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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

My Husband & I Get Kinky Ch. 01

fetish Davie46 2018-03-03

Though John loves to eat my cunt, and will devote a lot of time to pleasuring me, I rarely get so totally absorbed in it that I feel a climax is on its way. The cum spread all over my outer lips, and he circled and circled, flattening his tongue to cover the whole pussy, then, with the well-lubricated tip, he would explore my clitoris. Surprisingly, this experience was only occasionally repeated, and now, some years later, I only wish I had opened up and told John that I would love that creampie eating to become a regular part of our sex life. Next time, I will describe John's further fall into fetishism, including his desire to eat his own cum and my accidental discovery of him masturbating to a video involving female strap-on penetration.

my f****y fucking taboo

fetish 2018-03-03

my aunt came home and i have always wanted to fuck her. i said i am bored and you interupted something when you came home *i pointed down* she said let me help you and started sucking me dick. when she left i started makeing out with my s*s bf and sucked his dick i told him to come with me to my aunts room. my s*s said that she has fucked our aunt and our mom. her bf said he has fucked our mom then i pulled off my s****rs pants and shirt and started eatting her out and her bfsuck his dick up my ass my s*s started eatting out myaunt. i started tit fucking my aunt.

One of my favorite times in Mexico

fetish enki034 2018-03-03

I look for the girls that seem like they came from another job or the office to make ends meet. I think I have seen only a few latin girls that shave their pussies outside the US and I like brushing the hair under their dress which I get to know them. I have had met some really pretty girls that way. I buy some drinks and have some conversation get to know them and tell them a bit about myself. He have a few more drinks I played with her hair under her dress and she said she had to pee. So lowered her skirt and we went to get something to eat and get to know each other a bit more.

Honey, I’m Home!

fetish Bottom_up 2018-03-03

So I grabbed a couple of pair of Deb's black panties out of her underwear drawer to stuff the bra cups with and, after closing the toy box up and moving it back to the closet, carried the selected items along with a hand mirror from the bathroom into the great room, where I planned to start the play. I went into the bathroom and stepped into the tub, watching myself in the mirror as I deliberately sat on the cold edge of the tub and rocked against the pressure of the butt plug; my inner thighs were a still a delicate shade of pink above the lacy black tops of the hose.

I Beat Up My Own Tits and Fuck My Slut Ass to Get

fetish bluefiddler 2018-03-03

I dream of your hands around neck, choking me til I gasp for air then pushing my head down and forcing your fat cock in my mouth and down my slimy throat, before you push me down on my back, lift my legs up in the air, shove your cock in my ass, and fuck me until you cum. I sucked and spit on two fingers to lubricate then gently inserted them in my pussy, fucking myself while I rock back and forth to rub my nipples on the sheets. I kept going, beating my tits harder and pinching my nipples til it feels like it’s going to fall off. I lifted my legs over head and fucked myself with a Sharpie while rub my still-swollen, still-throbbing clit.

The Dentist Ch. 01

fetish bhrpaws 2018-03-03

The tightening of his throat muscles around my cock head as he gagged sent me over the edge and I shot my cum onto his tongue and face when he quickly pulled off, gasping-in air. I glanced at him, "Thanks boy, nice job." He smiled lewdly and backed out of the stall, creeping out cautiously, turning his head around and looking both ways. It was such a turn-on, a little plan, a little sex shop, and the big anticipation of getting my cum sucked out of my dick. But I want to share my foray into the lifestyle of cock-sucked-married-men and give him a sort of pat on the back for turning me on to some good advice.

Becoming Hers Ch. 05

fetish fpat97 2018-03-03

When she was ready, and a little concerned Alex's tongue might fall off, Karen told him to make her cum. Please, I don't want to cum like that!" Alex begged, struggling to hold on. "That's a good start, but dangerous." Karen said as she sat back, covering Alex's face with her pussy. When the video was done, Karen asked a simple question, "do you want to cum?" "Well, since you want to, sure." Karen smiled and got out the key and made quick work of getting the cage off and Alex hard. Karen saw Alex's still-uncaged cock start to grow. After her morning orgasm, Karen edged Alex by riding his cock.



fetish kittkatt71 2018-03-03

You reach for my hand and pull me on to your lap and kiss me gently. As I pull back you run your hands into my still damp hair and yank my head back to your mouth. I start to undress but as I lift my tee you pin my hands over my head and I feel your mouth on my nipple. I feel you take my bud in your mouth and my body explodes trying to get you closer as you lick and suck in a frenzy. I feel your head throbbing against my clit and I raise my hips trying to draw you in. You slide in deep but then pull out and climb up and shove your hard wet cock into my mouth.

