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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Lesson Ch. 01

fetish xXbloodlustXx 2018-02-28

Letting her arms give out, she pulled the pillows from under the blankets to prop her chest on as he held her ass steady with his hands still gripping her hips. Lifting one of his hands from her hips, he brought down with a sharp slap against her ass, feeling the jolt radiate to his cock inside her as she cried out. Letting out a breath, he leaned forward with his hands pressed against the bed on either side of her, and began thrusting into her harder and faster than before. Finishing with putting his boots back on over his socks, he exited her bedroom, undid the chain and left the apartment, pulling the door closed behind him.

Ben and Nina

fetish ninalee312 2018-02-28

The overpowering scent of her desire, and the taste as she pushed her fingers into his mouth overpowered him...he knew his balls had begun to pump a heavy load of cum up along the length of his shaft, but it seemed like moments before he saw the first creamy white rope leave his engorged head to land up across her swaying tits, another across her stomach that had begun to contract in pleasure as she brought herself off for him, and then one final hot blast right against her little cock, the slippery squishing sounds of her fingers jerking herself off becoming louder as she stroked out the last contractions of orgasm from her spent clit.

Daisy's Disgrace Pt. 33

fetish basicbitch 2018-02-28

Shawna didn't know about Daisy's nipples yet, and this added suction would undoubtedly coax the milk out of them whether he wanted to or not. Once Daisy's nipples had been crammed most of the way into the cylinders, Dylan began to squeeze the pumps. Both Dylan and Shawna gasped, and Daisy groaned, as if she knew what had happened. Several times, he made as if to remove the nipple pumps, but this only made Daisy cry harder. Dylan peered around the shower curtain to watch her, mystified, as she stood with her legs spread wide, piss squirting wildly from the huge purple bulk of pussy flesh. Dylan reached out and did it for her, stroking the length of swollen flesh like one would a hard cock.


Shopping Trip For His Own Panties

fetish jennycnnn 2018-02-27

I made him stand and added the finishing touch for the night, "Now, put on your ruffled panties and you will be ready for tonight." He looked at me like I was crazy, but he knew the rules and if I wanted him to wear three pairs of panties at the same time he was going to do it and enjoy it. I reached forward and grabbed the base of the plug through his panties and began to fuck his ass again slowly at first and then a little more aggressively as he began to push his hips back towards be trying to get it deeper and deeper inside to rub against his prostate.

My Turn as the "Toy"

fetish winterknight 2018-02-27

Tonguing the pussy, I felt the one on my cock get off me and remove the condom and started sucking it, licking my smooth balls and jerk me off furiously (I pretty sure she wanted my cum but it wasn't happening), that's when I felt her slide back down my cock again (as least I think it was the same woman) but this time without the condom, rode me for about a minute then got off and sucked me to completion, wiped my cock with a wipe again, then ANOTHER condom went straight back on followed by another pussy sliding down my cock.

Ticklish Cindy & The Firefighters

fetish Quillman 2018-02-27

Cindy loved this best, and recalled with pleasure and wickedness the moment when she had asked if she could climb into the drivers seat of one of the larger fire tenders. In that short space of time the hands had wandered everywhere and Cindy's mind had been awash of differing sensations of pleasure as warm, soft and firms hands had gently caressed her. ‘This must be the gearstick' stated Cindy in a low soft voice, whilst gently wrapping her slender fingers around the long leather phallic like knob. Warm hands gently caressed her lower legs, then her thighs, whilst anonymous tongues licked and kissed her ankles. As the terrible tickling continued she felt her legs being pulled open, and the sensation of a warm tongue on the inside of her thigh.

Prince and the Insatiable Slut Ch. 02

fetish theprince 2018-02-27

Diane laughed and held his face in her hands and asked him to open his mouth. Like tasting your own hot cum from your whore's pussy?" she snarled as she spat hard on Mike's face again. You are going to get your fantasy of getting bitch fucked in a pool of piss come true today. Diane was kneeling inside the pool, covered till her waist in filthy piss. One of the women, a frizzy haired black beauty, held onto her head and started to fuck her face viciously as her cunt spewed piss all over Diane. Diane went face first, open mouth into a piss pool of 200 strangers. Jenna finally pulled her out and shoved four fingers into Diane's mouth and choke fucked her in a frenzy.

Tease Ch. 02

fetish Ms_Jane 2018-02-27

But I don't think you will, you like to be forced, just a little, trying to control your gag reflex, drooling and struggling for breath, your arse filled with a buzzing vibe, your throat full of my cock. Such a slut you are and so fucking gorgeous, particularly like that, cock streaming pre-come, body rigid, your arse flexing and moving around my fingers. Loving the frantic way you try to resist or control or restrain yourself, wanting to come so much but also wanting to prolong the moment or moments forever, every nerve twitching, your cock a hard throbbing mass of feeling that draws together everything from your head to your toes.


fetish jkjkram 2018-02-27

My dick got larger and the bus was making a turn. "For now, I can't let you go into school like that." she said pointing at my rock hard dick. She wrapped her hand around it slowly, but with my pants still covering it, making sure nobody was watching, and started jerking me off. I went inside after my hard on settled to a semi and finished what Andrea had started on the bus in the bathroom. I got between her legs and rubbed my virgin cock on her pussy. "I guess I was waiting for the perfect girl also." my dick slowly pushed its way into her pussy. I kissed her as I fucked her tight, wet, virgin pussy.

