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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Amy's B And D Adventures

fetish spice16 2018-03-02

What I thought I really wanted was a strong master or mistress, one who also had wild sexual fantasies, and who would take charge of me and would then act out those fantasies, obviously with me playing out the part of slave girl, used by master (or maybe better yet, mistress) in strange and delicious ways, hopefully with an audience watching and most delicious of all, whether I liked it or not. And he was holding a leather paddle in his hand and hanging from the ceiling next to him was a large enema bag, a long rubber hose attached to it, and connected to the end of that, a black rubber looking device that got inserted into the recipient of this enema, and really did the work.

Panty: Private Party

fetish pantyrehab 2018-03-02

She came out of the bathroom wearing a black t-shirt and shorts still half asleep, smiled at him, and said "Morning, you're up early." He replied, "Yeah, I've gotta go take care of some stuff before class starts." His mind was also lusting, "Yeah, my cock was up watching you jerk off last night, and it's up now after feeling your wet panty and looking at your pantyless crotch. How erotic and lustful it was, how horny Jenny instigated and encouraged him to jerk off together, how she flash and flaunted her hot round shapely ass covered by that tight pink panty, how he was so close to her naked body, how she was saying her pussy is wet, how her lips and throat make the sexy moans and sighs, how her eyes would roll back and shut tightly when she came, and how hard and how much he came while stroking into her satin panty.

Out with Aunt Jo Ch. 02

fetish Parthenokinesis 2018-03-02

"Tell us, Betty Anne, " Jo said, "What have you had in your ass bigger than this plug? Jo dropped to her knees and started working the plug into Betty Anne's ass. Jo grabbed Betty Anne by the hair and pulled her toward me, rubbing her face over my cock. Soon enough her mouth found me and Jo's thumb started rubbing harder.Betty Anne moaned and I felt that in my cock as I drained onto her tongue. Betty Anne nodded, bobbing her head on my cock, sucking hard and swallowing. She pulled her thumb from my ass and walked behind Betty Anne, dropped to her knees and pressed against her back. "What do you need, Mr. Jimmy, sir?" Betty Anne asked, looking right into my eyes.

Daddy's Property

fetish Alice_in_Pervland 2018-03-02

He used his foot to nudge her feet wider apart, his eyes slowly drinking her in, from her embarrassed face, over her soft tummy and curvy hips, to the clean-shaven little mound between her plump thighs, while he unconsciously licked his lips. Soon he was grunting out "whose pussy is that?" Her moaned response of "it's your pussy, Daddy" had him groaning and jerking his cock hard, the thick white ropes of cum landing on his girl's pussy, coating her flesh in his seed, marking her as his property. She screamed, pleasure rocketing through her body, and his thrusts picked up speed and force until he was fucking his girl so hard their flesh was smacking together, her ass jiggling each time he buried himself inside of her.

Members' Night

fetish Pirette 2018-03-02

When the next song started, I pulled her chin around and kissed her, My hands roaming her body once more. I quickly release the little hook, after unbuttoning the skirt, and it falls down around her ankles, the yellow thong shining like a beacon, reflecting the black-light, just as I hoped it would. For the first time I noticed her bra matched her thong, She made quite a striking sight, yellow lingerie glowing in the relative dark of the Club. My hands start groping their way back up her body, stopping at her breasts, she actually lets out a little scream as I unhook her bra, and let it slide down her arms, until it rests on the makeshift handcuffs.

A Dominant Wife

fetish Tiger110 2018-03-02

His hand slipped past her stocking tops and on to her bare thigh before slowly easing inside the leg her knickers, finally his fingers slid down the length of her slit as she pulled open his fly and freed his already stiffening cock, soon his finger had slipped inside and he was fucking her towards a climax while she worked his foreskin up and down his shaft. As she came nearer and nearer to coming he slid down her body, only pausing for several seconds to lick her nipples through the thin material, finally his head slipped between her open thighs and she felt his hot breath on her exposed cunt, her G-string having been sucked inside her smooth pussy lips; the night previously she had shaved it completly bald especially for him!

Janet's Obsession - Chapter III

fetish evolg99 2018-03-02

Complying with the request, Janet then moved over to where Angela was now perched on one of a sumptuous leather sofa, her legs crossed, her body absent of her coat and gloves. Her body tingled at being in the presence of this Amazon goddess, feelings of lust worked their way into imagining her petite body in her arms and making love to Angela wearing nothing but sexy spike heeled boots and leather gloves between them. “Certainly Miss Kingsley, that would be nice.”, Janet replied and quickly saved the memo draft, logged off and retrieved her coat and gloves. Angela disguised her lustful desire for Janet as the petite little thing first donned her soft brown leather gloves expertly up each hand then proceeded to cover her form in the matching coloured leather coat.

