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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

My Beloved Ch. 02

fetish quotidian01 2018-03-03

I still faced the camera and Phineas rubbed, palmed it and squeezed my ass. Phineas continued to run his hand over my ass and my hard on strained against my panty. "My Beloved, yes, I enjoy having Mr. Phineas touch my ass." In front of over a thousand people now, I blushed and said "Mr. Phineas, thank you for touching my ass. "I haven't come yet, Sissy Bitch" and My Beloved lowered her full pussy down onto my mouth. I started to lick her clit again when the first of Phineas's cum slipped out and into my mouth. With tears running down my face, I said "Mr. Phineas, thank you for pleasing My Beloved since I cannot give her pleasure."

What Goes Around

fetish XXNoraJeanXX 2018-03-03

She felt she had Trace where she wanted him, and maybe she did, but he didn't like feeling as if he was being played. "I am not a nice man, Mia." Trace placed his drink on the table a little harder than necessary. Neither Mia nor Trace said thank you or even broke eye contact long enough to look at the waitress. I want you grunting like a dirty little bitch as I push deep into your tight asshole." Trace was crude. It was Trace's turn and Mia stepped back from the table. Mia moved in closer to watch, but Trace didn't dare actually look at her. Trace dropped his pool cue onto the table and locked eyes with Mia.

The Mall

fetish No Panty Girl 2018-03-03

I felt so naughty; I could feel the cool air around my bare pussy and wondered what people would think if they knew I was wearing no panties under such a short skirt? My legs were open enough I knew the errant husband would have an excellent view of my bare pussy. I stood close enough that my 38C breasts pressed against his back and I boldly reached down and took his hand and placed it under my skirt. No one noticed the surprised look on his face as I felt his thumb in the wet slit of my pussy. I knew he was about to come, his cock twitched in my mouth as he pressed it further down my throat.

The Adventures of Madi Ch. 05

fetish sexualrelief7191 2018-03-03

"I would very much like it if you folks would please stop visiting my house each year." She looked a bit flustered, like I had just asked her to eat that cat in her arms. "Mark, why do you keep looking at my feet?" I asked, trying to sound as friendly as I could. "What do you like about my feet?" I asked, curious to know what was going through this guy's mind. Mark was really a nice guy, he just had a hard time looking away from my feet every so often during our conversation. "Mark, you seem like a really great guy," I said to him, "and I now I'm flattered that you think my feet are so pretty." He gave me an assuring smile, which I returned.

Poor Baby, Come to Daddy

fetish Sugarsmax 2018-03-03

Validating your feelings and comforting your pains, no matter how long you needed to share or you could just melt into my arms and listen to my heartbeat and know you weren't alone. Your sweet lips are soft and willing and open as I kiss you softly, then deeply, exploring your mouth with my tongue and you greet me with your own. Your breath deepens as lean over you and gently stroke the hair from your face and slide my hand behind your neck, lifting you into my deep kiss. As you fall into my arms, resting your head on my chest, I can feel your heartbeat and your breath and I know at this minute the world is perfect.

Crash Fetish

fetish Wendy Wreckless 2018-03-03

Many stories involve sex in cars or sexual experiences while driving. I believe some of those who get turned on by masturbating while driving, secretly harbor the same feelings as me, but they dismiss the thought of an erotic crash as it comes to them. It was about people who get sexually aroused by being involved or witnessing car crashes. As a young girl I had fantasies or visions of car accidents usually involving me or other people I knew. I am not into the cutting thing, but the thought of warm blood dripping down my tender pussy lips into my ass and seeping through my virginal white panties just turns me on. Eventually, I casually integrated a car crash fantasy during a story involving mutual masturbation of a couple while driving on a lonely highway.

Office Encounter

fetish Sanichi 2018-03-03

He stared now at a somewhat mature woman with short blonde hair and black underwear, smiling seductively as she lay on a bed, breasts cupped by her arm, transparent negligee slid off one shoulder, her relaxed hand fondling inside her panties. He inhaled deeply, and rubbed the panties over his face, feeling the cool silk that moments before had caressed the assistant's smooth skin, had pressed against her trim bush, stretched taut over her ass, pulled tight against her juicy cunt. He had no power to resist as the panties were pulled tight like a mask, the woman's hands stroking his head through the nylon, pulling the waistband up under his throat, the dirty cotton crotch panel tight across his nose.

Return to Funnel

fetish a real jrkoff 2018-03-03

With that, Emily took a firm hold of the girl’s skirt hem and raised it high up to her chin exposing all of her little white cotton panties to whomever happened to glance in the direction of her front porch. Emily turned back to her son and began to saunter over to where he sat back on his haunches, both hands trying to cover his genitals, lest this clearly innocent young girl see them. Baring her teeth with open contempt, Emily then inserted her middle finger stiffly up her son’s asshole and waggled it around as she masturbated him in a way that jiggled his balls and made him whine. Abigail slowly crouched in front of Thomas as she brought the doggy dish down, unwittingly giving the young man a clear view of her adorable white panties.