Valentine Wedding

fetish YoursSINSerely 2018-02-27

She grabbed her short red silk robe and barely had it tied by the time she reached the door, all the while, she hobbled along the long narrow hallway with one red satin stiletto on and on her tiptoes on the other foot. Now, where the Hell did you throw my shoe?" Marcia was back on her knees looking under the bed for the red satin stiletto with her garter clad naked ass up in the air. What seemed to be only seconds passing, Charles had stepped out of his trousers, forced his wanting shaft of love into his precious Marcia, and left his gooey gift between her legs and inside her wet hole. Charles reached his hand down to her red satin stiletto to caress it and feel the shape of it.

Late night at the office

fetish Sirnookieofspunkalot 2018-02-27

I lay on the floor and tell Debbie to sit on my face......the sight of her tights covered pussy descending onto my face as she squats down is fucking awesome.....I grab my cock and begin to wank as she reaches out to hold the edge of the desk to steady herself before the fabric of the tights hit my mouth...............she kneels down, my head between her thighs....the pussy mound pressed hard onto my nose, so my nose is rubbing her clit and her full pussy lips on my mouth......she pushes her weight onto my mouth and I feel the pressure increase as she begins to face sit me.......I am pulling on my thick hard cock and you are watching as she smoothers watch as she begins to grind on my face and mouth hard......she is grinding and she loves tongue probing her cunt through her tights and her clit rubbing against my drop your trousers again and pull her head towards your hard cock............she opens her mouth eagerly and takes your length down her throat.........

Pegging First Timer

fetish theshyguy1234 2018-02-27

She started to rub her pussy feverishly on me, she was getting so hot and wet, the sweat from her back dripping down to her ass made such a beautiful smell. Still stroking my hard cock she was inserting a smooth thin dildo in my ass. As she starts to stroke my cock again I feel the dildo moving in and out of me again, though, this time it feels different. She keeps stroking me and taking my ass, harder then harder, soon I feel something hot and wet squirting on my own stomach. She straddles me again inserting my bulging erection inside he hot wet pussy riding me hard and fast till I spew what cum I have left inside her.

Don't Cross the Bitch Boss

fetish mutterguffin1 2018-02-27

Tongue fuck my ass nice and deep mother fucker. I want to see your tongue going in and out of my ass so I'm gonna sit on the desk and your gonna fuck my asshole some more you piece of shit. Tongue fuck my ass like a good little employee that's fighting to keep his job. Would you like to fuck my asshole nice and deep you piece of shit? Your cock feels so fucking good going deep inside my ass! When I call you a god damn piece of shit mother fucker does it make you want to fucking explode your hot load of cum deep inside my fucking ass?!

d***k Meeting?..Exactly

fetish AboveAverage20 2018-02-27

Last Summer I Was Walking Down to the Store to buy a pack of smokes, when this lady; She looked like she was at least 25 years old, and d***k, asked me if i needed a ride (There is a bar halfway between my house and the corner store) It was raining so i agreed to let her give me a ride (With caution in my mind because of her Alcohol level) So we got to the store and she let me out..blah blah i did my thing. 15 minutes of small talk pasted till we got to my street, but i started feeling something in my stomache, i told her to turn left but instead she kept going straight..into the school parking lot..

Jim's Camp Counselor Exam

fetish JimmyJohnson 2018-02-27

It looks like most of the paperwork that you sent us seems to be in order," she continued, "but I do see a note next to your name indicating that we don't have your medical clearance form." But at the registration table they said that I didn't turn in my medical clearance form and that it has to be completed right away. "Sure enough, here you are, Jim Johnson medical clearance at 4, just like you said. "This is my first year working at the camp, and I certainly don't know all of their rules yet, but I'm quite sure I'm not allowed to just sign the form without some kind of exam."

Tormented Ch. 02

fetish stateofdenial 2018-02-27

It got to the point where she had to tell him he was to hold onto the headboard of the bed and not let go until she said; also no pumping of his hips or bucking with his legs. Tell me what man in is right mind would pass this up?" "Sweetheart, it's not that I don't want to fuck; it's just I don't want to cum." He couldn't believe what he was saying, yet he found himself moving towards her even though he knew that he wouldn't even last as long as he just did. Now; are you sure you want me to just tease you and not let you cum?"

