us for God knows what (it is far too long ago to remember those specifics) Jon was super pissed off and decided to go take a shower. Despite my fear, the fact that I had just came in Donna’s heels, my best friend’s bitchy businesswoman milf of a mother turned me on immensely. Shortly afterward, Jon got out of the shower and he and I went up to his room to smoke and game and what not. My cock was growing rock hard as I watched Donna leave for work wearing that very pair of heels that were now soaked in my cum.

Charlie's Tuition Teacher Ch. 01

fetish Maverick710 2018-11-02

"Hello Charlie, I am Jasmine and I live next door and I am going to help you with your studies from now on." So he came out and went to the living room and noticed Jasmine was standing near the window looking out which made his dick come to attention again at the sight of her large blonde bun. Many good girls prefer nice guys like you." Jasmine winked at Charlie which made him shift his eyes down. Charlie shifted his view and focussed on the living room which had a wide and clear view and found Jasmine's stifler brother watching a kissing scene on TV and stroking his dick without opening his trouser's zip.

The Secret is out?

fetish graham397 2018-11-02

I've been in a stable relationship for six months with a beautiful girl, called Sarah. I feel like crap that I don't turn you on, that I'm not good enough for you," Sarah raged, "I'm so pissed off!" "Do you WANT me to be your Mistress, little one? Because I thought you pathetic enough to submit, I prepared some rules, especially, for you, Graham. I am a good Mistress, little one." She said with an evil smile. "Yes, Mistress Sarah!" I replied. Even I am not used to such power, in our relationship and must also learn the ways of being your Mistress," she said, with a dawning realization and a smug smile that was to become a common fixture on her beautiful face.

I introduced a new guy to my wife's Vagina

fetish woreout 2018-11-02

After a few drinks I begain to feel naughty and I asked my wife if she was showing her pussy to that single guy nursing his rum and coke? In a few minutes my wife came back out and when she walked up to our table I said sweetheart this is Roger , she said hey then she sat down. Then my wife said well my pussy is wet so let's go to our room. My wife stood and said honey Roger and I will do all the fucking you will only be a spectator. My wife opened the door and got in the back seat she to Roger to join her. Some time during the night I woke as my wife had crawled up and sat her nasty pussy directly on my mouth.

Blonde Fucks Blacks Ch. 03

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-02

Melinda goes and meets this tall, good-looking black man named Ajax. Melinda sucks on Ajax's big black dick. Melinda screams as he begins to fuck her in the ass. Melinda screams as Ajax buries his cock deep into her asshole. Her black lover continues to fuck her up the ass until she finally surrenders and takes it deep without complaint. Melinda smiles nastily and tells him that she's going to sodomize him with her big strap on. She loves to fuck black men in the ass with her large strap on dildo. Ajax is the hundredth black man whose ass she fucked with her big strap on. A tall, macho black man to fuck her pussy and ass until she's sore.

Big Timmy The College Years

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2018-11-02

His hands found my cheeks, and he began to massage his own lip-stretching balls through my mouth, rolling the musky fruits all over my tongue, his rippling veiny cum cannon grinding its shaft against my nose, forehead, and about nine inches of desk as he worked. Easily sliding me along the cum-slicked surface of the desk he knocked over my pencils and knick-knacks, dragging my ass up into a proper doggy position, reaching forward to throw more tit-mauling into the mix of spanks and fuck thrusts, his big hands easily taking weight from my swinging boobs whenever it so pleased him to do so.

Suckled: Nature's Bounty

fetish Metilda 2018-11-02

It brought to mind things I hadn't thought of in years, long forgotten fantasies I used to entertain when I was far more inexperienced in life: my breasts heavy and full with milk, a man stroking my pussy as he sucked wildly. Mister Quin then slipped his fingers underneath the strap of my dress and slowly, making me breathe harder from the drawn out act, peeled it from my shoulders once again Only this time he wasn't assessing, but appreciating the show of skin as if he hadn't already seen me. And as Mister Quin stood over me, his hands stroking over his cock, the tip running against my slicked nipple, Anton eventually stood and did the same.

