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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Changed For Life

fetish cool_person 2018-03-01

Soon after I got on the bus was empty except for me, Jase, a guy in my year I didn't really know, and the driver. "The people in school are right, you are kinda feminine." He said. Soon I was receiving a great blowjob from a hot guy on a deserted bus. I blew in his mouth eventually and as he sat up I said "That was great, I had no idea guys could be that good." He nodded and said "Your turn now." I was shocked. I decided you'd look great as a chick so I kept you drugged for last 6 weeks while the hormones took effect." I made another noise around the gag. I kept massaging my tits and Craig was giving great head.

Amber and the Toilet Slave

fetish AndersFrisian 2018-03-01

A woman has her needs, and mine is using men as literal toys, even toilets," Amber said looking down at me. She then lit a cigarette from her pocket, and as she was about to throw it into the mock toilet where my head lay, I forced myself to swallow every last bit of her shit. She hovered her feminine, shit stained ass right above my face and seductively said, I'm sure you're hungry after a long night, so I've prepared you breakfast," Amber said giggling. She glanced down into my bowl and said "It looks like you'll starve unless you obey me." Her ass still hovered over my face, and it reeked of shit.

One High Heel Dancing

fetish rrspence2002 2018-03-01

"I have never felt as wonderful as I do right now," Jonni purred, "and if you, Mr Ross, are suggesting that something I could do would take me even higher than this moment, then you had just better get my crutches and let me see what I can find in the way of a high heeled shoe in my bedroom." In a moment of almost breathless passion, Jonni sucked on Ross' earlobe and breathed that she was infatuated with him, that her body throbbed with desire for his touch, taste and smell and that he had given her, for the first time in over two years, a renewed sense of wholeness and confidence that she was still a desirable woman.

pregnant a life changing night pt 1

fetish vinney 2018-03-01

Meanwhile the slimy sex was going up and down massaging my cock in the best way and instinctively my hips were pushing up making sure that it went all the way inside till the head banged against the spongy cervix. I was glad that Barbara had given me a hand-job earlier that evening because the pussy was wringing my cock as if wanting to detach it from my body and I would have lost control and spunked too early. Keeping my eyes firmly on the target and, grasping her hips, I slithered my cock all the way inside her sloppy sex until my knob banged against her cervix and my pelvis flattened her elastic buttocks.


fetish swawil 2018-03-01

i slide my hand down your back and into your pants which i find open and say "you little tart you know i was going to do that" and in response you suck harder on me. i open your door and pull your pants down and get on my knees and start licking you than i stop look up at you and say "fair is fair" with a smile. now i slide up on you stop to suck on your tits and i give them each little bites and i move up and nibble on you neck but by now you can feel the reason i stopped going down on you as my hard cock pushes against your still quivering pussy.

Getting to Know Her Ch. 03

fetish britasveritas1 2018-03-01

The next thing I knew I could smell the distinct aroma of peanut butter and seconds later I could feel both of her hands pulling diligently at my cock, thoroughly coating my rod with the soft sticky spread. I did and was greeted with the sight of Debbie, fully naked now, standing in front of me, her peanut butter coated hands pulling on my cock one after the other like she was reeling in a rope. Actually fully naked isn't quite right, she had some peanut butter smeared on her pointy nipples and it looked like a little was smeared near the top of her pussy, as though she couldn't resist giving herself a little rub with her messy hands.


Absolute Devotion Ch. 08

fetish KaseyLegs 2018-03-01

I moaned, I whined, I panted and when I caught my breath I found my hand sliding down her leg, trying to grab onto the sweatpants she was wearing, but I slid haplessly all the way back down to her foot. And I like that I'm never really sure if men are looking at my ass or my bunny tail. "That's like me saying, 'Gosh, women never look at my face so I'm going to splash acid all over my face and burn it and that way women will start looking at my face.' They are looking at your ass not because they think it is cute and they want to hold onto it while fucking you.

Golden Mom part 4

fetish showoffmybod22 2018-03-01

Her pink cunt lips looked so wet, and he saw her piss Johnny rested his hand on his mother's knee, staring at her cunt with hot Johnny watched his mother sucking piss from his shorts, and pulled his cunt lips, then placing them about her son's sucking mouth. pussy hair, licking away the beads of his mother's piss clinging to it. piss remaining, then began to suck and tongue and eat at her fiery cunt Suck the cunt juices out of Mother's hot, wet, hairy licking his tongue into the wet hairs on each puffy cunt lip. his lips wide and pressed them around his mother's cunt, his eyes burning Johnny's tongue sc****d at his mother's cunt, and a wail came from Peggy

Battle Scars Ch. 04

fetish owengreybeard 2018-03-01

She walked into the room four measured steps, put her left elbow out and slid slowly forward until she felt the foot-post of the bed with her forearm, not even spilling the huge mug of black coffee in her hand, a near twin to the smaller mug in her right hand. I rolled them between my thumbs and index fingers, and the hot coffee on the tray held her captive, helpless to escape my friendly assault, although the look on her face made it seem that the last thing she wanted to do was escape. Her black gloved hands swept up her body, which was encased in black leather from her little feet to the middle of her breasts, except for a glimpse of thigh where her boots stopped and her corset began.

