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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

It's Just Business

fetish NaughtyBaby25 2018-02-28

Jane looked down and watched her Mommies nimble fingers undo the buttons on the ocean blue shirt, careful not to damage the fine silk material. Dropping it near the bed she pulled off the top and looked inside seeing a changing mat, a bottle of powder, a half used box of baby wipes, a pacifier, a bottle, and two large white diapers. Vanessa barely released her bladder when she looked up to see the barely open door swing wide and Jane crawl through into the bathroom, quizzically staring at her Mommy on the toilet. "Now be a good girl and pee pee in your diapee for me and Mommy'll let you watch something very special." cooed Vanessa as she looked her baby in the eyes, seeing her recognition.

Night to Remember Ch. 01

fetish spawnofdavey 2018-02-28

Finally she took his cock in one hand and pressed it against his stomach, all the while playing with his heavy balls, then kissed right where his cock met his balls, she sucked gently on the based of his cock and started to trace up the underside of his cock with her tongue, leaving a trail of saliva behind. Her tongue worked around his sensitive glans, making his legs tremble with the sensation, she sucked hard as she worked her head slowly up and down the entire length of his cock, almost letting it slip out of her mouth before taking it all back in again right down to the root of his manhood.

My Lucky Night

fetish cpluver 2018-02-28

Jim said that Tom got ill and had to be driven home so all the other guys decided to come back here and watch the game. I heard Jaime suggest to the other guys to go put on one of Jim's extra suits and come in the hot tub. She said, "The girls and I are still mad that you guys left us home by ourselves. Then I heard one guy say to his girl, "I'm in. She said, "Thanks, I haven't cum like that in a long time. She said everyone left and Jim went to get some beer for later. As I left, I heard her say, "All the girls want to do this again."

Leather Shemale & Leather Wife

fetish LeatherKev 2018-02-28

Mikky and Miss Julie went back to kissing and feeling each other up. Mikky started to undress Miss Julie and she had a great body. Mikky and Miss Julie came back to kiss me again and ask me how I was doing. As Miss Julie kissed me, our cocks touched for the first time. Mikky was touching our bodies all over with her leather gloves as we kissed. Mikky was offering encouraging words as Miss Julie's cock came closer to my mouth. As she did, she saw Miss Julie pulling out of my mouth and stroking her cock with her leather gloved hands. After about 30 seconds of stroking, Miss Julie let out a loud moan and started cumming.

My Christmas Surprise

fetish fflover58 2018-02-28

Brynn laid on the right side of her body cozy against the window, still dressed in a red/black, long-sleeve flannel and grey winter vest to keep her warm. Being aware of it after that incident, I came to notice the little things my dad did to suggest he was into feet; massaging my mom's feet whenever asked (and mine too), taking interest in movie/tv actress's feet, and so on. I snapped out of my thoughts, realizing I'd been staring at Brynn's bare feet the entire time I'd be inside of my own head. A giant Christmas tree dominated our living room this time of year, and having an extra person around would only made the stack of gifts under its branches look even larger.

My Mums friends Panties.

fetish 2018-02-28

My mum would just laugh and tell her good things come to those that wait .These sorts of words would run through my mind and i would have to play with myself i would shut the bedroom door and stroke my long 7 and half inch cock my cock is so nice its non circumsized and has a curve its not too thick around 3 inches in grith but its long i would lye down on my bed and whilst the two of them chatted i would close my eyes i would imagine all the naughty things i would do to Julie.I would imagine just ripping her clothes off and sucking her big juicy nipples and grabbing those huge 38EE breasts i would rub my cock slowly whilst thinking of these thoughts i knew i could be caught so i wouldnt have long to masturbate i would try and end it quickly i would toss my cock furiously and i would spurt my cum all over my belly and up almost to my chin .

Favourite Fantasies #23

fetish hard_for_yu 2018-02-28

Her nipples bore through my chest and I feel her pussy contracting around my cock, hard, again and again, and I want to watch her come so I pull her lips away and see them curve into a smile as she opens her eyes, staring at me as I begin to come, nothing like the joyless singles-bar balling – it rumbles inside me and I feel it, it’s so hot, spurting up and out of me, each new shot triggering another and oh, God, I feel so empty – it’s as if I really have given myself to her!

The Dresser

fetish rapidran 2018-02-28

You were not lying when you said you thought you looked ok dressed," he said He took my hand and walked me to the couch. I pulled his hard cock to my mouth and sucked on him. I pulled my legs up and he started licking and kissing my ass. I was feeling so hot and just the thought of getting fucked as a woman made my cock hard. He pushed all of his cock into me and then I felt so full and his balls on my ass. "I want you to fuck me all night." His cock slid out of me as he pushed my legs off him and lay beside me, panting. Sucked my first cock, ate my first cum and just got fucked as a woman.