Fastest MILF ever

fetish fastmover36 2018-03-03

Now she has a panicked look on her face, however she tells him no problem that everything will be ready for him when he gets home. She hangs up the phone and turns to her lover and tells him the situation. "Well, looks like you better speed up to get this house cleaned, cook dinner, and fuck me as well". Like a flash she immediately gets to work on the kitchen. like a flash she strips down, kneels in front of him and starts blowing him and tit fucking him in mindblowing speed. MILF needs to get dinner ready for her doting husband. lets get started" and with amazing speed she sets out to try on every single dress combination along with panties and bras.

Danielle Submits Ch. 02

fetish MirageLM 2018-03-03

Danielle, heart pounding, turned to face the opposite side of the bed where Leeza stood holding the end of the enema tube which glistened with its coating of lubricant. “Oh p-please d-don’t do this!” Danielle begged as Lori began to lightly push her finger into the now winking opening. Before she knew it, Danielle found herself back on the bed on her hands and knees with Lori feeding the inflatable bulb back into her anus. Again there was the inflation of the balloons in her anus and again the rush of warm water, but this time just as the cramps began, Lori ran her finger over Danielle’s clit, slowly teasing it into erection.

Whispers of Pleasure

fetish Grazemaster 2018-03-03

She liked to tease men and thought, "I'll give him a little something to think about while he smokes." She had to park kind of far away to play her little game so she had a long time to watch him as she walked up. She had always liked hanging with the boys and thought a couple drinks and fun times hanging with some real men, not that insecure jerk, would end the night right. At this point her pussy was soaked and as they stepped to her she would grab their cocks and lick and suck it like the slut she dreamed about being in her fantasies.

Funland Ch. 01

fetish randomcookieaddict 2018-03-03

Chloe was close to drooling as she watched the ride, her drink forgotten and her eyes fixed on the redheads breasts bouncing between the sparkle of the crucifix. Like all good things though the ride had to end, and with it Chloe's peepshow as the redhead popped herself back inside her bra. You look like Jane and you sound like Jane so I'm not leaving here until you prove to me that you're not Jane!" Chloe pulled her trousers and panties down to her knees and jumped up on the counter between two sinks as her right hand began to rub her clit. There was a sliver of hope because even in the midst of her acting Chloe had noticed that Marie's eyes were glued to her shaved cunt, and she took her time pulling her underwear back into place.

Gross Pheromones Pt. 02

fetish Bizarre_Consent 2018-03-02

I showed her my new tattoo - I was filling out my left shoulder at the time - and Kat talked endlessly about the new guy she liked. Kat worked her seduction skills pretty hard, while I released a couple of silent farts. I dunno, what do you think?" She squeezed her tits practically in Derek's face, showing off the deep cleavage in her half-unbuttoned shirt. I heard Kat and the new guy discussing their class project, while Derek remained silent. "Kat," he said, "I know this is really forward, but I kinda want to..." He bit his lip, unable to articulate his desires. When I opened my eyes, I saw Kat and Will looking flushed and ruffled on the couch.

One Night in Baltimore

fetish Whitman 2018-03-02

Susan was dressed the same as before and I found myself looking at her red bra, stuttering, asking if I could use her phone. Laila and Susan were both standing in front of the open door looking at me, in my white Calvin Klein briefs, erect. I franticly fumbled to put myself back in my briefs and Laila asked Susan if she would like to see a very unusual penis. Susan leaned forward, looking directly at the head of my dick as Laila was holding it with her thumb and finger. "When Whitman gets excited he gets thicker, notice here, how he get thicker in some parts then others." Laila took Susan's finger in her hand and gently slid it down the side of my cock.

Comic Relief

fetish Johnny femme Lawless 2018-03-02

I proceed to lay on my stomach, head facing away from you, completely blocking your view of the comics. While I read I can hear your agitated breathing, so I then start to hike my slip up ever so slightly revealing my naughty little see-through with embroidered little pink flowers, your favorites. Picking up the pace I start to really fingerfuck myself, but I am still managing to recite story lines up until the moment I cum...cumming hard all over my fingers and the panties. After the moment of ecstasy, I reach up and pull the panties out of your mouth...I raise my lips up to kiss you and you meet me deep in your mouth with tongue, and suck my mouth with grateful lips.

Pussy In Boots Ch. 7

fetish Natalya 2018-03-02

I released the leather straps around Helena’s waist and then began to tease the chastity belt off Helena. Helena sounded as though she was about to protest again but she stopped in her tracks as my tongue again licked up the whole length of her pussy to her clit. I sensed that Helena had resigned herself to cumming as her pussy muscles began to grip my fingers like they would a real cock. I retrieved a glass and a bottle of wine from the kitchen and then headed upstairs to relax in a hot bath, my pussy moistening at the thought of the return of Helena and Phil. Without warning I stood up and moved closer to Helena, letting the tip of my strap-on cock slide in between her ass cheeks.