The Hunting Trip VI

fetish 2018-02-27

Turning he looks at Sandy, “hey beautiful,” he says slapping her ass. Ummmm, I could have sworn I saw Tiffany drive by on our way up here?” Jeff looks at John quizzically. “You know he is probably banging my wife right now,” Jeff says to me, moving his hand up my thigh. John and Sandy are sitting on the bed fully clothed, beer in hand, staring straight ahead at the flat screen television. I feel John’s body over me tense up as he cums in my ass at the very same moment, I release and squirt all over John. Jeff then grabs me by the arm trying to cop a feel, I frown at him and push him away.

The Step

fetish Girl Friend 2018-02-27

Meghan had arrived at the club, completely prepared for the next stage of the game, the step. Once upside down, Meghan felt good, and her pussy started juicing in anticipation of getting fucked upside down. "I'm going to fuck your pussy good!" Mr. Hardgrove exclaimed as he shoved the entire dildo into Meghan's cunt. Pump my pussy harder with that dildo will you." Meghan begged him. The adjoining room was Mr. Hardgrove's apartment and he was waiting to get Meghan in there for the longest time! Mr. Hardgrove had planned to put a leash and collar Meghan and walk her around his apartment, while she was on all fours.

Supermodel Super Enemas Ch. 01

fetish Satyr2005 2018-02-27

"Now pull out the plug," I tell Anna, who eagerly takes hold of the base of the big buttplug and slowly pulls it out of my ass, my cock, still rock hard despite the copious ejaculations, bobbing right above Anna's hand as she withdraws the plug, gazing down with wide open eyes as I grimace and groan when the fat part of the plug is forced out of me, stretching my hole, the four sleek, feline and absolutely gorgeous cunts - four of the world's most famous and infamous beauties - all looking down, watching very keenly.

Reluctant Booth Wife

fetish 425olds 2018-02-27

filling you up like you've never been filled before!" I continued by adding, "Just think about how good that huge, hot cock will feel deep inside your pussy!" Reaching back close to the wall I let my fingers, lubricated with Jenna's pussy juices, ride across the base of his cock as he stroked. As he felt his cock, now unsheathed, slide up into Jenna's pussy, he moaned so loud that the entire peep booth area had to know something was up. I felt like I had a 120 degree fever as I listened to her panting aloud, her face contorted in erotic ecstasy as through this glory-hole, she was totally lost in the sensation of having her pussy serviced by a huge cock that belonged to a nameless, faceless man.

Break the Walls

fetish Dar_Jisbo 2018-02-27

I looked at Lucy, studying her lovely face, then moved my head forward as she turned hers. "Nick's right, you know," came the voice of Lucy's father from just inside the doorway. "See you Friday," Lucy said, smirking at me and tossing her head in a way she knew drove me crazy. "Right now your wife wants you to stop gabbing, get up here and use that tongue for something useful," came the half-laughing voice of Lucy's mom. "Hell of a way to celebrate our 18th birthday, babe," I told her, leaning over her hospital bed and kissing her cheek. Then, remembering her admonition to hurry, I kissed down her belly, spread apart her legs (it felt like I was touching a mannequin when I grasped her ankles) and plunged my tongue into her already soaking box.

Barbie Doll

fetish InYourDreams 2018-02-27

The thought of being dressed by Pete and having her body adorned by revealing innocent schoolgirl clothes, just like Sailor Moon, excited her very much. The more they shopped, the more Becka tried on outfits and the more she thought about what it would feel like having sex as a doll. So when Pete suggested one time Becka to remove the clothes from the doll he had just fucked, and put them on herself; just to see how she looked in the raunchy outfit, well.... After that they incorporated exchanging clothes into their sex play, so Becka always ended up wearing the outfits too and being treated just like the dolls.

Creampie Training

fetish 425olds 2018-02-27

Carol lifted my hard cock out of the way to see my little puddle that I started and in a little pouty baby voice said, "MMMM your pussy is so sensitive, it makes you all wet." Then she leaned over and sucked up all the precum off my stomach. Carol clamped her thighs so tight around my head I thought I would suffocate, 'but what a way to go, right?' When she came down off her thrashing orgasm, she moved back down my body, turned around and started to kiss and lick my face clean, tasting both our juices.

Miss Erin's Homecoming Pt. 03

fetish subjugated_sam 2018-02-27

A drop of water left from the car wash made him think of kneeling at the foot of what used to be his bed as Brock and Erin fucked, a bead of sweat forming on his forehead from anticipation and unfulfilled need. As Erin began to fuck Brock in earnest in the backseat, Alex continued driving around in pointless little circles. "Oh, fuck!" exclaimed Erin as Brock grasped her by her right pigtail and twisted her head to face forward so that her expression was visible to Alex in the rearview mirror. Alex could feel Erin nodding against the back of his head rest as clearly as he could hear the grumbling moan from Brock as he ejaculated into his girlfriend.