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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Ode to The Aquarius King: Owned

fetish Kandy5647 2018-03-02

2.) It helped to mask her kings' screams from having his ass relentlessly pounded and tortured ever so sweetly. There he was face down, blindfolded, hands bound together, on his knees with his tight dark chocolate ass sticking high up in the air. She replaced her hand with the head of an 8" dildo that was attached to a modified electromechanical jack hammer into his ass. She watched him squirm and scream as the jack hammer relentlessly pounded his ass. She pulled her fingers out of his ass and inserted the head of the dildo attached to the new fucking machine. She let him go, slid under him and took his bouncing hard dick in her mouth and sucked him off until he screamed and unloaded his hot jizz deep into her mouth and throat.

French Maid

fetish spice16 2018-03-02

"Would you like to fuck me with your tongue, make me cum on your face?" As he said "yes", she moved her hips forward, pinning him against the ladder, placing her pussy directly over his mouth. His hand started stroking his cock, pumping it each time his tongue entered her pussy. The orgasm was intense and swift as she crushed her pussy against his mouth, against his still moving tongue, releasing her cum to him as wave after wave of ecstasy crashed through her body. She started moving in and out of him, timing her movements to both her lips on his cock and the fingers fucking her pussy.

The Conference

fetish ladyroxanne21 2018-03-02

She was an absolutely luscious woman, and I was sorely tempted to invite her to my room for the night, but I didn't want to give Jayson the pleasure of watching us make each other scream. I had fallen into the habit of showering right after the conference ended for the day, which understandably puzzled Jayson when I then showered after returning from the Secret Society's Regional Headquarters each night. He led me to the wall of punishment, and I knew without looking that my volunteer taskmaster was whacking Jayson as an incentive for him to follow me like a good slave should. The taskmaster commanded Jayson to: "Watch closely as your Mistress dutifully receives her punishment.

Tropical Cuckold Hotel

fetish SadisticSmut 2018-03-02

Arnie shifted his eyes around the bar and then said, "I probably shouldn't be offering you this, but I've got these pills. The bathroom door closed and Arnie looked at me with a big grin. Arnie carried my new wife into the room where I was and laid her down on the bed. I couldn't believe Jenny would ever let that big, disgusting slob touch her, or want to touch him back. "This is what a real man feels like inside you." Arnie laughed. Jenny's writhing body, Arnie's pounding cock, and moans of pleasure. I'm cumming!" Jenny shook around on the bed like she was having a seizure, her piercing screams made my blood curdle. He leaned over the bed to kiss Jenny and feel her body again.

Fuck You Full of My Seed Ch. 01

fetish imageone 2018-03-02

"Like....Shit, they're awesome." James licked his lips, "You realize I'm going to tit fuck you until I coat those babies with my sperm. He was getting close to ejaculating...."No fucking way I'm cuming like this you cunt." He let go of his prick and pushed Asia backward. "Time to suck it you fucking cunt!" James demanded " it fucking comes again" With that he forced Asia's lips up against his massive swollen head pushing it between her teeth and into her mouth. James took both his hands and impaled Asia's head on his pole and he began to jerk as his hot seed shot with force into her mouth, down her throat and into her stomach.

The Snow Maid 3

fetish KoJak-69 2018-03-02

Below her, Bill's hands and tongue and lips danced on her skin, awakening sensations in her flesh she had thought gone and lost forever. When they made me with their faith, they imagined a young woman like many they knew in their own tribes; blond-haired and blue eyed, small but strong, merry and serious by turns, and with a lusty capacity for sex that would make any man who was lucky enough to win her the envy of his fellows. Like a prisoner being released from a cell in my mind, rampaging through my brain, and taking up the reins of my will." She slid her hand from his groin to his shoulder, a long lingering caress which made him shudder with pleasure. "Exactly what you want," he said, hands busy on her magnificent breasts, fingers pulling her nipples until they were rigid.

Lick My Feet and Suck My Toes

fetish PositiveThinker 2018-03-02

"You love me?" She looked at me like only a black woman can look, while looking at a dumb ass fool of a white man. In the way she said, hush up, now, sugar, I imagined her saying that to our seven children, Honey, named after her, Carol, named after her mother, my ex-Stepmom, John, Jr. named after me, Paul, George, Ringo, named after the Beatles, and Tyrone, named after her father. "Oh, yeah, baby, massage my feet," she said as soon as I lifted her foot from the water, wiped it with the towel, and massaged it. "Your big hands feel so good on my little feet," she said, as I towel dried her other foot and massaged it, too.


fetish LeRoiMStokes 2018-03-02

A few years later, my mother was actually hired by a couple in Florida to service their guests at a Super Bowl Sunday two-day BDSM party held at their enormous mansion. Since my mother had only enough money for her crack and a one-way bus ticket from California to Florida, during the pre-Super Bowl month, she remained in the couple's home and serviced them in the special room whenever the fancy struck them. The couple's party guests expected a disease-free girl in the special room so, as it turned out, it was a good thing that my mother arrived early, so the couple could delouse her and treat her various STDs prior to party-time.