A Good Relationship Ch. 8

fetish Ian H. 2018-03-03

Dan asked me if he could show them the big dildo we had bought, Gorden immediately said he would love to see it, so I nodded in reply to Dan who left the room and came back with a large bag and pulled out the enormous black cock like dildo. He leaned over me and kissed me full on the lips then stood up and reached down and took hold of both my ankles and pulled, I slid down in my seat until my bum was over hanging the edge, my skirt had ridden up a long way he could see right up to my panties, that's a better sight he said to Dan. Then he lifted by legs vertically in the air and called Harry over, Dan came over as well.

Wet & Wild with Amy Schumer & Kristin Wiig

fetish 2018-03-03

Looks like somebody's excited about playing a lesbian." Amy ran her pointy finger over and around it, while seductively gazing into Kristin's frightened eyes. Kristin barely gave her excuse when Amy took her own half full glass of wine and slowly poured it over her friend's other breast, as if it were a wet t-shirt contest. "It looks like your little titties are dying to be set free." Ignoring Kristin's meek protests, Amy pulled the wine-soaked top over her head, exposing her small, firm breasts with the abnormally huge nipples. Amy reached down and rubbed Kristin's pussy right through her soft white undies, causing the slim brunette to shudder and moan in frightened excitement as she continued to squirm and sway.


fetish funguyderby 2018-03-03

I had a bit of cash and just had to have some Doc Boots the same i got hard every time i put then on or licked them and i would have the best dreams that thay saw me watching and garbed me and took me to there place to sort me out rip every thing of me till I stood there naked thay held me down and shaved my head then pushed there boots into my face you know what to do cunt all there cocks

The Story of Rhea Ch. 03

fetish kris_cuteguy 2018-03-03

Rhea walked up to me, brushed my hair and said, 'Kris, look at me.' She waited till I looked into her eyes and continued, 'I am as scared of wild animals as you are. I nodded and said, 'Same rules?' She asked with a grin, 'You sure?' I laughed too, held her shoulders and turned her around. She whispered, 'Wanted to do this since I saw them yesterday night.' She held them tighter and her right hand index finger traced my ass crack without putting any pressure. She pressed her legs together harder and said, 'You like to smell my sweat, don't you?' I took her left hand in my hand, brought it to my lips and kissed it.

Richard Addik

fetish hylyfe 2018-03-03

Any man I make love to has to be a cross dresser, a transvestite or a transsexual. Of course I also love to see videos and pictures of TV's and transsexuals and here I am happy to see the entire picture, even if the face is obviously a man's face; just as long as there is a wig in place and maybe a touch of makeup. As a youngster I didn't get a lot of sex; what sex I did get was heterosexual but deep down inside I had this unfulfilled desire to suck cock and to ingest spunk. Dave; if you're out there, I want you to know that not sucking your dick and drinking your cum was the biggest mistake I ever made; it could have set me on the road I needed to travel a lot earlier.

Reformatory Girls Ch. 10

fetish escalus 2018-03-03

In an instant Miss Lucy sees some of the girls: Karen, Kelly, Clare Davenport: with itching powder on their fannies - and arseholes - scratching away - desperate to scratch but not daring to. The water is soothing; the soap, applied by Kim's finger, seems to be doing its work: perhaps it is partly psychological, but as Miss Lucy pictures the tiny filaments of powder being rinsed out of her anus, being washed down her bare legs and away down the plughole, the heat seems to leave her; and though her anus is still irritated from all the scratching, it no longer feels as though it is on fire.

Christmas Crossdressing

fetish MatureBrownMan 2018-03-03

I nervously walked to the middle of the livingroom; John sat on the couch, Lamar started taking pictures and Mike asked John “Where did you find this whore?” Lamar said my ass is fat and looks good. John came over, pushed my head down over the couch and said “Bitch bend the fuck over!” Lamar told me to spread my legs wider but Mike still remained quiet. Lamar threw me on the bed, “first let’s get her cum out” John told me to lie on my back; as soon as I did he sat on my chest with his ass and nuts in my face. Mike stepped behind me again, Lamar pulled my clinched cheeks apart and John said let’s do this.

Connor's Treat

fetish emmym 2018-03-03

Stephanie stroked her hand down his stomach and over the uninhibited bulge in his pants, never breaking eye contact, although Connor looked down, seemingly embarrassed at the attention. As soon as he was out of range, Stephanie moved her foot directly on to Connor's crotch and pointed her toes against his dick. Connor contented himself with sitting quietly, but when she pressed her big toe over his dick and rubbed the head, he couldn't help but gasp. "That's right, good boy," Stephanie praised Connor and rewarded him by putting her foot back onto his crotch and rubbing it gently. Pulling up his pants, he walked out into the diner, his dick already hardening in his new panties, to meet his mistress and get the rest of his treat.

