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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Slave Ch. 01

fetish slaveheathen 2018-03-01

Mistress knelt down beside me and grabbed Big Red, slamming the dildo in and out of my ass as Deke grabbed my head and started skull fucking me with his now rock hard seven inch cock. "Yes, Mistress." And I dropped to my knees, cum dripping from my well fucked ass, and deep throated that wonderful still hard cock. Ten minutes later, I reluctantly let Deke's now clean cock pull out of my hungry mouth, the taste of cum, fuck water lube, and my ass juice making a tasty cocktail. His urine was much stronger than Mistress', making me gag a bit, but I got it under control so that by the time he stuck his cock in my mouth I was able to gulp down the acrid piss.

Sunday Morning

fetish Harley Quinn 2018-03-01

I could hear the slap of his hand against his cock and balls, quick, then slowing and pulling. I don't know what to do with this." I took a hand and slowly began to stroke his cock. I began on the side of his legs, nuzzling them with my face, stroking his cock and then licking his balls. I began to suck, working his balls and shaft with one hand, holding his bucking steady with the other until I felt the precum dripping onto my tongue, which I lapped eagerly. His hot breath crawled around my neck, one hand fingering me, the other holding me firmly in place by a breast.

The Bet Ch. 02

fetish jomar 2018-03-01

Lilla came up, hugged me, kissed me while stroking my cock under my skirt, said in a husky voice, "God, that's so hot. I sighed, gave a small head shake at the TV, and was surprised to notice the pull and sway of the earrings, and the hair that flicked around my face and on my neck felt kind of nice, sexy even. We watched the game and at halftime Lilla muted the TV, said, "Come 'ere, mamacita, gimme some sugar." She put her hand behind my neck and hauled me in for a soft, lingering kiss. She kept me constantly aroused by telling me how hot I looked, how beautiful I was, grabbing me for a smoldering kiss, fondling my ass, my nipples, gently rubbing her hand along my front.

Lori Gives In

fetish carl_a 2018-03-01

Lori looked up at Mike's twitching cock and slid her tongue over to the next toe. Lori pressed Mike's legs apart, her lips and tongue drifting higher and higher between his legs until she found his balls pressing against her cheek. Lori gently pulled Mike's ass cheeks apart and pressed her head tightly between them. Lori looked up at him, her eyes meeting his before slowly leaning down and pulling one of his nipples into her mouth. She felt herself losing control as Mike pressed her body back down between his legs. Mike spread his legs as wide as he could and grabbed Lori's hair, pulling her towards him until her mouth was pressed against his anus. Lori felt her body explode as Mike's cock shifted against her clit.

Training Slave C Ch. 03

fetish LovesNipples 2018-03-01

I am a squirter and I am enjoying this very much and think I might even..." Her voice turned into a high-pitched wail as Master increased the speed of the fucking machine to 60 thrusts per minute and then flicked her clit several times with his index finger. Raising her head, Slave Cathy saw Martha drop to her knees besides their Master and lick SC's cum off of his fingers and hand. "Oh Master, Please finger your unworthy slave." Martha said as Master licked SC's pussy juice off of her chest and tits. Slave Cathy was moaning and mewling the entire time that Master and Martha were massaging her breasts and, as always happened when her breasts were played with and her nipples were sucked, her pussy began to flow.

His Bad Hair Day

fetish oggbashan 2018-03-01

The head of hair swung alluringly and I saw Della's face for the first time. At any social occasion I'd abandon Joanne as soon as I saw big hair on an attractive woman. Would you like to get close to my hair, Sam?" "Joanne actually managed to make me feel attracted to you, Sam. I'd like to get to know more about you, but not this evening. Then you might get close to my hair, if ..." Della stopped, waiting for me to ask. "Does it excite you to know that you are tied up with my hair, Sam?" Della took a hair cord, formed a running loop and pulled it tight round my balls.

Strap-On Roommate

fetish Talin 2018-03-01

I had been using the door frame to lean my left shoulder against while my left hand reached down to pull on my balls and give soft strokes to the sensitive spots underneath, while my right arm was free to fly all over the place as it yanked on my cock. She had it held in her left hand so that it pointed up between her breasts, I guess so that it wouldn't hit my ass while she looked around me a few moments ago but she let it go when I was fully turned and staring at her cock. She pulled back her head a bit and when my eyes opened she looked into them and said, "Do you want me to fuck you like I did Jeff, and Kathy is doing right now?"

Mother in Law's Suitcase Ch. 05

fetish sethwaite 2018-03-01

Ann sat still watching me so I let my hand grip my cock through my trousers making it blindingly obvious that I was rock hard. I looked across at Ann who was staring intently at my hands, she was leaning slightly forward and her nipples had hardened, clearly visible through her bra, this made my cock jump. Looking across at Ann I stared at her tits while I stroked my cock and I had to fight hard against the urge to cum. Ann let out a little moan as she watched me wank my cock for her and her hands were working giving her tits a really good work out.