A Naughty Cuckolding

fetish everyonesavoyeur 2018-03-01

Amanda wasn't very sexually experienced prior to meeting her husband, and lately she couldn't help but notice an unfamiliar craving for... "Nonsense." Darius insisted, "You're light as a feather, and I was on my way back anyway." He flashed a smile at her, and Amanda felt those inappropriate butterflies in her stomach once again. Darius smiled back at her, "I like the nail polish on these toes." He continued to intelligently move the ice pack around her ankle and foot, feeling excited to have her attractive legs in his care. Amanda panicked, and in a bizarre effort to protect her husband, spoke, "I- I'm not sure Brent would be okay with that." She blushed, feeling awkward about the comment. Amanda smiled at his gesture, but couldn't help immediately compare his touch to Darius's.


Sitting Friends Disabled Mum

fetish maturemancock 2018-03-01

I stood her in front of the toilet and she said “You’ll have to help me” I nodded and as she stood I bunched up her dress to around her waist and pulled her black knickers down, she had a thick bush. She looked at me and whispered a thankyou as I helped her to her feet, moving the oxygen cylinder so it was next to the sink she wobbled over and stood in front of it, leaning on the edge and looking in the mirror, I ruffled her dress around her waist and bent her forward, unbuttoning my jeans my rock hard 6” was in my hand.

The Milk Maid Ch. 01

fetish shiveringgirl123 2018-03-01

My breasts felt fuller and heavier, I liked to hold them in my hands and feel the weight of them. I massaged my breasts and rubbed my clit, feeling the heat rise inside me, building closer and closer to orgasm until the buzzer sounded and I knew it was time to get out and dry myself. "This time next week your breasts should be so big and heavy that you'll prefer to crawl around on all fours rather than stand." I listened to the doctor's voice, listed to the sexy words like 'udders', 'milk', 'lactating' and 'cow' and felt his firm hands kneed at my flesh.

A Look Into My Mind: Uncle Sissyboy Ch. 02

fetish rickiee_2002 2018-03-01

"Mistress', would you please allow your subs to pee into this large enema bag so that I can give sissyboy here, a nice piss enema to clean him out for your use?" With that, a simple gaze at each sub by their Domme made them stand and walk over to Lauren. "Ok, I want each of you to pee into this bag, so that your hot piss can flow into uncle sissyboys ass" They each obediently pulled their latex panties down and, one by one, pee'd into the bag. When I got into the room, Lauren walked up to me and said, "I'm going to pull the clips off your nipples, uncle sissyboy." Instantly, she opened them both and took them off.

A Good Relationship Ch. 5

fetish Ian H. 2018-03-01

He put the cucumber down, I heard Joseph say he had the smallest hands he should go first, he smeared cream all over his right hand, has fingers making a arrow head he began to push his fingers up my stretched hole twisting and turning opening me out wider and wider, then as the fattest part of his hand entered me his hand slid in the rest of the way to his wrist quite easily, then inside me he made his hand into a fist spreading out inside me then he slowly pulled his hand out then pushed it back in again, in and out many times then he pushed it as far up inside me as it would go, almost half his arm was up me.

Mary Meets Mrs E

fetish Myths 2018-03-01

"Eric, do you feel any compulsion to wear other girls panties?" Mary asked. "Hypnotism, Mary, hypnotism, I hypnotised Eric into believing he was having sex with lots of beautiful women, whenever he felt his compulsion coming on. "So under hypnotism, Eric actually felt he was fucking other women, have I got that bit right?" "Well, Mrs. E., you'll have to tell me what you want me to do, Ok?" Said Mary, sexily undoing her blouse. Mary looked at me through glazed eyes, taking in my twitching cock, head glistening with precum. I glanced at Mary watching what I was doing and with the slight nod of acceptance from her, buried my cock with one thrust deep in Mrs. E's hot slick hole.