Anything For Georgetown (Part six--Monica is asked to entertain at a party)

fetish JanellElizabethMeyer 2018-11-02

He managed to get some guys to pony up for one of Monica’s stripping parties. So Blake was a little surprised that Monica wasn’t interested in doing the party. “I’ve got thirty guys together—Tim Goldsworthy’s parents are taking him to Myrtle Beach for a few days, and he made an extra key to his house. A few of the guys were going to get beer. Nick DelVecchio wasn’t happy that she hadn’t done any parties this fall. If word got back to him that she turned down a 3,000 party … And what would Houlihan say? I don’t know who’s all going to be there.” As she hung up, Monica felt a sense of foreboding.

Black On Black Pegging : Novelty

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-02

Anyone looking at me sees a six-foot-two, lean and wiry young man with light brown skin, pale gray eyes and curly Black hair. My father told me that he never had any luck with African-American women, that's why he married a Mexican gal. A beautiful young Black woman from the City of Lagos in the African nation of Nigeria. Evelyn was in the graduate studies program at Carleton University, taking up sociology with a focus on women's and gender issues. Over the next few days, Evelyn Mbakwe and I got to know each other better. For a biracial surfer dude born to a Jamaican father and Mexican mother in Los Angeles, California, that's quite a change in both mindset and lifestyle.

Holding It In

fetish lesliejones 2018-11-02

Even on nights like this one, though, when I was far too wiped to want sex, I knew I needed some stimulation down there if I was going to get unwired enough to sleep solidly that night. This was the test of my ability to hold it in—Brian had warmly commended me for being able to cum without releasing pee when I had refrained from going to the toilet before sex, saying he was sure that part of me must be male—and I knew it would be a challenge this time. That same index finger that had so shrewdly insinuated itself in my bottom to bring me off went back into my rear hole to see if what I thought I felt way back in there was going to emerge any time soon.

How I'm cuckolded

fetish woreout 2018-11-02

She said they are see though and my pussy would leak Steven's cum all over the furniture. In the bed I reached over and ran a finger between my wife's wet pussy lips through her panties. I laid in bed with my leaking caged cock untill the sun started coming up. As she laid her towel out on the lounge chair she told me that she had invited Steven to come tan with her and that they may have sex later. She told me how Steven was going to hurt her pussy again with his big thick cock. She said that next week she wanted Steven and Mike to take her at the same time.

Pantyhose sex on a sunday

fetish mugs101 2018-11-02

Not too hard but enough to get my attention, when I looked up to her she moved slightly to her left stepping away a bit then took her right heel and planted it on my face. I let her shoe drop and she planted her foot square on my face, My nose nestled against her sexy high arch and her toes flexing a bit on my eye and my lips busy kissing the underside of her foot. I slid my cock between them and she trapped it between her calves holding me there, as I slowly started to fuck her hose covered legs. She slid her foot up pressing my cock into me and took the toe of her shoe up the underside of my cock milking me a bit.

Taste Of Village Maid Jayanti

fetish bava12 2018-11-02

In between she asked me, did I like massage, I replied that, it relax my whole body, and I ask her, did she ever takes massage, she said that, she never got any massage, in a cunning mode I reply back to her, married people’s don’t need extra massage, as they get there relation automatically in love, she said, but she is divorce of 4 years. After 4-5 min, she came in and I asked her what happen, she said that, Jayanti borrowed some 200 rupee from that lady, and now she need it, as there day work is over and leaving the fields and Jayanti promise her to pay by evening.

Dallas And Back

fetish Tuppie 2018-11-02

There was quite a hum in the truck and the t-shirt Guthrie was wearing looked like it needed a good wash. Shortly, we arrived at the truck stop and decided to stretch our legs with a walk to the convenience store/diner for a cold drink. Facing me, with his head propped up on his arm he asked, “Are we going to do this the easy or hard way?” Observing my puzzled expression Guthrie continued, “Dinner was great, but I only consider that a deposit... When Guthrie finally lifted onto his arms, his exaggerated thrusting took me over the edge, and with my body shuddering I began to unload on his sheet.

A Chance Encounter

fetish DarkSide 2018-11-02

The man looking back at me said, “Enjoy it, nice to have a drink with someone and share the evening”, I agreed wholeheartedly with myself and left the room. Sarah was breathing heavily by now, her expectations of getting fucked were obviously taking too long, yet she was enjoying everything that was happening to her. Sarah knew that she had been teased too much, this happens to her when she is teased, she becomes so randy and so lustful that when the time comes she goes absolutely wild and her whole sexual experience becomes a blur, a fuck frenzy, with the ultimate orgasms eventually satisfying her beyond belief. Besides, I couldn’t stop right now - I loved seeing the look on her face as I fucked her senseless.