Taboo masturbation 3

fetish 2018-03-01

She gave up the fingering and grabbed the dildo, made sure it was lubed and then starting tracing circles around my ass with its tip, each circle getting smaller until she was ready to slip it in. She rammed it all the way in and held it there, stroking my cock with me as it exploded all over my stomach and chest....uhhh, ummm, fuck, uhhh, ohhh fuck....shot after shot blasted out the eyes twitching, my toes curled my breathing rapid, she laughed quietly as my cock jumped around the head deep red and swollen. She left the dildo in and climbed up the bed switched into a 69 position so she could lick up the cum from my body and feed me the juices that were flowing from her....

Wife's Friends Anal Ch. 03

fetish Ilovetoeatsperm 2018-03-01

Tracey told my wife that she has shaved her pussy because my smooth cock looked so good and she wanted to experience that sensation. Tracey told my wife that she would like to be the person in front of a group of people getting fucked by our machine. I open the door and yes it's our guest, she gasps as she takes a full look up and down my body with a pause to glance at my shaved cock that is starting to grow. My wife thankfully continues to talk and start the conversation by asking Tracey if she is ready for tonight? Tracey is finished cumming and climbing off of the machine as she asks my wife to shut it down.

Caught in the Department Store

fetish IsmashChristainGrey 2018-03-01

With his huge cock standing out from his jeans he placed the silk stocking over it and grabbed it and began to pull it hard. The sensation of the silky material on his cock head made the excitement even more intense and soon there was pre-cum oozing through the tight black stocking. His face was flushed and his breathing got faster and deeper, then suddenly from nowhere there was a loud bang on the toilet door and a woman's voice shouted 'You done in there? Then she crouched down and took his stocking cover cock into her mouth and began to suck him hard. She stepped out of her heels and removed her soaked pantyhose, stood back in her heels and grabbed his cock and removed the stocking.

Now You're Ready

fetish HaloOfDarkness 2018-03-01

But before you feel even one brush of your aching little clit, oh, we are going to enjoy your mouth and your ass first, making sure you take as much cum as is physically possible. You can feel by the way he is pulling your hair that your mouth feels so fucking good around his throbbing cock. I know you're not ready to take a pounding but you feel so fucking good. You hear me whispering in your ear how fucking good your ass feels. The sounds you make: half pleasure, half pain; knowing how much you want your wet cunt to get some attention from us, but not a fucking hint of it.

It's Raining

fetish HandsomeStranger 2018-03-01

I asked if we should head back to the car and she said no, she didn't mind the rain and smiled as she took my hand and led me forward. She reached down and unzipped my pants – gently taking my cock in her hands and playing with it as we kissed. She tugged my arms and moaned "Please" she gasped and slid it in more starting to move rhythmically with the thrusts of her hips. Then taking it all the way out I thrust it in all the way and began to grind my body against her wet moist cunt. I held me cock inside her as the hot cum filled her and then slowly began thrusting again as it slowed.

Me and my girlfriend Sue in Dubai

fetish Ass_worship 2018-03-01

We walked back to the hotel and as we walked into the room I got a call from a strange number, I thought this must be Kalid, I answered and it turned out that it wasn't Kalid, he introduced himself as Salem and told me he was kalids friend. We got to the hotel, Sue said good night and started walking to the room, I stood outside for a quick smoke and Salem stood there with me. Then finally Salem said he's going to cum and got up I got on the bed and sucked his cock licking my girlfriends fluids off Sue started rimming me licking up his cum and stroking my cock, she made sure she showed us how much she gathered in her mouth before she swallowed

Fifty Shades of Black

fetish younghungblack 2018-03-01

"Blaine!" yelped Caramel Carol for the second time in a span scarcely sufficient to include an introduction let alone an introduction and a groping. "May I start you with a drink?" the waitress asked, finally fixing her eyes on Carol when Blaine held out his hand toward her, signalling that she should order first. "Do you like sucking cock?" Caramel Carol asked as naturally as one might inquire the time. Just before removing her hand, Caramel Carol inserted a finger between Carol's lips and felt the mature blonde tenderly caress it with her tongue. It was this gesture Caramel Carol offered Carol by way of explanation for why Blaine enjoyed such a seemingly large choice of women.

College Girlfriend Cheats Ch. 02

fetish a_random_user 2018-03-01

I told him I really did not know about that, and I felt like a free spirit who wanted to fuck around more before settling down with any one guy. I also enjoyed telling him details about our date; how far I allowed the guy to go during dinner and the movie, and, naturally, how his cock felt when it was inside of me. One thing lead to another, and I was soon riding Chad's cock while Jimmy watched us and wanked off. I told both of them that I would have a last fuck - for old times sake - with Chad and it would be very special and I wanted Jimmy to watch.