Joanna, The Ruthless Maid

fetish sisifo 2018-03-02

While making this decision, although I couldn't imagine it at the time, I was voluntarily undergoing into a deep submission scheme that would last for years, with strong repercussions in my future sexual behavior. By way of further punishment, she ruled that I should use the panties she was wearing, at the time, rather than clean panties from the drawer. It was the first time I was forced to masturbate for someone in her presence though, technically, you can't say that's what really happened, considering the absence of the doing, itself. Since then, my biggest thrill lies in being strained to masturbate in front of any woman who is able to drive me into total submission through a skilled humiliation procedure.

Cumming to Grips Ch. 01

fetish doinkit1 2018-03-02

"Did I tell you to close your mouth, you little bitch!" Dave's breath was taken away once again as Sue squeezed his balls. As Dave closed his mouth, he could still taste his wife's cum on his tongue and lips. Your penis is hard and dripping, you are wiggling, and it even looks like your nipples are hard, if that's possible." With that Dave felt her hand on his cock. Then Sue said "open your mouth again." Dave thought he was going to get to taste her pussy again. Dave's reflex was to spit the cum out of his mouth and grab his wife's hands to get it away from his balls, but his arms struggled against the leather straps.

Husband's Anal Adventure Ch. 03

fetish Anal Slave 2018-03-02

I got out the Vaseline and started to jack-off when the phone rang it was Linda she wanted to know if I wanted to come over and watch the video she took yesterday of me sucking and licking her husbands cock. Her husband came over to the table and stuck his cock in my mouth, it tasted like he had been fucking Linda in the ass. She untied me and I got up my ass was real sore I started getting dressed when I Looked into the mirror I saw a hickey on the side of my cock, that fucking Linda gave me a hickey on my cock.

The Manipulatrix Ch. 02

fetish PeterOmez 2018-03-02

And the reason I let him treat the other girls to all those outfits was we were going to go out, the night of his birthday, and have a big party at the club in his honor, and I knew it would make him feel good that we had HIM to thank for all our outfits. I had to call my boyfriend to get some of the information, but I told him I needed it for a special birthday surprise, so it was no problem, except that his address showed up on the pre-filled parts of the forms, so what would ultimately be mailed would come to his place. All the other packages also arrived before his birthday, and when the day came, and he got off work, he took the short bus ride to my place so we could begin our night of celebration.

The Pissboy Mansion Ch. 02

fetish leaky_one 2018-03-02

Carolyn's vagina lips parted as her pee hole opened to allow an incredibly strong jet of hot, body warmed piss to come squirting out. As both girls watched on, Carolyn's pee hit the bath tub floor with a resounding patter which rose to fill the room as her clear urine stream continued flowing out of her pussy. She had no idea which thrill was better; the hot impact point of Nicola's pee as it cascaded downwards onto her tits which were now so incredibly hard, or the feeling of having Nicola's urine running down the rest of her body and flowing through her pussy hair and tickling her clit.

Behavior Modification Institute Ch. 13: Final

fetish NancyPan 2018-03-02

I felt very self-conscious about my short skirt as I knew that my bare ass was exposed, and I kept trying to pull down the hem of my dress. Ms. Panington started for the door, and then turned to Ms. Carlson, "I want this one looking quite sluttish. My mouth was left exposed and Madam Christina told me that I was to gently suck and lick the clitoris while my chin cock fucked pussy. Then I felt the head of the dildo at my opening and I heard Madam Christina telling me to relax and to remember how good the butt plug felt. Mistress Kelli?" I began to thrust the chin dildo and soon my nose was drenched with the unmistakable intoxicating scent of my wife.

Deep Throat Games

fetish naughty_bi_interest 2018-03-01

"So you want me to suck your cock and take this big thing all the way down my throat do you?" Lori spit on my dickhead and rubbed it in. Lori said, "Lick my big dick all over and get it wet before you suck it." Lori got the ruler and announced, "Well done lover, you just got five inches of man meat in your mouth." She said, "I think your dick licking inspired you to a new record. I licked her big cock until it was sloppy wet and then started sucking on it, all the while pushing the rubber band up it's length. Lori strapped her big cock on and said, "I'm watching you honey and I'm going to see if I can tell what turns you on in this movie."

The Mischievous Use of Portal Rings

fetish FieryLion 2018-03-01

After arriving at a quiet area, she sat on a nearby bench, closed her eyes to let the refreshing breeze play with her hair, and pulled out her phone to read. Lin opened her eyes wide and looked at Vina. Vina pulled out her phone and continued reading, but gave up quickly for she couldn't focus. A small glowing blue ring appeared in mid air above her car keys. Mode 3, color green: Allow the user to interact with and interchange matter both ways like a normal portal. To test the various modes, she filled the sink with water, switched to mode 1, and placed the other end of the ring portal under water.

God and the Cum Dump

fetish Serafina1210 2018-03-01

I got my favorite hairbrush from my dresser, laid on the floor, and masturbated as slow as I could, smelling the vomit all over me, remembering all that thick goo pumping into my throat, thinking about how it felt, that cock deep inside me, the gagging and puking, and Lester saying those awful things - but I couldn't draw it out. I told myself I wasn't going to gag, wasn't going to throw up, and his cock slid right past the place that Lester had hit to make me puke - and there he was, all the way in with his pubic hair tickling my lips and nose, and I felt like Wonder Woman, totally in control of this guy.

