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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Palace Ch. 02: The Lost Senses

fetish acmsrk 2018-02-28

My mind filled with lust, heart started to race, nipples got erect and hand went down the pussy just to knew that my panties were all wet. After eight days of regular massage, I could feel his breezy hands moving over my clit. Never want to give away this feeling and may be begging for more of it, I closed my eyes, forcing myself to be normal but failed miserably in holding back my contracting muscles. I involuntarily held his hand, squeezing my pussy between my inner thighs, let out a loud moan and said "Holy shit." "An Insatiable bitch, consumed by evil desires finally had some happy tears," I said to myself while wiping them off my cheeks and looked at Sandy.

Harsh Domination

fetish chainedkitten11 2018-02-28

Opening it up I find a huge anal plug, a bottle with a little hose attached to the tip, a note, connecting nipple clamps to a clit clamp and a large vibrating egg. Already I thought of having to walk back out there with a belly full of water, an ass full of plug and a pussy full of vibrator, and somehow manage to look normal. When we got to his car he let go of my arm and hit the button on his fob to have the trunk door open. When the trunk opened I was still the way he left me, with my shiny wet pussy facing him.

Clara the Babysitter Ch. 01

fetish jamiestory 2018-02-28

Clearly they weren't expected because as they walked in they saw Clara, their babysitter, on her knees, blindfolded, and sucking on some guys cock. Karen came up behind Jim and pulled on Clara's ponytails, forcing Jim deeper into her mouth. Clara's boyfriend started getting hard again thinking about watching two girls giving a guy a blowjob. Karen started pushing Clara's head up and down, getting her to lick her pussy. "Kinky." Then she moved back and started lapping up Karen's pussy. Jim found them, and started playing with her tits while Clara continued flicking her tongue all over Karen's pussy. She wasn't real skilled at licking a pussy, but it still wasn't long before Karen started to cum.

friends fiance'

fetish Sir_Stephen345 2018-02-28

Sitting in the living room with my long time friend and his fiance' talking about the wedding that I am scheduled to be in that is only a few weeks away we just finished dinner and our third 1.5 of wine. In a smart ass tone (some girls don't learn easily) she asks 'what the fuck do you want now', 'you will figure it out, but lets call it an apology for your mouth'. As my fingers came across her pussy with the first crack against her delicate skin she raised up off the floor 'holy shit what the fuck stop that' I noted the drip running down the cheek of her ass and cracked it again.

Illegal In Blue

fetish Deadwood 2018-02-28

As she opened the door to her silver Toyota Highlander, Officer Bohn had a split second of time to see the hem of her maroon dress slip over the mid-way point of her thigh and smiled as the wide bands of her thigh-high stockings were revealed. "I think there are more important safety concerns right now than you simply driving barefoot", Officer Bohn said as he watched the young woman stand up and walk the few steps to the white parking lot stripe. "This isn't the police station," Amy stated in surprise as the office got out and opened up the passenger's door and let the young woman out.

She Kisses Me Where It Matters

fetish Gotrootsucked 2018-02-28

Jakki's mouth and neat upturned nose grazes my abdomen, plants slow leisurely kisses along my wide spread thighs, onto the folds of my buttocks where the double bed ends. "You want her," Kelly lifts Jakki's glossy hair in her fist, "to suck you, don't you. Jakki tilts her face, dark eyes resting on Kelly while she rubs me with her lips, mashing slowly up and down the underside of my rod. She forces me deep, squashes my cock-head into her throat and gags and keeps me there, holding my gaze, swallowing my big fat shiny bulb, and keeps me there as spit drizzles down the trunk, unchecked by her wide open lips.

La Leche League Pt. 01

fetish StrongMaster7 2018-02-28

Their eyes met in what Elise took to be a romantic moment and then he turned toward Silvia's chest and up her left hand, hidden under the garment, lifted her large right breast to Steven's waiting mouth. And having a safe man, who is discrete, experienced, skilled, caring, non-psycho and able to bond with nursing women in a way that no one can ever believe, is crazy, but you can see Marcia wouldn't want to see it end." Steven, where he had not raised his hands toward Silvia, reached up and took one of Marcia's big tits in his hands and sucked its thick, brown teat hard and deep.

Blackhole of Soho Ch. 01

fetish belab 2018-02-28

Last week when I went to Soho and asked for a hairy woman (I like them very hairy especially long bushy armpit hair), the pimp directed me to Gabriela who the pimp claimed was the hairiest woman in Europe. Gabriela worked her hand up and down for a few more strokes when finally she placed her mouth above my cock head. Would you like to stick your fat cock into my hot pussy?" Gabriela said as my hands explored her pussy jungle, parting her legs and running my fingers up between her pussy lips. I was now sweating from my exertions and she said, "Like fucking my bushy armpits luv." Fucking her hairy pussy was now imperative.