What's New, Pussycat? Ch. 03

fetish Namazuros 2018-02-28

Lori never took her eyes off me, her face flushed gently as she looked me up and down, then she shook her head. I looked up at Lori in horror, ready to swipe at her, but even as I opened my mouth, Lori was already lightly tapping me on the forehead with her wand, right between my fluffy ears. I growled and hissed up at her, but my furious mewls were muffled into quiet little whimpers, and Lori was already talking to the class, patting me on the back as she did. "Back on earth, kitten?" Lori bent down, smiling sweetly, and gave me a kiss on the forehead, drawing a muffled purr of appreciation from my lips.

What's New, Pussycat?

fetish Namazuros 2018-02-28

And so of course her mind has been shifted appropriately; just cute mewls and purrs from her, at least until someone trains her." She reached down to stroke my head, and although I meant to move away....oooohhh God, her fingers behind my ear...her hands were soft and warm, light but still strong, and as she scratched I felt my hips wiggle, soft meows escaping my lips... Right now Tamara can't really do anything but wiggle underneath me, even if she wants to do something else...though it's a treat, you can also use this to gain control of an unruly catgirl." After a little more light teasing, lowering the ball just in front of my face (I almost got it, I was so close!!), Madison tucked the ball back into her robes.

Santa's Little Helper

fetish Merlinslair 2018-02-28

She walks over and slides her hands across Sam's ass, I can't get over how sexy her tiny body is, I pull her close and suck her nipples as I can see her fingers starting to tease Sam's already wet pussy. The girls keep kissing and licking each other as I fuck one and finger the other, I pull out of Sam after several deep hard thrusts and move over to push my cock deep and fast into Ricci's tight little pussy. This back and forth continues for a short while and I pull out of the last box and have the girls roll so Ricci is now on top of Sam, they keep the kissing and nipple sucking going but now I have one pussy right over the other and can just move up and down to reach each one without moving from my stance.

Sucking the salesman

fetish in2underwear 2018-02-28

He left the door slightly ajar and proceeded to take his cock out of his fly hole although he wasn't too big he was certainly adequate. He proceeded to turn in all directions whilst carrying out his inspection this left his trousers with his cock I had previously observed level with my face. I reached up and ran my hand over his cock bulge he stood still and without saying a word to each other I continued to undo his suit trousers and pull them down to his knees. He lifted me onto my knees and pulled down my white knickers and proceeded to rim my bum hole I was now in heaven I love men doing this to me in anticipation of what was in store for me.

Cum on Mom 1

fetish 2018-02-28

Billy slid both hands up to her big tits and squeezed hard, and then harder still "Sharon with Tits out" was sucking HIS cock and deep throating HIM to boot just Sharon moaned as Billy's hands moved to Tits let out satisfied groans as Billy's hard cock slid up inside Sharon's "Oh William!" moaned Sharon as Billy continued to stroke her clit with one hand. "What?" Sharon questioned as Billy's hand went to his cock and he began to "Open your mouth Mom," ordered Billy, his hand a rapid blur on his cock. gasped Billy, milking his cock into Sharon's mouth, his load even bigger than "Tomorrow I want to wake up to you sucking my cock," said Billy immediately.

The Nemesess Ch. 01

fetish ProfessorPlums 2018-02-28

Chris was very excited by the thought of being held in bondage by a commanding woman and he was especially aroused when he read that the unfortunate man was discovered helpless in a cot attired in a pink silk dress and silky, frilly pink knickers. Chris could not help but become excited by the stories that he heard and all the while he was stealing glances at the woman's stocking clad legs and hoping for the occasional glimpse of her satin slip. And all the while Chris Kneeled before her and answered her questions with his dress and slip raised so that his new mistress could see his knickers and the shrinking bulge of his manhood.

It Really Does Happen

fetish lipsticked 2018-02-28

I would also come over during the day and help Denise with the new house -- hanging pictures, fixing the plumbing, doing some electrical work, creating their home computer network, installing their stereo system, etc. I would be soaked in perspiration from my efforts, and several times heard Denise on the phone to Steven telling him I was working like a dog. Since Kimberly was going to get a physical also, Denise said she had scheduled them at the same time so we could go together. Denise gave me some work to do while they were away, and asked me to coordinate my schedule with Kimberly. Kimberly actually rubbed the panties on my face before asking "Are they clean or dirty?"

Helen's Raincoats

fetish JenniferWilson 2018-02-28

She was intrigued and looked closer to discover that couple were plastic or PVC and what seemed like rubber and closed the door on them and finished putting her things away, but thinking why Helen would need so many raincoats. "Hear me out first Clair, Peter carried on and explained that they were just very sexy looking when worn by women and he imagined making love to them with them wearing a shiny raincoat. Helen helped Clair put on the black latex raincoat easing her arms into the slender sleeves and then buttoning up the fasteners all the way to her neck, she then eased the hood over her head and smoothed it around her The belt was next fixed tightly round Clair's waist.