Halloween Transformation Ch. 2

fetish girlboybootsie 2018-03-01

Earlier in the day I would have objected, but I was already longing to get back into my sexy feminine clothes, and I wanted my legs and underarms to be smooth like a woman's'. I had never thought of licking someone's anus, but everything about Barbie is sexy, especially in this new role she has assumed, so I don't hesitate, but quickly unbutton and unzip her tight leather pants, and slide them down to her knees, along with her sexy leather panties. I think the feeling of subjugation, dressed as I am in a corset and stockings on my knees and licking my mistress's ass, also turns me on!

The Party

fetish ianbeast57 2018-03-01

Not wanting to miss what could be my only opportunity, I grip my hands around the waist of your panties & yoga pants and rip them down to the point where they are just below your ass and I can just see the top of your bald pussy. Looking at you eye to eye I thrust my entire naked cock into you as hard as I can. So turned on by your moans, I start to thrust hard; this time I don't hold it though - I just keep slamming my cock into you. I thrust into you as hard as I can and hold it, making sure every inch of my cock is in you; I want to fill you.

Ruth the Kinky Trucker

fetish JackorJill 2018-03-01

Ruthie was cheering me on as I took it out and began jerking him off and sucking his big cock. You can come visit me anytime." We kissed for a long time and I stroked her titties as she continued to fuck Karl hard. "Babydoll, you and I are going to fuck Sam, how about that." She grabbed hold of my hard cock and guided me towards the chained up trucker. He is nothing but my little bitch." Ruthie began kissing me and playing with my balls as I spread Sam's ass open. "Karl, you little fuck bag, get over here and suck all that sperm out of that faggots asshole." Ruthie was naked, she had taken the strap on off.

Making of Jane

fetish klammer 2018-03-01

and as they went out the door, Vicky turned to Jason and said, "you and let these other girls see you naked." Jason knew that Vicky was cute" said Vicky "but I think he's really a girl too." girls attacked Vicky's wardrobe to find clothes suitable for Jason to little cock and balls and Susan who saw the look on Jason's face just "Look girls, I think Jason likes his new clothes," Lisa observed. Susan just smiled and said "thanks Jason." Vicky jerked him back As he turned, Jason saw a young girl, maybe 10 years old, in her white As they passed Vicky's open bedroom door the boys saw the girls inside Jason looked at Vicky standing with her arms crossed over her chest,

My Night Out Drinking

fetish RichardLong 2018-03-01

I hear my name being called, it is the voice of my friends, my friends which I was supposed to be meeting, but I don't dare turn to look, I just keep on walking where the Hand leads me. I slowly walk in, unsure of where this is leading and once again turn to face her – looking up at her expectantly, waiting for my next order. A large grin spreads across her face – I follow her eyes, and realize that she is looking at my panties. The kiss ends and my eyes open she stands up and puts out her hand, requesting my panties.

Panty Sniffer Gets Caught in the Act

fetish GGGrayson 2018-03-01

After waiting a decent length of time to make sure my girlfriend didn't come back to the apartment, I walked into Mandy's bedroom. I imagined Mandy wearing the panties, rubbing herself through the fabric, feeling her pussy become wet. Mandy was standing in the doorway, looking at me laying on her bed, jacking off into her panties. "Mandy!" I bolted up and tossed the pair of panties I was holding up to my face towards her closed door. "Lick them." She moved even closer, stroking her pussy again as she angrily rubbed her dirty panties on my face. I did as I was told and struggled to taste her panties as she alternated rubbing them around my mouth and smacking the side of my face with her palm.

Laundry Day

fetish DJBlax 2018-03-01

After a moment to figure out how the decorative beads were designed to encircle her legs, and noted how it felt fully secure, yet like she was wearing nothing, she quickly slipped into her skirt, bra, blouse and sensible one-inch heeled loafers and made a dash to the office. She kicked off her shoes and splayed her toes as her legs rose from the floor and the thong part of the panty sawed back and forth between her cheeks as she used a second finger to open herself even further and moved her hand to allow her thumb to stroke her clit in a rapid feathery fashion up and down quickly.

Sensitivity Training Can Mean a Lot Ch. 03

fetish JimAner 2018-03-01

Ms. White now looked at Beercan, and said, "The rest of the boys are heading for their showers before dinner. Ms. White now said, "Good, we have a whole group of nice ladies who want to give up their last night at the resort giving you boys a nice relaxing shower, and then take you boys to dinner, and finally take you back to their rooms. After sucking Beercan's hand, Firehose had to get on his knees to lick off his crotch, and then his ball sack and dick. Even when Beercan's right hand was encircling his prick, and even when he was on his knees memorizing his cock and balls, his eyes still went back to the mammoth pectoral with large nipples and large, dark areolas.