Mrs Marlow and Her Old Neighbours

fetish MaryR 2018-02-28

Over the years, my Confessions in the Church House did get out of hand as the old priests encouraged me to wear shorter and shorter skirts and started to tease me calling me Juicy Lucy. She could see I was very uncomfortable on the high stool so she guided me down onto a low chair but made sure it was still directly in front of her husband, explaining "He likes looking up your skirt Lucy." I didn't mind and my manner indicated this. Mrs Lord said "Edward was wondering how often you masturbate Lucy?" When we had chatted on the internet I had freely told them things I would have normally kept private.

Caught in Panties Ch. 01

fetish pantyperv 2018-02-28

I’ve had a secret fetish with panties for a long time, but was afraid to tell you because of what you might think. “Oh I’m sure he’s having a hard time already if he’s wearing panties again.” Tammy said with a laugh. I thought that I had my opportunity to tell you when I found you wearing those panties, but Tammy made me understand a few things. I don’t want to see you leave, but I don’t know if I could stand having another guy fuck my wife with me sitting right there watching.” I know you have longed to stick that little pecker of yours in this hot pussy.” She was right I came in several pair of her panties before thinking about how sweet her pussy must be.

Love and Marriage

fetish TheOriginalAnonymous 2018-02-28

I would love it if you played with yourself while you watched a fit, hung, sexy black man used my mouth and throat for his sexual pleasure, if you touched yourself while you watched me bobbing my head up and down, a masculine man reduced to being a Black Cock hungry slut simply because, no matter how strong a white man is, he is naturally submissive to black men. If they can rotate in pairs, just 4 big black men in a rotation of 2 teams of 2, using me, spit-roasting me for hours at a time, marking me as their bitch by covering me in their cum, opening my ass and gaping it, visible proof of my status as all black men's fuck-toy, stretching my lips, filling my mouth so that my drool drips down their Black Cocks, drips down my chin...

E Panties

fetish warmhoney1 2018-02-28

"Hey hon," Doc called, walking through the house skimming the mail, "You got a package." He nodded, opening the package and pulling out a pair of bright red latex panties, holding them up. He went back to his downloads, noticing that she came back into the bedroom time after time to look at the panties and touch them. Her whole body felt the excitement as she walked to the bed with the nozzle already in. She took a deep breath and laid down as he hung the bag. Doc nodded and closed her eyes as the water surged into her rectum, flowing deep. Her hands found his cock and stroked him slowly as he touched her clit through the latex.

Cuckold Gets An Eyeful And Mouthful

fetish Aladylover 2018-02-28

Is stopping by on his way to work (he also works shifts) and he is going to use his little whore – your wife – fuck her good, maybe even let me suck on his nice FAT cock" She was in domineering mode now standing legs wide apart so the hem of her skirt was taught. "I've prepared my ass for you" the words almost choked me "It's ready for you – my master" She went on "I 'emptied' it this morning as you requested, cleaned it oooh so good put lots of lub on for you worked it in so well I wanted it to be perfect for you – perfect for your magnificent cock".

Night with Eli

fetish ng25 2018-02-28

Knowing that you also followed my instructions of wearing a remote-controlled vibrator, you begin to get wet, and I respond by saying “Good girl.”. Please let me cum!” Grinning, I run my tongue against your pussy, feeling the wetness and tasting the sweetness. I ask you “Are you ready to be my good little slut wife?”, and you respond by saying “Yes, Sir.”. I touch your hair and tell you how hot you look as you’re sucking me off. I begin to kiss and lick your feet, and I tell you how naughty you were for teasing me with them back at the restaurant. I respond by saying “Yes, but it’s much better now.” before sucking your toes and rubbing your pussy.

Agnes' Story Pt. 02

fetish Chastebob 2018-02-28

Jake worked extra diligently the coming week and predictably asked for permission to have a squirt. Agnes had been hoping to switch Jake again, and this time let herself experience the tingling until it overwhelmed her. Caressing her breasts through the brassiere she said softly, "I bet you'd love to feel them, wouldn't you?" As she worked her way down her body she asked if he would like to see more. Have you imagined what it would feel like to enter me?" Jake was beyond answering as he watched her pull the panty aside, revealing her moist and slightly flared lips surrounded by thick dark curls.

Chastity Pt. 01

fetish thepeopleschamp 2018-02-28

The girl held her phone up with a small smile on her face for a few moments more, then slowly began to walk towards me. I halted, and I heard the smile in her voice as she said "Ooh, looks like somebody figured it out!" My eyes were where my hands were dying to be as said girl led me to the dorms. She looked me in the eyes and smiled coyly as she jerked my cock a few times. Can't we can talk about this..." My voice trailed off as she held up her phone, and went through several pictures of me with her socks to my nose. Annoyance flickered across Sarah's pretty face and she gave me a look colder than the ice.