Danny's Butt Mom Ch. 10

fetish Bob_Lovecock 2018-03-02

Feeling this Dianne pushed on her anus and dumped a nice fart directly into her son's open mouth. Dianne arched her back and pushed her butt out obscenely for her ass worshipping son. Dianne looked between her legs watching her son tongue fuck her nasty ass. Her ass was dripping wet now and he looked at the spectacle of his horned up mother's exposed vagina and shitter, big tits and wonderful loving face with the nasty expression, holding her legs back to her chest. Danny was pinning his mother down with his hand on her thighs, spreading her open and fucking her fat ass real good. He stuck face right by her ass again and she pushed real hard exposing her pink butt insides.

My Friends Daughter

fetish 2018-03-02

She was an expert cock sucker she worked my kob for more than ten minutes before she looked up and said your turn. She got up and led me to her room and pushed me onto the bed she sucked me till I got hard again and eased my cock into her tight pussy. I got on top and started fucking her whe swithed positions every 10 minutes and were doggy style when she clamped down on my cock and had a massive orgasm.It was too much for me the tightness of her pussy squeezing my dick and her hot juices caused me to blow my load deep in her pussy.

Reverse Cuckold Surprise (Part 2 and 3)

fetish biguy4youall 2018-03-02

I think I was just staring at them when I heard Tony say, "Your wife said you're going to eat our cum. Their dirty talk, calling me "fag, cum slut, cock sucker." Jerry said, "Time to fuck that tight hole, now." He grabbed me under my arms and pulled me to my feet. This is what you really wanted isn't it?" Tony then said, "I'm cumming!" He continued to hold my head in place as spurts of hot man juice filled my mouth. Jerk your little clitty as you lick Tony and Jerry's cocks." I sat up on the couch, and the boys started rubbing their dicks all over my face as I jerked off.

The Cell

fetish beilgreg 2018-03-02

The only other furniture was a red leather love seat on the east side, a wooden chair with straps attached to the arms and legs near the west side wall and a low chair with a large hole in the seat by the red door. She continued with Her fingers all over his chest, tapping his stomach, and She ran Her index finger down towards his crotch, stopping just short of the tip of his hard cock; Her touch sent shivers throughout his body. Seconds, minutes, hours passed till he soon felt Her body shift, he knew She now bent over him with Her breasts just above his cock, Her breath wafted over his lower stomach.

Country Girl - Day One - Later

fetish LaurenWestley 2018-03-02

It wasn't Master Cock but before I could pull back into the kitchen he commanded, "Bitch, I know you're looking, get your ass over here right now." "Ok, now I just did a good morning piss which I'm sure you wanted but right now I want you to lick my cock and balls clean." And then with a little force on my neck I began to go down to the floor passing the hair on his somewhat extended stomach till I was kneeling. Keeping my eyes on Master Cock's penis my peripheral vision saw Sir walking to the door and then I heard him say, "I'll be right back with the rope and my other bag of goodies." A moment after that the front door banged shut.

Guy on the Road

fetish rockyandsissydave 2018-03-02

I opened his jeans and lowered my face to his cock as he pulled my skirt over my hips and began to stroke his fingers on, in and around the wetness now flooding me. We held that embrace and kiss for quite awhile, but our hips and legs seemed to be doing their own thing, as the next thing I knew I was back in the position that started this situation: bent over the seat with my head in the backseat and pussy facing the windshield. Guy watched my face and felt my reactions as I really looked outside for the first time in half an hour and quickly his mouth began to slack open in wonder as well.

Father Ben and Sister Holly Pt. 02

fetish IowaIke 2018-03-02

Stacy moved over to get a good angle to watch, and as Ben worked her right hand snuck down to her snatch where it started rubbing her bud. "I think we need to proceed to something else, Ben. I know you're having fun right now, but you've still got to fuck her and it'll probably be a miracle for you to cum twice in one night." Ben let her for a moment before turning to take the candle out of Holly's mouth. Ben went about his work, wrapping the metal cord around Stacy's churns as tightly as possible, after getting the full length around, he fished out a rosary from his pocket and one from Holly's bag.

A Much Needed Spa Treatment Ch. 06

fetish ILuvAnal 2018-03-02

"I see you had this well planned," George said when he saw Ellen pull an electric barber's clipper from her cosmetic bag. While George stood in the tub, Ellen used the clipper and trimmed his chest and back hair to less than an inch. "How about you two joining us for dinner?" Ellen said as Terry and Ken gathered their stuff and got dressed. "I didn't know you were hiring?" Ellen said while looking over Ken's resume. Ellen hiked her dress, lay back on the bed and let George insert the greased balls into her vagina. When his finger got close to her anus, Ellen thrusted her hips looking for penetration, but George teased.