Adult Education

fetish caring elf 2018-03-01

I you think I'm going to let you take my pants down and spank me you have another fucking guess coming." She shivered and gave a very soft, low and barely audible moan as my hands moved around her bottom and between her legs, rubbing through the fabric in just the right spots. I took my right hand and very lightly (barely touching the flesh) ran the fingers from the nape of her neck, down her spine to the crack in her ass. "Not too bad," she said looking down at the cock she was stroking in her hand, "not too small and not too big, just the right amount to drive a lady to cum."

The Power of Higher Learning Ch. 02

fetish lickerwell 2018-03-01

I started fantasizing about what it would feel like to kneel at her feet as I buried my face between her legs as her hand held the back of my head. Jessica stroked her thumb nail gently across my cheek, "I'm six foot five and I weigh 190 pounds," as she pitifully smiled at me, "sorry, that's really big compared to you but as I said, there are women out there who love short guys. Her closet was just about full when I finally put the last article of clothing away as Jessica walked back into her room wearing just a towel around her chest and another around her hair. Jessica laughed haughtily as she stared down at me, "Now, do you enjoy feeling like my little servant boy?"

Heather in Leather

fetish Inktligent 2018-03-01

Dan looked over, embarrassed that someone else knew that he was turned on by Shemales. Do "normal" guys get turned on by Shemale porn?" Dan said, feeling much more comfortable. When Friday night arrived, Dan called Heather and they chose to meet at the local bar in their neighborhood. Dan looked for a table, and saw that Heather was already here, and she was sitting at a booth way in the back of the place. When they were playing pool, Heather moved behind Dan as he was bent over the table for a shot, and squeezed his ass. Dan and Heather got outside, and felt the chill in the air. Heather's gloved hands started by holding Dan's face as she kissed him.

Laura's Strawberry Shortcake

fetish hotpup 2018-03-01

"Laura, this is fucking nasty, but please come on let me rip these god damn panties off that sexy ass?" No man had ever sounded more desperate than I did at that moment. Now, don't just throw your clothes off take them off just like you do when you don't have my steamy HOT bloody cunt waiting for your hungry mouth." Sliding off of my lap Laura went to the kitchen and buzzed back to her room carrying a bag. After I started sucking her flow from her dirty feminine protection Laura pulled an empty tampon applicator from the bag. Biting into the piece of cake, after dislodging it from between her pussy lips, I found that it had absorbed a lot of Laura's bloody flow.

Cindy & Raj: Mother-in-Law Spanked

fetish TruthAndLove 2018-03-01

"Did you get my husband to the airport on time this morning?" asked Barbara, Raj's mother-in-law, who had just entered the living room of the wing of the house where Raj lived with his new wife, Cindy, Barbara's daughter. The three of them walked to the study in James's and Barbara's wing of the house and Raj picked up an envelope with his name on it from the desk, opened it, and began to read. "Actually, Mrs. Johnson," Raj interrupted, "your husband's note to me specifically says that Cindy is to stay in the room and watch. "Alright, Mrs. Johnson," Raj commanded, "your husband's note says that you will now tell me why you need punishment and that you will make a polite request of me.

Hand Job Slut Ch. 11

fetish Carnevil9 2018-03-01

Curt had never known such pleasure, such ecstasy, such soft, loving, exquisite rapture as the feeling of the inside of Nancy's soft, delicate, under-utilized pussy. Curt closed his eyes and fucked back, thrusting his hips, penetrating deeply into her soft wonderful flesh with every inch of his shaft, stroking and loving her sugar walls with his flaring cock head. As Curt's shaft drubbed against her clit, and his flaring cock head jammed against her G-spot, her body began to experience feelings it had never before know. But her body was already busy moving, undulating, rotating and wiggling, and, indeed, fucking, hard and fast against Curt's beautiful, loving cock.

One Click, Two Clicks

fetish Richsap 2018-03-01

The only issue I have is that sometimes being sucked is perfect, and sometimes just having her open her cunt wide and taking my 10" cock down her throat is exactly what I want. Josh went back and forth for about ten minutes, alternating between getting sucked and fucking her cunt, and then handed me the clicker. She worked on my cock at my command for about five minutes before I handed the clicker back to Josh. She fucks my cock with her hot cunt for several minutes, and every time it slides out from her cunt lips coated in his cum I think I'm going to explode.

Kip and Salina Ch. 02

fetish rmlooker 2018-03-01

Kip said he liked her doing that and asked if she wanted to come to his place tomorrow night for a pizza. Salina ran her hand up his leg and hard on and said yes, but she did not like the idea. Salina said yes and is it ok if I think about your legs as I do and Kip said it sure was ok with him. Kip asked her if she got herself off much and she said now that I am around you yes. After several minutes Kip asked if she liked; Salina said no she loved! As she snuggled against him again the door buzzed again and Kip got into his wheelchair with Salina moving his legs and went to the intercom.