Gloria's Panties Ch. 09

fetish murphybrown537 2018-02-28

I watched her as her tight little red shirt lifted slightly, exposing the waistband of a pair of white nylon panties that were peeking just above her shorts. She accidentally flashed a little panty and it turned you on." Gloria responded, as she reached down and gave my now hard cock a squeeze. "I knew it, my little sister turned you on." Gloria said as she squeezed my cock a little harder, then ran her cupped hand across its length with a few wonderful strokes. I just stood there, enjoying the feel of Gloria's hand, then said, "Maybe you like the fact that your sister and her panties might have turned me on.

Playtime with Pets

fetish subfellow 2018-02-28

After 30 seconds more, the door opened and Miss Alex was standing there, dressed for summer in heels, a short denim skirt and a sky-blue blouse. Miss Alex closed the door and turned to me, watching me again, this time for two or three minutes. Miss Alex didn't wait as long to open the door this time. "It's so cute when my pets meet for the first time," said Miss Alex, giving the girl a light push toward me and closing the door. After a few minutes, the door opened and Miss Alex led Katie - who was blushing more than ever - back toward me. I gasped, my face pushed hard against Katie's crotch, as Miss Alex shoved the dildo deep into me.

The Doctor is In Ch. 01

fetish NurseSally 2018-02-28

I worked myself up so much thinking about it, my hands found their way into my panties twice during the night, rubbing myself to several earth shattering orgasms, and each time, I visualized this unknown Shannon person being touched, fondled, groped and even screwed while she lie there on the exam table. Kate was excited that I'd even considered it, and she told me she'd talk to Shannon as soon as she got to work to see if she'd be interested in something like a 'Special, Once In A Lifetime Gyno Exam'.

Kayla's Massive Assets

fetish The_Ride 2018-02-28

The closest girl in breast size to her was a senior who was a DD Cup. Kayla was oversized and every guy in the school wanted her and her incredible boobs. The next closest girl Kayla guessed was a freshman who looked like she was a DDD Cup. She knew the root of the states her enormous chest was bringing her, as none of the students had seen breasts like hers in their lives. As Kayla got up to shift positions, Scott's cock nearly started to let off just from the sight of watching Kayla's gigantic breasts jiggle and bounce around as she was changing positions. Scott finally came and did come all over Kayla's enormous, perky and awaiting chest.

Miss Behaving

fetish bgoodladdy 2018-02-28

"Lie face down there my little sweet, I am going to teach you a lesson that you will remember for a very long time." Suz tightens the cuffs on each limb. Yes he does know that Suz is going to ram that huge penis into his puckered little brown hole. "Oh babe sweet, sweet babe, doesn't that feel so good, you are so tight I can feel you squeezing me, I am gonna fuck you now, yes now!" Suz draws back a little and pushes hard against him again. "That's it take it baby, take it good, you are so sexy and I'm gonna fuck you right up, yeah I am" Suz lays on Darryl's back pushing him down into the bed, her hands on his shoulders.


fetish rick_oh 2018-02-28

David knew better than to ask Lexie for any details about how she got her pussy filled with sperm - something that he would not be allowed to do for a number of days. His immediate lust satiated, he pumped more slowly, making an effort to enjoy this cock teasing girl wagging her hips and whispering, "Oh my God, sir!" He briefly wondered what kind of problems she was having with her husband at home. David, again, kissed and licked Lexie's pussy and swallowed all of Gary's profuse cum. Over the next three weeks, Lexie got called in to Gary's office for a "punishment" session, during which she played a submissive cock teasing slut who couldn't resist dressing to arouse the guys.

Desperate at the Doctors

fetish lunaswift 2018-02-28

Doctor Carmody nodded and they each took one of my ankles, lifting them into the stirrups placed at the end of the bed. Sophie picked up the wand and began to run it over my stomach, covering a wider area than the doctor. I winced as I felt a little trickle of pee flow dribble out of me, soaking into the layer of tissue paper that had been draped over the bed, immediately darkening it. To their credit neither of the women commented but I felt the wand press harder into me and a second trickle dripped out, this time strengthening to a stronger flow. Her other hand lay flat on my lower stomach and as she pressed down I felt her little finger just brush over the top of my clitoris.

The Blackmailers Fall Ch. 03

fetish NiceNastyMann 2018-02-28

Tied up on the table with his cock and balls exposed, a dildo deep into his ass – he's humiliated, shamed by Alice having Dan and Robert go through and then show his collection of movies; he's also hornier than he can ever remember. Donna opens up the gym bag and starts to remove the items inside, laying them out on the table next to Joe. Alice has moved to the head of the table, close to Joe's face as she continues. Alice's hand pumps up and down Joe's small cock and he's groaning, writhing in both pain and pleasure, trying to pull his now very sensitive dick head away from the attack.