My Fetish For Panties Ch3

fetish panteeluvr 2018-03-01

I must say that at this point I got my first computer and the internet was still a fairly new thing, but I started spending a lot of time searching for panties online and chatting with like minded people as well! I'd lay in my bed with her x-large panties over my face inhaling her scent while Rachel would lick and suck my little penis. She would however let me sniff Kasi's panties while she whispered into my ear, telling me to imagine she was with us and that I was sniffing her big butt as Rachel licked her pussy! So for the first six months of college I was satisfied with sniffing Rachel and Kasi's dirty sweaty panties and hose!


fetish 2018-03-01

As he worked down her back, The notion occurred this was the first time he was touching his wife's nude body in months, it felt good to finally reconnect with her skin. Her hands went to the side of his face and back to his shoulders quickly as the rest of her body struggled to keep up with the intensity and passion of her mouth, lips, and tongue. Time stopped momentarily as his wife was looking dead on at their guest while biting her lower lip with serious 'fuck me' eyes, the likes he had never seen before. Her hand came free from the inside of the man's pants holding the now fully erect and colossal black cock everyone in the room was anticipating seeing.

Caught.... Embarrassed... Aroused..

fetish 2018-03-01

I apologised got in the car with her and started to drive... I almost mouthed the phrase jerk off junkie when Taylor reached over and I snapped back into it grabbing her hand.. I just want to see what's on your chest..." She giggled as she smirked probably thinking I got a tattoo and didn't tell her.. Starting to blush I said the phrase that always works! She said fine, pouted and got out... So I sat there, pulled in, rear view mirror to the front door of this little nursing home a hundred yards away... Seeing the door in the rear view mirror I started to look at my phone..... Then getting lost in her eyes slowly...

A dream cum true

fetish billstew 2018-02-28

Then the icing on the cake, she gives me the most erotic kiss puts her lips to my ear and sez babe your cock is covered in precum and still leaking, you are deep in my pussy with your cock head wedged tightly in my cervix, I can feel you swelling and getting ready to cum and by the way I am right in the middle of my most fertile time, I think you are going to cum any second and blast your sperm deep into my womb and make me very pregnant, I love you very much babe, just do it, let it go babe, sperm my eggs babe and make me pregnant, it’s ok do it.

Sherry's Test Ch. 04

fetish PolyVoyeur 2018-02-28

Matt and Sherry now knew that the mirror was an integral part of the principal's sessions and clearly he had had plenty of practice with Mary. She knelt before her and asked, "Sherry, will you please let Matt take my panties down and take a good look at my pussy?" "Sherry, you need to tell Mary how to trim her bush the way you do," said Matt. Mary sniffed and, like poor Sherry during her session, wondered if her humiliation would ever end or if she would ever get de-sensitized enough to not keep blushing and turning red. Don't let anyone at school know that it was Mary and not Sherry who was punished," said the Principal.


fetish falcon29 2018-02-28

Fred apologized and gave me $50 to replace the parking light lens and I agreed to ignore it. Fred introduced himself and said he'd feel better if he could buy me a drink or even dinner some time. Instead of feeling cool lubricant being smoothed into my butt, I felt a hand slap my left cheek as Fred spanked me. Fred's hand would land on my ass, lift up, and before he could bring it back down I was lifting up, eager for it. The next thing I knew Fred was kissing my neck and I realized I had been asleep. I leaned on the wall and felt the cool water wash it. "Hi. Would tonight be a good time?" I asked, not identifying myself.


Our Stolen Hour

fetish Suzie Samuels 2018-02-28

"Hello Suzie, I have been looking forward to meeting you." With that he pulled me to his mouth, my hands slid up his arms and around his neck, my hands curled into his short, very soft hair, as he closed the distance to my lips. I wonder if you really like it, lets test it, Suzie." He traded his hand for my butterfly up my cunt and he turned it on high pushing it up into me. Then with shaking hands I reached up and took the band of his silk boxers and pulled the elastic out and carefully lowered them off his cock, so hard and hot.

Katrina and Rose

fetish Mareus 2018-02-28

Whilst talking to the boss, Rose suddenly realised that she had left her wet panties on the desk. When Katrina got home, she went to the bathroom and took Rose's panties out of the bag. She would have loved to have seen it, would have loved to have had her hand inside Rose's panties, feeling her warm pee trickling between her fingers. Rose, a little embarrassed but also feeling a frisson of excitement at this suddenly kinky exchange said, "Yes, I'll have them." A lascivious smile formed on her face as she leaned over the desk to take them but Katrina moved her hand away. When Rose had slipped the thong on, she sat down and started a chat session with Katrina on COC.

Pussy In Boots Ch. 2

fetish Natalya 2018-02-28

Normally we both like it slow and tender, but Phil immediately began thrusting into me really hard and I could feel the friction of his body rubbing against my clit. "Don't be silly, I can't wear whatever I've got on to work," I said as I felt Phil uncuff my hands. I felt him move closer to me and he began to undress me, taking off my trousers, jacket and jumper, until I was stood there in my boots, latex panties and stockings and PVC corset. The bed was literally shaking as Phil pounded me hard, just like I needed and I knew that the way that we were both going at it, that we wouldn't last much longer.