Crawl Ch. 02

fetish publicjohn 2018-03-02

Oh my God!" I was a little concerned that she was getting too loud and that Kathy or Bridget would hear us and come to investigate, finding two naked people outside their back door, one with his tongue deep inside the other's butt, but Rachel seemed lost as her orgasm claimed her and I was so turned on that I didn't care if she was heard or not. I started to jerk off and I closed my eyes to better remember the way Rachel had looked on the stairs and then as I was getting into it Rachel told me to stand up straight, crap!

Fun With Rope Ch. 2

fetish Kip Carson 2018-03-02

But she was so surprised, when she felt the hot wet pussy as it began to rub against her mouth. Her pussy tightly clamped around the large cock, while her mouth passionately kissed and sucked on the hot tasty pussy. The woman began moaning loudly, and grinding her wet pussy against Julie's mouth. As the woman climaxed, Julie could feel her hot pussy juices gushing into her mouth. The woman straddling her face, suddenly climbed off, and Julie secretly wished she would rub that hot pussy against her mouth again. The man between her legs grunted loudly, and Julie almost passed out when she felt his massive load of hot thick cum erupt inside of her.

My girlfriend’s Mom!

fetish princessamyov 2018-03-02

Trying to make it easy I started some idle talk but then I suddenly had a brain wave that Kristy was not home at this moment cause the shower was not far from the hall way and there was no sound of water! After a while her MOM approached me close and kissed me at my neck, I realized that there actually were no hassles to do some fun and gave in, I liked this babe, her hand passed down to my cock and unzipped my pants. Then we kissed and I was hard she asked me to let her ride my hard cock she got on top I started to fuck her, her tits were bouncing up and down; I was slapping her ass, that was harder when I shoved my cock all the way in her!

A Dream Cum True

fetish rainforme 2018-03-02

She kisses her way up your thighs, you can feel her hair brushing your body, just like in your dream, but so much better. You begin to work her body with your tongue, very turned on by her sucking my cock. Working her pussy again with your tongue and lips as you slide the vibrator in and out of her ass, I feel myself uncontrollably turned on. Getting behind you, I shove my cock into your wet pussy and thrust hard and fast, wanting the release that is so close. You watch her, grabbing her hair you pull her off and tell her to watch, this is how your man likes his cock sucked. You kiss her lips, forcing your tongue in her mouth, making her taste the cum.

Shock and Awe Again Ch. 02

fetish TabooTeller 2018-03-02

A minute and a half later she gasped louder and made another small noise, sounding like a pleasure grunt, then started quivering as she came. He started water going adjusted the right temperature and then used a soft scented cloth to clean off her face, her slit and butt. Allen had grabbed a very slender and long vibrator Diane liked up her anus and as he licked her clit, he felt his way to touch the vibrator's tip to her puckered opening then pushed. She moved her butt a bit, feeling his hard shaft so that he was pointed at the right place she said to hi go ahead and he pushed it in.

My Wife, the New Girl

fetish Sheerxdesire 2018-03-02

Her legs looked amazing and I knew for a fact that several of the men at her job were going to be eyeing her. Now that she knew the strict dress code wasn't so strict, I asked her if she planned on wearing the same sort of clothes to work. Over the course of the next few weeks, it eventually amounted to her telling me fictional stories about her escapades with other men at work while I fucked her crazy. I told him that I liked it and then he started kissing my feet!" She said. "He kept kissing my toes and feelin' up and down my legs, all the way to the tops of my stockings..." She said.

At the swingers pub!

fetish YourDimplesOfVenus 2018-03-02

As I arrived there, I started looking at the people, making eye contact, but specially looking for diferences with other clubs I know well. I enjoy that mistery of finding some girl you don't know or even see, to decid if you like her just by touching her arms first, her neck, with breath going faster each second, her hips, her face, kissing, and going as far as both want. She was glad how hard I got when she started talking dirty to me, so she didn't stop telling me things while masturbating, and touching everywhere I love to be touched in. She started repeating my name, screaming it, moaning, while her ass contracted hard and fast, pressuring my cock.

Proctological Delights Ch. 02

fetish Misschievous1 2018-03-02

I sat in my seat at the seminar noting by the programme that the last speaker at the seminar was off the stage at 5.30 pm, I knew that would give me plenty of time to eat dinner with colleagues before going back to my room, packing my bags, relaxing in a hot bath before retiring to bed and ease my own much need by pleasuring myself before a good night's sleep and a the long drive home in the morning. My fingers now frantically rubbing my engorged stiff clit, I mirrored the speed my fingers worked with his hand upon his bulbous precum coated cock, never taking my eyes off his facial expression for more than a few seconds I licked my lips as I caught site of the veins standing rigid on his shaft and masturbated listening to his groans of sheer pleasure.