They Always Beg For More

fetish smokelover 2018-03-03

She’s just a friend.” responded Sara as she took a long drag on her cigarette to try and calm her feelings of horniness. Cathy tried to smoke her cigarette with style but Sara’s tongue felt so good that all she could think about was her approaching orgasm. Sara quickly lit two more cigarettes and gave them to Serena and Cathy. Serena took a long drag on her cigarette and exhaled it into Sara’s face. Cathy took a drag from Serena’s cigarette, exhaled the smoke the accepted a deep passionate kiss from Serena. She removed the strap on that Cathy was wearing and began to slip the dildo into her wet pussy. As Sara and Cathy exhaled they each let their hands wandered toward Serena’s pussy.

Allison's Morning

fetish conquen 2018-03-03

This was Allison's favorite time of day, the peaceful solitude of the early morning made her feel as if she had the entire world to herself. There she stood baring herself to the morning, legs slightly parted, and elbows pointing to the sky as she raked her fingers through her long blond hair. Allison grabbed an old t-shirt and her running shorts from the laundry room, slipped on a pair of sandals and headed back out the door with her pup in tow. A smile grew on her face as she hooked her fingers into the waistband of her shorts and slid them down her well toned legs and placed them on the bench.

Role Reversal Ch. 02

fetish History Nut 2018-03-03

As Eukan said at the end of his story, I freaked out after we had fucked and left. Eukan took me to a restaurant that he said was as much like a French bistro as could be found west of New York. We had talked about our fantasies several times, and both said we had often wondered what the other person felt while we were fucking. Anyway, after talking a while, Eukan suggested that we live our fantasy and find out what it feels like to fuck like a member of the opposite sex. If that’s really what a man feels when he fucks a woman, it’s no wonder that they all want to lay every woman they meet.

GF finds my Fetish

fetish foryourcontrol 2018-03-03

I had no more designs on retaining any dignity as I said, “Oh yeah, my ass is all yours, fuck it good baby.” Like a total whore I said, “Please fuck me.” My ass was making these obscene wet sucking noises. She slowed down to the point of almost stopping and said, “That’s right think of me as your master or your pimp baby!” She grinded against me hard I let out an involuntary groan. She passionately said, “Oh yeah baby, just think what it will feel like to get a real cock up there. She withdrew the immense cock with a popping sound making the comment, “Whew, look at that ass its gaping wide open like those sluts in the porno moves – you have definitely been fucked baby.”

Stretching Pt. 06

fetish ggerard87 2018-03-03

Amy was sick towards the start of her pregnancy, but soon felt better, and got really horny, and had her usual high sex drive plus some, which meant lots of play time, always with the huge dildo. Soon, I started testing her limits again and not just pushing down on the huge 2 ½ inch thick dildo, but adding fingers next to it as well, like I had done late in pregnancy, right before birth. I did not think I could actually fist her because my hands are huge, much bigger than the dildo, and bony, and Amy is a small person.

A Player No Longer Ch. 01

fetish seat542 2018-03-03

I was never an overly hairy guy but by the end of that second day all of my body hair was gone followed by opening the suitcase which contained my special clothes. It was a look which my mind's eye conjured each night as I jerked off into a pair of my mom's or sister's panties. Emily was naked except for a satin pair of green panties. Emily told me to lie on my back as she began to rub oil onto her chest. This piqued Emily's attention and she asked if I had ever worn a pair of panties before. The striking differences were the length of Emily's hair and the shaft encased in my panties.

The Old Schoolhouse

fetish Julie20 2018-03-03

This was the picture which greeted Rob when he arrived home from work and penny steered him into the school room where she sat behind one of the desks looking up at him. It was maddening that she could not twist her head far enough round to see Rob standing behind the block and there seemed to be a very long pause when he made no sound and no stroke of the cane landed. As she lay there gripping the desk on either side of her head she felt Rob's gentle fingers stroking over the ridges which he had raised although he had not actually drawn blood.

Baron Buff vs. Johnny Angel Pt. 01

fetish BigBuffChamp83 2018-03-03

Being the more level headed of the two athletes, Baron decided against his suspicions and let his friend slide; maybe it had been just an off night for the younger Johnny: after all, he had just finished winning his OWN grueling match moments before. At the very next fight night, Baron Buff would defend his title belt in a rematch with Becerra; but this time, it would be without any support from his now distant friend. Things would only get worse, as soon the "Heavenly Body", was announcing himself as the real champion; claiming his knockout on the "Big Dick Champ" Baron Buff, was legit; if only recognized by himself.