No Way!

fetish crobeson96 2018-02-28

If you'll shave your pussy, on camera, and give permission for us to distribute the film, we'll pay you $10,000. "I can't believe people will pay to watch someone shave their pussy." I hadn't done any filming of any kind but Gale said, "Just avoid looking at the camera and act natural, like you would if your boyfriend was giving you the same intimate service. I looked over past the camera and Esme was seated, watching, nodding like all was well. Esme made a 'I'm coming' face and I attempted to look like the soft cream was really the most sensuous thing I'd ever done, trying not to over do it. She laughed, said, "Honey, your face was only on camera at the very beginning for about six seconds.

Next Door Becomes Even Handier...Part 2

fetish Croozer 2018-02-28

"Ah damn,", she said, "This one is pretty sheer, and I don't have a half slip to wear under it." I said, "Second drawer on the'll find a navy blus one there." She looked at me and smiled, saying, "You really know your way around here, eh?" She brought the slip over next to the bed, lifted the skirt of the dress, and stepped into it and a pair of black high heels. "Guess you don't find me that sexy after all," she said..."You didn't cum for me." I got up, pulled my pajamas and t-shirt on, and said, "I think there will be time for that and many other things, Ione," I told her I would run next door, shower, dress, and take her to the hospital.

Party Tiime 4 Krystal Watson 2

fetish KrystalLWatson 2018-02-28

I allowed Krystal a few minutes recovery time, enjoying watching your young white body lying there on the carpet, 38DD *Y* breasts heaving & tears running down your face, trickling from your inconsistent eyes. You have five minutes, then I expect to find you standing by your bed, washed, teeth cleaned, hair brushed, understand?" "Yes Sir, Daddy," you whispered & quickly walked away, out of the kitchen & up the stairs to your room. The third stage slipped in smoothly & then came the bigger fourth ridge & I was amazed as your tight virgin asshole stretched to accept it, bulging around the rubber until it slipped in & then closing tightly around it, gripping it hard & fast as I knotted a thin strand of cord around it & then looped it around your hips & back until I could tie it tightly back on again this trapping the plug firmly inside you.

Like Minded Neighbors Ch. 04

fetish BethB 2018-02-28

Releasing them, and then pinching them again, I felt myself getting warmer between my legs and I was immediately grateful Jim had stuffed those panties up inside my pussy because if he hadn't, I was sure I might actually start to leak my juices right down my legs in front of Shelly. "Tonight, though," Shelly added, as she stared at my fingers plunging in and out of my pussy, "I'm going to wait until just the right time – right when he's got a big mouthful of cock and I'm going to ask him if he'd like to hold and suck your husband's cock, Beth."

Stocking Tops Pt. 06

fetish Egmont Grigor 2018-02-28

Women also liked his tan, arising from the olive skin inherited from his mother Victoria and passed on to Claire's and his two children -- the upbeat and brain-sharp Vicky (soon to fight her mother to be allowed to become Vicki with an 'i') and five-year younger and very reflective Payton. Claire interrupted the call to ask Margaret was she in email contact with Clive and she said yes. Tonight Margaret talks sensationally to two of her friends, one of whom is married to the man who more than five years ago gave us 'Stocking Tops Day Australia'. Margaret laughed along with the audience and then said, "Fortunately for you, your best friend is Lee's wife Claire and she doesn't hide her brain under a bushel.

Special Massage

fetish sirswoosh 2018-02-28

After several minutes of rubbing and massaging, and staring at your pussy lips, I let your leg down, and move to the other side of the table. I tell you to reach behind, and pull your ass and twat apart for me--you oblige--and my tongue parts your pink pussy lips, reaching deep into your womanhood. Your honey is slathered all over my face as I work your beaver over--taking lips into my mouth, flicking your clit, sucking on it--generally giving your pussy a bath like its never had. Shaking, you collapse onto the table, and my hands rub you from your back to ass to your legs, helping regain the sensation back into your numb body.


Plenty of Panties Ch. 02

fetish Sanzamour 2018-02-28

But I've got to admit it was sweet to find someone right next door, especially one that gave a killer blow job like Sarah did. I knocked again and a few seconds later the door opened and Sarah was standing there dressed only in a sheer robe looking very sexy but also kind of sleepy and crabby. I hadn't seen her ass in panties before and I had to admit I liked the way it looked. I saw the panties lying on the floor and I wanted to snatch them up and add them to my spank bank, but if Sarah was going to invite me up every laundry day, jerking off would probably become a thing of the past, so I left them there.

Trust Ch. 08a

fetish noglory 2018-02-28

My whole body was fuelled with nervous excitement and anticipation and his every touch was like electricity flowing through me as he held me against him and lifted me high above his head with his powerful arms; because I knew that afterwards he was going to drive me to his flat and take my virginity. I let him look at me for a moment topless in my tights and plimsolls and I felt my nipples swell and stiffen with my excitement as I displayed my bare breasts to a boy for the first time. "I like the way you do that, Pretty Tits," he smiled and I felt giddy with excitement as he reached down to stroke the sides of my breasts and then push them together to squeeze them against his shaft.