A Financial Decision Ch. 02

fetish LuvsPreggers 2018-03-02

It wasn't that unusual – Kevin was a sweet, sensitive guy who had really taken care of Donna and her kids while her husband Michael had been in Iraq. She enjoyed the feel of her bulging belly, and she was looking forward to it getting even bigger in the months to come. With a sharp gasp, Kevin thrust his cock into Donna's mouth and began to unload what seemed like a year's worth of cum down her waiting throat. Kevin collapsed in the chair and his cock plopped from Donna's mouth. Now that he was lodged in her pussy, Kevin grabbed Donna's hips and began to drive his member in and out of her. Donna had her head buried in the couch as Kevin worked her pussy from behind.

Bloody Socialising

fetish myboyfriendthewhore 2018-03-02

Being the slut that he is, he was soon hungry for my period, and hungrily ate me, covering his face in my blood, as I lit a cigarette. I came hard, my cum and blood smearing all over the neck of the bottle and into the drink inside it. We walked out and my whore dutifully gave Tom his beer, trying to stop his hands from shaking. The rest of the afternoon was spent sitting in that beer garden, watching Tom drink my cum and blood, and forcing my slut to bend over to pick various things up, ensuring everyone could see my mark on him and know for certain that he belonged to me.

22 Ch. 03

fetish Andromeda7 2018-03-02

As I have mentioned there was no discomfort in the dip, it was quite comfortable so with the right mixture of drugs a sow would find itself wonderfully relaxed as fully immersed it felt the water jets that the dip would play over the body. The makeup of the dip would contribute to easing a new sow into a new life style for after all the sow needed some body hair modification soon and then of course dipping with flotation would ease the weight of the teats turning to udders. My hand played over the sows teat, as relaxed, I let myself drift, but kept a small part of my mind monitoring the immersed sows condition while the help worked between my legs.

My wife introduces me to submission and cuckoldry

fetish oldognewtrix 2018-03-02

Do you remember when i bought that old cabinet from a man who advertised it in the local paper i said to her, and she nodded, well when i got it home inside was a few boxes of rubbish and in that rubbish was that pile of DVDs. I had indeed bought the cabinet as storage for the garage, and there was boxes of bits and pieces inside it but of course the DVDs i had purchased and hidden, or so i thought ! I put down my beer and took the glass from her and asked if she wanted the same again, she just nodded as i stood and went into the kitchen.

Evolution Ch. 04

fetish jamieengland1 2018-03-02

A fast song was playing, but instead of splitting away and writhing to the music as the rest of the couples were doing on the floor, Dan wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me close, grinding his hard, erect cock into my hips as he leaned forward to nuzzle his lips on my neck, and my breastbone, and then he kissed me on the lips. I sucked just the head, swirling my tongue around it, tasting the humid meat of him, the first salty drops of come, the sweet sweat, the delicate pissy maleness, and I felt him gasp as I dropped my mouth around his cock, taking him deep into my throat, sucking him hard and hot and deep as my throat opened for all of him, my lips pushed against the teeth of his zipper.

He Wants To Know... He Asks

fetish beatcha2it 2018-03-02

"Are you ready for me to come in?" I ask "Yes, come to room 103" he answers, "I've been waiting too long and you know how impatient I can be... His eyes meet mine but only for a brief second then they wonder over my body from head to toe assessing me in a way that makes me feel somehow dirty. Ahhhhhhha..” I felt my body moving to meet his thrusts and wondered how I could accept such wanton behavior but my fingers were deep in my cunt and he was pulling them in and out with each thrust and tug on the rope until my orgasm exploded causing both my V and ass to contract in multiple spasms.

Panty Power Ch. 01

fetish black saphire 2018-03-02

"I've seen the way you try looking up my skirt Mr Evans." I said softly, opening my legs even wider. "Are you a dirty old man who likes to smell young girls panties Mr Evans?" I continued to tease him as I slipped my hands through the elastic waistband and pulled my panties off. Evans watched me rub my pussy and smelled my panties again. The fact that his hard cock was drilling into me and giving me a good fuck or the way my panties were draped over his head. I placed the panties in a zip-lock bag and mailed them to Professor Evan's office with a note that said 'thanks for the experience'.

Stephanie's Fireplace Surprise

fetish Bacomicfan 2018-03-02

As his lips and face warmed her soles, his toasty hands spread their warmth onto her insteps, the sides of her feet, her ankles and the tops of her toes, rubbing her feet gently from above as his lips caressed and adored them warmly from below. As he warmed and soothed her feet, Stephanie's doting hubby said, "I know how much you love your feet pampered, and I know I don't generally pay enough attention to them, but from now on I'm going to do just that, because you deserve better. Those statements, her man finally willing to worship her feet and even professing his desire and joy at doing so, and his promise to do so again and again in the future, made Stephanie sigh and she felt a warm tingle of joy and satisfaction.